If Muslim Personal Law is not burnt away in dustbin, there are only few options left:

– Encourage Muslim women to seek life partners beyond narrow domain of religion. Get a husband who is Hindu, Christian, Jew.

– If you must marry a Muslim, make sure you have a court marriage under Special Marriage Act.

– If you are a non-Muslim willing to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim, don’t commit this blunder that sets a dangerous example for other innocent women. Better to stay unmarried than risk being a slave of Jihadi.
If the guy indeed loves you, he should not have any problem in converting to your religion instead of asking you to convert.
That way he will prove that he is not a Kafir-hater. Also he proves that he truly respects you by rejecting the anti-woman Muslim Personal Law

– To marry a Muslim even when he does not ask you to convert is risky. You never know if the fellow you married is a genuine lover of all religions or a Jihadi in disguise.

So better ask him to give in writing that :
“Anyone who supports polygamy, triple talaq, keeping concubines or believes that women are less intelligent than men, then such a person is a rascal. If any book supports such nonsense, it is a book written by Satan.”.

If he writes and allows you to publish openly, marry under Special Marriage Act. Else, thank Agniveer for saving you from a life of hell that many women are living today because they ignored this advice.

If Muslims do not show guts and eagerness to trash Muslim Personal Law and endorse Uniform Civil Code, then there is every reason to doubt their patriotism, respect for women, and affection for non-Muslims.

Vande Mataram!
(I respect the mother in every woman and Bharat Mata)

Q: My God, this is awesome. But dude, jihadis are not gonna b kind with you… 🙁

A: Jihadis should rather worry that 1300 years of kindness to them is now over.

Q: Effective Efficient Excellent Brother, But I’m afraid, a certain sect of the minority might cite u as a hate monger, a Divider, ..?

A: I realize. I may be banned [from FB etc] again as well for supporting women rights

Q: So wht ? Caring about hindus is crime ? Standing for hindus is crime ?

A: If its a crime, I will try to be Criminal No 1. Vande Mataram

Questioner: I will follow. Lage rahe, Hum tumhare saath hain..!! Vande Mataram!!

Q: Sir, can you please write an article on recent west bengal riots and how to tackle this illegal bangladeshi Muslim immigrants problem and mamta begum’s dangerous Muslim appeasement politics???

A: It is in agenda. We are doing a lot in bengal and bangladesh but falling short of adequate due to apathy of Hindus who are in delusion, treachery of fake liberals, and madness of Jihadis. Not just writing, but overt political and ground agenda is necessity

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