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Sanskrit, to be revived, needs to be freed from shackles of grammar. This overemphasis of grammar on Sanskrit prohibits it from reaching masses.

Our Sanskrit education begins with mugging Dhaturoop and Shabdaroop. And then different types of words have different roops that must be mugged.

In teaching of Bengali, English, Hindi, etc, grammar forms a small component. In Sanskrit, grammar is everything. Even an admirer of culture gives up after a while and settles for a role of reading translations alone.

Reality is that grammar of Sanskrit has changed over times. What roops we learn today or rules we apply are just conventions at one time in past. If you dwell in Vedas, there is much more flexibility.

If you use different grammar and word patterns in Hindi, we call is different dialect. If we do same in Sanskrit, it becomes mistake. Time to simplify things, encourage ‘grammatically wrong’ Sanskrit and make it fun.

I do not see a solution to regionalism apart from adopting Sanskrit. Nor a way to preserve our heritage.

– Shri Sanjeev Newar

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner –
1. Video Tutorial – Youtube Playlist
2. Lessons in Hindi, English

Spend few minutes daily on one of these and you will be able to learn basics of conversational Sanskrit in simple manner.

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  • Dear Sri Sanjeev, You are really very kind to all fellow Sanatani. Your unique effort to educate people is commendable. Being an alumnus of premier institutions, IIT-IIM, you are large hearted and active in social media for welfare, that is totally praiseworthy. I bow to your grand effort. Namaste with dhanyavada.