Here are some less known facts exposing myth of Urdu’s greatness:

  • Urdu is a fraud language that developed forcibly in attempt to convert Indian language to Persian or Arabic. Hence has several S and Z, but hardly any vowels. It is impossible to write Indian words in Urdu. Its use was forced and no serious thing can be written in Urdu.
  • In Urdu, there are no vowels. They introduced some recently. You have to keep guessing whether it is Ganga or Gunga. When British decided to print Indian texts, they started with Urdu first. And found it impossible to transcribe a single word. Had to adopt Devanagari.
  • That is why Urdu is useful only for Shayari and non serious work. You cannot write a science or medical book in Urdu. That is why regions of Urdu influence tend to have horrible performance in science, maths, medicine. Urdu habits tend to affect even when they learn new language.
  • The Urdu cursive script was good for poetic Persian or narrow domain Arabic. Their number of pronunciations were limited. Urdu wanted to replace Indian scripts and hence introduced new letters while keeping Persian Arabic ones. It made a mess that makes communication a joke .
  • Persian is a beautiful language. It does what it does beautifully. Knows its limitations. But Urdu is attempt to annex Hindusthan. Hence ends up being Rahul Gandhi trying to be PM candidate. Trying to do things beyond its capacity just because of dynasty.
  • And there is no originality in Urdu. It is just Persian script with some added designs over same symbols used to write Indian languages. Plus introducing directly some vocabulary from Persian and Arabic. And forcing people to use it.
  • Till Urdu was dominant, people in India would also learn Persian and/or Arabic because Urdu alone made no sense. Moment Devanagari and English script came up, educated class trashed Urdu. Now it exists only in Pakistan and pockets of vote bank politics.
  • If Urdu is a different language, so are German, English, French, Russian, Arabic written in Devnagri, Mandarin, Telugu, Tamil, and every other script of world with some native words thrown in and some symbols modified to represent some different pronunciations. If there be m scripts and n languages in world, then if Urdu be a language, that means there are (m*m*m….upto n times) languages in world!! Concept of Urdu is a fraud to legitimize Islamic invaders and nothing else.

Q: How come Persian become a beautiful language for you? When urdu is Persianised…it was Persian sultans who made Persian mandatory in India.

A: Persian existed long before Islamic invasions happened. The language works within its limitations just like other languages. And Persian also chronicles frauds and attacks of invaders.

Q: Urdu is as much an Indian language as Sanskrit or Bengali. Please don’t spread misnomers when not informed about facts. Promote urdu and Indianness will get promoted.

A: This is what Jinnah believed before Hindus refused to accept Urdu as national language & him as national leader. Then he made Pakistan. See merit. Except for works of Bismil, Chamupati & Tilokchand Mehroom (upto some extent), Urdu has been nurturing anti-Hindu sentiment, nothing else.

Q: Cannot agree with u. Munshi Premchand was a stalwart in urdu writing. No question of Hindu or Muslim there. Recently Gopi Chand Narang is a great example of urdu writing. No religion! U have a right to ur views but facts remain.

A: Shall I quote freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai where he told how his father was brainwashed by his Muslim teacher who used to come to his home to teach Urdu & Persian to almost become a Muslim? Muslim faith is intrenched in Urdu & it has been a tool for Iislamisation of India in past. No more.

Mughalsarai station name changed to Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction. Good step for eradicating Islamic slavery. But half done. Why so much love for Urdu? Pak was made for Urdu. India must only promote Ind languages. Muslims & Liberals must end love for Urdu- borrowed from invaders with Persian script & Arabic words. Not relevant to India.


Q: By that logic, the English translation should also be done away with. Dont you agree? Indicative of a colonial hangover…

A: English’s case is different. Remove English from current system and it will collapse. All top textbooks & research papers on Science, Engineering, Medical, Management, Finance etc are in English. Let’s not be hypocrites. But Urdu has no relevance beyond Bollywood Qawwalis/Kotha.

Q: Language is simply a tool for communication. There are still people in parts of Punjab and north India (at least in Delhi) who read Urdu newspaper. So, lets not be hypocrites. If one has a problem with Urdu being a foreign language, the same should be the case with English.

A: Don’t make it ego issue. Our grandfathers’ was last generation that read Urdu in Punjab/Delhi. We r not forcing them to not read Urdu paper. But culture of Urdu needs to be discouraged as it has only invasions & hate to offer. English is language of knowledge today. No comparison.

Q: Arabic & Persian are foreign languages, Urdu is an Indian language. Test is : in which language are the verbs (kriya)? In Urdu all verbs are in simple Hindi (Hindustani or khariboli), though nouns & adjectives are often in Persian/Arabic

A: If Arabic/ Persian are foreign, Urdu is foreign too. There is nothing Indian about it. Script & vocabulary are both foreign. Hindi verbs alone don’t make it Indian. And there is massive Arabisation in verbs. ‘Nosh farmaiye’ is often used for drink in ‘civilised’ Urdu.

Moreover, Urdu is symbol of Muslim colonisation. Look at normal languages. They are region based. Tamil in TN, Malayalam in Kerala, Bengali in Bengal, Punjabi in Punjab and so on. But why is it that whether it is Kolkata or Hyderabad or UP or Delhi, Mullah only wants to write in Urdu?

Don’t understand some people’s obsession with Urdu being ‘Indian language’. First of all this is utter lie. Second, even if it is, what is the point? There are SIMI & Indian Mujahideen in India too. Hug them? Jinnah was Indian too. Language that partitioned motherland is enemy. Case closed.

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