In this article, we shall briefly analyze the research article by self-proclaimed expert on comparative religion, Dr Zakir Naik on “Concept of God in Hinduism”. You can review the original article by clicking here. This is his second article in this series. (The first was “Introduction to Hinduism” which we have already analyzed.)

The bulk of this article goes to provide evidences from Hindu texts that there is only one God. I sincerely thank Dr Naik for collecting these references at one place which are pride of not only Hindus but entire humanity.

But the motive of Dr Naik in putting this references was quite different. He starts his article falsely assuming that bulk of Hindus do not believe in one God. And then goes ahead to prove that this is wrong and Hindus should believe in one God only. In previous article, he has already planted seeds of doubts over Vedas and basis of Hinduism, and established importance of Bhavishya Puran. After this article, he would go for the final kill – by proving that Hindu scriptures talk of Prophet only and hence imply that Hindus should leave other texts and accept only Quran! You can review the rest of the articles in this site itself.

For present, we shall critically comment on the first part of his article on “Concept of God” and try to understand the true Hinduism and motives of this stage performer in process. As in previous article, I shall cite excerpt from Dr Naik’s articles followed by comments in bold italics.

Lets begin:

Dr Naik: “1.  Common Concept of God in Hinduism: Hinduism is commonly perceived as a polytheistic religion. Indeed, most Hindus would attest to this, by professing belief in multiple Gods. While some Hindus believe in the existence of three gods, some believe in thousands of gods, and some others in thirty three crore i.e. 330 million Gods. However, learned Hindus, who are well versed in their scriptures, insist that a Hindu should believe in and worship only one God.

(1. English has only word God to mean All-mighty Omnipotent whom Hindus call Ishwar and other human-like creatures who act smart – like one who sends Angels, gets angry, sits on a throne or creates Heaven and Hell.

2. In Hinduism, the word to describe All-mighty Omnipotent is Ishwar. Thus Ishwar = God. But writers take God to mean Devata. Now Devata does not mean Ishwar. Devata means any entity – living or dead that gives us anything or benefits us. In English, I would call Devata to mean “Helper”.

3. While Vedas believe in one single Ishwar and 33 types of non-living Helper Devatas, even the average Hindu does not consider these Helper devatas to be Ishwar.

4. Thus Hinduism is essentially monotheistic and Quran has derived its concept of monotheism basically from Vedas

5. The three Gods are symbolic description of 3 functions of Ishwar – Creation, Maintenance and Destruction. Different Hindu sects may differ with regards to the importance one should be attaching to these various symbols or importance of Helper-Devatas, but all unanimously agree that there is one and only one Ishwar/God. Dr Naik has no new USP of Islam to sell here)

Dr Naik: “The major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim perception of God is the common Hindus’ belief in the philosophy of Pantheism. Pantheism considers everything, living and non-living, to be Divine and Sacred. The common Hindu, therefore, considers everything as God. He considers the trees as God, the sun as God, the moon as God, the monkey as God, the snake as God and even human beings as manifestations of God!

(1. Dr Naik speaks this sentence with a slight smirk in his face in his video shows so that the audience feels humorous. But either he is mistaken or deliberately acting humorous.

2. Because Hinduism basically represents a school of thought believing in Law of Karma. The rest of the details are left to individual interpretation. All Hindus do consider functioning of each object – living or dead – as a gift of God, but they DO NOT consider the tree, sun, moon, monkey, snake, human as same as God/Ishwar.

3. Even the Advait believers, also admit that even if these things are considered to have origin in Ishwar or Brahma, currently there is a layer of ignorance or Maya separating them.

4. For rest of Hindus, they worship these objects, to show their thankfulness to Ishwar/ God to have created and gifted such wonderful things! Different sects do take this thankfulness to different levels, but none would consider everything to be God in present state, as IRF foolishly believes or wants the world to believe. Thus the crux of this article and its prime agenda become outrightly baseless.

5. The problem is that the neo-wahabi Islam which Dr Zakir Naik wants all Hindus to embrace does not have any philosophy or need for subtle thinking that demands finesse of mind and intellect. It would want us to believe that polygamy is right because there are more women in USA than men (Although there are far less women than men in marriageable age!). Or that had Islam been brutal in India, why would there be only 15% Muslim in India after so many centuries of rule? (And he would conveniently ignore 33 crore Muslims in Bangladesh and Pakistan which were originally part of India. Not to talk of Afghanistan!

But we need to beware of designs of those who openly support Bin Laden and ban on other religions (including Shias, Sufis, Ahmadiyas, Bahais) in Muslim countries or have a vision to make India a Muslim country in 5 years!)

Dr Naik: “Islam, on the contrary, exhorts man to consider himself and his surroundings as examples of Divine Creation rather than as divinity itself. Muslims therefore believe that everything is God’s i.e. the word ‘God’ with an apostrophe ‘s’. In other words the Muslims believe that everything belongs to God.

The trees belong to God, the sun belongs to God, the moon belongs to God, the monkey belongs to God, the snake belongs to God, the human beings belong to God and everything in this universe belongs to God.

Thus the major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim beliefs is the difference of the apostrophe ‘s’. The Hindu says everything is God. The Muslim says everything is God’s.”

(1. As mentioned before the analogy of apostrophe ‘s’ is good for stage shows but is actually baseless. The major difference between the Hindu and the Muslim belief or Dr Zakir Naik is that Hindus believe in freedom of thought and analysis and do not curse anyone to Hell permanently. Or contrary, Dr Naik’s Islam would demand not only belief in God, but also belief in following:
– Muhammad as final Prophet
– Quran as final and only acceptable word of God beyond any doubts or questions
– Permanent Hell for those who refuse to believe in above and Heaven only for the rest
– Existence of angels.

Zakir has himself stated that howsomuch great and noble a person may be, unless he blindly believes in these he is destined to suffer in eternal Hell. 

2. Incidentally, Islam is not as uniform in its belief as Dr Naik wants us to believe. There is a Hadith of Muhammad’s times that Islam has 73 sects and Prophet has said thatonly one of them will go to Heaven and rest will go to Hell. Today, some sects have written their own new Quran as well! Many of the sects doubt authenticity of present Quran. Here is a sampler:
– Hashamiya – They believe that Prophet disobeyed Allah
– Azraqiah – They do not believe that revelations happen any more
– Nazzamiyah – They refuse to believe in miracles of Quran or Muhammad
– Ibriyah – They refuse to accept Muhammad as Prophet
– Tanasikhiya – They believe in reincarnation of soul as Hindus
You can read the complete list here

Many other sects of Islam also exist who have their own Qurans and Prophets. Search Wikipedia or google on “sects of Islam”)

The rest of the article only emphasizes the point that Hindus already know. In the end, Dr Naik adds a para claiming that Vedas call Muhammad the Prophet. He writes:

“The Prophecy confirms:

1. The name of the Prophet as Ahmed since Ahmed is an Arabic name. Many translators misunderstood it to be ‘Ahm at hi’ and translated the mantra as “I alone have acquired the real wisdom of my father”.

2. Prophet was given eternal law, i.e. the Shariah.

3. The Rishi was enlightened by the Shariah of Prophet Muhammad. The Qur’an says in Surah Saba Chapter 34 verse 28 (34:28):

“We have not sent thee but as a universal (Messenger) to men, giving them glad tidings and warning them (against sin), but most men understand not.””

(1. An analysis of this foolish cl*aim can be found here.

2. If Allah himself says that most men will not understand, then it is fault of Allah and not of men that their lack of understanding was already pre-decided by Allah!)

I hope, after reading these articles, Dr Naik and IRF would go into an introspection and would be honest enough to embrace their original roots – the Vedas. Or at least, accept our invitation for an open-house debate that is long pending.

Essence of Vedas – first book of world

Series: Religion of Humanity, Book 2
Genre: Religion

Must know startling facts about the Vedas – The Foundation of Hinduism! And first book of world.

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  • Mr agniveer in your point 2 comment 22. “All Hindus do consider functioning of each object – living or dead – as a gift of God, but they DO NOT consider the tree, sun, moon, monkey, snake, human as same as God/Ishwar.”

    If you don’t consider them as your god then why u worship them….Is this taught in your religion whatever u see start worshiping it?? Why u worship them just remove my this doubt….

    I m waiting for your reply mr agniveer

    • Is it such a crime as to declare someone infidel, kill him, and take his wife, sons, and daughters, and property as war booty?

    • We not consider tree, sun ,moon our god we only respect and thanking for giving us to fruits, light……………


  • Zakit, you can say, whatever u like, because you are under control of the nature. For you Islam is the best, because you also under control of maya(nature). .

  • The meat eater cannot understand the purpose of life. For them, this material world is heaven , and enjoy the sex as much as can. They are maleccian, (meat eater) , their religion is forth or fifth class religion.

    • So many Hindus use to take meat secretly but now they are taking it openly.. Does it mean meat eaters from your community will also be not able to understand meaning of life?

      • Yes, any person who enjoys the material world, will never be able to reach from where he came and will revolve in the birth-death cycle. I hope you can differentiate a common bhogi from a Fakeer.

  • there is no science in quran which could have already been known but most verses are misinterpreted or contracdict science

  • @aryasamajis, you always say that how momins will live happily in jannat even after listening the cries of jahannamis and y Allah want to punish jahannamis?
    in the same way i cant understand how could u live happily in this world when you know that there are many peoples who are in jail and many tortured daily in police station? y u want to punish ajmal qasab? y u want that ajmal should be hanged? y indian government impose penalty who do not want to follow rule ie dont want to wear helmet? if any person will not give penalty then he can be imprisoned. if any innocent person dont want to give penalty and do not believe in indian constitution and system then y our government want to punish such person? y our government enjoy in punishing looters, rapist, terrorists, murderess and simply black money holders? how could u enjoy in this world after knowing that someone is being punished by our beloved government for just not following the rules made by indian government?
    do understand the flaws in ur theory???

    • Just one point. Almost everybody is against police torture. Only sick minds will enjoy the sight of torture of others. Yes, of course, criminals needs to be punished but there is a system of clemency whereby criminals who show a marked change in behavior are given a reduced term of punishment. The idea behind punishing someone is to let someone realize the wrong that one has committed and bring about a change in his outlook on life. Jails are called as correctional centers for the reason that they should serve as places where people living in stringent circumstances get a proper perspective on life. The very concept of enjoying the misfortune of others is not only sick but is also cheap. Maybe, this suits you and your Allah.

    • @tsib:

      There is a problem with your analogy. The reasons why we punish criminals here on earth are:
      (1)it can serve as a force of deterrance.
      (2)the laws are clearly laid out and the punishment specified for each law that is broken. There is a high court, a supreme court, judges, lawyers, politicians all of whom can be seen and questioned and voted out of power if they screw up.

      Both (1) and (2) are directly perceived. As an epistemological source, perception is more valid than scripture especially when that scripture is the Quran which has nearly everything in it which makes it appear that it is just some cooked up stuff by Arabs after Mo’s death. There is nothing “divine” in any Quranic verse. Allah screws up constantly (concept of abrogation), Allah has very little respect for his own previous books (he allows previous books to be corrupted but preserves the Quran only) and tortures people for EVER by keeping them alive!!!

      At least when you administer capital punishment, that person DIES so that he no longer feels pain. But your Allah? – he will burn my skin, make me regrow my skin and reburn me again!

      Why worship such a monster?

      • @KB, i thing u have become emotional or something, i have no where said that u believe in such religion. i have said that as momins cant live happily in jannat because of some peoples will be in constant punishment in hell because of their innocent crimes then how could aryasamajis live happily in this world where so many peoples are being punished by their governments? how could u repeatedly insist for the immediate hanging of ajmal qasab? y u dont want to give him any chance for correction? if i am not wearing helmet then what kind of crime i am doing against humanity?
        //At least when you administer capital punishment, that person DIES so that he no longer feels pain. But your Allah? – he will burn my skin, make me regrow my skin and reburn me again!//
        point is y u give capital punishment at first place? can u not give him any chance to change? above all are u able to give further punishment after giving capital punishment? you have heard many times that court has given 700 years imprisonment. is it possible that u can give any person 700 years imprisonment? suppose you have power to increase life of such person upto 700 years then what will u do?
        Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.
        one scientist accepted islam after reading this verse because this verse is revealing that skin has pain receptors/skin receive pain and 1400 years ago nobody knows that skin has pain receptors?

      • @tsib:

        one scientist accepted islam after reading this verse because this verse is revealing that skin has pain receptors/skin receive pain and 1400 years ago nobody knows that skin has pain receptors?

        ROTFLMAO 🙂

        I know many ex-Muslims who have rejected Islam because of such verses. 😉

      • @blasphemous
        ____________can u not give him any chance to change____________
        Sorry, I do not want to give any chance of correction to criminals like Afjal, Osama, Kasab etc. I am not merciful enough like God. I am a human. I just want to take revenge from them for their wrong deeds against humanity & Punishing them will fill terror in heart of other wrong doers like Abu Salem, Hifiz Saied as USA did by killing of Osama & Sadaam to terror the other terrorists. So, we have a purpose of punishing for making batter to next generation free from criminals, terrorists, rapists etc.
        But Allah punishes the people in hell till eternity without any purpose.
        ______________Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire__________
        What are these our & yours verses? Why are you dividing the people? Are all people not children of one God?
        “Ek Noor Se Sab Jag Upja Ko Bhale Ko Mande.”
        But it seems from the verses of Quran there is two Allah / God.
        Mubahila: The Islamic Cursing Tournament

  • Zakir Naik said one right thing about ISLAM & that is ” ISLAM is not a new religon & nor PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) is the founder of ISLAM, but ISLAM was in this world since 1st PROPHET OF ALLAH “PROPHET ADAM (P.B.U.H.)” set his foot in this world.

    • @Munna Bhai/All
      Brother, Zakir is correct Islam is from starting of creation. Islam followers have been existed on the earth in every century & era. In Treta Yug Ravan was the greatest prophet of Islam who used to follow Islam. When Rama was in Jungle/Forest sages said Rama that all the bones you are seeing they are of humans and cow etc. all these have been eaten by monsters aka follower of Islam.
      That is Why Ram had to say “I will destroy Islamic monsters who have made miserable life of Sages, Noble persons, innocent animals, etc. ”
      Sant Tuslidas has to write about Rama
      बिप्र धेन शुर संत हित लीन्हा मनुज अवतार

      • @TS, you have done blasphemy, you just reveal ur identity and then see the consequences of blasphemy……hell is waiting for u…but it is our faith that a person, who abuses Allah and prophet, will surely see the result of blasphemy in this world and never get hidaya.. please keep updating ur kushal mangal on this site otherwise give ur id. you just wait, kullu nafsinn zaiqatul maut..

      • And you reveal your identity first so that you could be booked for issuing threats, the characteristic of a true momin aka terrorist.

      • @SDC, there is no need to know my identity because if you want to book then you can do it easily by just showing my comment on this site. Our intelligence agencies are intelligent enough to trace any person who is using internet in India(i hope that you remember many fake email sent by saffron extremist in the name of IM to INDIA tv to misguide intelligence agencies)…. if you do this then we can show what your samaj and truth seeker is writing about our prophet. we cant tolerate abuses about our prophet and our life is nothing in compare of dignity and honor of the name of our prophet. we will feel proud to sacrifice our life for prophet muhammad S.A.W.
        muslims will become insane if they may know what you are writing about Allah and prophet. you have full rights to reject islam and to question about islam but you have no rights to abuse our prophet. truth seeker is comparing a marriage as rape? it means truth seeker is result of rape?
        BTW you are most welcome SDC

      • Likewise, there is absolutely no need for you to know Truth seeker’s identity. Let him stay anonymous. BTW, let it be known that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at others. You insult our gods and this is what you get in return. If your daees’ can raise questions on our faith, we will not hold ourselves back. It is a no holds barred match.

      • @blasphemous
        _________truth seeker is comparing a marriage as rape_______
        Suppose One attacks at your house & kills all male members of your family including you & loots all the property of your house. Will your mother, sister, wife do sex with the killer of their husband, children & brother wishfully? What will you call it rape or marriage. Your holy prophet did the same with non-believers . It is shame on Muslims that they are follower of a rapist, pedophilia Mohammed.
        Mariyah, the Sex Slave of the Holy Prophet

      • @blasphemous
        To know me first read article, I am there and find me by your intelligence agencies
        Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgives anything else. (Q. 4:48 )
        Allah will forgive any crime and even prescribes cruelty and injustice towards the unbelievers/ He is only worried about people setting a partner with him. This makes no sense. If there is no other god but Him, why this much paranoia? How can a sane god be so jealous of non-exiting gods? It appears that Allah is not very much convinced that he is the only God. Could it be that he is not God but Satan and that is why he is so possessive? This much insecurity is suspicious. One must be indoctrinated to believe in such absurdity.

      • @SDC, i have not said that i am going to book truth sekr under any IPC, so i am not taking any help of intelligence agencies. my main point was that if any one abuses Allah or prophet then he is not faithful in his search of truth. if you disagree with any point then it doesnt mean that u start regurgitating shit???? i have never requested any so called truth seeker to stop abusing religious personalities instead i have warned such persons that you can never get hidaya in this way . as a muslim i can never tolerate any person abusing Allah and prophet and if any person will ever dare to do such thing infront of me then i will INSHALLAH teach him a gud lesson.
        normally muslims know that moolshankar was a reformer but they dont know what he has written in samhullas 14. if we just spread samhullas 14 in muslims then ur aryasamaj will start shaking. it is our religious obligation that we cant abuse anybody’s deity so you cant expect the same from us. hope u understand

      • Well, you are again into threatening mode. Anyways, lets get down the brass tacks: You see you make fun of my religious beliefs, I do the same in return. You threaten me with dire consequences, I do not care two hoots about it. I think there have been recent riots in Mathura which is amply testimony to the fact that the Hindu community does not back down. It always tries to put up with a counter each and every time the Muslims have instigated them. So, all these veiled threats do not mean much. You as a Muslim do what you think you must, I as a Hindu would like to counteract your moves.

        Well, when you assert that Muslims do not make of others religious beliefs, then I must say that you live in a make-believe world. Just explain to me the concept of Dawah then. Why is it at all necessary if you respect others religious beliefs?

  • You did not like my example of piece of gold and gold mine. I implied that a piece of gold is as good as the gold mine but not that gold mine. A Jeevatma is potent but not omnipotent. A Jeevatma is knowing but not all knowing. This properties are as good as God’s properties. What’s the problem to understand it? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand it. The essence of Hinduism lies on certain rules. And the set of all those rules and regulations forms Hindu DHARMA.
    Your whole post can be proved wrong with a simple question. And that is, “If you are God where is your omniscience?”
    You can’t answer, “ I am not omniscient becoz I am covered by illusion.” Becoz God is God at any circumstance. So He must be omniscient at any stage. Funny thing is that omnipotent God gets covered by illusion (!). Enjoy…… Dhanyavad.

    • Brother spirit, you asked me to show the verses from Vedic texts which talk about the formless God, and I believe I had given you enough examples. Now at least you don’t have any doubts that Vedic texts indeed talk about the formless God and that is what is projected as the ultimate state to achieve.
      I thought your questions were out of curiosity. But now, after seeing your posts my feeling is that you have some specific intention which is to prove or disprove something. In that quest you either refuse to accept the straight forward ideas or pretend that you don’t understand. Let me tell you that I am neither to prove or disprove anything, because I myself is only a seeker. I like your questions irrespective of your intentions. But believe me, the very same questions and many more are answered in Hindu scriptures. Please don’t get in to an illusion that you (or some islamists or atheists) are the first one to ask these ‘intelligent’ questions.
      Now to ‘prove’ me wrong, you came back with a question “If you are God where is your omniscience?” I had given the answer to this in one of my earlier posts itself. I said the Jeeva is God in a SELF-HYPNOTIC state. i.e that state of ignorance or Maya was put on by the almighty himself. If God himself decide to get in to Moha Nidra and act as limited and ignorant, only he has to decide whether and when to wake up. Scriptures say that the answer to the question “Why I remain ignorant/limited/bound” ? has to be found out by each individual from within. No external answer can remove this mystery. The scriptures are well aware of this. So they advise to look within. The sufferer himself is responsible for that state! So, only he himself can untie that knot! That self inquiry itself will De-hypnotize the self.
      It answers your second question. “Where is your omniscience” ? If you fall in to an hypnotic state and believe yourself that you are a cat or monkey you will behave like one. In that state your personality of a cat or monkey is real and you wouldn’t…

      • Brother spirit,
        It answers your second question. “Where is your omniscience” ? If you fall in to an hypnotic state and believe yourself that you are a cat or monkey you will behave like one. In that state your personality of a cat or monkey is real and you wouldn’t remember whether you are a Scientist / Leader / Scholar / Soldier as long as you are in that state. So for you to realize your real nature you need to come out of that state with your OWN effort.
        Now you find this idea of God getting ‘covered’ by illusion as ‘funny’. Yes even scriptures, scholars and devotees also find it as funny only. That’s why they call it as LEELA or divine drama. Like the great superstar wearing many attires for acting as funny characters and multi roles. The whole play of this creation, existence and dissolution is considered only as a divine drama which is being played for the sake of it. For nothing else!
        This is the essence of religion in Vedic Dharma.

      • See you reference…..
        Ch 7 V 4

        “Earth, water, air,ether, fire, mind, spiritual intelligence and false ego; thus these are eight fold of my external energy”

        The eight categories of Lord Krishna’s include the five elements and the mind concluding with the mahat denoting intellect and ahankara denoting false ego. The ahankara of the living entities is different from the ego sense of the incarnation Ksiradaksayi Vishnu who while meditating upon Himself in the casual ocean merely thinks I Am and universal creation begins to manifest as unlimited universes from the pores of His spiritual body.

        So how you got God as formless??????

      • Brother KKR,

        ” “Where is your omniscience” ? If you fall in to an hypnotic state and believe yourself that you are a cat or monkey you will behave like one. In that state your personality of a cat or monkey is real and you wouldn’t remember whether you are a Scientist / Leader / Scholar / Soldier as long as you are in that state

        What??? I pinched my skin and understood I am not dreaming. Mine (God’s) characteristic would become like a monkey or a cat. A cat eats fish. Does God eat fish???

        ”Like the great superstar wearing many attires for acting as funny characters and multi roles”

        Lol. What else would you do for imposing your ideas to me?? Really I made a huge mistake conceiving you a scholar and consumed my time. You sound like that idiot Zakir Naik. You are comparing the actors with Supreme Brahmin! Funny…. Good bye for now. I wanted to learn from you but you disappointed me……. Good bye……

      • Brother Spirit, I am not disappointed by this debate. It gave me an opportunity to re-visit my Gita book. I believe even you would take it that way. Only thing is that we need to study the thoughts of other scholars also, instead of sticking to one school of thought. But of-course I agree that, to develop unshaken devotion, one need to dedicate to one path alone. For me it really doesn’t matter whether God has a form or not, whether he is transcendental or in the form of Jeeva, the only thing I am pretty sure about is that I am there. I exist. Everything else I can claim to know only when I experience it without the help of external aids including the senses. Good bye and take care.

      • Pranam Brother KKR,

        Brother spirit, you asked me to show the verses from Vedic texts which talk about the formless God, and I believe I had given you enough examples. Now at least you don’t have any doubts that Vedic texts indeed talk about the formless God and that is what is projected as the ultimate state to achieve

        You did not give any example which describe supreme Brahmin as formless, impersonal. And as far as your reference goes wait I am giving my feedback. I atleast have no doubt but a confirmation of God being formful.
        Now to ‘prove’ me wrong, you came back with a question “If you are God where is your omniscience?” I had given the answer to this in one of my earlier posts itself. I said the Jeeva is God in a SELF-HYPNOTIC state. i.e that state of ignorance or Maya was put on by the almighty himself. If God himself decide to get in to Moha Nidra and act as limited and ignorant, only he has to decide whether and when to wake up

        I did not want to prove you wrong I just asked a simple question but you failed to answer. If Jeeva is God I am also God as well and want to get out of my ignorance. Why I am still ignorant now??? On the other hand, isn’t it absurd to think God is omniscient and ignorant at the same time??? I am suffering but I am God(as your claim). Isn’t God all blissful??? So where is your and my all bliss. I and you get tensed at even small incident. See what your Jihadi brothers are doing to innocent people. Are those acts done by them sacred????

  • Pranam Brother KKr,
    I asked for explanation but you continued to concoct stories. I am now in serious doubt that if you are a polytheist. What are you? A polytheist or a monotheist?? Vedas supports monotheism. If you are right there must be more than numerable God(s). Bcoz we, the Homo sapiens, are nearly 8 billion in numbers. Think, we are all God(s). Then there is other infinite number of livings. They are all Gods (!) but under illusion according to you, aren’t they? So your concept more leads to polytheism. I talked about birth and death CYCLE of Jeevatma not about birth and death of Jeevatma. So if Jeevatma be God is God subjected to that cycle?? It is very likely that you didn’t even bother to go through my post. Cotinues….

  • If Allah is the almighty God, why did he create so much confusion to humanity? Allah want the whole entire humanity to convert to Islam?

  • Pranam bro God is Great. Thanks for participating. You were bang right when u said tatvam asi means you r that. This is a Vedic verse and therefore it must be accepted rationally. The verse does not say that I am God it says I am same as God. A small piece of gold has same quality to a gold mine. It would be absurd to equate the small piece with the larger one. Same example is spark and a big fire. Tatvam asi says, ‘u r not ur body but a spirit soul’. Whats problem there? SrimadBhagvad Gita discusses this at length. Your happiness is limited and so is mine. We always run aftr hapiness. But we r subjected to birth and death cycle and suffering. Is God subjected to birth cycle at any circumstance? So how wil u equate with us to God?

    • प्रणाम!

      Well, I just found what Erwin Schrodinger spoke about Vedanta. He said
      Vedanta teaches that consciousness is singular, all happenings are played out in one universal consciousness and there is no multiplicity of selves. Nirvana is a state of pure blissful knowledge.. It has nothing to do with individual. The ego or its separation is an illusion. The goal of man is to preserve his Karma and to develop it further – when man dies his karma lives and creates for itself another carrier.
      Ref::: What is life? the physical aspect of the living cell & Mind and matter By himself
      I would recommend you to get that book. It explains the reality. It is there at amazon

      Regarding rebirth and death, it is the body which gets birth and dies, aatmaa never does that. Aatma is only forced because of karma done by mind and body. When the sum total is 0 and mind moves from I to you, liberation happens.

      यस्य नाहंकृतो भाव बुद्धिर्यस्य न लिप्यते।
      स हनंति इमाँलोकान्न हंतिर्न निबध्यते॥
      सर्वधर्मेंपरित्यज्यं मामेकं शरणं व्रज।
      अहं त्वां सर्वपापेभ्योमोक्ष्यिष्यामि मा शुच॥
      (गीता 18.17 तथा 18.66)

      Here, Krishna refers to that who knows all the details and Arjuna, his disciple. Again the difference is due to body and material relations. Spiritually, both are one. I am not a scholar but hope that this gives some direction.

    • Brother Spirit, happy to see that you are seriously trying to understand the concepts of Hindu philosophy. As I had pointed out earlier, examples can only give indicative ideas, not the full understanding as there is nothing else which can match one to one with God, Atman, Brahman etc. So if you are not satisfied with the example of spark and fire, take the ripple and ocean. We identify the ripple or wave from the rest of it’s own self by it’s temporary ‘form’. But at the same time we realize that, even that form is an illusion and the ripple is never separated from the ocean. So there is no question of small or big. The same happens with self (Atman / Consciousness) and Brahman/God. The individual ego (which is also an illusion) makes the whole thing appear as if God and self are different and one Jeeva is different from the other. Your example of gold mine does not fit because you take a part of it to compare with the rest which is impossible in the case of Atman.
      You have forgotten the other Vedic teachings like “Ayamaatma Brahma” (This Atman itself is the supreme Brahman), “Prajnaanam Brahma” (The consciousness is nothing but Brahman), “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahman). When we revisit, we understand that, Atman, Consciousness, God, Brahman etc are used interchangeably to describe the same entity which is the supreme almighty or truth. Pls understand that even Jeevathma and Paramaathma are not describe two entities, but the Jeeva state and Parama (ultimate) state of same Atma. But when we study Dwaitha (starting stage of Bhakthi maarga),
      or compare with the ideas of other religions, we tend to get confused and tend to attach incorrect meanings to these.

      • Brother Spirit, Now coming back your query to show you the verses in Vedic texts which talks about “Supreme Brahmin as impersonal, formless deity”. Since Gita is “Upanidhad saram” let me take Gita. Chapter 7, verses 4,5,6 talks about two Prakruthis (Para and Apara) of God. In this Krishna says, inert objects in nature is part of HIS Apara prakruthi and the one which manifests as Jeeva is part of HIS Para Prakruthi. It shows that both inert and living things are nothing but HIM. He took the forms of them. Same chapter 24 & 25 clearly says those who do not realize my “Avyaktha” (formless) state think that HE is one who is bound by forms. In this chapter Bhagavan proclaims that many which are not even objects, but abstract ideas none other than him. Like taste of water, light of illuminating objects, manliness of men etc etc. Chapter 8 – 9&10, and 20&21 (in the last couple of slokas He says that the ultimate goal is to reach this formless (avyaktham) truth which is immortal. Chapter 9 – Sloka 3 says the whole universe is filled with his avyaktha moorthi (formless deity). Sloka 11 says, most of the people do not recognize his ‘Param Bhavam’, instead they assume HE as one who is bound in forms. 16 & 17 says he is Vedas, Yagnas, Manthras, Medicines, Fire etc etc. Only a formless principle can claim every forms! In 19 Krishna says He himself is Sath (One which never changes)and Asath. (Things which under go changes). In chapter 10, see slokas 19 to 42. In 39 He says, without HIM there no moving or unmoving things. In chapter 11, 40 Arjuna says, “Thatha sarvah thvam asi” (because of that you are everything). In chapter 13, sloka 13 says, Brahma can not be described as Sath or Asath. It is beginning less. See 15 to 18. Sloka 31 says when one realizes the oneness behind the diversity of objects and see that one itself develops in to many, then he will attain Brahman.
        Brother, now you know why I said, this forum can not facilitate for a detailed discussion. I can give you quotes Upanishads like Kenam which…

      • Ch. 7 V. 24
        Unable to comprehend my imperishable, exalted and supreme state of being; the spirituality deficient regard Me, the unmenifest as coming into existent.

        What is so special that differentiates Lord Krishna from all other demigods? He clarifies this by the word avyaktam meaning transcendent explaining by the words vyaktim apannam accepting a human like form for His lila or phenomenal pastimes. Superior and transcendental to prakriti or the material substratum pervading physical existence, He has never any actions to perform. The Supreme Lord who is eternally blissful is considered as having a spiritual body with personality, qualities and attributes. Therefore the Vedic scriptures have stated that without knowing the ultimate truth of the Supreme Lord’s existence everyone remains deluded.

        Now begins the summation.

        The Supreme Lord is transcendental to prakriti whereas the jiva or embodied living entity is not. Those who believe that there is equality between them or that there is a dependency shared between them surely in the next life go to the dark worlds of ignorance in obscurity, where is your place……

      • Ch. 13 V. 13
        ”I shall now explain the knowable, knowing which you will taste the eternal.
        Brahman, the spirit, beginningless and subordinate to Me, lies beyond the cause
        and effect of this material world.”

        The Lord has explained the field of activities and the knower of the field.
        He has also explained the process of knowing the knower of the field of
        activities. Now He begins to explain the knowable, first the soul and then the
        Supersoul. By knowledge of the knower, both the soul and the Supersoul, one
        can relish the nectar of life. As explained in the Second Chapter, the living
        entity is eternal. This is also confirmed here. There is no specific date at which
        the jéva was born. Nor can anyone trace out the history of the jévätmä’s
        manifestation from the Supreme Lord. Therefore it is beginningless. The
        Vedic literature confirms this: na jäyate mriyate vä vipaçcit (Kaöha Upaniñad
        1.2.18). The knower of the body is never born and never dies, and he is full of
        The Supreme Lord as the Supersoul is also stated in the Vedic literature
        (Çvetäçvatara Upaniñad 6.16) to be pradhäna-kñetrajïa-patir guëeçaù, the chief
        knower of the body and the master of the three modes of material nature. In
        the småti it is said, däsa-bhüto harer eva nänyasvaiva kadäcana. The living
        entities are eternally in the service of the Supreme Lord. This is also
        confirmed by Lord Caitanya in His teachings. Therefore the description of
        Brahman mentioned in this verse is in relation to the individual soul, and
        when the word Brahman is applied to the living entity, it is to be understood
        that he is vijïäna-brahma as opposed to änanda-brahma. Änanda-brahma is the
        Supreme Brahman Personality of Godhead.

      • Ch. 13 V. 15

        ”The Supersoul is the original source of all senses, yet He is without senses.
        He is unattached, although He is the maintainer of all living beings. He
        transcends the modes of nature, and at the same time He is the master of all the
        modes of material nature.”’

        The Supreme Lord, although the source of all the senses of the living
        entities, doesn’t have material senses like they have. Actually, the individual
        souls have spiritual senses, but in conditioned life they are covered with the
        Copyright © 1998 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Int’l. All Rights Reserved.
        material elements, and therefore the sense activities are exhibited through
        matter. The Supreme Lord’s senses are not so covered. His senses are
        transcendental and are therefore called nirguëa. Guëa means the material
        modes, but His senses are without material covering. It should be understood
        that His senses are not exactly like ours. Although He is the source of all our
        sensory activities, He has His transcendental senses, which are
        uncontaminated. This is very nicely explained in the Çvetäçvatara Upaniñad
        (3.19) in the verse apäëi-pädo javano grahétä. The Supreme Personality of
        Godhead has no hands which are materially contaminated, but He has His
        hands and accepts whatever sacrifice is offered to Him. That is the distinction
        between the conditioned soul and the Supersoul. He has no material eyes, but
        He has eyes—otherwise how could He see? He sees everything—past, present
        and future. He lives within the heart of the living being, and He knows what
        we have done in the past, what we are doing now, and what is awaiting us in
        the future. This is also confirmed in Bhagavad-gétä: He knows everything, but
        no one knows Him. It is said that the Supreme Lord has no legs like us, but He
        can travel throughout space because He has spiritual legs. In other words, the
        Lord is not impersonal; He has His eyes, legs, hands and everything else, and
        because we are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord we also have these…

  • Brother Kkr, you just need to show me the verses from Gita/ Bhagvatam/ Vedas and other Vedic scriptures which describe Supreme Brahmin as impersonal, formless deity. And nothing else. Why is it so difficult to discuss serious questions here? Kindly, be more clear on the fact. I went through your posts and you are welcome to show the verses from Geeta describing impersonal deity. You didnt answer any of my questions. Is it your ego? If I am mistaken plz show me the right way. I am always ready to embrace the truth. But your words rather tangling me. Once again to say, just write a few words answering questions and my errors. Pls note that I am not here for a big debate with you but to learn from you. Dhanyavad.

    • Sorry to interrupt this debate, But I would like to say that Advaita concept (Everything is GOD) is derived from few Upanishads. It was made famous by Jagadguru Adi Shankara. It is accepted by various scientists – Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrodinger, Nichola Tesla.

      The Brahma is Consciousness. We interpret the reality and that’s what is seen and expressed. Yes, we live in illusion and call it real. We don’t know that reality is within us. Adi Shankara was the first to reveal the fact. After being self realized, he said

      अहं निर्विकल्पो निराकाररुपो विभुर्व्याप्त सर्वत्र सर्वेन्द्रियाणां ।
      सदा मे समत्वं न मुक्तिर्न बन्ध: चिदानन्दरुपं शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥
      (सन्दर्भ: निर्वाण षटकं)

      Obviously he is referring to consciousness. Now, consciousness interprets the reality and projects it on our senses. Ignorance of mind makes us conclude that what senses give is truth. Most important rule is body isn’t I here. I means consciousness. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma is misquoted. That’s why this does not come in 4 advaita mahavakya. The truth is प्रज्ञानं ब्रह्म – Consciousness is GOD. I am consciousness. I am not body. When we realize that reality, by law of attraction, similar becomes the surroundings. So, the path to salvation becomes easy. As per Rig Veda 1.164.39, goal is to unite with GOD.

      Science of Advaita

      “I was searching for a single statement having both ethics and metaphysics. I found it in Upanishads – Tat twam asi (You are that)”
      = Arthur Schopenhauer
      German philosopher

  • Pranam bro kkr. I thank u on the first place. I just got a feeling that you realized the innerself. But you describe the deity of mayavada as supreme Brahmin. Afterwards, if there is no answer to the questions what is the logic behind raising them? I dont know swami venkatraman. I heard his name from you. But a spiritual master must satisfy his/her followers in terms of questions. I dont understand how you got the impression of a desireless, formless Brahmin from Bhagvatam, Vedas and Geeta as well. Pranam again.

    • Brother, When you say “I dont understand how you got the impression of a desireless, formless Brahmin from Bhagvatam…”, you sound like you have tried studying these scriptures but yet you couldn’t find the truths which I pointed out. Have you really searched for truth in these scriptures ? That is when learned Acharya’s like Nochur can guide. Even the very first sloka of Bhagavatham defines God in the profoundest of ways. Whether a spiritual master is satisfying his followers with logical answers or not can be experienced by only by followers, not by others. Do you think in a philosophy like Hinduism where questioning is encouraged, the followers only ask questions and they do not get answers ? I was only pointing out that, the subject being a profound one, discussion forums like this is not the right place to seek answers for your serious questions. I wish you all the best for your pursuit of truth.

      • Brother Spirit, You may know that Hinduism is a like a university where you find kindergarten to post doctoral research course offered under the same roof. Many fail to understand this. They mix few ideas from LKG, primary school, high school and college level Hindu philosophy and create their own vague picture of Hinduism in their minds. That picture itself will have lots of contradictions and mysteries. And then they compare their religions with this “Hinduism” and even challenge unlearned Hindus ! Many times, Hindus will also get confused with these immatured questions. Because the questions themselves could be irrelevant to their level of understanding. Believe me…Hindus are not in a hurry. They have all the time at their disposal. They aim to get refined and matured over a period which spans many life times. They know for sure that eventually they will attain the same supreme bliss and ultimate wisdom as their countless masters have attained and demonstrated through their lives!

  • Bro KKR, u said that we (including u) are in deep sleep. If that be so how can u say that you are in deep sleep? Can anyone say that he is sleeping when he is in sleep? Your post asserts that you realised everything and eliminated the ignorance of maya. Thus you became the absolute Brahmin. Now tell me, where is your omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence etc.? If everything is Brahmin than why do you think maya is not Brahmin? Another funny fact, can Supreme omnipotent Brahmin be covered by illusion(maya)? I hope you would answer logically this tym. You referred me to Bhagvatam. Then yet you described Supreme as formless. Point is not clear. Did you get a formless God in Bhagvatam?

    • Brother Spirit, your questions are very logical which can’t arise from somebody who doesn’t think. I appreciate you for not asking silly questions. After reading my words did you feel it as an assertion of my realization ?? I am surprised ! Please re-read my post. As I had already pointed out, the things we read from scriptures, hear from Rishis all are only informations (mere intellectual understanding which can inspire us to strive for true knowledge). The real knowledge is only experience. No substitute for that. I am also one like you who is seeking it. When we hear from Rishis that we are in deep sleep, for the time being we have to believe it and seek their advise on ways to true knowledge. All those who have taken their guidelines on liberation, had experienced this wakeup state, and in turn become Rishis who can authentically tell about that based on own experience.
      As you can understand, a vast subject like this can not be even debated effectively in a forum like this with it’s limitations. So I suggest you to listen to the beautiful discourses by Sri Nochur Venkataraman, a well known teacher on spirituality. His talks are there in Malayalam, Tamil and English. You yourself can find the logical answers to many of your questions. Or atleast you will be in a position to ask more deeper questions based on the highest level of knowledge Hindu spiritual scripture offer.

  • Bro Kkr, if everything is God than u must b god, mustn’t u? And now if God be omniscient, potent, present where is ur omnipresence, potence?

    • Brother, This is how Hindu scriptures stimulate the minds and bring out the very natural questions. Our holy texts are compiled in the form of conversations and debates. Be it Upanishads or Gita or Puranas. You can see these same simple logical questions being asked by characters to Gurus / Rishis. And the Rishis use so many analogies and examples to clarify. But they remind you that, these debates do not by impart the ultimate wisdom. The real knowledge is only experience.
      Now coming to your question. yes absolutely right. Every living and non living thing is just the manifestation of the formless-omnipresent-omnipotent principle called God. Everything is just like a ripple (jeeva) in the ocean (God) or spark of fire in Sun. Essentially one and the same. But the individual (limited) ego makes us believe that we are limited. We all are in a self-hypnotic like sleep. Only thing required is to just wakeup and realize our true nature! It’s up to us to decide whether and when to wake up! As simple as that. Now armed with this info, re-visit Gita / Upanishad / Bhagavatham.

  • @Abdullah Sajid
    You said “Allah specially Creates for those…” even for a lowest of spiritual wisdom, it is ridiculous. What it shows is that, this so called heaven is only a glorified version of LasVegas. filled with sluts. And it is funny to think that Allah the God is unable to think about anything greater than women, alcohol and boy servants as rewards to Jihadi martyrs. Are you not ashamed to say this ? It means the motivation of a good muslim is no stuff which is spiritual, but just the hope to satisfy the unlimited lust ! You discriminate the women even in this. Will they also get equal number of men to enjoy with ? If not, is it justice ? Won’t they also have lust and feelings ? What about billions of people who died before Mohammad ? Should they also get the same ? What about those who die at a very early age with out getting any chance to do some good things to achieve this reward ? What about those who live and die in different parts of the world without even aware of this opportunity ? Is it not injustice from the part of Allah that they were not even informed of this chance ? What about those who are only 1% right in following the Quran like muslim robbers, thieves, alcoholics,smugglers, underworld dons, mafia guys ? Just being muslims they would be admitted to heaven ? But would they be living as beggars and laborers there ? So does it mean that even in Heaven there is discrimination ? What if most of them repent and want to correct after reaching heaven ? Do they get any chance ? If not, how can we say Allah is merciful if he can not pardon and give a second chance to those who wronged. After all he only created them with that level of intelligence ! And many times people are victims of circumstances which force them to remain as bad people ? So can he punish them for mistakes which can’t be fully attributed to them and partially even Allah himself is responsible. Is having Huries the ultimate bliss ? If so is it what Allah as God also enjoys ? if not how different is his enjoyment from…

  • @Agniveer, I also disagree with you which makes me agree with Zakir’s understanding of Hindu concept of God where he says, for Hindus everything is God. Is it not true ? I believe all the effort of Vedas and Puranas ( based on knowledge of Bhagavatham), Upanishads and Gita are to bring this wisdom. In one of the earlier comments Avadhoot Dandekar has pointed it out nicely as below.
    “(2) ‘There is only one God’ is a wrong statement. The true statement is ‘ There is only God’. Except God there is nothing. Only God is.”
    I don’t know the exact verses from scriptures but my understanding is this. It is logical and makes sense. Doesn’t the mahavakya ‘Sarvam Khalvidam Bhrahma’ says everything is Brahman ? When we say God omnipresent, there can not be anything other than God. So this universe is nothing but the expression of God himself. So it is Him (Brahman) who is being perceived as Universe because of the ignorance or Maya of the Jeeva. Please verify and correct your article to communicate the right idea. Though in simpler (lower class) lessens of Hindu religion, concept of God as a deity and concepts of heaven, hell, papa, punya etc appear, they are only used as ideas to make people more dharmic and pious. The goal is to liberate oneself from the cycle of birth and death and dissolve in to the ocean of bliss which is brahman.

    • Brother!

      There is no conflict. You are slightly mistaken. Sarva khalvidam Brahma means everything is manifestation of GOD. Even Agniveer supported that view. He only thwarted evil intention of Zakir Naik so there is nothing wrong. Zakir Naik wanted everybody to convert to Islam so, Agniveer attacked him. There is nothing wrong.

      Regarding Maya, it is not GOD who is percieved as universe but it is our ignorance who makes us think that world is truth. Nothing is reality except almighty. Science calls it consciousness and spiritualists call it GOD. When you do deep meditation, you find many such universes within us. That’s why many Yogis say – Jo pinde so Brahmande. Scientifically when you meditate, you are enhancing your consciousness. The reality is nothing but consciousness redefined. This is what scientists have to say on Vedanta:

  • Hey, I’m such a fan of you. I like reading your articles and I’m a frequent visitor of you page. Whoever is behind the I want to tell you that you people are really doing a fantastic job. I believe you wont mind if I refer your articles for my blog which I’m already doing. I’m a truth seeker. I’m more spiritual rather being religious. I would like to tell you to make your awareness in a more reformed manner so that this will go to masses.

  • Hey brothers..
    I think…
    You all are trying to prove who is right or who is wrong. this is a wrong thing we have learned from our own religion, Hindus dont have unity as islam has or other religious. Someday Hinduism will disappear from world. because we waste our time to fight each other in the term of cast & language.. now I read this article and came to know that all are fighting to show their knowledge they have. I think this is about Dr. fakir naik article and foolish comment on Hinduism. We are wasting our time in useless discussion instead of building our dharma. Try to educate the people those who don’t have knowlages apart from the name of their religion/ Dharma(Hindutva).

  • dear brothers
    We all belong to one family and are human being with mind and heart . Our aim in the world should have been let live and other live peacefully help each and not divide amoung ourselves . We have one more faculty and that is free will to do or not to do, to belief or not to belief , Live of this world is alluring to all of us all of us wants to be happy , so human being are either good people l , evil people or sometime good sometime bad. Religion help in shaping us to become good no matter which religion it is , as such not religion is bad . Karma , amal , moral character , good deed means the same .
    If Hindu says my religion is only true and if all religion says the same thing my is true others are false if we go by what every one says as true it either mean all the religion are true or all the religion are false. Knowledge , Bhakti and karma is the method of seeking God and all this things are common in all religion , beyond these three the sould of bhakti is love , compassion and selfless service to manking which again is common to all religion.
    Regarding God in any religion if there is no God it is not a religion , God is one but he is also surrounding by mystery created by himself , he give his own knowledge to few whom are worthy of it , God knowledge is to experience and no one can ever express god in words or what so ever . All Religion should concentrate on doing good irrespect of race, caste, religion , nationalith. It high time that religion that all the religion should live in peace together and practise their own religion without hurting any one sentiments.
    Hindus God, Muslim God , Christain God , Jain God are all my God because there is only one God whom we all belong , and even if we have to debate we should debate on how we all live peacefully and make god and his creation happy . With love and blessing to all

    • Gul ji… Nice comment. What you said should be the true color of human.

      Vedas very clearly said, there is only one God, and all ways of prayers goes to him. Hence many schools of thought live in India in a peaceful way.

      The problem starts, when a sect destroyed the places of worship of others, when a sect demanded a separate nation, when a sect publishes books claiming his beliefs are the best, when people of one sect opens a TV channel and try to prove other religions are bad.

      Then some people form a site like Agniveer to say the truth of the aforesaid sect. But this is not the end, the first mentioned sect starts some other websites to prove supremacy, and blind followers of the first mentioned sect come to site like Agniveer and try to show their ability to debate.

      Then some one like you comes and says the truth, that is the target of all, and some one like me just tries to remind you why this all started.

      Moral of the comment, post this comment on the sites promoted by Zakir Nayak, and say them the meaning of secularism. We hindus are more secular, we dont need such advice.

  • (1) God is not a concept but an existential experience or realization. Therefore, all discussions about God are useless because they are ‘about God’.

    (2) ‘There is only one God’ is a wrong statement. The true statement is ‘ There is only God’. Except God there is nothing. Only God is.

    (3) When there is only one truth how can there be many religions? When truth is not plural how religions can be plural. If truth is one, religion also has to be one. Only pseudo religions can be many.

    (4) Hinduism is not a religion in the sense of other religions. It is a ‘Sanatan Dharma’.

    (5) Zakir Naik is a parrot. He is worst than a Pandit. If you discuss with him he will bring more words. But truth is a wordless experience. Discussion is not a right medium to know truth. It is a kind of war. It is a war of words, ideas, concepts, philosophies, dogmas, etc. There are five mediums of communication: (1) Dispute, (2) Debate, (3) Discussion, (4) Dialogue, and (5) Discourse. Truth is possible in the last stage, that is Discourse. That is, one who has a silent mind and a loving heart. Only in this state there is a possibility of truth. In the first four there is always some kind of war. In this last stage the Upanishads are born.


    • @shabeer /Spirit
      Brother spirit,
      Shabber is a coward person. He has no dare to accept Mohamad prophecy is not eternal but temporary & Kuran also not eternal book & Allah memory also not sound because Allah keeps a book named Loha Mahfoof under his throne & he noted down all things in the book. Because Allah was scared of his knowledge/memory may be weaken at any time. So he noted down everything in a book.

      • Given below is a list of some of the evidences in support of the
        divine nature of the Qur’an:

        1. It , itself, declares that it is a divine Scripture.

        2. It shall remain unchanged upto the Last Day.

        3. The path of right conduct that it prescribes is faultless.

        4. It is practicable.

        5. The history that it teaches is faultless and honest.

        6. Its literature is incomparable.

        7. The prophecies made in it can be seen to have come true.

        8. The references in it to the varied phenomena of nature, as
        representing the signs of God, are free of controversies.

        9. There is no reference, whatsoever, of an unscientific nature in it.

        10. It is free of all contradictions.

        11. None has been able to take up the challenge it poses when it calls
        forth all, and any, to produce an equivalent of at least one of its

        12. The person who was appointed with it in the world was himself of
        a truthful and selfless nature.

      • @Shabber
        _________It , itself, declares that it is a divine Scripture._______
        I declares my self Allah. Why do not you agree with me?
        ___________It shall remain unchanged upto the Last Day.______________
        Is it eternal? No. Only eternal can not be changed otherwise all is changeable.
        ________The path of right conduct that it prescribes is faultless._______
        Marry with girl age of 9 years old. Sex with sisters/mothers. Allah was sitting idly before this creation etc. are teachings of Kuran.
        _________It is practicable____________
        Bowing head before stone Kaba. Follow rituals of like grave worship, kissing black stone, go around Kaba etc are the practices advised in you God’s book.
        ___________The history that it teaches is faultless and honest._______
        History book can not be treated as book given by God.
        ___________Its literature is incomparable___________
        Who the fool said you this?
        _____________It is free of all contradictions.______________
        It said Allah had made Aadam & Eve with his both hands & Allah sits on a throne. That means Allah has a form. But Muslim believe Allah is formless. But Allah has form proves from Kuran.
        ____________There is no reference, whatsoever, of an unscientific nature in it.__
        1. It says donkey can fly. 2) Allah created everything out of nothing. 3) Allah requires angels to deliver his message. (illogical/Unscientific statement).

      • iam tired becouse thousand times here and discussion bord i am clear all your ignorent allegation about islam.but at the same time,u the people escape my all simple questions about veda and upanishid.
        1) some of vereses i bring from veda for suporting monoithesm and polytheism.
        whats u’r belief? monoithesm and polytheism? who had mistake veda or people? sdc,adolf,truth seeker all r escaped? where r u going to hide? this sites belongs to hinduism,u the people have more responsibility than me answer the questions.
        2) polytheism here and dis for’m noone answer my questions,i point out there 7 situation a person or society requered it? next movement arya veer,arya,aryapathak,kalbave,tejapath,truth seekar,vedic dharmi all r escaped.
        like women frreodom,lower cast people,divinity of veda,country rule,contradiction of veda(god,language,orgin,writers and vulgarity)
        where is u’r friend adolf(law changes from time/space).i ask some questions to him,that day onwards he not come ti this site. where is sdc? where is arya krishna?

      • @shabeer
        I also got tired to make you understand that Veda says God never sitted idly. But you are not agree with Veda. You want to prove at all cost that God was sitted idly before this creation.
        I also got tired to make you understand Veda says do not bow head before any stone Kaba or other as I Veda follower never bow head before Kaba.
        I also got tired to make you understand God never force for incest rather he creates thousand men & women in inception of creation & give knowledge of Veda. So question of incest does not arise here.
        I also got tired to make you understand Veda are for all not only for Hindu but for all Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian. In Veda nowhere you will find name of any cult, History of any person, place etc. That means Veda are for all.
        I also got tired to make you understand God knowledge is eternal & perfect & never requires any changes. Perfect does not require any change.
        I also got tired to make you understand never recite human name in God’s prayers because it is against Veda. Worship worthy or name recital worthy only God/Allah.

      • Pranam Brother Shabeer
        My response:
        1) I, myself declare me as almighty. Do you agree?
        2) Do you know a goat of Aisha ate some pages of it??? Let alone for eternity 😉
        3) Yes I agree with you on this point. Pedophilia, sex slave, killing apostates etc. are really faultless. 
        4) Yes we know that. And Jihadi brothers of whole world are practicing it with quite satisfactorily.
        5) Our government has also some history books for the students. Are those from God??
        6) Literary excellence is no proof of divinity. If so the Gitanjoly, Monalisa, etc are also divine. Because there are nothing compared to them. 
        7) Please show me. Because there are some sands in my eyes 
        8) Are you leaving in fool’s paradise?? Get out from madrasa and see abroad.
        9) The earth is flat, the sun and moon follow their courses to complete days and nights, there are seven layers of earth and sky——enjoy the science
        10) Do you need proof?
        11) How can a creator challenge His creature? It is a dumb of a creator to challenge his creation. By the way for ur satisfaction search ‘suralikeit’ and ‘fuqran’ dhanyawad

      • Pranam Brother truth seeker, why are u wasting time in explaining Vedas? He is not going to understand it anyway. It is better we raise some questions about their fanaticism. Dhanyawad

      • Pranam Brother Shabeer
        My response:
        1) I, myself declare me as almighty. Do you agree?
        2) Do you know a goat of Aisha ate some pages of it??? Let alone for eternity 😉
        3) Yes I agree with you on this point. Pedophilia, sex slave, killing apostates etc. are really faultless. 
        4) Yes we know that. And Jihadi brothers of whole world are practicing it with quite satisfactorily.
        5) Our government has also some history books for the students. Are those from God??
        6) Literary excellence is no proof of divinity. If so the Gitanjoly, Monalisa, etc are also divine. Because there are nothing compared to them. 
        7) Please show me. Because there are some sands in my eyes 
        8) Are you leaving in fool’s paradise?? Get out from madrasa and see abroad.
        9) The earth is flat, the sun and moon follow their courses to complete days and nights, there are seven layers of earth and sky——enjoy the science
        10) Do you need proof?
        11) How can a creator challenge His creature? It is a dumb of a creator to challenge his creation. Nevertheless, for your satisfaction search in google “ fuqran” or “suralikeit”
        12) Do you need answer to your question?

  • ” ) all apostates should b killed. 2) anyone not believing ur religion wil go to eternal hell. 3) muslim should b allowed in non muslim country but non muslim mustnot b allowed in muslim countries. ………… ”

    that u’r personal ignorance about islam.its not valid,iam not a person to answer some invalid opinion.

    can u prove u’r claim from quran and haddeth ?

  • Respected debaters and friends,
    I respect the feelings of all of you here, but i blatantly state that Dr.Dhinakaran god visions of god and has varied supernatural experiences. I dont just state something in the air. Im here to reason. If you dont believe that he has divine visions and can clearly converse with god then argue it out with me. Debate with reason and logic. PROVE ME WRONG!!. Its a stern belief u cant. FIRST READ HIS BOOK “AN INSIGHT INTO HEAVEN, THEN TELL ME WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG. If after reading his book and watching his videos on youtube, u still hold firm to ur belief, then i wont argue any further. Is the whole world foolish to build “jesus calls ministries” as huge towers worldwide in his favour??? Is it a damn joke that someone with such severe health problems can survive so long untill there is divine intervention? First study about him and then put forth ur arguments.
    My sincere apologies, if ive hurt the sentiments of anyone here,if any. We are all learners and are on the path to realise the “truth”. God help us in our endeavour!

  • Friends, I am extrememly glorified to give u an insight into the answers all of u seek, including me. I have been searching the answer to this question for 17 long years! My long search was aimed at finding 1 person alive who has seen god and can talk to god! And yes that person exists. Dr. DGS Dhinakaran. It has been proved beyond doubt that he still gets visions. Dear Agniveer, countless people in this forum are confused over which religion and which god? Let us remove the confusion once and forever, reasons for which u listen to ppl like ravishankar and dr.zakir naik. So if ur powerful enuf, get in touch wid dr.dhinkaran and resolve ur doubts once and for all. HIS BOOKS AND ONLINE RESEARCH PROVES HE HAS SEEN GOD AND CAN TALK TO GOD!!!

    • Here comes the Xian missionaries.


      So what research did you do, mister enlightened? Enlightenment is an individual phenomenon and not a borrowed one. Others can only help, but one has to go through the process for oneself, moron.

      • @SDC:

        Enlightenment is an individual phenomenon and not a borrowed one.

        But, but, but…you are forgetting SDC…The Son of God died for our sins. If he can die for us, why cannot someone else see and talk to God saying “I am God and Jesus is my last prophet and therefore gays are to be killed”?

      • If Mohamad can see formless God why not other can see. He must have seen formless God like Great Mohamad. Although God is formless but to give enjoyment to his devotee his changes himself & manifests himself in form of human & sits on his comfortable throne on 7th sky & do enjoy with virgins of heaven. How nice person Allah! After all Allah also have a heart which wants worship.

      • @Truth Seeker. Islam divides everything into three: (1) God (Allah), (2) Prophet Mohammad (The messenger of God or Allah), (3) The ordinary common people. Now, whether Mohammad has seen the formless God or not only he may know about it.

        The other common Muslims can not know this because of this: (1) Prophet Mohammad is the only prophet and is the only messenger between the God and the people. (2) No ordinary common Muslim person can neither become a Prophet nor God. They can never become any one of this two. And this keeps a huge difference or gap between an individual and God (a duality) (3) Now Mohammad is no more but left his message of God as messenger in their holy book called ‘Koran’.

        Muslims have no other option but to follow Koran. But for what? They can neither become a Prophet (Messenger of God), nor Allah (The God). This creates bondage and does not offer any freedom.

        Hindu Religion (which is not a religion in other sense of the religions. It is a ‘Sanatan Dharma’) has a different thing to say. It says that between an individual and God there is no distance. There is no duality. This perception that I am different from God and there is a distance between me and God is itself a duality and a state of hell, chaos, stress, etc. One of the ‘Mahavakyas’ of the Vedas is ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. Which means in our ultimate experience or realization there is no difference or gap between an individual and God. It means to say that I am only Brahma and I can not be anything otherwise. The whole effort of life (through birth, rebirths, ‘Karmas’, etc.) is to reach this state. This state is a state of transcendence or non-duality or ‘Advaitya’. It is in this state the Vedas and Upanishads proclaimed that there is only God and nothing else. Except God there is nothing. Only God is. It is not what Dr. Zakir Hussain says ‘God’s’. God with a apostrophe ‘s’. Now this is again a duality as per Hinduism, ‘Puranas’, Vedas and Upanishads.

        According to Hinduism, Vedas and Upanishads the creator and…

      • @Truth Seeker. …. Cont. (2)

        According to Hinduism, Vedas and Upanishads the creator and his creation are not two different things. The Brahma and his creation are not two different things. The manifest and the unmanifest are not two different things. The seen and the unseen are not two different things. The observer and the observed are not two different things. The Body and the Soul are not two different things. The Body is the seen part of the unseen Soul and the Soul is the unseen part of the seen Body. The existence is the seen part of the unseen Brahma and the Brahma is the unseen part of the seen existence. The Brahma is the formless part of the formed existence and the formed existence is the formed part of the formless Brahma. Truth or experience or realization or enlightenment means transcending this duality. ‘Advaita’ means knowing or seeing this reality. God is possible only when I am not there. As long as ‘I am’ there God is not possible. “Ek Myan Me Do Talware Nahi Rah Sakti’. That is why in Hinduism there is only God. Except God there is nothing. Only God is. Rest all is in transition to this destination. The whole creation is in transition to this destiny. That is why according to Hinduism everything in the whole universe is God. An atom, proton, electron, neutron, photon, quark, string, sub-string, a tree, a river, a mountain, a stone, an animal, everything (living and non-living) is God. Everything is waiting to become God. Everything is in transition. ‘Everything’ is waiting to become ‘Nothing’ and ‘Everybody’ is waiting to become ‘Nobody’.


      • Pranam Brother Dandekaar

        It’s unwise to say that everybody is going to be nobody. Therefore I see that you have lack of knowledge. If you are judging everybody as their body then your verdict stands. But if you do that this shows your ignorance about Vedas and Srimad Vagbad Gita.

        But body is not eternal the spirit is eternal. You can’t judge people as their body. You see that when you were a mother’s child you used to be very small but gradually your body is growing larger and larger but at some point it will start shrinking. But what you felt ”I” in your childhood you do feel same ”I” in your present and so will be in your old age. You are body is changing but not that ”I”.So what is that ”I”? This ”I” is Spirit. And it is eternal. Nothing can destroy the spirit, No sword can cut it, no water can wet it, no fire can burn it as it is eternal. There is no end of spirit.
        You can get explained it by Vagbad Gita.

        None is there equivalent to God. Therefore finding equivalence in creation and creature is mere an ignorance. Yes, you can see everything as God creation and start admiring it but you cannot think that the creation is God. You can feel God via his creation.


  • dr. zakir naik speaks about relating books and tries to answer questions , i would strongly advice to him to go back to the books written by swamy vivekananda and get his basics right , and now coming dwn to practicality it is scientifically proven dat indus valley civilisation was 1 of the 1st civilisatons and at those times dese books wer written (vedas, upnishads, bhagwat geeta, mahabarata,ramayana) …..he tries to prove things by making vedas as the base if u see the other side of d coin it assumes to b that vedas came 1st and den it cud b that khuran might be xtracted from vedas coz vedas being the 1st books of the world , it is scientifically proven … all his questions cud b answered by any hindu scholar , or even by der books it is juz dat he shud try to address people like vivekanada or some 1 of his level , he cannot make ppl believe by juz answering to common man , rather giving a speech to comman man he shud give a speech to hindu scholar

    • Namaste Sonal

      Sonal, Naik is too chicken to speak to high level hindu scholars. Naik has been challenged many times by Arya Samaj (Scholars of Vedas) for either a live public debate or online debate, but Naik kept refusing. Nowadays, with the help of Agniveer articles, even common hindus who have no knowledge of Hinduism are refuting his stupid claims. Zakir Naik’s foot soldiers have opened separate sites to refute us, but they have also been failing miserably, because we know and they know Vedas are the only truth.

  • Dear kalbhairav,
    I appreciate ur efforts on this topic. I would also like to tell u that i am not referring to any verses. Quotation of verses only leads to controversy as there are good verses in both Gita and Quran; but both scriptures (such as vedas in hindus) and quran in islam are subject to vulgarity in certain areas. This can be argued on the grounds that the scriptures are edited by man with times to come. So the originality is verily lost. But if truly god were one, why would he allow miracles in all religions? Hindus have seen miracles. Till today u see miracles in hinduism on TV..they show temples where idols become heavier outside the temple..and light inside…followers of islam call this play of the devil to “misguide” hindus to believing dat “this is god”…they say that satan has sent false messengers of god to misguide us..this maybe true..but vivekanand has slammed islam…if the words of islam are true, then are we fools to believe in great ppl like vivekanand? If according to u religion were personal choice, then why miracles in all religions? (particularly christianity, islam and hinduism)

    • @bhagat:

      Regarding miracles:

      (1)Do we know if these are actually miracles?
      (2)If yes, the fact that there are miracles in every religion could mean one of two things:
      (a)God is showing his power by performing miracles randomly on earth…It just so happens that some of these places happen to be in India, some in Arabia, some in Bethlehem, etc. In this case God is still completely neutral and shows no special favours to Christians, Muslims or Hindus.
      (b)God is showing his power by as his devotees wish him to. In this case God seems to be saying to Muslims – I exist as Allah, God is saying to Jews – I exist as Yahweh, God is saying to Hindus – I exist as Brahman, etc.

      I have a problem with 2b because I am fairly certain that if Allah exists, then he would not entrust his philosophy to Mohammed alone, go around creating Kufr souls to test them, make the souls forget Allah’s existence, endow souls with free will and then if souls take advantage of this free will and believe in Jesus or Krishna or Buddha or Confucius, condemn them to eternal fire 🙁 Such a god is unfair. God cannot be unfair. So, Allah doesnt exist.

    • @bhagat:

      as there are good verses in both Gita and Quran

      Which verses in the Quran are good verses? Are you sure they havent been abrogaged by later verses? How do you know the good verses were not a summary of good ideas that predated Islam or were already prevalent during Mohammed’s time?

  • Hello

    I know that in BhagawadGita, Krishna says following
    1. There is rebirth
    2. Krishna stays in heart of every living being.
    3. Soul has to come back from Swarga to earth.

    In Koran, Mohammed says following:
    1. There is no rebirth, this is the first and last birth, after death the soul stays inside the ground where a person is buried until the judgement day and then he is sent either to heaven or hell for eternity.
    2. God does not stay in anyone’s body.
    3. One should live a sinless life and take care of his mom/dad and live a peaceful life.

    So what I want to ask here in this forum is, if there is only one God and Mohammed is pure devotee of God , then why there are such descripancies in the literature?

    We read from Koran that there is no rebirth and we will stay according to our life either in hell or heaven for eternity and then why Krishna says that Soul has to come back from Swarga as well.

    If Koran and BhagawadGita both are pure literatures then why such diferences?

    or is it that, since I took birth in a family which read Koran and follow Koran, so I will have different procedure after death than mentioned in Gita, or one who has taken a birth in family who follows Gita, he will have different procedure after death. How one should know whether Gita is true or Koran is true? if they both are true tehn why such difference?

    I mean why such differences if they are all devotess of God or God, since he is only one?

    • @bhagat:

      Let me try to address some of your questions.

      (1)Religion firstly is a personal affair. While there is one objective Reality out there, the perception of this Reality is unique based on different capacities of the individuals. This is because at any one point in time the earth is inhabited by people at different stages of their reincarnation cycle. For a poor hungry man on the road, his next meal is God. For a fat rich businessman, a desert with more sugar causes disgust and he dumps it into the garbage can.

      (2)Reflecting this, there are different schools of thoughts within Hinduism. The one objective Reality – Nirguna Brahman – does not take incarnations. Worshipping this Nirguna Brahman – one who does not have any qualifying attributes – is difficult for most individuals. For most of us, in the beginning stages of worship, we need a personal God – Saguna Brahman – to focus our attention on.

      (3)The Bhagvad Gita can be interpreted in completely different ways. Let me know which specific verses you are referring to. I will see if I can be of help in interpreting the verses.

      • (4)The Impersonal Brahman is pure consciousness. This Brahman, per se, doesnt care whether you are a follower of Mohammed or Confucius or Buddha or Krishna. It operates indirectly via the law of Karma and Reincarnation. This is a purely deterministic law. I do not know the exact details of this law – for example which form of sentience you held in your previous birth or which one I will hold in my next. But these laws are probably the only way in which one can explain evil/discrimination/variation, etc. in the world without attributing evil/discrimination/variation to Brahman itself. This does not make the law a reality, though. Until I perceive it on my own, the laws remain a belief of mine.

        (5)I believe some people have been able to get a glimpse of their earlier lives, especially during their young age, before their soul gets deluded into thinking that it is the finite body. Both Islam and Hinduism believe that after death the soul will become omniscient and will be made accountable for all its activities in the most recent life. Why is it then difficult to accept the statement that immediately after human birth, the omniscient soul will continue to retain some vestigial knowledge of its past?

        (6)No, whether one is a Muslim or a Hindu, the same law of Karma/Reincarnation will apply. The law of Karma/Reincarnation is not unfairly lenient towards those who believe in Karma/Reincarnation. Even if every Hindu on this planet converts out of Hinduism, the law will still operate.

      • (7)As to why Brahman allowed Mohammed and Islam to flourish, as I said, the impersonal Brahman doesnt care actually. Infinite are its manifestations of names and forms. Mohammed is one such manifestation. Humans have free will. If one choose to proclaim oneself as the last prophet of Allah and followers of other prophets are bound to hell even if they are otherwise good human beings, who/what is there to prevent that? Brahman has also provided us with a rational intellect. We can use that to differentiate between truth and false self-proclaimed prophets who espouse a philosophy that divides the world into Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb with promise of eternal hellfire for the Kufrs. Do you believe in this?

  • Dear agniveer,
    I find you to be very sharp and intellectually planned. You clearly adopt an unbiased appraoch and speak only on the basis of proof. Prior to reading ur blogs here, i felt as if i were misguided to choose and conclude one path as that of god. I have read the quran and gita both. It is out of this respect for u and also curiosity dat i ask whether i can once speak to u. It will clear my understanding and give a vital direction towards the understanding of religion. If u could spare me sum of ur vital time, den pls mail me ur contact number on my gmail id [email protected] This will clear considerable doubts and do a world of good to religious understanding. I will speak to u at a time favourable to ur convenience. Many thnks and regards.

    • @bhagat:

      I speak for myself and not Agniveer.

      In this era where folks leave innumerable footprints on the internet, one needs to be careful about using email ids, etc. I understand that Momins around the world are shaken by Agniveer/Satyagni movement and there is no telling what spurned Momins can resort to. 🙁

      May I suggest you pose your questions, if any, publicly here so that we can all benefit from your understanding of Hinduism thus far [instead of inviting patrons to a one-on-one]?

      Best wishes!

  • “When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.” ~ Albert Einstein

    “To other countries I may go as a tourist, but to India I come as a pilgrim.” ~ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr

    “When I read the Upanishads, I found a profundity of world view that made my Christianity seem like third grade.” ~ Huston Smith

    “India was the Motherland of our race and Sanskrit the Mother of Europe’s languages.India was the Mother of our Philosophy, of much of our Mathematic’s, of the ideals emboded in Christianity …of Self-Government and Democracy, In many ways Mother India is the Mother of us all..” ~ Will Durant

    “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border” ~ Hu Shih

    “You’d have to be brain dead to live in India and not be affected by Hinduism. It’s not like Christianity in America, where you feel it only on Sunday mornings … if you go to church at all. Hinduism is an on-going daily procedure. You live it, you breathe it.” ~ Marcus Leatherdale

  • Dr. Zakir Naik quoted some prophesies in Rigveda, Samveda and in other Hindu sacred scriptures about prophet Mohammad. If these prophesies are right, then these books are divine(Asmani Qitab). and other contents of these books are also true. For instance, in Rigveda Hrishis are invoking gods like Agni, Vayu, Indra etc.

    Then we can reach a conclusion, Dr. Zakir Naik admits the existence of gods.

    If Dr. Zakir Naik says, these books are written by humans, then naturally the Quoran was also written by humans.

    Which option Muslims will take?

    Notable, when asked these books were divine or not, Zakir Naik answered “maybe” or “may not be”

    • brothes those were the differen attributes given to go by different sages. they were not them selves the god.

  • Now, when riots occur, often half a dozen sturdy Mohammadans, armed with sticks and stones, disperse a procession of hundred Hindus. A numerical minority, if armed and prepared, can easily overcome an unarmed and unprepared crowd. The Hindus are unarmed because they are unprepared, unaware of eventual danger. Nobody prevents them from using, when attacked, the very same weapons as their opponents: sticks and stones. (At present, nobody can use machine-guns, in India, except the British forces. Hindus and non-Hindus are equal, in that respect.) Itis not arms and ammunitions, but unity and preparedness, military spirit, which is lacking among the Hindus, wherever they come to a clash with such aggressors who also possess no arms worth speaking of. Number itself is a force, when readiness and unity go with it; not otherwise.
    If only the Hindus, wherever a minority, would become a minority of soldiers, well-trained and always ready, then, not only could they defend themselves and survive, but, a time is coming when they would be the actual masters of the situation.
    -From A Warning to the Hindus written by Savitri Devi, born Maximine Portaz (1905-1982).philosopher and religious thinker

  • Vivekananda’s explanation on idol worship and many GODs theory of Hinduism

    I have just taken a small excerpt of Vivekananda’s speech at World Parliament of Religion on Chicago, 19th September 1893…..


    Superstition is a great enemy of man, but bigotry is worse. Why does a Christian go to church? Why is the cross holy? Why is the face turned toward the sky in prayer? Why are there so many images in the Catholic Church? Why are there so many images in the minds of Protestants when they pray? My brethren, we can Do more think about anything without a mental image than we can live without breathing- By the law of association the material image calls up the mental idea and vice versa. This is why the Hindu uses an external symbol when he worships. He will tell you. it helps to keep his mind fixed on the Being to whom he prays. He knows as well as you do that the image is not God, is not omnipresent. finer all, how much does omnipresence mean to almost the whole world? It stands merely as a word, a symbol. Has God superficial area? If not, when we repeat that word ‘omnipresent’, we think of the extended sky. or of space – that is all.

    As we find that somehow or other, by the laws of our mental constitution, we have to associate our ideas of infinity with the image of the blue sky, or of the sea, so we naturally connect our idea of holiness with the image of a church, a mosque, or a cross. The Hindus have associated the ideas of holiness, purity, truth, omnipresence, and such other ideas with different images and forms. But with this difference that while some people devote their whole lives to their idol of a church and never rise higher, because with them religion means an intellectual assent to certain doctrines and doing good to their fellows, the whole religion of the Hindu is centered in realization. Man is to become divine by realizing the divine. Idols or temples or churches or books are only the supports, the helps, of his spiritual childhood; but on and on he must progress.

    He must not stop…

  • Hindu society needs the total Hindu solidarity and Kshatriya spirit. He said atrocities are being committed against the Hindus everywhere in India and in its neighborhood. Everywhere the Hindu’s hearth, home and honor is under assault. But be it Assam, West Bengal, Kashmir or Kerala, the Hindu is fighting alone. The plight of the Hindus in Kerala doesn’t seem to affect the Hindus in Assam. The distress of the Kashmiri Hindus doesn’t disturb the slumber of the Tamil Hindus. On the other hand, even at the slightest provocation, the shrill, hue, and cry of the Ummah across the globe rents the sky. The government scurries for cover and the media literally froths at the mouth. The need of the hour is the total freedom – from servitude, suppression, subjugation, repression, restraint, and oppression imposed mercilessly and ruthlessly by anti-Hindu forces. We Hindus have to understand that a society or a community that cannot defend itself against the aggression cannot survive for long. It is the law of nature.Every community needs a sword-arm to protect itself against the aggression, overt or covert. This is what makes the role of a kshatriya or the warrior important in a community and in periods of turmoil and conflict, it is paramount. Hindu society is under attack from every direction and in every manner. The need of the hour is to re-ignite our kshatriya spirit. An eminent scholar Dr. David Frawley has said correctly that Hindu society needs intellectual kshatriyas to do battle with the nefarious and malignant assault of the communist dominated media and academia against the Hindu faith.[Tapan Ghosh]

    • Dear Abhijit,

      Please do not post same comment on different posts. Also reduce the number of comments within a small time span or else the system would ban you as a possible spammer.

  • Many Javanese appear to have retained aspects of their indigenous and Hindu traditions through the centuries of Islamic influence, under the banner of ‘Javanist religion’ or a non-orthodox ‘Javanese Islam’. The emergence of a self-conscious Hindu revival movement these days within Javanese community is a sign of significant development. Hindu symbols are still in use in Indonesia. The state intelligence agency of Republic of Indonesia has a Garuda as their symbol and the official airline of Indonesia is called Garuda Indonesia.MAY INDONESIA SHOW THE WAY TO THE WORLD FOR REVIVAL OF HINDUISM AND RETURN TO THE GLORIOUS MOTHER OF HINDU RELIGION.MAY THE PROPHESY OF THE RISHIS OF INDONESIA COME TRUE.FREEDOM OF HUMAN BEINGS FROM FANATIC MONOTHEISM (WHICH IS LEADING THE HUMAN RACE TO MUTUAL DESTRUCTION) CAN BE STOPPED ONLY BY POLYTHEISTIC AND BENAVOLENT HINDUISM

  • dear agniveerji
    why don.t you start a tv channel like so called peace tv , which actually should be called war tv . , to highlight the beautiful vedas and give awareness to hindus , we need you to come out more strong , if u air seminars like the fool zakir , people will have the chance to see how much poison he is spreading in our country in the diplomatic name of comparative religion , we should counter act the poison he is spreading , he should be facing legal proceedings for hurting the religious sentiments of hindus ,christians and other religions
    warm regards

    • Namaste Ninad Ji

      I think the problem with the people like Agniveer is that they are trying to reform a society which is better known to spend crores on donating golden idols and diamond crowns of the so called Gods to the already rich shrines but dont spend even a rupee in defending themselves from their idol breakers. So first they spend billions on idols, and when some Butshikan Jihadi (breaker of idols) comes with his army, they beg for their lives and let their gods be ruined under the feet of invaders, let all the wealth go to them, which is spent in maintaining the Harams (brothels) of Ghazis in which virgins and married Hindu women offer their services to the devout Mujahideen of Allah and Muhammad. When someone like Rana Pratap or Shivaji or Agniveer comes up to defend their faith, they start saying- “well done, well done! And recite with pride “Yada Yada hi Dharmasya……” assuming they will be saved now as God has sent someone to defend them. And once saved, they again get prepared to build their golden gods with diamond crowns so that another Ghazi can come and after ruining their gods under their feet, can snatch away all the wealth and rule the “rich” hindus and enjoy their women. And again they will wait for some Krishna or Rana Pratap or Kalki and this goes on and on and on….

      I wrote all this only to tell people that it takes millions to own a channel and it can not happen without the support of the society. I think Agniveer are getting lot of appreciation (well done! well done!!) but it alone is not enough to run channels or organizing conferences. Its our duty to support them financially too.

  • Dear Agniveer, I believe that u r an true follower of vedas or so called as Sanatan Dharm–But i feel pity when u quote out of context statements from Quran to proove there are contradictions in Quran.

    If u are an True Aryan leave the falsehood—SO let’s have an discussion Is The Vedas or the Quran the Word of God with authentic sources–Not based on what i Believe or u’r Dayanand Saraswati believes or u believes.

    If yes let me know-

    Condition-As i do a job in an company–ill answer u’r question on Sunday

    • Even if Agniveer is not ….I would be here on Sunday to understand from you as to how you got the copy rights on Truth 🙂

      • @iNDIAN aGNOSTIC



        Rg Veda mentions Sudra and Vaisya each and that too at a very late period in MandalX-10-90-12,
        Yajur Veda Chapter 31 – Verse 11 & RIGVEDAbK10-XC-12—CONFIRMING Manu Law
        The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya made. His thighs became the Vaishiya, from his feet the Shudra was produced.
        “If in the process of negotiating betrothal there are first ten suitors of the non-Brahmana varna for a woman (the marriageable girl), all of them lose their claims of marriage and, only the Brahmin, the learned one, if he grasps her hand would be her husband and only he. Not even the man of Ksatriya varna and not even the man of Vaisya varna but only the Brahmin is the husband of the bride in such cases of claimants of betrothal, and the sun, as it appears, revealing this fact to the people of five classes (4 varnas and the fifth avarna) rises up.” – Atharva Veda 5:17:8-9.

      • @iNDIAN aGNOSTIC

        Incest : The Father Commits Incest With His DaughterThis is a concept of creation which appears in Rig-Veda and remains through later Hindu mythology. It contains an idea of primeval Incest. Explicitly there is no single hymn which tells this story, but references are scattered around to give a summary of the incestuous event. This story never actually tells the name of the father and the daughter .Let’s read the Rid-Vedic hymns about this incest act of creation.
        From the Rig-Veda 10.61.5-7, 1.71.5 , 1.71.8 , 1.164.33
        When you will look for the Verses 5-7 in Rig-Veda book 10 hymn 61 present online-to hide reality , but truth cannot be hidden as we will be providing you with the translated verses.
        Rig-Veda 10.61.5-7, 1.71.5 , 1.71.8 , 1.164.33
        As his penis was stretched out in eagerness for the act of a man, the manly one pulled back. He drew back again from the maiden, his daughter, that tireless phallus which had been thrust in. As they were in the midst of the very act of union, when the father was satisfying his desire for the younger girl, the two of them left a little of the out-flowing seed shed upon the back of the earth in the womb of good deeds. When the father shed his seed in his own daughter, he split his seed on the earth as he united with her. The benevolent gods created sacred speech and fashioned Rudra Vastospati, the protector of sacred rites….. As Agni made the seed for the great father, heaven , he entered into the womb, having noticed that she was inclined to him. The hunter shot an arrow at him boldly. The god satisfied his lust in his own daughter….As the heat of passion came to the king for his enjoyment, heaven laid aside on the ground the seed that had been spilt. Agni caused to be born the blameless benevolent group of youth and made them great…. Heaven is my father, the engenderer, the navel here. My mother is this wide earth , my close kin , Between these two outstretched bowls is the womb (it is translated as womb literally Vagina-yoni ) in it the father placed his daughter’s embryo. [Translated by Wendy Doniger in her Book Hindu Myths on page 26 )
        Rig Veda 1.116.19 The Ashvisns married Surya and Savitri who is their sister
        Rig Veda 1.91.7 Agni is the son of his father and his sister
        “After the animal is purified by the priest, the principal wife sleeps near the horse and says: ‘O Horse, i extract the semen worth conception and you release the semen worth conception’” – Yajur Veda 23/20.
        The horse and principal wife spread two legs each. Then the Ardhvaryu(priest) orders to cover the oblation place, raise canopy etc. After this, the principal wife of the host pulls penis of the horse and puts it in her vagina and says: “This horse may release semen in me.” -Yajur Veda 23/20.


        C)Women in Hinduism
        Women’s intellect hath little weight:
        “Indra himself hath said, The mind of woman brooks not discipline, Her intellect hath little weight.” [Rig-Veda 8:33:17]
        Women are powerless and they have no inheritance. They are even worse than bad man:
        “Women are powerless, have no inheritance, and speak more humbly than even a bad man.” [Krsna Yajur-Veda Taittiriya Samhita 6:5:8:2]
        There can be no lasting friendship with women. Their hearts are like hyenas’:
        “With women there can be no lasting friendship: hearts of hyenas are the hearts of women.” [Rig-Veda 10:95:15]
        Women should beget sons, not daughter:
        “Almighty God, you have created this womb. Women may be born somewhere else but sons should be born from this womb” [Atharva-Veda 6:11:3]
        “O Husband protect the son to be born. Do not make him a women.” [Atharva-Veda 2:3:23]
        Widow burning (Sati):
        “Let these unwidowed dames with noble husbands adorn themselves with fragrant balm and unguent. Decked with fair jewels, tearless, free from sorrow, first let the dames go up to where he lieth. Rise, come unto the world of life, O woman: come, he is lifeless by whose side thou liest. Wifehood with this thy husband was thy portion, who took thy hand and wooed thee as a lover.” [Rig-Veda 10:18:7-8]
        Yajur Ved (Taitriya Sanhita)’m- “Womns code says that the women are withouth energy. They should not get a share in property. Even to the wicked they speak in feeble manner” – Yajur Ved 6/5/8/2
        Shatpath Puran, preachings of the ‘Yajur Veda’ clubs women, ‘shudras’ (untouchables), doga, crows together and says falsehood, sin and gloom remain integrated in them. (14/1/1/31)
        If the women was not remarried, then her head was shaved. This is evident from Atharva Veda (14/2/60).

      • truefriend of zakir dumber

        Quran [2:1] says that Allah is not one!
        Quran [13:1] says that Muhammad is not the final Rasul!
        Quran [29:1] says that Quran is the work of Satan and not Allah!
        Quran [1:1] says dont follow impotent Muhammad.
        Quran [1:2] says that all Muslims will go to hell.
        Quran [1:3] says that Muhammad will be the first man to enter the hell.
        Quran [1:4] says that Allah put seal in the heart of Muhammad so that he could not understand the truth and Allah made him impotent.
        Quran [1:5] ….


        Incest in Islam:

        Adam and Eve was a single pair. They fathered many children and those children, who were brothers and sisters mutually, married each other! So all Muslims are the result of incest!


        D) ERRORS
        1. Vedas say Earth is static!
        According to Vedas, the earth is static and this statement is repeated
        several times. The following are some of the examples:
        Oh Man ! He who made the trembling earth static is Indra. (Rig Ved
        The God who made the earth stable (Yajur Ved 32/6)
        Indra protects the wide earth which is immovable and has many forms
        (Atarv Ved 12/1/11)
        Let us walk on the Wide and Static earth (Atharv Ved 12/1/17)
        2. Vedas say Sun moves around the earth on a golden
        chariot with his 7 horses
        As the Veds Claim that the earth is static and so they tried to prove that the
        sun moves around the earth. The following statement from the rig Ved tries
        to clarify it:
        1. “Sun is full of light and knows all the human beings, so his horses take
        him to sky to look at the world” (Rig Ved 1/50/1)
        2. “O, Bright sun, a chariot named harit with seven horses takes you to sky”
        (Rig Ved 1/50/8)
        3. “O, man, the sun who is most attractive, takes round of the earth, on his
        golden chariot through the sky and removes the darkness of the earth”
        (Yajur Ved 33/43)
        3. Vedas say The Bull has supported the Sky
        “The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 4: 30
        “The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 14:5


        Rig Veda 10.22.14
        “This earth is devoid of hands and legs, yet it moves ahead. All the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun.

        In this mantra,
        Kshaa = Earth (refer Nigantu 1.1)
        Ahastaa = without hands
        Apadee = without legs
        Vardhat = moves ahead
        Shushnam Pari = Around the sun
        Pradakshinit = revolves

        Rig Veda 10.149.1
        “The sun has tied Earth and other planets through attraction and moves them around itself as if a trainer moves newly trained horses around itself holding their reins.”

        In this mantra,
        Savita = Sun
        Yantraih = through reins
        Prithiveem = Earth
        Aramnaat = Ties
        Dyaam Andahat = Other planets in sky as well
        Atoorte = Unbreakable
        Baddham = Holds
        Ashwam Iv Adhukshat = Like horses

      • @TOGATO








      • @108 ETERNAL



        U ARE TO REFUTE——




      • truefriend of zakir naik
        Scientific errors in Quran, translated by great Islamic scholar Vajra:
        1. Quran [2:1]- Earth is flat.
        2. Quran [2:2]- Sun is flat.
        3. Quran [2:3]- Moon is flat.
        4. Quran [2:4]- Sun and moon revolve around earth in the orbit such that neither of one can chase other.
        5. Quran [2:5]- Sun is pulled by the same donkey on which Muhammad went to the skies!
        6. Quran [2:6]- Pillars support the sky.
        7. Quran [2:7]- There are mountains of ice in the heavens.
        8. Quran [2:8]- …..

        If you want word to word translation of these verses from an authentic source, first of all give the translation of Mantras from our authentic sources and not Griffith or Muller. Before that, dont question the great Islamic scholar Vajra!

        Where did Agniveer accept that Vedas have errors?

      • Namaste brother.

        Vedas containing no errors is a fact, a fact which can be verified by anyone, including yourself.

        Your translations are wrong, the intentions of translators such as Miller, Griffith, etc are well known to be to undermine the Vedas and falsely glorify Christianity.

        Your points have already been addressed and you defeated.

        Agniveerji has always been clear on the fact that the Vedas contain no errors. Quote, and link, the article where Agniveerji says that the Vedas contain errors.

      • truefriend of zakir naik
        Scientific errors in Quran, translated by great Islamic scholar Vajra:
        1. Quran [2:1]- Earth is flat.
        2. Quran [2:2]- Sun is flat.
        3. Quran [2:3]- Moon is flat.
        4. Quran [2:4]- Sun and moon revolve around earth in the orbit such that neither of one can chase other.
        5. Quran [2:5]- Sun is pulled by the same donkey on which Muhammad went to the skies!
        6. Quran [2:6]- Pillars support the sky.
        7. Quran [2:7]- There are mountains of ice in the heavens.
        8. Quran [2:8]- …..

        If you want word to word translation of these verses from an authentic source, first of all give the translation of Mantras from our authentic sources and not Griffith or Muller. Before that, dont question the great Islamic scholar Vajra!

        Scientists accepting miracles? Which scientist has accepted that some flying donkey existed on which Muhammad went to meet Allah? Which scientist accepted that Moses talked with stones? Which scientist accepted that Muhammad broke the moon? Which scientist accepted that Marry remained virgin even after conceiving?

        Please give us the list of your miracles, lets see!

      • @VAJRA
        1. Quran [2:1]- Earth is flat.
        CH2 V-1-‘Alif-Lām-Mīm-TRANSLITERATION
        SEE- NARASINGA PURANA – Page 169 – Abithana Sinthamani – says that the earth is flat.
        Oh Man ! He who made the trembling earth static is Indra. (Rig Ved 2/12/12)
        The God who made the earth stable (Yajur Ved 32/6)
        Indra protects the wide earth which is immovable and has many forms(Atarv Ved 12/1/11)

        2. Quran [2:2]- Sun is flat.
        CH-2 V-2 Dhālika-This- Al-Kitābu- (is) the book –Lā- no- Rayba- doubt- Fīhi- in it-Hudáan- a Guidance- Lilmuttaqīna- for the pious-god-conscious.

        SEE WHAT VEDAS SAY-1. “Sun is full of light and knows all the human beings, so his horses take him to sky to look at the world” (Rig Ved 1/50/1)
        2. “O, Bright sun, a chariot named harit with seven horses takes you to sky”(Rig Ved 1/50/8)
        3. “O, man, the sun who is most attractive, takes round of the earth, on hisgolden chariot through the sky and removes the darkness of the earth”(Yajur Ved 33/43)

        3. Quran [2:3]- Moon is flat.
        CH-2 V-3- Al-Ladhīna- Those who-Yu’uminūna- believe- Bil-Ghaybi – in the unseen,-Wa- and Yuqīmūna- establish- Aş-Şalāata- the prayer,- Wa-and- Mimmā- out of what- Razaqnāhum-(We) have provided them- Yunfiqūna- they spend.

        VISHNU PURANA says that sun is 800,000 miles and moon is 2,200,000miles away from the earth respectively. Astronomy has now proved that themoon is nearer to the earth, i.e. 240,000 miles and that the sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the earth.

        4. Quran [2:4]- Sun and moon revolve around earth in the orbit such that neither of one can chase other.
        CH-2V-4 Wa-And- Al-Ladhīna-those who- Yu’uminūna- believe- Bimā- in what- ‘Unzila- (is) sent down- ‘Ilayka- to you- Wa-and- Mā- what- ‘Unzila – was sent down-Min – from-Qablika- before you Wa –and-Bil-‘Ākhirati- in the Hereafter- Hum- they- Yūqinūna- firmly believe.

        5. Quran [2:5]- Sun is pulled by the same donkey on which Muhammad went to the skies!
        CH-2 V-5- ‘Ūlā’ika- Those- Alá- (are) on- Hudáan- Guidance-Min-from-Rabbihim- their Lord,- Wa –and-‘Ūlā’ika- Those- Humu- they- Al-Mufliĥūna- (are) the successful ones.

        6. Quran [2:6]- Pillars support the sky.
        CH-2V-6- ‘Inna- Indeed- Al-Ladhīna- those who- Kafarū – disbelieve[d],-Sawā’un – (it) is same-`Alayhim- to them- ‘A ‘Andhartahum- whether you warn them- ‘Am – or-Lam – not-Tundhirhum- you warn them,- Lā – not-Yu’uminūna- they believe.


        The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 14:5
        .“The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 4: 30

        7. Quran [2:7]- There are mountains of ice in the heavens.
        ANSWER:- Khatama- Has set a seal- Allāhu- Allah- Alá- on- Qulūbihim- their hearts- Wa `Alá – and on-Sam`ihim – their hearing, -Wa `Alá-and on- ‘Abşārihim-their vision- Ghishāwatun-(is) a veil.- Wa Lahum -And for them-`Adhābun -(is) a punishment-`Ažīmun-great.





      • truefriend of zakir naik

        Perhaps you did not notice that translations are from Vajra, the great Islamic scholar otherwise you would have not used “MAY BE”!

        I have not refuted any of your claim, neither I am planning to do it until you provide correct translation of Mantras, as told you earlier. Till then, enjoy the translation of Quran by Vajra and scientific errors in Quran given previously!



      • @TOGATO





  • dr. zakir naik /dr, chapter verse should realize that the quran is only a fat rule book which has absolutely no depth ,allah found it important to even lay the dress code of how men and women should be dressed while doing the namaz . the photos of mecca are so damn depressing , like the dark evil energy of shaitan, women in this religion are like cattle they have no voice of their own , its a male chauvinist religion. the poor animals are slaughtered so slowly and painfully on the halal sacrifice, no wonders that the muslim community can kill so effortlessly , they are used to creating pain in such horrible manner on the speechless animals from childhood on . one cant expect them to feel the pain of animals or the kafirs . its nice that dr chapter verse has in the last years started on this campaign to prove all the religions wrong ,its waking up the hindus and christians and others to the reality of the nonsense this crude religion has been spreading since centuries . imagine a earth with only muslims . imagine india without hindus !.we must thank the british who came to india in the sixteenth century . otherwise the muslims would have systematically eliminated the hindus , so many temples have been ruthlessly destroyed because they were the the gods of the kafirs the non believers . even now they want the hindus to give up the claim of ram janmabhoomi .
    agniveer we are with you . love ninad

  • @jasim

    no single verse? How about verses that order u to have sex with slaves? How about verses that tell ur enjoyment with virgins in paradise and tons of alcohol? Verses of killing apostles? Verses that show no valid reason why allah created us and destined our fate to be kafirs and momins?

    • wats ur source of saying tat ? its said in paradise u will get wat is not allowed for u here… tats the gift we will get Inshallah…. verses that orders to have sex with slaves is not mentioned anywhr…. :S u r misguided becoz on net u get many edited quran which is not frm the real Quran which is unedited since it was revealed… thr r many things u can mail me if u have any questions i am ready to answer ur questions. 🙂 tc brother

    • well answer by razzak to vik. brother about killing of apostles, allah says if people deviate you from islam then fight against the truth. its also mention in bhagvat geeta. but allah says in surah tauba, that, “if they repent then take them to secure place”. and about fate, if allah designed ur fate then its allah mistake. brother, allah knows what ur going to do, its not because allah has written its happened. allah says in many places that,” we testify u with loss of wealth, live, property to test which of them good in ur deeds”. he created us because to worship him alone. and human beings are the one of the best creation of allah. inspite of knowing every thing most of them deviate. allah gives the message to every human being, but there are people ignore wantedly. u said y allah created us ?….u wil come to know on the day of judgement.

  • there is no single verse in the holy quran proved to be wrong .. wht abt that . that means it is from almighty

  • and also i think in some years the time is arrived that lord shri krishna had said.,
    यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत ।
    अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥

    परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् ।
    धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥

    bhagwan sabaka bhala kare.,
    jai sia ram

    • @Anirudh
      namaste brother,
      Let's discover Krishna within ourselves rather than waiting for anybody. Eeshvar never comes in human form, and Shri Krishna was an enlightened soul, who became legend due to his own deeds.

      • You didn’t understand about GOD @Arya. Krsna is not enlightened soul he is Supreme God himself. We cannot never become God.
        Bhagwat Gita Chapert 9 TEXT 11

        avajananti mam mudha
        manusim tanum asritam
        param bhavam ajananto
        mama bhuta-mahesvaram

        avajananti–deride; mam–Me; mudhah–foolish men; manusim–in human form; tanum–body; asritam–assuming; param–transcendental; bhavam–nature; ajanantah–not knowing; mama–Mine; bhuta–everything that be; maha-isvaram–the supreme proprietor.

        Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature and My supreme dominion over all that be.

      • @Ram : How can you prove that it was indeed Krishna who said these words.. the bhagwat geeta is neither written by Krishan nor by Arjuna..??!!!! Then only two people involved in the discourse in first person.

    • we people belive in what is one guy saying, we not belive what our god say’s sree krishna yada-yada hee dharmsya glanirbhavti bharata,abhiudhanama dharmasya tadatanam srijhayam,we not belive we know we r right,like we not belive sun is there ,we know sun is there,thank’s one more thing all religion is copy from sanatam dharma,

      • God says in quran that,”we make the people to forget the verses so that to reaveal some thing better than it or similar to it”[ surah al baqrah]. which ever the book is, every book is written by our creator. how can we say they were coppied. they the people were very far from us, inorder to travel it use to take some years. and they dont know sanskrit. imagine how long the period may take. and those days use to called as darkened ages[nearly 1400 years ago]. “when ever dharma comes down, then i will come to raise.” its correct, bt god dosent comes, but he sends a man. our eyes cannot see him[ as its mentioned in vedas].

      • @ibrahim:

        “when ever dharma comes down, then i will come to raise.” its correct, bt god dosent comes, but he sends a man.

        Why cannot God incarnate and come to us here on earth? Is he not omnipotent? If God himself came to visit and live with me in my midst, I would forever be in love with him, in awe of him and in eternal devotion to him.

        Instead, your God did not even choose to communicate to Mohammed on his own. He instead chose to communicate via Jebriel. There are Shiites who believe that Jebriel actually made a mistake in communicating to Mohammed. These Shiites believe that Allah wanted to actually communicate with Imam Ali. Jebriel made the mistake and communicated with Mohammed. 🙁

        You see, if God HIMSELF chooses to reincarnate like Krishna, all these mistakes can be avoided.

      • brother, u can have a thin person or fat person. and u can have a tall person or short person. but u cant have tall short person similarly thin fat person. similarly god is immortal and human beings are motal. how can u have a person who is mortal and immortal at same time. yes god is omnipotent. but not in every case. if god is omnipotent he may lie and he may do injustice, but its not the charecteristics of god. brother its also mentioed in vedas of prophet[pbuh]. and…… about imam ali somebody told lie about him. no were u will find his name in quran. brother before u talk u have to check. dont believe blindly.

      • ibrahim
        you said Allah created us just to worship him, ok? Now there is a problem. Suppose i made a computer so that it just can serve my purpose. But if doesn’t, who’s fault it is? Mine or computer’s?
        I shall be waiting for your answer.

        Again imagine, I made a computer and gave a freewill to it but i am still wanting it to serve my purpose without any hesitation. Will not that be absurd from me?? Isn’t it contradictory? Answer plz

      • Ibrahim
        —-u can have a thin person or fat person. and u can have a tall person or short person. but u cant have tall short person similarly thin fat person. similarly god is immortal and human beings are motal. how can u have a person who is mortal and immortal at same time—-
        don’t give that idiot Naik’s lecture. He has already been busted here.

      • Ibrahim
        God says in quran that,”we make the people to forget the verses so that to reaveal some thing better than it or similar to it”[ surah al baqrah]
        You still find no contradiction it? Does not indicate that your model of God (ie Allah) is at fluctuation. If something is better why did he not reveal in very first time? Why he reveal something which is worse than another upcoming thing?
        Your Quran is with full of absurdities, mathematical blunders, offenses, nudity, anti freedom, primitive, wistfulness, lust, fear, threats and every bad thing. I can prove them all in it.

      • mr. Ibrahim
        kaya ye kah sakte hai ki quran me ye bhi likha hai ki kisi hindu mandi or kisi hindu bahu beti ko baltakar kar ke use jabrjasti islam accept kareye agr na karti ho to tejab dal de uske upar
        hindu dharam ek aisa dharm hai ki bass usme ko pap nahi hota aur nahi charo bed me hai kahi ok aur koe muslman uska tulna bhi nahi kar sakta ” Jai Sri Ram Har Har Maha dev”

  • The onus is on us to come forward and defend our faith. We cannot rely on Sri Sri Ravishankar or someone like him to fight for us. We have to take the responsibility on our shoulders. There is no unfortunately no shortcut. This intellectual warfare demands men of erudition (not of Ravishankar type, of course) to come forward and be the leaders. I congratulate and thank Agniveer jee for being one of them.

  • Dear Dogra Jee , I would like to clarify the misunderstanding created about sri sri ravishankar ji,with reference to the so- called debate. Sir , it was never a debate in the very first place. actually the event was to link the common threads b/w hinduism & islam. this was just an attempt by Sri Sri to educate these madarsaa bred terrorists so as to bring them to the path of peace.Islam was born out of hatred and so are the muslims who follow it. Sri Sri thought that by showing them the common threads, they might show some respect to other religions as well. But sri sri was backstabbed, Zakir Naik, very well hijacked the program and turned into a debate on hinduism v/s islam,If you watch the WHOLE program carefully. And as the saying goes," IF YOU ARGUE WITH A FOOL, THE SPECTATORS WON'T BE ABLE TO DIFFERENTIATE".This is what precisely Sri Sri did. There was no point arguing with this Dr. Foolish Nayak.

    And Dear Agniveer ji, I want to do Shaashtang Pranam to you for the way you have defended hinduism. But Sir, you said sri sri knows nothing about vedas. This is very untrue.there was no point arguing with zakir nayak, as you really don't argue with fools and his well managed crowd. Sir, TO SAVE HINDUISM, THE FIRST AND FOREMOST PREREQUISITE FOR US IS TO STOP FIGHTING AMONGST US. then only we can stop the islamic invasion of our beloved BHARAT

    • Namaste

      I have no personal enmity with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. But I have my reservations against the methods of our gurus who live lavishly, spend crores in self-glorifying activities and distort the essence of Dharma to suit their own marketing agenda. Nowhere have I seen Sri Sri Ravi Shankar provide any reference to Vedas. His courses are designed to attract celebrities, and accordingly very liberal in nature, going beyond the maryada of Vedic dharma. Thus I believe that while they may get very popular, they cannot counter the threats we are facing from fanatics and vulgar media industry.

      I believe that saving our Dharma from external threats and presenting the right concepts of the Dharma to everyone should be the prime focus for all enlightened ones. Those are are scared to put forth the criticism of invaders, or shy away from supporting reconversion movements, or do not equip people with the right perspectives of Dharma are of no use for this mission. I look forward to support from all avenues for this. Trust me, for this mission, I am not going leave any stone unturned. So do not view my criticism as a personal fight with or rejection of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

      But I do hope that gurus of the country come forth more proactively to combat the challenges ahead. Just imagine, if someone provides even 1 crore per year to counter these threats, unimaginable wonders can happen. And we spend countless crores on non-core activities.

    • Aman Jha very well said.

      Sri Sri did the best thing. He did not argue with a fool.

      He was all calm and peaceful. Full of love.

      Dr. Naik in his over zealousness presented a picture of someone who does not have peace at all.

      • and he was sarcastic on this issue of love…..Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Handled him properly by saying…..”if u dont love me by heart than its useless to say u love me”

      • he was just correcting sri sri ravi shanker and said not to write without knowledge. he wrote many wrong things against islam. u people just saw on screen, to know more also see the of screen. ravi shanker intention was may be good to unite hindu and muslim. but we should not conseal truth with false. because u people love shanker deffinetly u will caught zakir naik as wrong. but we have to think write and wrong.

  • I was in confusion after the talks of Dr Zakir Naik which I used to see on the internet.
    I consider myself as a rationalist but was demoralised when I watched the conference between Dr Naik and Sri Sri Ravi Shanker where Dr Naik had an upper hand.
    Thank you for bringing out the truth;satya-meva- jayate,
    Sadar pranam.


    • Deepak ji,
      Why do we look out for someone to defend us/our faith, unless our belief in our own faith is shaky?
      Were Swami Dayanand and Swami Vivekananda and our innumerable gurus foolish? Think over it…

    • Deepak Dogra,you seem to be influenced by charisma and new ideology which just challeges but isnt basically even minutely right.Ask and go to a learned muslim if the Hadith quran does mention that Islam will be divided into 73 sects and that it will be finished by the end of the 21st century.
      And if you still beleieve that Dr.Zakir Naik has an “upper hand”,then i dont have anything to say to you.

    • hye dont get influenced by anyone. just know our Religion……..Dr. Zakir Naik may know too much about Islam…..but he dont know any thing about Sanatana Dharma (in other words Hinduism)….He is a great Scholar, has great memory…..but comparing two religions wont give him anything…i also watched that conference…..i found him sarcastic….he was there to show that Islam is Superior, that is not correct every religion is equal….we should respect each others Religion…..and u may know that Sanatana Dharma is World’s Oldest Religion as per that scriptures of different Religions.
      And it is written in our Vedas that “Follow your Dharma perfectly instead of following another’s Dharma imperfectly”.
      Jai Shree Krishna

      • Brother all religion cannot be one. if i say to u to come to mosque or church to pray, then, u will not. if u reffer to the vedas no where u will find the word hindu. this word was used by britisher in eighteenth centuary. a people who lives in india are called as hindus[its mentioned in encyclopidia of britanica vol 6]. its a geographical deffination. even swami vivekananda says hinduism is misnoma, we all the people should be called as vedantist or sanatana darma. ther is alot of difference betwen hinduism and sanatana darma. as an indian we can claim as hindu, and a sanatana darma[untill it does not go against humanity]. islam means one who submit his will to god[ i.e, believes in one god who has no image].u may be not agree with the quran. then read the vedas which says god is one, he has no image,worship him alone. atleast try to believe that.

  • But Muhammad was not murdered according to Hadith.

    The sentence maybe should read:

    – Existence of angels like the one who came to Muhammad to narrate him the Quran, that was compiled 20 years after Muhammad’s death, by his followers who were fighting for each other’s death."

    It should be after Muhammad ***death*** not after his ***murder***

    • I have changed the sentence a bit, though I still retain the mention of murder. Because many Muslims do believe that Prophet was poisoned. Some even blame it on Aisha. These theories may have some weight considering the way he died, and the way his followers started killing each other after his death, and the way even her beloved child-wife Aisha took arms. Considering that origin and aftermath of Islam is so deeply colored with blood, nothing can be far-fetched. Sometimes, I feel that it may have happened that Muhammad was a simple saintly person, and he was used as a guinea pig by his followers and Aisha who cooked hadiths and ayats of Quran on his name to suit their designs. That is why there is so much of contradictions in Quran. Some may have been written by Muhammad and later were cooked up by his fighting tribe. Further, its a mystery that how else could an illiterate write such things? And further almost all Ayats were revealed when Muhammad was with Aisha, who deserted Muslims later.

      This is for scholars to explore, but origin of islam is full of questions and barbarism.

      • @agniveer
        he was not poisoned, and died a natural death, read atleast sahih bukhari(the most authentic hadith) my dear brother…

        i dunno why, i dont find your comments heavier than arya’s and indian agnostic, these two atleast speak logical and truth than you…
        am soory if it hurts you brother..


      • brother mohammed abdul haleem

        He was indeed poisoned and IT IS MENTIONED IN THE SHAHIH BUKHARI

        Sahih Bukhari
        Volume 5, Book 59, Number 713:
        Narrated ‘Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O ‘Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that POISON.”

        it’s also mentioned in Sunan Abu Dawud that indeed the jew lady who’s husband and children the prophet had murdered gave him the poisoned lamb ..he had not swallowed it because one guy who ate earlier than him died 🙁

        Book 39, Number 4498
        She said: If you were a prophet, it would not harm you; but if you were a king, I should rid the people of you. The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) then ordered regarding her and she was killed. He then said about the pain of which he died: I continued to feel pain from the morsel which I had eaten at Khaybar. This is the time when it has cut off my aorta.

        Now will you drop your ‘false claim’ charge dearest brother

      • Indian Agnostic – Why would you write false stories that are comming from no where. Your books/claim are fake. I dont know which religion you belong to, but at least your family should have taught you some ethical and moral values. Lieng and hating gets you no where.

      • @torontoguy- are you reference blind sir?

        why dint you take the trouble of clicking on the source hyperlink i had provided

        i have quoted VERBATIM from the hadit
        Narrated ‘Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, “O ‘Aisha! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that POISON.”

        My parents taught me to be a good listener and reader..lest i get my foot in my mouth.I guess your parents/teachers didn;t impart this important lesson to you.

        anyways, it’s never too late and one learns from one’s mistakes.So when you are done reading my TRUTHFUL HYPERLINKED post,CAREFULLY an apology from your side [for falsely accusing me of lying] would be in order


      • So, Allah wanted his prophet to suffer? If Allah is all knowing, he could’ve informed Muhammed before he eat the poisoned food.

  • Hey Amina….
    "- Existence of angels like one who came to Muhammad to narrate him the Quran, that was compiled 20 years after Muhammad’s murder by his followers who were fighting for each other’s death. "

    I think you read it in a different way!!!

    This is to be read as follows:

    "- Existence of angels like one who came to Muhammad to narrate him the Quran, that was compiled {(20 years after Muhammad’s murder)} by his followers who were fighting for each other’s death.".

    Agniveer has nowhere mentioned that Muhammed was murdered by his followers.
    He said that Quran was compiled by his followers after Muhammeds murder.

  • You write that Muhammad was killed by his followers? What sources have you got to back that up?

    Muhammad was poisoned by a Jewish woman captured from the battle of Khaybar. He did not die at that time but a death a few years later may have contributed but I know of no direct proof of murder by followers.


      • About 3/4 the way down in your comments about Naiks reference to god's.
        – Existence of angels like one who came to Muhammad to narrate him the Quran, that was compiled 20 years after Muhammad’s murder by his followers who were fighting for each other’s death.

  • 2. Incidentally, Islam is not as uniform in its belief as Dr Naik wants us to belief. There is a Hadith of Muhammad’s times that Islam has 73 sects and Prophet has said that only one of them will go to Heaven and rest will go to Hell. Today, some sects have written their own new Quran as well! Many of the sects doubt authenticity of present Quran. Here is a sampler:
    – Hashamiya – They believe that Prophet disobeyed Allah
    – Azraqiah – They do not believe that revelations happen any more
    – Nazzamiyah – They refuse to believe in miracles of Quran or Muhammad
    – Ibriyah – They refuse to accept Muhammad as Prophet
    – Tanasikhiya – They believe in reincarnation of soul as Hindus
    You can read the complete list here

    Many other sects of Islam also exist who have their own Qurans and Prophets. Search Wikipedia or google on “sects of Islam”)

    No one can write its Own Quran
    dont post false information

    • in translation may be mistake. as a human being can do a mistake. the orginal quran in arabic is perfect. even though their are many sects they believe in allah and muhammad[pbuh] and all the prophets. for what mistake they have done they will have punishment then after they will be admitted in heaven. but one who does not believe that god is one and give him a image they will be the dwellers of fire.