If Burhan Wani is Bhagat Singh, Sardesai is a Dog –...

Rajdeep Sardesai defends slain terrorist Burhan Wani. Compares his case with Bhagat Singh. Agniveer teaches him the lesson of lifetime. You won't see this again!

Zakir Naik, Digvijay Singh’s terror nexus exposed!

Breaking terror nexus, Burning the roots. Act now. Agniveer founder - Sanjeev Newar - Terror analytics expert, speaks out.

How IIT-IIM genius exposed Zakir Naik’s terror connection

Watch to know how Sanjeev, an IIT-IIM and world's top Risk Expert used his skills, knowledge and dedication to first expose the greatest mentor of terrorists today.

Does he love the woman or woman-laws more? – Ask him

Not a love jihadi? Let him prove he loves the woman more than any other Profit. Read to know how.

Agniveer effect: NIA scanning Zakir Naik’s speeches

Agniveer efforts made NIA scan Dr Zakir Naik's speeches. Congratulations team Agniveer and Shri Sanjeev Newar for their consistent efforts and to present genuine opinions.

सवाल राजदीप से नहीं, उन से पूछिए जिनको आप ने वोट...

राजदीप और बरखा क्यों हमें समजाए कि वो हिन्दू विरोधी क्यों है? जिनको आप ने वोट दिया है उनसे पूछिए कि वो अपना “राज धर्म” क्यों भूल गए?

Don’t question Rajdeep. Question those you voted for

Why should Rajdeep and Barkha explain why they are anti-Hindu? Ask those you voted for - why they are forgetting their Raj Dharma?

सुन्दर नगरी में अखण्ड हनुमान चालीसा पाठ

सुन्दर नगरी के नागरिकों से अनुरोध है कि वे कॉमेंट या मैसेज बॉक्स के जरिए अग्निवीर से तुरंत संपर्क करें। इसे अत्यंत जरूरी समझें।

Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Paath at Sundar Nagri

People from Sundar Nagri are requested to contact Agniveer immediately in comments/message box. This is the matter of survival. Let us show strength. Consider it urgent.

Open hate-mongering towards ‘kafir-Hindus’ in India

Many young terrorists consider Zakir their role model. Work together to thwart the designs of these false terror prophets and the entire mafia that is hiding behind his facade.