Soldier Slaps JKLF Chief Yasin Malik 13 Times on Kashmir’s Azadi

Kashmiri Terrorist abused Kashmiri Hindus and India on TV. Then an Indian soldier arrived and everything changed. Read how the JKLF Chief Yasin Malik ran away after getting beaten black and blue.

Pakistan & snakes WITHIN – URGENT need for more surgical strikes...

Agniveer is building teams in every Indian city with motive of safeguarding India, Indians, Dharma and innocent people from within. Agenda is one. Read to know.

Few agendas Agniveer wants to work on | Join Agniveer

Some of these have partially begun. Would like to do as much as I can before He decides for me to quit this mission and relocate elsewhere. So that you need not reinvent the wheel.

Troubled times for Development lovers | Ram Bhakt -vs- Andh-Bhakt

Sad state of affairs with neo-vikaas-waadi andh-bhakts! Lets tackle Jihad!

Sons of Ram or Slaves of Babur – BJP’s Dilemma

Causes of downfall of BJP and how it's repeating the same mistakes. Perhaps causes extremely necessary for Hindu survival should not be taken for granted.

Tolerating Terror Tunes. For How Long?

UCC+2 kids required without which everything else is farce.

The Soldier reviews ‘Haider’ again

The Soldier reviews Haider again. For him, India is actually a Mother. Nation actually comes First. Everything else is secondary. A heart-touching yet true composition from a deserving son.

Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Paath at Sundar Nagri

People from Sundar Nagri are requested to contact Agniveer immediately in comments/message box. This is the matter of survival. Let us show strength. Consider it urgent.

Agniveer’s Medical Camp for Pakistani Hindus

Agniveer organizes medical camp for Pakistani Hindu refugees in Delhi. Agniveer is committed to support these families in all respects- health, education and basic needs to best of its capacity. All are requested to join this Yajna, contribute and circulate.

Sanjeev blasts Arvind Kejriwal for his Tughlaqi mood swings

Sanjeev exposes anti-national hypocrisy of Kejriwal and slaps him for his madness. Delhi is happy when he is in Bangalore. IITian vs IIT-ian

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