Session with Agniveer on ‘Science in Vedas’ in New Delhi

Theme of the session would be "Vedas- The Foundation of Scientific Thinking".

IITian slaps Tanmay Bhat Bakchod and hypocrites

Agniveer thrashes All India Bakc**d's Tanmay Bhat and Pigerals. Share.

Black Money Is Not So Black

Eye opener on demonetization, black money and terror. IIT-IIM's lessons for government on current demonetization mess! If we ignore, we are doomed.

IIT-IIMian on Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech hating Bharat Mata and Army (Full...

This is transcript of full version video response of IIT-IIMian (Sanjeev) cutting down Kanhaiya Kumar's hate speech to the size it deserves.

Peace TV back in action. Agniveer threatened to convert to Islam

An appeal to Indian Government to rise up and take action on the anti national, pro terrorism

Zakir Naik, Digvijay Singh’s terror nexus exposed!

Breaking terror nexus, Burning the roots. Act now. Agniveer founder - Sanjeev Newar - Terror analytics expert, speaks out.

Istanbul airport attack: 36 dead and 147 injured

This happened just one week before the Eid holiday, which marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. The work is suspected to be that of Islamic State.

How Much Retaliation is ‘Right’ against Pure-istan?

Stay safe Jawans! You are our pride.

Times of India writes against Agniveer

Times of India spreads misinformation against Agniveer for questionable reasons.

Here’s why Peace-with-Pakistan advocates are biggest hypocrites

Don't teach me revenge is bad. Follow it when I slap you. Agniveer's take on hypocrisy of so-called liberals on Pakistan issue.

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