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Hinduism – an obscene religion?- Know Vedas

Debunking the fake allegations of obscenity in Hinduism by fraud conversion activists and sickular intellectuals. Read and promote to defend the Dharma.

Agniveer back in action

Namaste Everyone!The Agniveer site is now back in action - must faster and secure. Some of the measures taken are as follows:a. We have...

Anticipated Downtime – Please read

Dear Patrons of AgniveerWe have been facing a variety of attacks on the site in last few weeks. After the hacking sometime ago, this...

Important Information for visitors

Important information for Agniveer site in wake of hacking attacks.

Islam – What it can teach us

Top 4 lessons that Islam can teach us!

Understanding Religions

Understanding the confusion of religions and the only way out!

Test of secularism

The real test of secularism. Hindus are ready. But will Zakir Naik pass it?

WHY Resistance to UCC? Hype of ‘Women Rights in Islam’ EXPOSED

Read to know why there's such a strong resistance by Islamic leaders against implementation of Uniform Civil Code and removal of laws demeaning women. Read straight from Islamic scriptures on the status and respect for women!

Sita Sings The Blues

Protest against denigration of our role models by perverts.

Spiritualism: An analysis of some subtle currents of power shift

This paper analyzes some subtle currents of power shift which according to the author’s belief are potent enough to transmute the whole debate on Balance of Power in the recent future.

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