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“2-Kid-Policy a MUST, along with Uniform Civil Code to Root-out Terrorism”...

Time for some tough decisions for government of India. If you have to, deal with goons the way Shri Ram dealt with demons.

भारतीयों, जागो ! समझो कि महानता शून्य में नहीं पनपती...

नयी युद्ध नीति, विध्वंसक हथियार, आक्रामक लड़ाके और प्रतिशोध का संकल्प, यही हिन्दुस्तान को आने वाले समय में जिंदा रखेगा।

Firm Stand on Kashmir Issue is a MUST | Agniveer to...

To Pro-India politicians & citizens - If you promise to destroy anti-India forces, I promise my full support & entire Agniveer machinery in this national cause.

3 Non-Negotiable Preconditions for Peace with Pakistan

These preconditions are a must before India can start to think of Peace with Pakistan.

Provide Security to Kamlesh Tiwari | Agniveer’s Appeal to Govt of...

GOI must immediately act and ensure safety of its citizens from Jihadis. With threats like "behead Tiwari", lakhs of Jihadi terrorists held rallies on roads of Indian cities brandishing swords.

To PROTECT Your Children from Terrorists, You MUST Solve these Problems...

Millions of lives, women, men, children & lacs of sq of territory we lost to Jihad in last 1000 years is enough price for the political correctness we are so fond of.

Pakistan & snakes WITHIN – URGENT need for more surgical strikes...

Agniveer is building teams in every Indian city with motive of safeguarding India, Indians, Dharma and innocent people from within. Agenda is one. Read to know.

Baloch or Pakistani fanatics, united in raping & killing kafirs

Be it Pakistani terrorist, be it Baloch fighter, be it Kashmiri separatist. When it comes to raping and killing idol worshipping Hindus, they are all one and same.

Here’s why Peace-with-Pakistan advocates are biggest hypocrites

Don't teach me revenge is bad. Follow it when I slap you. Agniveer's take on hypocrisy of so-called liberals on Pakistan issue.

Few agendas Agniveer wants to work on | Join Agniveer

Some of these have partially begun. Would like to do as much as I can before He decides for me to quit this mission and relocate elsewhere. So that you need not reinvent the wheel.

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