Muslim Sultans pioneered a unique Indo-Islamic architecture, say books of history. Here is how you can also become an expert Indo-Islamic architect:

1. Create an army of murderers and rapists.
2. Capture any temple.
3. Break all idols on pillars, garbha griha etc.
4. Plaster the walls and pillars…
5. Engrave Quran on walls and everywhere you can.
6. Replace Garbha Griha with a cuboid and call it grave of some X, Y Z.
7. Done ….
8. As added effect, you can break all idols, dig the ground, dump all idols inside, and level the ground again. Like in Jama Masjid. You will often find Indo-Islamic architecture marvels to have raised or uneven ground.
9. Sometimes, when you have advanced technology, you “construct” a full-fledged temple below the ground of masjid. Like in Babri Masjid case.
10. You can reward your army with freedom to loot and rape for their wonderful contribution to world of architecture.

Simply remember this formula to be Indo-Islamic expert:
Kill, Rape, Loot, Break, Plaster, Dig, Kill Rape, Loot, Break, Plaster, Dig, Kill, Rape …..Repeat

Do not worry about imperfections in hiding the carvings and idols everywhere. What gets exposed is considered Indian inspiration of Indo-Islamic art. What gets covered is Islamic part.

The Indo-Islamic architecture evolved from Slave Dynasty to Mughal dynasty. Check Quwwatul Mosque and Taj Mahal pictures and I need not say anything more.

Simple-hearted Hindus are picking and choosing between Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi, Taj Mahal. Reality is that every single construction attributed to Muslim Sultans is an example of this Indo-Islamic architecture. So secular were Sultans, that they did not build a single purely Islamic architecture except temporary towers of cut-heads.

Now, some gyanis will ask me to read research of some great historians. I will ask them to send me mental aptitude scores of these historians. Thousand pigs lifting their tails in sync will still not emit oxygen.

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