“Other Religions Under Islam” ?

Naik was once asked by a non-Muslim on his TV show, “Why are non-Muslims not allowed to propagate their religion or construct their places of worship in Islamic nations, while Muslims expect the same right to be given to them in non-Muslim majority countries?” This video can be viewed here:


Naik agrees that Islam does not allow a Non-Muslim to propagate or construct his places of worship in an Islamic country. The furthest that a non-Muslim can go is to practice his religion in the secrecy and privacy of his home. Naik fails to understand what “equal rights” are. He supports Muslims being given the same rights that he himself wishes to take away from non-Muslims.

OUR Response :-

Naik has illogically brought in the analogy of a school principal hiring a mathematics teacher and says, “Would a principal hire a teacher who says that 2+2 = 3?” He goes on to say, “Of course the principal would not hire that teacher because that teacher does not have the right math knowledge. Similarly, Muslims will not allow other religions because they are not right.” The problem here is that “2+2=4” is a universal math law by definition. On the other hand, Islam is not a universal law. Muslims believe in Islam just like other people believe in their own respective religions.

He continues on, “In the Quran 3:85, it says that Islam is the only true religion.” Again, he makes the mistake that all people of the world take the Qur’an as the truth.
Naik has not given any proof for why Islam is the universal truth nor for why other religions are false.

Naik says, “In matters of religion, we Muslims are confirmed true, while the non-Muslims are not. If they were confirmed, why would they follow the wrong religion?” This is illogical. Islam becomes true for Muslims only because they choose to believe in it. It is not in any way “more confirmed” than any other religion.

According to Naik, Muslims are 100% sure that Islam is the right religion. However, he believes that other people are not sure of their religion. The only proof offered by him for this is that “these non-Muslims follow their respective false religions.”

He says he “appreciates” that non-Muslims give Muslims the right to propagate Islam and build mosques in their country. On the other, he says that Muslims should never give these same rights to the non-Muslims.


Dr. Naik is “begging the question” of “truth”. It is not decided universally according to the scientific method that Islam is “God’s religion”. That is a claim that Dr. Naik has merely claimed, but not proved. He “begs” us to accept this as proven so he may win the argument. While 2 + 2 = 4 is established by the science of mathematics, the supremacy of Islam is a religious opinion and cannot thus be supported by science. All school principals are accredited by a board of education elected by the parents and voters of the school district. No school principal in the world is appointed directly by God. All are answerable, not to God, but to those to whom they owe their job. That is an additional fallacy on the part of Dr. Naik. Scientific truth is different from religious truth. The scientific method is a very rigorous set of standards used to eliminate false conclusions.

Faishal Ahmed With Manish Arya

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