By the time Yazeed became caliph, Islam was completely hijacked by those who were actually enemies of original followers of Islam.

1. Hardly few years later, when Caliph Walid died, his brother Sulaiman became next Caliph and murdered all those who wanted to support Caliphate of Walid’s son.

2. Caliph Walid had sent Muhammad Bin Qasim to invade India. However Sulaiman ordered that Qasim be sewed in oxen-skin and brought to him. This was because he feared that Qasim had violated virginity of two women beforehand who were supposed to be Caliph’s virgin sex-slaves. Refer Chachnama –

11. Many more Caliphs continued to be killed ‘unnaturally’ – poison, murder, ‘unknown diseases’ under conspiracy to control the ‘Islamic rule’.


3. For 250 years, Muslim rulers did not dare to attack India due to the defeats that Qasim had to face when Hindus retaliated. Then came the time of Mahmud of Ghazni – the second butcher to loot India with meticulous plans. This great ‘Islam propagator’ had 9 wives and innumerable concubines. He ascended to throne by imprisoning his brother to death who was the actual king nominated by their father Subuktgeen.

4. After Mahmud died, his sons Masud and Muhammad had war for supremacy. Masud won and blinded his brother Muhammad. But Muhammad also conspired a revolt and got Masud captured. Muhammad murdered Masud and became the Sultan. But after some time, Madud, son of Masud, conspired and got Muhammad captured. Muhammad and his son were murdered.


5. After Ghazni, for another 140 years, these rulers did not dare to attack India again because Ghazni’s nephew was defeated summarily by Hindus when he tried to attack India again. Now, Muhammad Ghori was the third devil to invade India and break all records of treachery and humanity. He could not have any offspring and hence made his sex-slaves Qutubuddin Aibak and Bakhtiyar Khilji among others his successors.

6. Bakhtiyar Khilji was murdered by his relative Ali Mardan.

7. Qutubuddin Aibak was succeeded by his son Aram Shah. But Aibak’s sex-slave cum son-in-law Iltutmish murdered him and became the next Sultan.

8. ltutmish nominated his daughter Razia for Sultanate but his son Rukunuddin captured the throne. Razia got him and his mother murdered. Later Razia got into physical relation with a slave whom she then promoted as her Chief Adviser. Meanwhile Altunia, governer of Punjab rebelled and had Razia and her lover captured. The lover was murdered and Razia was offered to his bed. Meanwhile another brother of Razia – Bahram Shah – usurped the throne of Delhi. Altunia and Razia came to fight him but were miserably defeated. They were murdered while running for their lives.

9. Bahram Shah was murdered and Masud Shah (son of Rukunuddin) became new emperor. Now Masud Shah was overthrown by his brother Nasiruddin with support of his son-in-law Balban – the greatest rapist of his times. Balban was originally male sex-slave of Iltutmish.

10. Balban poisoned Nasiruddin and became the emperor. Then he murdered his cousin Sherkhan Sikar in 1270. In 1287, he appointed Kay Khusaro as his heir but after his death, Balban’s grandson Qaiqabad became the emperor.

11. Qaiqabad and his three year old son were murdered by general Jalaluddin Khilji. Thus slave dynasty ended and Khilji dynasty began.


12. The notorious Alauddin Khilji was nephew cum son-in-law of Jalaluddin Khilji. In 1296, he murdered Jalaluddin and entered Delhi with uncle’s head on his pike (Bhala). Meanwhile Malikjahan – wife of Jalaluddin – made her son the next Sultan. Alauddin imprisoned Malikjahan and had her sons and other relatives blinded. Many other supporters of Malik Jahan were murdered, blinded or imprisoned. Their properties were annexed and their women were forced to become part of royal haram. Khilji even had his own wife and son imprisoned and another son killed.

13. Alauddin had a favorite male sex-slave Malik Kafur (another Hindu converted to Islam) who became his general. Immediately after poisoning Alauddin to death, he got ….

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Shah Jahan did not spare even his own daughter!
Aurangzeb beheaded his own brother and sent his head to his imprisoned father!
Almost every Mughal king killed some of his sons and brothers!
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his children blinded and murdered. And then he married Alauddin’s wife. One son of Alauddin, Mubarak Shah, escaped Malik and got him murdered instead. He also had his 6 year old brother Shiabuddin blinded and murdered.

14. Mubarak Shah took title of Qutubuddin and became the most shameless sultan of entire human history. He used to keep completely nude slave girls all around in his palace and used to promote open vulgarity in public. He himself used to dress like a woman and get into most vulgar acts that can shame the most shameless pervert. He married Deval, the wife of his slain brother.He got all his relatives killed or blinded to prevent any rebellion. Mubarak was later murdered by his trusted general Khusro who was earlier his slave. Khusro again married Deval.

15. But soon Khusro was murdered by Giasuddin Tughlaq, yet another slave. The Tughlaq dynasty began.


16. And there was competition among sons of Giasuddin to murder the father as per long-running traditions of these so-called protectors of Islam. Muhammad bin Tughlaq emerged winner in this and he had his brothers and father murdered to become next Sultan.

17. Muhammad bin Tughlaq had many of his relatives murdered in most brutal manner to prevent any uprisings against him. He had the skin of of his nephew peeled off and forced his wives to eat it!

18. After impotent Muhammad died, the throne was annexed by the son of an illegitimate son of Giasuddin’s father called Firozshah. He then had all those brutally murdered whom he feared to give rise to any rebellion. Even the 80 year old Khwaja-Jahan was killed while he was offering Namaz. He spent most of his time in his haram and hence the empire weakened considerably.

19. Firozshah’s son Muhammad had his minister murdered but could not annex the throne. After Firozshah’s death, his grandson became the ruler for 5 months. But he was murdered by another son of Firozshah. But yet another son of Firozshah (Muhammad) defeated and murdered him and became the ruler.

20. After Muhammad died in 4 years, he was succeeded by his son Sikandar but murdered within a few days. Another son of Firozshah, Nusrat used to run a parallel government in another part of Delhi. The drama continued for 4 more years when the cannibal Timur Lang attacked India. This Timur was the forefather of another butcher Babur.

21. Timur himself had risen to power by brutally murdering his close relatives. He writes, by the way, in his memoirs that Jama Masjid existed in Delhi during his time itself and Hindus had assembled there. This proves that Jama Masjid is actually a Hindu temple forged in name of Shah Jahan, yet another butcher. When he attacked India, the two Sultans of Delhi ran away. Ad when Timur died, his children murdered each other as per old tradition starting from origin of Caliphate of Islam, and then one of his sons managed to be next ruler. Thus saga of murder continued generation by generation in Timurid dynasty of butchers to which Mughals belonged.

22. Once Timur went back after devastating India, the two Sultans came back. But one of them was murdered by another. By this time the Delhi rule was limited only to NCR (National Capital Region) of those times (hardly few km)! The powerless sultan finally died in 1413 and his minister continued to rule for an year. Then he was imprisoned by Khizr Khan who had collaborated with Timur Lang to plunder India. The terrorist Khizr started the Sayyid dynasty claiming to be descendant of Prophet Muhammad! His empire was limited to a small region and hence this dynasty was more like a band of pirates of Somalia.

23. Khizr Khan was succeeded by Mubarak Shah who continued the terrorist activities but was then murdered. He was followed by Muhammad Shah. Muhammad Shah reigned for ten years and was murdered by Bahlol Lodhi, his general.

24. After Muhammad, his son Alauddin became the ruler. He, along with his relatives, was assassinated by Bahlol Lodhi again. Now the Lodhi dynasty began.


25. When Bahlol Lodhi died, bitter fight started among his sons and brother. Finally, his third son Nizam Khan defeated the rest and became ruler with title Sikandar Lodhi.

26. When Sikandar died of throat cancer, Ibrahim Lodhi succeeded him. He also had to defeat his brother Jalal Khan, uncle Azam Khan and cousin Fatah Khan. Jalal was murdered and the rest two were imprisoned. Another son of Azam named Islam Khan rebelled against it and there was an intense fight. Finally Azam and Islam were murdered.

27. Ibrahim Lodhi was finally beheaded by Babur and his head was sent to Multan. Babur was invited by relatives of Ibrahim to kill him. Thus began the Mughal dynasty.


28. Babur himself was one of the greatest rascals to be ever born. Refer Glimpses from Baburnama. This Babur, a descendant of Timur and Genghiz Khan, was one of the greatest perverts to be born exceeded only by Akbar in his brutality. Babur considered himself rightful ruler of India because his forefather Timur had installed Khizr Khan as emperor. Further, he was thrown away from Fergana by his maternal and paternal uncles. So he came and butchered Indians.

329. Babur nominated his brother-in-law Mahdi Khwaja as his successor. But one of his sons Humayun usurped the throne after his death. Humayun and his half-brother Kamran Mirza had bitter fights for the throne. Finally Humayun defeated Kamran and had his eyes gouged. Another son of Babur named Askari was imprisoned. Both were later murdered.

30. Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri who became the next butcher to rule India for next 5 years. Sher Shah died in a bomb explosion and was succeeded by his second son Islam Shah Suri. The elder brother Adil Khan also attempted to capture the throne but was murdered by Islam Shah.

31. Islam Shah died of a ‘urinary‘ disease and was succeeded by 12 year old Firuz Shah. He was assassinated by his uncle Muhammad Adil Shah.

32. Muhamad Adil Shah had to fight with his brother-in-laws Ibrahim Khan and Ahmad Khan. His smart general Hemu took advantage of the situation and defeated all to establish rule over Delhi.

33. Humayun took advantage of the strife within Suri dynasty and conquered Delhi once more. But he died within a year due to falling in drunk state from stairs.

34. 13 year old Akbar, son of Humayun, was sworn next emperor under guidance of Bairam Khan, his general. Bairam had a lucky win over Hemu in battle of Panipat after which Akbar butchered an unconscious Hemu to celebrate his victory and being a Gazi.

35. But soon, Akbar forced Bairam Khan to run away to Mecca. He was murdered on the way. Akbar then married his auntie aka wife of Bairam Khan. He also had his cousins tortured and murdered. To know about Islamic Akbar more, read and

36. Akbar’s son Salim aka Jehangir tried to poison Akbar twice. This was perhaps due to confusion over who should sleep with Jodha. Because Akbar had already announced Jehangir as his successor and historians are confused over who actually married Jodha. Finally Akbar is suspected to die to poisoning. But before that Jehangir ran a parallel government from Allahabad and had his own coinage system. He came with a huge army to fight Akbar and had Akbar’s ‘Navaratna’ Abul Fazl murdered.

37. After Akbar died, Jehangir became the emperor but his eldest son Khusro rebelled against him. Khusro was captured and Jahangir had his eyes gouged. Jahangir also murdered Man Bai, his wife and sister of Man Singh – one of the greatest traitors to have taken birth in India. The great brave protector of Hindus, Guru Arjun Dev was murdered by Jahangir on pretext of supporting Khusro in most brutal and painful manner.

38. Jahangir killed Mirza Baig and forced his widow in his haram. This was Noorjahan. He then married Noorjahan’s niece to his son Khurram (or Shahjahan). Then Noorjahan’s daughter from first husband was married to Shahjahan’s brother Shahryar. This started another rivalry over next ruler. Noorjahan used to dominate Jahangir since he used to remain in addiction all the time. She first supported Shahjahan but then supported Shahryar. Thus Shahjahan rebelled and many in family were killed in 3 years. Finally Jahangir died in a state of intoxication.

39. After this battle began again. Shahjahan was out of Delhi. Noorjahan tried to kidnap her brother Asaf Khan for supporting Shahjahan. Meanwhile Shahjahan had the blind Khusro (his elder brother) already poisoned to death. His son was made the emperor by Asaf Khan. Noorjahan announced Shahryar to be the emperor. The battle began. Shahryar was captured and blinded. Meanwhile Shahjahan also returned. He had all the princes and ‘announced emperors’ along with their families killed. He then became the next emperor in 1628. Among the most vile humans to be born, some historians state that he did not spare even his daughter from his lust. He used to say that the gardener has first right to taste his fruit. Foolish historians claim that he built Taj Mahal when the reality is that Babur had stayed in Taj Mahal as per Baburnama. How can you expect such devil butchers to be architects of symbol of love!

40. When Shahjahan grew old, a battle began in his haram productions (aka children) over his succession. Finally Aurangzeb was victorious and he had his brothers Dara (eldest), Shujah and Murad murdered. He then imprisoned Shahjahan and gave him a taste of age-old tradition of Islamic justice! And foolish people call such perverts the glory of Islam!

41. Aurangzeb also had the same fate. His son Akbar rebelled against him and announced himself as ruler. But Aurangzeb defeated him and Akbar ran away to Iran. But once butcher Aurangzeb died in hands of Marathas leaving a very weak empire thanks to glory of Guru Gobind Singh, Banda Bairagi, Shivaji and Chhatrasal among others, his sons again had a fight over succession. This time, Bahadur Shah killed his brothers and became the emperor.


To be continued..

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