Is Shivalinga not disgusting? Women worshipping private organ of a male kept upon private organ of female (Yoni). And putting milk on it! How vulgar!

Vulgarity lies in your mind that is desperate to project your own perverted mindset on whatever you see. Especially Hindu symbols, because bashing Hindus is more fun than playing video games.

Shiva means Kalyan (blessed happiness for all). There is no word parallel to it in world dictionary. Hindus want happiness for all. That is why they recite “Om Namah Shivaya” – I humbly surrender to the Supreme who blesses all with happiness. No other philosophy in world apart from Hinduism is rooted in seeking well-being for all without discrimination.

Linga means a sign. Streelinga means something that can be symbolized as female. It can be an actual female or a thing that can be considered as female. For example, Nadee (river), Lataa etc.
Pullinga is something that can be symbolized as male.

Shivalinga means something that can be symbolized as Shiva (something on which we can associate our emotions of seeking blessed happiness for all.)

Why male private organ as symbol?

Now what can be that symbol? In Vedas, Supreme Lord is often referred to as a pillar (Skambha) that supports all goodness. That is the link between mortality and immortality, ordinariness and greatness.

hat is why you will find pillars constructed in so many Hindu temples and architectures.

People who see male private organ in Shivalinga would see the same in every pillar, lamp-post, iron rod, saria. This is a psychiatric disorder that can be treated with high intensity electric shocks.

Additionally, Yog Sadhana also recommends practicing focus on flame. Again comes straight from Vedas.

Shivalinga is nothing but representation of that cosmic pillar on which we can concentrate (like on flame) and attribute our Shiva-emotions. That is why it is also called Jyotirlinga. Jyoti – light that takes away the darkness inside you. The path of enlightenment that leads to divine brilliance. (Adityavarnam Tamasah Parastaat – Full of light, not darkness whatsoever).

It works phenomenally well. It has worked wonders who followed this approach to Yog Siddhi. That is why Shiva is called Source of all Yog Siddhis.

Why female private organ (Yoni) at bottom?

Again a perversion of thought. Yoni means a home. Not a house, but a home. Like your permanent address. That is why different species are called Yonis. When someone does something disgusting, we curse, “You will take birth in Suwar (pig) Yoni.” I don’t want to curse you this. But if you mock Hindus on their noble beliefs, this is what you deserve.

The Deepak is also Yoni of flame. Deepak provides the stable base on which flame burns. The cosmic pillar (stambha) also needs a solid base that is foundation. Else pillar will fall. The pillar must be powerful and be able to provide stability in most adverse situations. Without a solid foundation on earth, the dream of heavens would be nothing but hallucinations of virgins and wine in seventh sky.

That is why, we say Shiva needs foundation of Shakti (power).

Shiva is the Linga. Shakti is the Yoni.

This is the core of Shiva-Shakti relationship.

Multiple interpretations

Vedas have a basic rule: Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande (What rules apply in the system under your observation, apply elsewhere as well.)

Thus same Shiva-Shakti relationship forms foundation of every constructive (and even destructive) things happening in world. When Shiva and Shakti merge, it is construction. When they disperse, it is destruction.

This applies in all aspects of life. People created symbolic stories out of this to show its interpretations in these different aspects. The source is Vedas. Practice is in Yoga. Purans and other texts provide different types of symbolisms, allegories etc.

Shakti is female because that is what we see in world. Woman provides stability and nurture. You must have got that nurture from your mother as well. Man ventures out because he has stability. This is symbolic.

If this symbolism appeals to you, take benefit out of it. Use it to master your mind and then soul. This is what Yogis do.

If you do not find this symbolism appealing, choose something else. The Infinite God is represented through various models that have worked beautifully for many. If nothing appeals, find something of your own. If that is also impossible, enjoy your brand of communism and narcissism. But do not insult something just because you do not understand.

What about vulgar stories in Shiva Mahapuran?

What about stories in Hadiths, Quran, Old Testament etc? What about private lives of your communist legends? What about depression and frustration of your atheistic icons?

Challenge the concept of Shiva from Vedas – the source. Or what a common Hindu does? Does that offend you in any way? Does he say, “I hate those who do not put milk on my Shivalinga?” He does not even invite you and prefers to keep his beliefs private to those who respect it. Then why poke the harmless? And cry foul when he retaliates?

Shiva Mahapuran contains lots of stories symbolizing Shiva – Shakti relationship. Also historical stories. Some are good. Some are difficult to understand. Some may be later adulterations. That is why Purans say: “Accept what makes sense as per Vedas. Ignore the rest.” That is what Hindus do.

True, Hindus need to understand Shiva-Shakti Upasana better. They need to know Vedic source and strengthen their belief further. But that does not mean they are doing any crime today by not seeking your permission before celebrating Shivaratri.

What about wastage of milk over Shivalinga?

The people who talk most about it are those who drink Pepsi, wear high-end fashion, enjoy night-life, live an Aiyyash life. Even makers of “Oh My God” – preached tragedy of milk over Shivalinga. But they themselves are among most Aiyyash people of nation. If all pigerals start wearing clothes stitched by local tailor instead of Gucci and you would save more than what is wasted in milk over Shivalinga. Practice before you preach.

For devotees: Vedas have a concept of Sahasradharaa (Atharva Veda 10.10). Thousands of streams of Amrut that sustains the Skambha. Cow is considered source of this Sahasradhara as per same Mantra. The milk is poured over Shivalinga as symbolic to that. And also a commitment that we will offer our best to this Shiva-Shakti union. It also comes from basic framework of Dev-Maanav relationship (See Karmayoga chapter of Gita). Deva give us. And we return back. Shiva-Shakti give us blessings and stability. We give back our thankfulness through whatever they gave us.

The whole Shiva-Upasana fills mind with Bhakti, activates dormant aspects of personality, super-charges you and ensures you are in right path.

Shiva is also depicted as Rudra. If you try to cheat Shiva, it will come back as wrath on you. Shiva gives us Sahasradhara of happiness in life. We offer it back. Cycle continues.

You waste your money, energy, resources in Aiyashi. We utilize it in liberating ourselves from animalism and thanking Mahadev. And because we keep our minds pure in this way, we are able to generate more resources to feed the needy ones. There is no study to prove that offering milk on Shiva causes more poverty than eating beef, or wasting petrol, or wearing Gucci, or thousands of other things people do for enjoyment and status symbol.

Hindu view is that wealth is infinite. Always think of using wealth for purpose that liberates or helps others. And in process generate more wealth.


Celebrate Shiva Ratri. Worship Shiva regularly. Offer milk. And donate to Goshalas. Feed cows. Use Om Namah Shivaya as a greeting. And be Rudra (one who makes bad people weep) on those who mock Bhagwan Shiva and Maa Shakti.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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