Q – Why I wear Janeu (Yagyopaveet)?

A – 1. Because it is the oldest symbol of Hinduism I am aware of. Ram used to wear, Hanuman used to wear, Krishna used to wear, Shivaji used to wear, Mangal Pandey used to wear, Bismil used to wear.

2. Innumerable ancestors gave life for dignity of Yagyopaveet. When Akbar massacred Chittor, the weight of Yagyopaveet collected from martyrs was in quintals. That weight of 1300 years is a debt I carry till the cause is removed.

3. Each day after bath, when I put my Janeu, I remember my debts. Debt to Supreme, debt to ancestors, debt to every known and unknown person who has helped me. I must give back.

4. The three threads give me immense power. They keep me rooted to my foundations. They are my constant companion.

5. Every Hindu must proactively adopt practices and symbols that define who we are. Best way to uplift self, set examples for others, and get united.

Hindus should start wearing Janeu (Yajnopaveet). Different sects and families have different rules around it, and you can follow them. Or just get a 3 string Janeu from any Pooja shop, recite Gayatri and wear it – from above left shoulder to right waist.

If you do not know Gayatri, just recite Om. If you are confused, go to any temple and ask the priest to perform a short ritual to adopt it. Caste, gender, age does not matter. What matters is that you look at Janeu and carry the promise to pay debt of your ancestors, the role models and heroes, the wise sages, every person – known and unknown – who contributed to your civilized self. You decide to be, no more a passive acceptor, but active changer of things around you. You carry the symbol of Hinduism for which millions gave their lives. Respect rituals, if you can follow them. But do not get bogged by them. Essence matters. Starting the habit matters.

Do not listen to those who say not everyone can wear Janeu and you need to do X, Y, Z or born with A, B, C to have it. These people are far from reality despite their best intentions. They have not contemplated enough on Vedas. Ignore them. Do not even argue. Let no one discourage you.

Swami Dayanand had used Janeu as a tool to revive Hinduism and that led to a movement due to which we could save massive radicalization. The goal should be to bring more and more people from all faiths to adopt Hinduism and Janeu way of life.

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