Q. Why don’t India and Pakistan make LOC (line of control) the international border and end this age-old dispute?


And then Pakistan will attack again and extend its control. And demand that to be LOC. If you think you can make friends with crocodiles by feeding them, you are preparing yourself to be its next meal.

The dispute has no resolution. And we have to live with it. Because resolving it will give rise to more serious problems.

The most honest resolution is to accept that partition was an illegitimate exercise that caused greatest genocide of history because of weakness of few leaders. And that LOC came in existence because Pakistan acted rogue. This will not happen because Pakistan is driven by religious fundamentalism and not secularism. Pakistan believes that Allah has ordered them to believe that non-Muslim, specially Hindus, will go to Hell and are worst of creatures worth hating.

The true practical resolution will take time. When Pakistani population is deradicalized and there is environment to speak openly against anti-Hindu sentiments. Then there will be need from people to undo partition, like it happened in Germany. But that is a long way to go. For this, sensible people must proactively take steps to propagate anti-fanatic viewpoint and encourage questioning of religion.

When one has freedom to openly reject Islam and even make joke on Prophet without any fear (like Da Vinci Code on Jesus, and PK film on Hindus), and those jokes get viral, then society is mature enough to resolve the debate.

Till then, better to treat enemy as you deal with crocodiles.

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