We have already dealt this issue in sufficient details in past. However as mentioned in previous article of this series (http://agniveer.com/5166/textual-corruption-in-vedas/) those who believe in death for apostates and hell for everyone except their own gang members have been creating frivolous articles to counter Agniveer. While their frustration is justified (because of reduced dominance in cyberspace), their methods are not.

In this brief article we shall share our views on yet another attempt to attack Vedas simply because they cannot defend their own fanaticism in a logical manner. You can type “Origin of Vedas, Their Inspiration, and Authority” and google out the different versions of said attempt.

As usual, we shall provide a brief of allegation and our response.

Allegation 1: There are conflicting reports on who created the Vedas. There are multiple views and there is no unanimity.


1. The origin of Vedas is not as simple as a human-like God sitting on some throne sending some angel to narrate divine message to some human being. Vedas represent eternal knowledge that is already within us. Its origin and dissemination is critically linked with creation of universe and propagation of intelligent life. This is one of the most complex subjects. And hence various analogies are used to explain it in a way we can understand.

In reality truth is beyond what we see today. And yet we have to find our way through what we know today to understand what we don’t know yet. This is called Thought-Experiment.

Newton used a thought-experiment to deduce that moon is a falling projectile that does not hit the earth due to its curvature. Now in reality Newton never did such an experiment, nor one can prove if this is indeed historically true. All we know is that this analogy helps us understand laws of motion in universe better.

In same vein, Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta and even Purans use a variety of analogies to explain different aspects of origin of Vedas.

2. Some say that they were first revealed to sages called Agni, Vayu and Aditya. Note that these names are titles and not names printed on their ration cards. Others say that for all practical purpose, Brahma was first person to master the 4 Vedas and propagate to next generation. Again Brahma is a title.

3. Shatpath Brahman gaves a beautiful analogy – That just as exhalation and inhalation happen, all forms of knowledge – Vedas, Upanishads, Formulae, History etc – get manifested and get submerged in Supreme Being. Thus like breathing, this is a cyclical process.

On this analogy, skeptics raise several questions.

First they raise doubt that this shows that God is human like. However this is a silly doubt because this is only an analogy. Knowledge cannot come out from nostrils!

Second, they say that Vedas are not exclusively mentioned. Hence either every knowledge is divine or nothing is divine. This is also shallow logic. Because:

– divinity of Vedas is not same as divinity of Bible or Quran. Divinity in context of Vedas only means that eternal laws of nature as represented in language is unchangeable.

– mention of various fields of knowledge shows a process. First the Vedas are mentioned and then other fields. This means that first wisdom of Vedas is imbibed and then other fields of knowledge emanate from the Vedic wisdom.

– there are other references in scriptures that focus only on Vedas. The objective in this particular shloka was to show a process of knowledge propagation. For more on this refer http://agniveer.com/1553/origin-of-vedas/ and http://agniveer.com/1566/eternity-of-vedas/

Allegation 2: Agniveer claims that Brahma learned the four Vedas from the Rishis. However, according to references from Svetashvatara and Mundak Upanishads, Brahma was directly taught by God and he in turn taught the other Rishis.  An interesting point to be noted here is that in the same Kanda,  verse 5, Angiras calls the four Vedas as ‘lower knowledge’  (Apra) and says that God cannot be known through the Vedas.


1. All that the alleged verses state is that Brahma was the first person to master the 4 Vedas and propagate an integrated view to rest of the civilization. Some texts state that 4 other Rishis first had one Vedas each inspired within them and then they together taught Brahma. So there is nothing conflicting here.

2. Even if Brahma mastered Vedas directly and the 4 Rishis mentioned were actually something else, how does that change the reality? Vedas still remain the oldest text and unchanged as per best available evidences. They also contain nothing objectionable to our understanding and further themselves ask us to think logically rather than accept things blindly. What else do we need as a better foundation?

3. Angiras is completely correct in stating that God cannot be known though the Vedas. That is exactly what Agniveer also says. Here what the author means is rote memorization of Vedas or interpretation of Vedas literally without applying mind and implementing them blindly.

Mugging up Vedas verbatim and expecting recitation of mantras to give salvation would be completely fruitless. God – or whatever label you give it – can be known only though activation of Vedas that is within each of us. Please refer our previous 3 articles for more on this:





Allegation 3: There are several references of Rishis being writers of Vedic mantras and not researchers. So Vedas are manmade.


We shall not comment on who actually created the Vedas. We leave that to individual’s introspection. But we would like to assert that there is no documentary or historical evidence so far for creation of Vedas by any human. For more on this allegation, please refer http://agniveer.com/3937/who-wrote-vedas/ that summarily thrashes this vague allegation.

Allegation 4: Many Rishis even have names similar to words of the mantras attributed to them. Hence they were the creators of those mantras.


As we mentioned earlier, no Rishi was identified as per his ration card or  passport. Legendary persons are known more by deeds or choice than birth name. Thus Subhash Chandra Bose got the name ‘Netaji’. Moolshankar is known as Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Mohandas is more popular has Mahatma Gandhi. Hardly anyone would know what are the real names of people known as Agniveer. Thus Vedic Rishis came to be known by the names exemplifying their researches. Hence we see that Narayana is Rishi of Purusha Sukta, Bhishaq (meaning doctor) is Rishi of Rigveda 10.97 focusing on medicines, Rigveda 10.101 has Rishi Budha Saumya (intellectual and sober person) because the sukta deals with related themes. There are countless such examples.

The point is the Vedic Rishis were not working with agenda of marketing their birth certificates. They were Yogis who were devoted to discovering the nectar of Vedas and rise beyond the cycles of death and birth. Thus name is just a matter of social convenience for them. So, no wonder, names of most Vedic rishis are related to subject of their specializations regardless of their birth name and even gender.

Allegation 5: Panini said that Brahmans are new and old and hence Vedas are not divine.


When did we claim Brahmans to be divine or eternal? Only the Vedic mantras are eternal as per our traditional knowledge and wisdom. Brahmans are explanations of Vedas by putting them in contemporary contexts. For more, refer http://agniveer.com/1596/vedas/

Allegation 6: Some mantras talk of creation of new verses and being worshipped by new and old Rishis. Hence Vedas are not eternal.


Which verse talks of creation of new Vedic mantras by human beings? I never heard one.  But yes, humanity has always created new verses, new songs, new articles, new poems etc in all creations. There is difference between creation of mantras of Vedas and creation of other verses inspired by Vedas.

Same goes for Rishis – they keep emerging in society. So if a mantras says so, it is eternally true. Vedas are the seeds, but you need to create a tree out of the seed for benefit of self and society.

Allegation 7: Many verses talk of fights with aborigines and drinking alcohol. Hence Vedas are not divine.


If you read translations by western indologists and those translations that are based on such translations, you are bound to discover similar stupid things. The alcohol myth has been summarily dealt with in http://agniveer.com/3965/soma-alcohol-and-vedas/. Vedas do not believe in aborigines concept. It does talk of fighting out the militants and terrorists. That is what all right-minded governments and armies have been doing since ages. That is what led to death of Osama. So this is a reason to celebrate and not crib over, unless you yourself are a militant. Are you?

This ends the quota of allegations at least for this time. We hope next time we would have something more refined and intellectual to scrutinize. We are tired of dealing with such utterly frivolous works. We pray to the Supreme that He may provide us a break so that we can share something more meaningful and useful with our visitors without further distractions.

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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sir, who were the four rishis? they heard the four vedas individually from god during samadhi? and why does brahma come after the 4 rishis? cud it be that the four elements(earth, water, fire ,air) taught him?just like science ? i want to know the chain of succession, please. wasnt… Read more »
Suv, People like you are the problem. You have not even read the Vedas and make these claims. I would have believed you if I didn’t read even a bad translation of the Vedas. After reading the Vedas, I know you are a total and utter liar. The problem in… Read more »
Don’t fall for these games that these Christian bigots play. Who says there is anything wrong with multiple deities? Only those who believe in Abrahamic monotheism. So what if there are polythesitic religions. Big deal. Arabs before Islam, before Muhammed slaughtered them and forced them into his version of Judaism… Read more »
Ajay Shukla
Hi , Landmark retail store has Rigveda and sama veda with translated by different hindi PHD authors , its is translated from sayan or sayani language version of Vedas and is in hindi language ….wanted to check whether this would be authoritative rendering of orginal vedas and can be picked… Read more »


jai shankar
VED KA RAHASYA – ved anant hai,ved ke mantra ka sakshat jis rishi ko hua us hi drasta kahte hai.gyan ki saptbhumika me janewale keval virle logonko ki ved ke mantra ka sakshat hota hai.ved nitya nutan,sanatan aur amar hai.ved ke bare me aaj aadmi kitna hi soche magar ved… Read more »
jai shankar
@manjunaath,dharm itna sasta ho gaya hai iska ek example hai,ye sadhu???. ”Train me sucide karne gaya aur bible ke vachan yaad aaye” ye sab murkh logonke,viklang manodasha ke lakshan hai.hazaaro log sucide ki firak me rahte hai,is me se koi isai,ya muslims banega hi.kyo ki jo aadmi sucide ki soch… Read more »
Chapter-6 of Satyarth Prakash is “Raaj Dharm”. In this chapter, Swami Dayanand enumerates powers of citizens, officers, Ministers, judges and their duties. In the very first page of chapter-6, Swami Dayanand establishes the foundation of Raaj-Dharm. Swami Dayanand gives two words – “Prajaaaadheen Raajaa”. And in these two words, he… Read more »

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plz tell about vadic age or period


plz tell about vedic age or period , and when it was collected by vyasa

hello everyone vedas is very complex to understand before studying vedas we should no about reality, by knowing absolute reality u will come to a conclusion that everything is electrical signals,physical world is just electrical signals,our brain converts this electrical signal to one form of virtual reality,everthing is energy,when everything… Read more »
Max Muller intention and motive behind these fake translation can be judged by the content of one of his letter to the Dean of St. Paul’s (Dr. Milman), Stauton House Bournemouth, February 26, 1867, he wrote: “I have myself the strongest belief in the growth of Christianity in India. There… Read more »
@Nikhil Bro, another very IMPORTANT FACTOR WHICH EXPOSES INDOLOGIST HYPOCRISY is by EXAMINING ONE FACT that is those who have read bible and VEDAS would easily know that one of the important GOSPEL OF BIBLE (GOSPEL OF JOHN) STARTS WITH A VEDIC VERSE. GOSPEL OF JOHN’S FIRST VERSE (JOHN 1:1)… Read more »
“I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE.” Christians think this verse from Bible shows the divinity of Jesus Christ but this verse shows PERVERTED ORIGINS OF CHRISTANITY and this verse also has association with Easter. http://www.lasttrumpetministries.org/tracts/tract1.html The FOUNDERS OF PROTESTANT MOVEMENT KNEW THE PERVERTED ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANITY THAT IS WHY THEY… Read more »


16 & 17. Read http://agniveer.com/548/theory-of-karma-hinduism/ 18. avatar is the reincarnation of the supreme god. You have to first understand the symbolisms of avatar even before asking this question. 19.Your ever wavery mind forms the hindrance for you in realising that your soul is associated with the nirguna parabrahman. Thats why… Read more »
10. Your opinion on charvak is wrong. Charvak dharshan contains info about material world. It has been assumed only that he might have been an atheist. No proper records exist to support this. All dharshans look at the same god from different viewpoints. what is your problem in this? 11.… Read more »

You have already been busted here
Why the hell are u posting the same copy paste material again?


Shabeer, read the post of Arya from this link. He has given you the reply.


It is not there in vedas, you have cooked it up….


all these translations you are getting are wrong throw them in dustbin.
any person hindu,muslim,wahabi,jehadi saying them as right should be rejected as without knowledge!
we declare here that these translations are wrong.. bring original mantra and translations from authoriative sources!
dont just jump over these same copy paste material every time!


correction to my previous post…”there are only 14 verses in rigveda mandala 10:10″.


Read authentic verses man. Not biased verses of Griffith or Max Mueller or so called indologists who lack the basic knowledge of sanskrit. If you really wish to challenge someone in agniveer, come with authentic sources or understand the verse in sanskit and then come for a discussion.


@shabeer, Before posting something, do some research yaar. My knowledge says that there are no 14 verses in 10:10 or Rigveda. When did you invent 15. i think with this observation, looking at the rest of the post of yours is irrelevant.

@shabeer, Dear Shabeer, if you are truly in quest of knowledge about sanatana dharma, then read my reply to your post. If not, stop now! coz, it only means that you are adamant and will never really learn anything about sanatana dharma but only try to show Islam to be… Read more »
Dear Shabeer, All these cruel activities are due to the wavery mind which is not held in control. There are impacts from environment which would drive a person in the wrong direction. When your mind starts wavering, forgetting the fact that you have a association with the supreme parabrahman and… Read more »

request to mr.nikil
i am discussing some religious things with my Hindu brothers.
i says before my posting ,if u have any questions about Islam,plz post other part of the site ,i will answer there.plz post u’r question any part of the site,if we discussing that things,we skip the real topics.

thanking u

@shabeer: (1)Vedas broadly define Hindu philosophy. They then need to be followed by a study of the 6 darshanas, Upanishads, Brahmasutras and Bhagvad Gita. Rules of society change from time to time and place to place. For instance, in 7th century Arabia it was ok to screw a 9 year… Read more »
Pranam Brother Shabeer 1. You are uttering nothing but Mayavada theory here. No prophet I agree. 2. In Islam everything has been written in Lohe Mehfooz (ie predestined). So why momins enjoy eternal 72 virgins (momin must be so …you know what i mean), rivers of alchohol. I am in… Read more »
could you show me a single verse/mantra in Purana/Vedas where God punishes the humans for not worshiping Him? 1) there is no rule for following according to Hinduism,no prophet,no religious text,not haven,not hell,then how can punishment happened to my brother? 2) but Islam has these all,that way we get punishment,if… Read more »
Brother Shabeer Could you show me a single verse/mantra in Purana/Vedas where God punishes the humans for not worshiping Him?????? If you can show I shall declare that your islam is not a cult but a religion. But but but (telling in your way) I can show tons of verses… Read more »
What r the relatio between eternity of allha and shahada? Allha ever eternal,ever greate,ever superior. Millions of angels is there,they praise the god ever. Shahada existing here for only our (human) eternal salvarion,it never depend the existing of god.our worship,prayer,namaz,zakath,etc r belongs to our goog future,allha not a god like… Read more »

some imotionalist behaviours here,their behaviour talking anti islamic claim without ebvidence,if some muslim redy to debate with them,they esily escape from there,don’t talk to them

Pranam Sister Maria gr8 sister. ——-All religion encourages people to behave nihilistically. True wisdom is the remedy to all fanatacism.——– Sister not all, there would be one and only cult rather than religion and that is Islam (peace be upon it as it needs a lot more of peace.) Please… Read more »

All religion encourages people to behave nihilistically. True wisdom is the remedy to all fanatacism.
Thank you for your diligent labours to preserve it in the Vedas.


Pranam Brother SDC and KalBhairav. For the fact, one would have to say that unless the incident happens in a stadium in front of thousands of people no justice is possible for the victim. Isn’t it? What will happen if she can’t manage 4 witnesses?

of the false allegations raised against them, are unable to face even their close friends and relations. Our media, after all, often make use of such gossip to enhance their popularity. All such misconduct, however, is alien to the Islamic society. The situation, wherein decent people are, without proper reason,… Read more »
What if I only have a video footage and no eye witnesses? What happens then? You are talking of methods of a vintage era. You will not reform your laws but will arduously try to defend them even when they have little or no relevance at all. And you seriously… Read more »


Good point.

Also, I love it when Muslims say that a woman needs to be in Burqa because otherwise she will show her skin and stupid men will be led away from the path of Allah. Isnt spirituality supposed to grow despite the presence of temptations/distractions? Isnt that true spirituality?


KB, it is like saying, “you show skin, I rape; you show money, I loot.” And, they consider this doctrine to be the best (for the savages, of course).



How is this ctrl c + ctrl v stuff related to what Truth Seeker asked regarding eternal Shahadah? And when these irrelevant posts are deleted, you feel bad 🙁


Pranam Brother shabeer, it is not an insecure site. Ur cmnts wont get deleted unless those r filthy. Dhanyawad


First refute my claim and probe me wrong. Dhanyawad


Pranam brother shabeer. I didn’t understand even a single word of that verse. Can u explain how it refutes my claim? Sincerely I didn’t get this. Plz explain.

Pranam Brother Shabeer, ——–women in place of one man? The answer is also given by the Qur’an: “so that if one of them errs the other can remind her.”——— Are men bereft errs??? you think all man in the world is intelligent enough to not committing a single mistake??? At… Read more »
Pranam Brother Shabeer, 🙂 Don’t show me the verses follow it : Quran (4:11 and 4:176) – (Inheritance) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females” 🙁 Tabari Vol 9, Number 1754 – “Treat women well, for they are [like] domestic animals with you and do… Read more »
Truth Seeker

If allah is eternal, Allah kalma/Shahada also must be eternal? What is eternity of Allah’s Kalma/Shahada “La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah”. Is it temporary or eternal? & if temporary which is eternal Shahada of Allah?

Pranam Brother shabeer. If u hav inferior opinion why shud i take it. How two women can be equal b to a man? Why women doesnt get as much property as men? Why there is veil? Why polygammy? Why torturing them? Why they r stoned? Why they shud bring 4… Read more »

ok i answer u’r questions,
in discussion forum one of my post is there “Hinduism against freedom of women I”

plz answer my q’n here or there……………………….

“look>>>>truthofhinduism.com” oh dear what a joke, a webiste full of crap and distortions. Agniveer has shown basic tenants, u can contact Oxford for Hindu studies, go on,see the facts Karma Yoga, what is this Basic summary point in Sanatan Dharma-ToDharma for betterment of society,, now Shabber see if you can… Read more »
Truth Seeker
@shabeer I learned from Kuran that Kuran is not eternal book. This is just introduction of amendment in Allah knowledge. Introduction of new laws. Because Allah is changeable not perfect. Perfect does not require to change. But Allah changes his habit. Allah habit & Knowledge is not eternal. Do you… Read more »





5) ” We learn from Vedas that women are as respectable as Devi ”

i expalined here what are meaning of devi worship:

Agniveer Discussions / Universal Religion for Entire humanity / Hinduism / AGAINST FREEDOM OF WOMAN I:


Pranam Brother Shabeer

what do you say about it?:
agniveer.com/3309/women-in-hinduism/ 🙁


4) ” Vedas say that cows are the next mothers of human after the birth-giving mother ”



3) ” Vedas strictly punish those people who are meat-eater ”




Pranam Brother Shabeer

This willl do your jihadi claim :

agniveer.com/68/no-beef-in-vedas/ ;);););)


@spirit ” When you are you talking something about revenge you are surely one sided. ” that u’r opinion,i never did like that,i accept all good things from all kind people,reject all bad things from all kind of people. i am not partiality person. 1) ” Vedas say about monogamy.… Read more »
Pranam Brother Shabeer You are in favor of revenge. Now tell me how are you going to take the revenge. By killing the apostates?????? You accept all good things from kind people but your Zakir does not. He says that everyone excepting allah and his messenger will go to eternal… Read more »
Pranam Brother Shabeer, you ask yourself why are you copy-pasting? Its a favorite hobby of urs. And thanks for letting us know that this is a discussion site. Otherwise we wouldnot know that. We are talking about civilization of millions of years (i.e. Vedas). U want evidences? When we say,… Read more »

i am not meaning here only scientific errors,but all part of verdict religion.

Pranam Brother Shabeer I guess you are saying about the decision/judgement of the religion. I can explain it. The Vedas are ultimate wisdom. When you want to finalize your wisdom you need to go through the Vedas. Vedas are the oldest books of the earth. You can say that they… Read more »
TO ALL MEMBERS OF AGNIVEER: WHY IAM COPY-PASTING? this is discussion sites,we discuss the religious faith,not yestarday 20-20 match or latest boly wood film.we dicussing thousand of years civilasation,people belief.if we critizise these theory,it is to be better critizise,one should be bring the evidance from the scripture. i don’t understand… Read more »
Brother Shabeer, when you copy paste the article, why dont you copy paste the comment section addressing the questions raised in the article too? Why this “selective” copy pasting? 🙂 Of course you are free to discuss buddy. I pointed out that most of your arguements have been dealt out… Read more »

plz don’t delete my post,plz allow the my 3 post.

Arya Musafir
Brother Shabeer Your irrelevant copy pasted stuff has been purged. It will be done in future too if you continue to misuse this forum by posting baseless bogus stories. We hope your stay here is for constructive discussions with the purpose of seeking/sharing knowledge and not for showing your expertise… Read more »

welcome all hindu to discuss about the above topics.


@ Shabeer, you are wrong. Sanskrit & Vedas originated 3.8 billion years ago. Did you no know this? They are as old as earth. Please do more investigations and you will find that out.

There is no benefit of discussing with fools like you, who just cant dare to accept the truth. I have answered many questions raised by you, you could not counter argue with my answer, but later after some time raised the same questions before different persons. This shows truth about… Read more »
ORIGIN OF VERDICT LANGUAGE: According to old Hindu pundit belief, there is only one language during the period of creation. (Naredra bushan: history of Vedic sahithia page 27).Most of the Hindu scholar make that verdict language was Sanskrit. But Sanskrit created by human how can it will be a gods… Read more »
Pranam brother Shabeer You really claimed some funny evidences,,,,,,,,:D At first when are you saying something about Vedas you need to be rational. Any irrationality would not help you. You said that Agniveer is not backed by any proof. Let me ask a question ‘ how much proof do you… Read more »
@Vajra If Vedas were natural religion why people ignore it 😀 😀 :D: 😀 What is your problem with Islam. Why you bring in them when we talking @ Vedas. Are you kind of born cynical. So what does Brahma do? Whats his history. Any proof in Vedas rishis got… Read more »
@hello ———–If Vedas were natural religion why people ignore it———– Most of the Momins ignore science and wisdom. But that does not make those worth rejecting for wise. Truth (oneness of mind, tongue and action) is natural yet the least practiced phenomenon worldwide. But that does not make falsehood superior… Read more »
@Vajra “———— Any proof in Vedas rishis got so called inner inspiration . ———- Will you accept proof from Vedas? If no then why asking something that you are anyway going to reject If yes then promise that after I tell you, you accept Vedas divine.” are you kind of… Read more »

Agniveer Mahodaya, who is this “hello” character exactly (most likely a taqqiya expert) and how come his query still hasn’t been answered?? Why don’t you make turn into “bye bye”??

@Agniveer says “2. Even if Brahma mastered Vedas directly and the 4 Rishis mentioned were actually something else, how does that change the reality? Vedas still remain the oldest text and unchanged as per best available evidences. They also contain nothing objectionable to our understanding and further themselves ask us… Read more »

cont.. from previous

———– Think logically then accept thinks blindly like you said.————

Couldn’t understand.

If you want to really understand Vedic philosophy, visit http://agniveer.com/series/vedic-lessons/

Namaste hello ———–What is the reality of how Vedas were derived?———- There is no derivation. Vedas are believed to be from Eeshvar who inspires greatest/purest of the souls at the inception with the knowledge of Vedas. ———– Is this man made.———– No. ———-First learn Sanskrit then you learn oops———— Knowledge… Read more »
Indian Agnostic

Great Rebuttal!

the most important aspect the jihadis fail to comprehend is the distinction between Samhita ( with rishi as observer, devata as process of observation and chhandas as observed) and mantra /brahmana