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Q. Out of all religions, why does Islam have the maximum fanatics and terrorist?

Honest answer without diplomacy: 

No popular translation of Quran and Hadiths exist in any major language that does not teach hatred for non-Muslims. All of them abuse idol-worshippers, call for Jihad, ask for subjugation of women, suggest Jaziya and encourage superstitions. Penalty for questioning or refusing to believe is up to death!!

People who came with liberal translations were either killed or given fatwas. Many Quran narrators were killed immediately after death of Prophet. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s Quran was banned because of this.

A religion that says questioning is sin is bound to give rise to blind followers – perfect breeding ground for terrorists. In all Islamic countries, there is punishment for blasphemy or insulting prophet. While insulting any religious figure is in bad taste, why have punishment? And why no punishment for insulting a Krishna, Hanuman or Jesus?

Because of lack of questioning, insult of women, polygamy, hatred against non-Muslims, thinking non-Muslims will go to Hell, calling non-Muslims as Kafir (an abusive word), Muslim society is uneducated, superstitious and intolerant. Hence terrorism breeds. Any sane Muslim is driven out by mad zombies.

Until Islamic society gets tolerant of blasphemy, its leaders announce that Hindus can also go to heaven, ban polygamy, ban triple talaq, and agree that there is no big deal in rejecting Quran or any holy book or prophet or god for that matter, Islam will remain an ideal breeding ground for terrorists.

The path is not easy because liberal Muslims are at risk of lives. But we all humans have to together pull this off.

Read this for history and problems in detail: Foundations of Fundamentalist Terrorism – Agniveer

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