Ranvir Singh followed a special regimen for months to have 6 packs and be the hottest Khilji ever to hit the screen. And now every moron Hindu girl will dream of eloping with a Khilji or Khan to imagine being a Deepika. Love Jihad will bloom.

Reality Bite –
Khilji was neither handsome, nor well-built, nor a skilled fighter. Probably Om Puri of Bharat Ek Khoj best represented him. A bit shorter height and a more pronounced pot-belly would have been perfect.

Khilji surpassed others in few things though:

– Love making with boys. He was best lion. And after Chittor misadventure that damaged his vital organs, he was the best goat.
– Fraud and treachery. He killed his own father-in-law. What he did in Chittor was no surprise.
– Brutality. He loved to cut heads and move around with the head over his pike. He did this with his father-in-law.
– Rapes and wife-swapping. He raped innumerable. And would share kidnapped women between himself, his sons and God knows who else.

To hell with what Bhansali depicts in final film. The very fact that he invested so much to create the hottest Khilji makes him eligible for worst he can get. And if the film has even one 100% show, I would dissociate any soft corner for shameless people of this nation. To do to them like what Krishna did to people of Dwarka would be next goal.


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