If Bhansali had genuine intentions to respect Padmavati, he would have cast big superstars in rope of Gora and Badal – the real heroes of this story. Instead, he chose the most expensive star to be Alauddin Khilji. And he did so because he wanted to cash on fact that Deepika-ranveer are a popular pair in real life and several past films – some produced by him.

The real intention was to present it as a Darr part 2. Massage treatment in between spoiled the plan.

If Padmavati is not stopped from release, I promise to launch below-the-belt sleazy entertainment series that targets those rascals whom we have made demi-Gods.

Yogi will not desist from using any weapon that enemy wields. It was Sudarshan Chakra then. It is something else today.

Day before it was OMG. Yesterday PK. Today Padmavati. Tomorrow Ram. Then our Mothers. Their freedom of expression will not spare anyone from any level of character assassination. This must stop.

If not, I have no option but to repay in same token.

Padmavati is regarded as a Mother Goddess in Rajasthan for preferring to be Sati than allow a rascal to touch her. To make masala out of her sacrifice by creating a 6-pack hot Allauddin Khilji is no less than making a film on banned book Rangila Rasool and insulting the revered Prophet.

The film must not get released under any circumstance. Else many people will be forced to cross several limits to retaliate.

It is a litmus test for every political party, government, judiciary, and society in general.

Q: The figure of Ranveer is just SLB’s fetish. It has nothing to do with Rani Padmini or Ratan Singh here.

A: The fetish of SLB leads to creating hero images out of rapists. What if I create a dream sequence with a smart hunk doing dirty things with someone you consider your mother? And I hire John Abraham to be that hunk. Dumbheads will say, “Wow, John kya sexy dikh raha hai film me, gaana kya mast hai, kya hot scene tha yaar. sach me. “. Padmavati is my mother. And hence I feel the same that you would feel if it were your mother.

Q: He has said this 4 times separately each that THERE IS NO DREAM SEQUENCE between Rani Padmini and Khilji or any scene whatsoever.

A: There is no dream sequence because it had to be canceled after thrashing. You may have a different level of tolerance on such matters. Mine are different. And have zero sympathies for Ranvirs and Bhansalis whom I consider Dharti ka Bojh.

Q: There is no question of tolerance when my idols are not touched. Rani Padmini and Ratan Singh are untouched so far.

A: Since you are like part of own family, let us agree to differ on this.
And yes, would do whatever it takes to not allow film to be released. If that happens, would do all to make it a big financial loss. And after that, go all out to create my own dream sequences. I am not allowed to have soft corner for enemy, once limit is breached. And no weapon remains taboo in such cases.
Six pack Alauddin played by a star with great positive fan following among dumbheads suffices to take out my sw*rd. Need no other analysis paralysis – which I consider to be greatest problem with Hindus.


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  • The film glorifies Rajputs, not Khalji. They will cast expensive actors for good acting as Khalji, not some old villains for sterotypes. The film has expensive actors like Shahid Kapoor and Deepika.

    Khilji is portrayed as a barbarian, not any demi-god or hero. Your lies do not work anymore. You are creating baseless trouble. The film will be released at every cost.