A page from my diary several years ago. Thought would help answer many questions I receive:

1. I will accept whatever situations come as a reward – best possible option – for me given my present and past deeds, and I will thank Parameshwar heartily for that.

2. I will work very aggressively to destroy the roots of Avidya and all other sources of sorrow.

3. I will keep no attachment with any living or non-living thing in world including mind, body, persons, wealth, luxuries etc. Nor will I keep any hatred for them. I will just regard them as tools gifted by Parameshwar to help me gain Mukti.

4. The only way to Mukti is to destroy the sanskars from very root – Dagdhbeej. This alone is my goal.

5. For this, first and foremost is Tapasya. I will put my best efforts regardless of any feeling. I will rise above dualities of pain/ pleasure, sorrow/happiness, praise/insult, hot/cold, rejection/acceptance etc. In fact as mentioned in Manu Smriti I will consider insult and rejection as Amrit and consider praise as poison.

6. The next is Swadhyaya – I will study and introspect on Mukti texts. I will pray God via OM every now and then to eradicate source of sorrow. I will do this with full emotions and honesty.

7. Next is Ishwar Pranidhan. I will dedicate all my actions to Parameshwar. And I will thank God for whatever rewards He gives. Because He knows and does best for me. I will never complain or expect anything. Whatever He is giving is already too much. I sometimes feel, I just do not deserve it. But He knows and does the Best.

Shri Sanjeev Newar

— Founder, Agniveer

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