Frequently there is news of our Jawans being killed, be it in Kashmir or elsewhere. Be it Uri or the recent Tral encounter – Pakistan always send proxy fighters to avoid any blame on them. What is the solution?

Isolate Pakistan? Na nau mann tel hoga na Radha naachegi (idiom – neither will there be nine hundred liters of oil therefore nor will Radha dance)! Ask any diplomat! Can all 200 countries or even 20 major countries agree on any point like this? NO. No country wants to spoil their relationship with Country X for Country Y. Has India supported Israel against Palestine? NO. Then why the hell will it or any country support us against Pakistan?

Who are we fooling? Will US, who didn’t isolate Pakistan despite Osama – the killer of thousands in US – was found in the lap of Pakistan Army’s Kakul Academy, isolate Pakistan because it killed 18 men in Uri? NO.

What is the solution?

Solution is to stab Jihadi Porkis in back and front and everywhere you can. And then deny it. Condemn it. Say we are with you. And stab again. Keep doing it to the blood-mongers until they collapse.

Days of Dharma Yuddha are over. Actually there is nothing like Dharma Yuddha in reality. Because had there been Dharma on both sides, there would have been no Yuddha in first place. Yuddha starts with Adharma. It must end with with victory of Dharma. And during battle, only one Dharma remains – destroy Adharmi by all means. This is the essence of Mahabharat. And need of the hour too.

Author: Vashi Sharma

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