The Panchamukhi Hanuman representation holds tremendous lessons for fighting evil.

It depicts five different animal forms to deal with different tactics and different types of villains.

There is
a lion (Narasimha),
a horse (Hayagreeva),
an eagle (Garud), ”
a pig (Varaah),
an ape (Vaanar)

– all emerging from a human form. To destroy the evil, you must adapt and adopt the form that best suits the situations.
In fact you must adopt all forms at same time to destroy an Ahiraavan.
Both at mental and physical level. There are clues to martial arts and strategy of war.

Those who practice this essence of Panchamukhi Sadhana get tremendous benefits.
Those who apply the fruits of this understanding to dealing with Rakshas of today’s era will be able to fight them more effectively. And be a real Hanuman.

A rare, tough, but indeed a powerful Sadhana for serious practitioner.

Indeed, one must have been a Prophet (one who can see future) to include Varaah (pig) as an Avatar who can destroy Asurs.
Varaah is also included in Panchamukhi Hanuman form.

Hari Singh Nalwa used pig’s teeth, pig’s blood, and pig’s bones to ward off terrorists till Afghanistan.
Time for our armies to use power of pig to fight terrorists and stone pelters in Kashmir and elsewhere.

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