I receive so many messages of people confessing their guilts. I am unable to control my anger.

I am not strong enough.
I lost my Brahmacharya.
I do not know much about Dharma.
I am unprepared.
I want to do a lot, but am unable to generate drive.
I keep thinking a lot and losing sleep.
I lose confidence.
My mind goes blank in stress.

Friends, I understand that the world around is conspiring to make you feel miserable and throw you out of competition. Your own mind fools you into helplessness and eternal guilt. If you want, I can help you. I can take care of killing all the Raavans inside you. To free the Hanuman inside you.

But let us make a deal. I need you to help me kill Raavans outside you. Raavans that make me lose my sleep. I will help you sleep happily. You help me fight peacefully. If deal, mail me – [email protected]

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