Qatluddin : Can you prove rebirth? If no, why do you believe in it? Why don’t you accept the truth?

Vashi : What is truth?

Qatluddin : That God is one and there is a last messenger.

Vashi : I am also one and I am the passenger of Rajdhani Express currently. I also like Yahoo messenger.

Qatluddin : You are mocking my religion. I am again challenging you to prove rebirth or accept my religion.

Vashi : Do you have video recording of your one God and Yahoo messenger?

Qatluddin : No. But if this world exists, there must be someone behind it.

Vashi : Yes, a big eyed mosquito is behind it.

Qatluddin : Now you lose. Instead of giving proofs of rebirth, you are mocking my faith. Now I told you truth. Its upto you to accept it or not.

Vashi : Ok, tell me if you run out of water in bathroom some day, what will you do?

Qatluddin : I will wait for water to come.

Vashi : Why? When water is not there, why don’t you jump into a gutter? Gutters are real. 100% true.

Qatluddin : So just because I don’t have enough water in bathroom, does that mean I bathe in gutter?

Vashi : Same here.

Qatluddin has not replied since then.

PS : Aggression in the post is necessary. Some people ask why so aggressive. Here is why. Someone who should be concerned about the terrorism, killing and rapes by his coreligionists in name of his religion, God and messengers is concerned about my harmless beliefs of rebirth. Just because for him, I am a dirty idol worshipper who is worst of creatures. Whose conversion is more important than stopping terrorists from killing and raping. I keep such pigs under my boot. Jiska dil jale, vo chala jaaye. I don’t need sheep.

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