Saga of blunders and surrenders!

What is more inhumane than to force someone into doing which one is not inclined to do.

Bhartiya Janta Party being forced to appear as a Pro Hindu party is one such case. The party is being forced to look communal or Pro Hindu political outfit by media and supposedly, an ideologically common opposition.

Unfortunately on a deeper introspection, one can conclude that BJP is nothing more an extension of Congress. The reason why both the parties easily accommodate each other’s dissidents so quietly and easily.

The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ironically one fine day in a celebratory mode concluded that 80% of the cow vigilante groups are fake and are primarily anti social elements. As soon as he drew flak, he curtailed this 80% to “mutthi bhar” overnight. Ironically cow slaughter prohibition is one of the five issues that separate a supposed ideological BJP from a non ideological Congress.

The other four being
– the Ram Mandir issue,
– Uniform Civil Code,
– Article 370, and
– getting back the black money stashed abroad.

2.5 years into the government and there has been hardly any headway into any 5 of these despite the PM having the required numbers in the Parliament and access to all the resources by virtue of being in power.

The issue of prohibition over cow slaughter seems to be drifting along the same old line where the Ram Temple went. The BJP is apologetic about the demolition with Atal Bihari Vajpayee having called the demolition as Black Day of his life, Kalyan Singh the chief protagonist asking for a public apology and then teaming up with Mulayam Singh Yadav into an alliance.

Pushed into a corner and weak kneed, BJP issues a statement that corners the Hindutva from the support of the BJP. The whole trap was set up as trap and BJP fell for it.

Rather than forwarding arbitrary figures of 80% or mutthi bhar, PM could have been more choosy about the words that don’t give the impression of BJP scuttling this issue like the other four.

BJP is fundamentally wrong to think that it would some fine day be able to evoke consensus amongst the minority community on the controversial issues. Over the years the lackadaisical attitude of BJP and RSS has done more harm than good to the cause of Hindus.

It was the baseless faith of BJP, VHP and RSS in Vishwa Nath Pratap Singh that lead to the faulty Land Acquisition Ordinance in 1990 that subsumed the non contentious area along with the disputed area in the kitty of the government of India and this was when the erstwhile High Court bench had refused to intervene in the matters regarding the status of non disputed areas in Ayodhya citing “freedom of religion”.

The government is supposedly Pro Hindu now. Why can’t it change the concerned Act and give away the non disputed land in Ayodhya to Hindus but the government is just not inclined to do so.

Even the secular research scholars like Richard Eaton concede that some 40000 major temples desecrated during the Medival era Deeni rule in India. VHP reduced the reclamation movement down to just three and BJP later during the rath yatra down to 1 and finally in 1996, Sushma Swaraj conceded that the same cheque cannot be encashed twice referring to the success it had in the general elections of 1991 which saw it sitting as the Principle opposition for the first time.

The BJP changed the entire course of the debate over Ram Mandir by stating that it would seek a solution acceptable mutually to both the communities. From being a symbol of acceptance of decimation of the infidel temples in the Deen, the debate was shifted to one being of national honour and Babar being just another foreigner who was not a Jihadi but just another foreign invader.

However, during all this it forgets that the founder of the true deen himself had destroyed 360 temples in a day when he entered the holy city back from his exile. Be it Cordova, Sofia Hagia or Al Aqsa, almost all the holy sites were made after desecration of holy temples of other religions and sects. So, the dream of mutually acceptable solution is a far fetched idea.

Same is the dilly dallying on enforcement of Uniform Civil Code that BJP finds as something necessary for women empowerment exclusively. Uniform Civil Code is something that is necessary in a secular nation and required in modern times. It will help in loosening the grip of opportunistic clergy that has made the religion look like one at a perennial war with the government machinery.

The polio drops get issued a fatwa who would save the minorities from a devastating limb disorder but our leaders find it as an emancipator of womenfolk exclusively.

Then comes Article 370. BJP is quick to put the blame of Kashmir unrest over foreign elements exclusively while overlooking the domestic players involved in it. The interests of Ladakh and Jammu get overlooked under the pandering being meted out to Kashmir valley. The steps taken to remove 370 are a still big zero so much so that the BJP is now even scared of igniting a debate over it.

As a deviation, came the poll plank of Good Governance or SuRajya or Ram Rajya which saw BJP getting stagnated around 180 mark in 1996,1998 and 1999 general elections. Then came the India shinning in 2004 while all the core issus were rested in the backburner. The result as we know is Vatican Raaj of 10 years.

If the BJP is thinking that it has won because of its call for development and proper governance then it is highly mistaken. 60 seats in UP and 31 in Bihar that pushed BJP to majority in Parliament was not for “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikans”. GST can wait so can the high speed trains provided the Hindus stay alive and are saved from the onslaught by Mullah, Missionary and Marxists.


By Rahul Tripathi

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