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His father spoke Bhojpuri mixed with Awadhi. His mother had Mainpuri (Aligarh) accent. No Arab has accepted him as one of them until today. But like crores of people in Indian subcontinent, he was an Arab whose forefathers ruled Hindus of India for 1000 years.

26th July is the Kargil Vijay Diwas, a day that marks that the Indian victory in the Kargil war when the supposed superiority of martial Muslim race over meek, docile Hindus was shattered for the 5 time consecutively after 1947, 65, 71 and 84.

The villain this time that ignited the passion of superiority was himself an Indian born Muslim who had migrated to Pakistan during partition. General Pervez Musharraf was born in New Delhi in 1943 in a family that belonged to Azamgarh, UP and joined the Pakistan Army possessing an abject hatred for anything Indian or Hindu in his heart in 1964.

He was the blue eyed boy of another zealot named Zia Ul Haq and trained the Mujahideen in the 1980’s war against the Soviet intrusion in Afghanistan.

He was only the second Mohajir ever to have reached the top slot in the Pakistan army other than General Janjuja.

He was a zealot and a heartless killer and he proved it when he was asked to quell the Shia uprising in May 1988 in the Gilgit town. Musharaff led a team of Afghanistan irregulars who burnt down the crops, looted the villages and destroyed the houses of Shias and carried out one of the suppressions of the revolt in a most barbaric manner.

Nawaz Sharif in early 1999, sacked the Pakistani Chief of forces, General Karamat and appointed him bypassing his three seniors in line to be the Chief of the forces as he was the only one who accepted in principle to carry out a dare devil act of transgression of the Line of Control.

Under Musharaf, the Pakistani army underwent a systematic degradation of military ethos. The treatment meted out to Captain Saurabh Kalia and his men once they were taken captive bears a testimony to this.

They were burnt with cigarettes, their private parts were chopped off, their bones broken, their eardrums pierced and eyes gouged out before being shot at point blank. This was when Pakistan is a member to the Geneva Convention on treatment to POWs.

Likewise, Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja was shot when he was midair after his plane had caught fire and he had evacuated it.

Musharaf on seeing Nawaz Sharif disowning him publicly for the Kargil failure in which Sharif was an equal partner, behaved like a true 16th century Mughal ruler, he just carried out a military coup and became the President of Pakistan.

Like a true Mughal, he was ready to accept the perks and pleasures of high posts but refused to take the share of the responsibility that came with it. Like a true Mughal, he was thankless to the person who promoted him to the post of Amy chief bypassing his seniors.

The hatred that Musharraf has in his heart for the Indians is typical of a Muslim who doesn’t want to live with anything Hindu in essence. He denies the Hindu past of his forefathers and takes pride in denigrating the Hindu culture totally.

He lives under the pre conceived notion of belonging to a superior martial, meat eating race and Hindus being meek, grass eating (vegetarian), docile creatures that can be subjugated as it used to be under the Turks, Afghans, Uzbeks who donned the crown at Delhi since 12th century onwards.

The idea of living at par as a nation with the same Hindus whom they used to maim, slaughter, rape, loot at will is driving the likes of Musharraf crazy. There can absolutely be no peace till the people with such mentality are there anywhere in this earth.

Either of the two, be it us or those who dream of our total subjugation under a Neo Islamic Empire are [to be] vanquished.

Be ready, be prepared, they are coming to get us.

This article has been contributed by Rahul Tripathi – an IITian, historian, political commentator, an old friend and well wisher of Agniveer.  

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