We seem to see a trend in some of the events that have happened with Agniveer site over past few weeks:

First there were consistent hacking attacks to bring down the site. After we moved the site to a more secured server with consistent backup and  security policies, we now started facing a different set of attacks.

– There was a TOI report putting baseless allegations on Agniveer. There were some more complaints made against the site on baseless pretexts. However being hosted and managed from locations that have most liberal information exchange norms for internet combined with stringent privacy norms, not much could be done by our detractors on this front.

– However the site has got banned in several countries.

– A general impression being emphasized by certain forces is that this is a hate site. However there is not one single article on the site that preaches any hatred against any person or community. There are definitely a lot of factual content that question established beliefs but it is purely academic in nature. We have consulted legal experts from various democratic countries and have been reaffirmed that nothing in the articles on the site can be termed as hatred material. Difference in opinion does not suffice to be termed as hatred.

– However, recently a new trend has intensified after the Babri Masjid issue. Now a lot of people are posting abusive comments to spur up more such abusive comments for everyone and hence get this site termed as a hate site or a phishing site. There may be further reasons for this that we may not be aware of. But most of the comments are coming from those regions of the world that are conventionally known to be terrorism hubs – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria etc. There have also been open threats for dire consequences. We have reasons to believe that these comments generate from an anti-India stance.

– We request all rational people from all communities to not get trapped by such ploys to instigate abuses. Remember that the site focuses only on intellectual analysis and not personal hatred. So refrain from making abusive comments, even if instigated or abused. We shall preserve these abusive comments purely to showcase how terrorist forces attempt to thwart any intellectual forum.

– For those who come new to site, please also note that the ONLY COMMENTS FROM ADMINISTRATORS are those with logo of Hand holding Sun and showing Admin or Agniveer as name of comment- maker.

NO OTHER COMMENTS, APART FROM THOSE DIRECTLY COMING FROM ADMIN, ARE FROM SITE ADMINS. Regardless of whether the comments support or criticize the article(s), they are NOT endorsed by Site Admins in ANY MANNER. We provide free access to everyone to comment for freedom of expression. However we DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ANY COMMENT made by ANY visitor. So kindly do not confuse those comments with views of Agniveer.

– To ensure that we do not get affected in site-ranking due to abusive comments, we may soon move to a third-party commenting system. We would also reduce the number of levels of comments threads to reduce abusive exchange of hatred that are not relevant to the article.

Finally we request all to maintain harmony and restrict discussions only to intellectual and academic points and DO NOT get abusive. It is not feasible nor we endorse comment policing, so we leave it to wisdom of the visitors to make best use of site features.

Also, for a topic demanding discussions which are not directly linked to subject of the article, kindly use the FORUM feature of the site. That would make it more meaningful and give you more freedom to express yourself.



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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • India is struggling because of these Leaders wearing Khaadi. All the parties, are concerned only for making Indian fool of themselves. Ramraj is not possible for the goodwill of humanity until and unless these khadi people are taught the lesson.

    These people are Anti-India and Anti-Humanity.

    I have tried to convey this message in my poetry.

    सफेद कुर्ता

    एक सफेद कुर्ता पहने उन्मादी
    बना बैठा है संसद मे प्रतिवादी
    अपने भाई बहनो की हत्या करके
    उनके गर्म रक्त का पान करके
    समझा रहा है अपनी आज़ादी

    अंदर एक असुर इसलिए बाहर है खादी
    वो कहता – उस शव की माँ उसकी भी है
    पर कोई माँ उस मरे पर क्यों सिसकी ले
    उसके सफेद कुर्ते मे तो दाग है सारी आबादी

    क्या चिंता उसको की देश फिर टूटे
    क्यों विधवा है आज अगर कल हुई थी शादी
    दुकानो की कमी नही कई उसके समाज मे
    चरित्रहींन ने वासनाओ की बाद बहा दी

    हमने पूछा किस संस्कृति की बात करते हो
    उनकी निकली नाली के चूहे वाली धर्मक्षेत्रवादी
    अच्छा लगा की चूहे भी यहाँ पवित्र हैं
    नही तो कहीं पर हैं चूहे – आतंकवादी

    रास्ते पर एक नर-संहार ने ध्यान खींचा
    दूर जाना है, बैठ गया बन आशावादी
    खादी वाला पेड़ काटने आया, बोला छाया मेरी है
    चला ही था की उसने उस छाया की हत्या करवा दी

    कहता है तुमने मेरी घांस कैसे काटी
    जबकि जंगल की घांस थी लहराती
    अब हम वनवासीओं के घर तोड़ना है
    छप्पर को कटते देखती रही आधी आबादी

    बोला, रेगिस्तान मे एक राजा अभी बना है
    वैसा बनना था इसलिए कहर बरपा दी
    अब शायद वो वैसा ही राजा बन जाए
    गरम रेगिस्तान बनाम ठंडा शमशानवादी
    एक सफेद कुर्ते का उन्मादी
    बना बैठा है संसद मे प्रतिवादी

  • agniveer in my view, this is actually good news, it shows what a good job your doing, it shows what kind dirty people these muslims, they know they cannot out debate you like that jackass truthofhinduism.com so they resort to dirty tactics like the sly people they are

  • This is a very good news that the site is drawing attention. The enemy is afraid and they are trying to destroy the site or truth as usual. We will attack more violently, more severely. It means they do not have any counter argument and start throwing mud. We are winning. Agniveer Ji, please crush them all, we are with you.

  • You be courageous and wise both extraordinary. Otherwise the fools and idiots will swarm like blind bees. Carry on what is right otherwise we are unfit to live.


  • Feel Really sad to hear this…instead of learning people are targeting website…..just coz they have no answer to truth exposed by arya ji….

    This world need cure and agniveer is the cure.



  • Namaste Agniveerji

    The problem in India is that Congress is trying to please the minorities while abusing the majority. Congress is evil and needs to be destroyed. What has this stupid Congress dressed up like Milk Men doing to alleviate the dogs lives now being led by once Indian Hindus now living in Bangladesh & Pakistan.

    Congress needs to learn from Nelson Mandela who fought for majority rights. If the majority are happy the minorities will be happy. Why is Pakisatn not giving HIndus freedom like how Muslims have freedom in India. Why is Bangladesh not giving Hindus freedom like Muslims have freedom in India. What is this stupid Congress about. Everbody knows Nehru is poking (bonking) Mountabatten’s wife. He was a disgrace just like Babur.

    Congress murdabad, Veda Zindabad.

    Raj Aggarwal Arya

    • Namaskar Raj Aggarwal Arya ji,

      I am very very sorry about the current political scenario in India. You have mentioned Congress, which should not be the case to be mentioned here. Congress represents a major part of India (Hindu + Muslims), so please avoid making statements against Congress.

      No doubt that congress ideology is the best but its policies are the worst and more focused on Satta ( Power ). It supports Muslims which are ignorant about the facts of Islam. Let Muslims become educated and know their patriarchy and matriarchy. They would realize the fact soon that they have been exploited since centuries by the outsiders and Islamic invaders in particular. I have a soft corner for our Muslim brothers as they are part of our culture and in-fact blood.

      So, Congress if does anything good for Muslims should be welcomed, till the time it is not against Hindus (Hinduism is not a religion but a mixture of faith).

      I may seem to be biased towards Muslims, but they are our blood-brothers, though they consider ourselves as Bloody-Brothers 🙁

      Every political party be it C******* or B** is corrupt and inclined more towards their bank-balance and grasping the power. No doubt that C****** may even lead to the further division of this country in the times to the come but we Indians enjoying to be with it. Channels like U, V and M have gained their positions in the mindset of Indians (Specially youths). Girls and Boys want to become animal and call the animal-instinct as their freedom of expression and liberty to live their lives.



    • Congress is Hindu-Phobic and Muslim-manic, hence it may be called All India British MuChri Congress Pvt Ltd. run by Nehru clan on behest of MI-6; hence all its policies are completely on the British lineage, be it J&K or Pakistan or Bangladesh. Internally too is anti-Hindu and great Indian identity, educational policy are also devised to promote/invoke non-Indian attitude in students. Everybody in India favors pan-English-ism in spite of Nationalism and Indian Identity. Our bureaucracy also is rotten by these elements, hence all-round corruption prevails everywhere in so much disgusting manner that it is now defaming Indian Nation too. Congress Shahjade claims childishly Bangladesh victory as his own ancestral heroism, but forget that his great grandfather have the rightful and exclusive credit of Kashmir occupancy by the Pakistan and large chunk of Himalayan area lost to China by the foolish policy of Nehru, who could not won any war with the neighboring invaders. Comparing patriotic RSS with SIMI [Pakistanist] Recently he said migrated Biharis are making Maharashtra prosperous, who could not make their own land livable. This foolish person is projected as future PM of India by the incumbent PM and his sycophant party-men. A tail wagging sycophant barking with comparison of this foolish person with doyen figure Jaiprakash Narayan. Congress is nothing but a congregation of different sycophantic gangs only; without any ideology only aiming to power.

      • Shri Kishorkant ji,

        Please avoid making harsh comments on Congress. Everyone knows about it. Do not forget that it had a brave Lady Indira (Though she committed some blunders like destruction of Sacred Swarna Mandir . I do not wish to get into depth over it.) Did you forget Shri Sanjay Ghandi (True Arya).

        Congress should not be criticized because it would make sure that the site to become inoperative. No doubt that Congress has always been anti-Human and anti-India, but I still respect this part because it has got people’s mandate. There are few insiders [ Jaya chands ] in Congress who decide the future of 100 crore people.

        —– Why Mr Jawahar Lal and Mr Mahatma Ghadhi were against Shri Subhash Chandra Bose when they supported World War ?

        I feel that all the National Parties are scraps (Even BJP which has not proved its worthiness)



  • Agneeji,
    Hate e mails and threts coming from Islamic hub means what you are saying in your web sites and Bloggers like me on our sites is making cult of hate nervous and they cant handle truth and these arm twisting tecnics are used by them.

    Please dont get dishearted at the end truth will set these morons and member of cult free and bring them them to theier root Sanatan Dharma..


    Sam Hindu

  • Namaste Agniveerji,
    Rashtrsant Tukdoji maharaj ne laharaki barkha sholk me kuch 1000 shlok 1940-1965 ke darmyan lihke huye hai. usme se ek niche de raha hu.

    गैय्या कटे, मदिरा बढे,सिने-नाटो का जोर है |
    व्यभिचार खुल्ला चल रहा,घर-घर घुसे घुसखोर है ||
    गुंडही मर्द कहालायेगा,साधू को तो पत्थर गालीया |
    वा रे तुम्हारा राज,रावण को भी लजवा दिया ||
    लहरकी बरखा –राष्ट्रसंत तुकडोजी महाराज —

  • Bhajan composed by Rashtransat Tukdoji Maharaj (DOB-1909 and Death -1968)
    लड जायेंगे, बढ जायेंगे । हम हिम्मत के साथ ।
    मजाल क्या है किस शत्रुकी ! धरे हमारा हाथ ॥टेक॥

    भारत है बलवान,सच्चा है इन्सान। रृषियोंकी संतान , यहा प्रगटे भगवान । यहा खडी है वीर शिवाजी-महाराणाकी जात ॥ मजाल क्या है किस ॥१॥

    ज़ांशी की रानी,यहा थी मर्दानी। बंदा बैरागी उअन्की कुर्बानी ।
    भगतसिंग की हिम्मत बांकी। हंसी शूलके साथ ॥ मजाल क्या है ॥२॥

    गुरु-गोविंद की खडी सदा समशेर। नेपाली गुरखा है हिम्मत का शेर ।
    घर-घर में है वीर हमारे । करेम् जान खैरात ॥ मजाल क्या है ॥३॥

    हम सच्चे के साथ, धोकेबाज पर लात । विश्वमनुजकी याद,लेके बने आजाद । भारत माके स्वतंत्रता की । ज्योत जले दिनरात ॥ मजाल क्या है ॥३॥

    सुभाषबाबूने सेना की बलवान। देश्के खातिरमें प्राण किये कुर्बान।

    तुकड्यादास कहे हम सारे । करे शत्रु-नि:पात ॥ मजाल क्या है ॥५॥

  • क्या आप अपनी वेबसाइट पर हिंदी में भी articles प्रकट कर सकते हैं, जो कि हिंदी में लोग पढ़ कर लाभ उठा सकें.
    -स्वामी विवेकानन्द परिव्राजक.

    • नमस्ते स्वामीजी
      हम चाहते हैं की हिंदी में अधिकाधिक लेख हों| किन्तु हमारे पास हिंदी लिपि में लिखने वालों का अभाव है| किन्तु योजना तो यह है कि प्रत्येक लेख का हिंदी अनुवाद भी हो, एवं विशिष्ट हिंदी लेखों के लिए अलग से भी प्रबंध हो| यदि आप के पास हिंदी में लेख हों तो अवश्य दीजिये| कुछ सुन्दर भजन व मंत्रोच्चारण हो तो भी दीजिये| आने वाले लेखों में हम इनका समावेश करना चाहते हैं, कुछ पिछले लेखों में भी किया है – जैसे ॐ, गायत्री एवं शांति पाठ|

      हिंदी में १-२ पन्ने के पत्रक हो तो भी दीजिये, हमारे कार्यकर्ता उनको प्रिंट कराकर बांटेंगे|
      सादर धन्यवाद

      • Namaste Agniveerji,
        Mai jo niche bhajan de raha hu vo Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj ne 1965 me likha huaa hai….

        भारत शानदार हो मेरा ! भारत शानदार हो मेरा ॥टेक॥

        मै सेवक बलवान, सिपाही, रहूँ देशका प्यारा ।

        शुध्द चरित्र्य, लिनता, ममता यहि मेरा निर्धारा ॥१॥

        हिंदु, इसाई,बुध्द ,पारसी, मुस्लिम, जिन गुरु-द्वारा ।

        ‘ भाई ‘, समझकर सबसे बरतूं , यहि लगाकर नारा ॥२॥

        सदा रहूँ उद्योगी , तनसे करु व्यायाम पियारा।

        नित्य करुं प्रार्थना सामुहिक,लेकर जन-गण सारा ॥३॥

        सुन्दर गाँव बनाय,बहादूं, मित्र – प्रेमकि धारा ।

        तुकड्यादास कहे घर-घर करुं, रामराज्य-उजियारा ॥४॥

      • Dhanyvad Agniveerji,
        Niche diyee huyee jo hai vo hai Rashtravandana ….Ye jab Tukdoji Maharaj ne compose kiye aaur gayee gayee tab us vakt sarkar ke kuch logo ne (1955 me) isme ki kuch line nikalene ko boli thi vo
        line thi –सारा भारत रहे शिपाई,शत्रु को दहशाने ।
        Sarkar ke logo ka kahna tha ki humara desh anhisa vadi hai yesi line humara geeto me nahi honni
        chahiye . Lekin phir kuch dinno ke bad ye line add kar di. Gurudeo Sevamdal ki 40,000 gao me shakhaye hai. Jaha bhi Gurudeo sevamandal ka programme hota hai vaha ye rashtravandan lsamrop
        ki taur pe gayee jathi hai. Humare vidarbh me kuch school me bhi ye Rashtavandana gayee jati hai.
        Muje lagta hai ye humara Rashtrgeet (National Anthem ) hona chahiye …Lekin kya kare 1955 me kuch
        partyo ke logono isko virodh kiya. Aaj political logo ki halat usase kahi guni buri hai.

        (तर्ज : जन-गण-मन)

        तन-मन-धन से सदा सुखी हो भारत देश हमारा ।
        सभी धर्म अरु सभी पंथ पक्ष को, दिलसे रहे पियारा ॥
        विजयी हो, विजयी हो, विजयी हो भारत देश हमारा ॥टेक॥

        निर्भय हो इस देश की माता ,मंगल किर्ती कराने ।
        सत्य-शील अरु निर्मल मनसे , वीरोको उपजाने ॥
        सदगुणी हो इस देश की जनता, जीवन सुख सजवाने ।
        रंक-राव-पंडीत-भिकारी, सबको सुख दिलवाने ॥

        विजयी हो, विजयी हो, विजयी हो भारत देश हमारा ॥१॥

        स्पृश्यास्पृश्य हते यह सारा, देश् कलंक मिटाने ।
        सबके मन कर्तव्यशील हो, धन उद्योग बढाने ।
        सबका हो विश्वास प्रभूपर, अपनी शक्ति बढाने ।
        ब्रम्हचर्य, अध्यात्म दैविगुण,घर-घर में प्रगटाने ॥

        सारा भारत रहे शिपाई,शत्रु को दहशाने ।
        तुकड्यादास कहे स्फ़ूर्ती हो, सबको भक्ति कराने ।

        विजयी हो, विजयी हो, विजयी हो भारत देश हमारा ॥२॥

        – रचियता: राष्ट्रसंत तुकडोजी महाराज

      • Namaste Agniveerji,
        Mai jo niche bhajan de raha hu vo Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj ne 1960-1968 ke darmyan me likha huaa hai….
        प्यारा हिंदुस्थान है, गोपालोंकी शान है ।

        वीरोंका मैदान, इसमें भक्तोंके भगवान है ॥ टेक॥

        आओ इसे जगायेंगे, भारतको बदलायेंगे।

        बलवीरों ऊठो तुमतो, रृषियोंकी संतान है ॥१॥

        आजादी के जंग में, आबादी के रंग में ।

        बीरोंको चेतायेंगे, हटवायेंगे शैतान है ॥२॥

        यहाँपर भी हनुमान थे, अर्जुन से बलवान थे ।

        महाराणा प्रताप, इसमे शिवाजीके प्राण है ॥३॥

        कवियोंकि खदान है,गीताके गुणगान है ।

        तिलक महात्मा गांधी सारे भारत का अभिमान है ॥४॥

        तुकड्याकी आवाज,भारत सदा रहे सिरताज है ।

        फ़ुले फ़लेगा राज, चाहे हो जावे बलिदान है ॥५॥

      • Namaste Agniveerji,
        Niche diya hua bhajan Rashtrsant Tukdoji Maharaj (DOB-1909- Death-1968) 1953 me Japan ke logo ko diaya hua uttar hai. Jab vo Japan gaye the (Vishwashant parishad ke liye ) to Annanaike sanstha ke president ne unko vaha aashram banake rahne ke binati ki thi to uske uttar me Tukdoji Maharaj ne ye bhajan gaya tha.
        मुझे प्यारा भारत मेरा ॥टेक॥

        गंगासम जहाँ पावन नदियाँ, जिनका क्षेत्र किनारा ॥१॥

        सेतु-हिमाचल भूषण जिनके, जहाँ कैलास पियारा ॥२॥

        उपजत जहा श्रीकृष्ण राम – सम, वीर हनुमान पुजारा ॥३॥

        अर्जुनसम जहा भक्त प्रकट भये, रणकर्कश अति थोरा ॥४॥

        भीष्म पितामह सम हटवादी, द्रौपदी सम सति तारा ॥५॥

        रोम रोम तक कृष्ण पुकारे, ऐसा प्रेम अपारा ॥६॥

        तुकड्यादास कहे न छोडूं, जबतक, जियमें जियारा ॥७॥

      • Agniveerji,

        Thanks for the clarifications. I was shocked after seeing some personal attacks by certain overenthusiastic individuals in response to some of my innocuous postings. There can always be disagreement on certain issues in any intellectual discussion. However, it is not appropriate to launch personal attack on someone–this kind of attack also goes against the teachings of Vedic Dharma. We can promote Vedic teachings only by behaving in respectful and dignified manner with others in spite or provocation.



      • Namaste Sanjeevji

        We appreciate your maturity. Typically what happens is that when a few people with malicious intent start abusive posts, that creates an environment of hatred. Under such situations, mistrust increases and even well-intended posts of genuine people tend to be viewed otherwise.

        One of the goals of the site is to train everyone of us to be able to deal effectively with such situations, because this is the most powerful technique used today to create internal divisions and destroy unity of noble people.

        That is why we largely keep the comments unmoderated so that we tend to get acclimatized and desensitized to such ploys. We also request everyone to ignore any personal remarks made against you by anyone and simply focus on the goal. This is called Titiksha and this is considered compulsory must for anyone on path of spirituality. In a way this is obvious – because for a Vedic warrior, its always Idanna Mama – Nothing personal!

        So we should ignore such attacks, if any and go a step further by trying to understand the mindset of the other person(s) and forgive these short-term frustrations. When we pardon innumerable mistakes of our own self throughout the life, why have a different standard for our other family members!


      • Thanks again for clarifications. I am sure that you will continue educating people regarding Vedic Dharma.

        Best Wishes,