Myth 1 : Problem is not with consensual interfaith marriage. Problem is only with Muslim Man hiding his Muslim identity and posing as Hindu.

Reality Check : This is foolish. A Hindu girl doesn’t know anything about Islamic Sharia law that governs social life of Muslims. Hence even if she is completely aware of man’s identity, she is still unaware of what is waiting for her.

Thus she needs to be stopped.

Myth 2 : Hindu girl can marry a Muslim man while being Hindu under Special Marriage Act in courts. In this way no conversion happens.

Reality Check : Special Marriage is again a farce. Because

a. In most cases, girl is forced to accept Islam after marriage. When there are kids, she has no choice. Kids are by default Muslims and now hardly any woman resists what her own kids are following. She has to fall in.

b. Kids are always Muslims by default as told earlier. Hence in long run, this is effectively Love Jihad. Even if woman remains Hindu for life (probability is 0.0001), her kids, their kids and so on will all be Muslims damaging demographic balance.

Myth 3 : You can only teach your daughter good things. You can’t force her as she is adult. If she loves someone, you have to respect her decision.

Reality Check : Knowing what awaits them in coming days, even forcing daughter for her good is not a bad option. It will save her life. She will not be shared as prostitute with other men (check Meerut, Muzaffarnagar incidents) before getting sold to a Saudi Shaikh and disappear forever.

Yes, I know this is unpopular view. It is patriarchal view. It is whole lot of sh*t. But I don’t give a damn as long as girls are getting protected from slavery of lifetime.

If you know any Hindu girl in love with some Pervez or Waqar or Aamir, contact Agniveer on [email protected] (CLJ stands for Combat Love Jihad) with details.

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