Islam has been drawing a lot of attention these days. The violence around the world and poor socio-economic conditions of Muslims in countries having highest number of Islam followers (Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and African countries) have people including progressive Muslims wondering why the best religion ofAllah is so blatantly being persecuted by Allah’s will.

Various Mullahs give various explanations to this anomaly. Some claim that this world is Dead and Muslims would have prosperity in that world (Heaven). Refer ‘Dual Islam’ by noted Islamic scholar of Pakistan Ghulam Jilani Barq. The new almost-Prophet of semi-literate Muslims, Dr Zakir Naik has a smarter answer. He says: Do not judge a car by its driver. Similarly do not judge Islam by its followers. Judge it only by its Scriptures and Prophets.

Well, any rational person can immediately point out the blatant fallacy in his analogy. I leave it to readers to point that out themselves. However, what we have been trying to do in this series is to evaluate Islam as per Zakir Naik’s recommendations. We have already assessed the Scripture namely Quran in this series. We shall continue that later. But on special request of several of our Muslim friends, who were speechless after analyses of modern Quran, let us look at some of the Prophets of Islam in this article. We shall then resume our analysis of Quran from next article.

(Please note that we have not dwelt into Hadiths because they have already been amply exposed by various scholars in last 100 years and many of these analyses are available on sites like Faith Freedom andJesus Allah. Now even many Islamic scholars have started admitting that Hadiths are piece of trash and no way part of Islam. Till few decades ago, Hadiths were considered indispensable to understand Quran and practices of Islam! This is a step in right direction and hopefully in coming times even those verses of Quran and those Prophets would also be rejected who do not qualify the minimum requirements of humanity, character and rationality.)

Ask any Muslim to describe fundamentals of Islam in two word. He would state – Tawheed (Unity of Allah) and Risalat (Belief in Prophets). We have been reviewing and shall review Tawheed in other articles. For now let us focus on Risalat.

Risalat is based on premise that certain people came with Allah’s message and they were specially endowed. It is obvious that character of these special people would have been right examples for their society. After all one cannot start believing the claims of every criminal, murderer, rapist, thief etc of being a Rasul or Prophet! Great people lead not only by their thoughts and actions, but more so by their character and example. Hence we have a simple test to verify claims of Risalat – the Rasuls or Prophets should not have set any wrong example in their conduct or character. Being specially empowered by Allah, their characters should display special brilliance compared to mundane people. Let us now apply this simple test on some of the Islamic prophets. If we find even one example of immoral or criminal or perverted conduct in their lives that contradict their own teachings, they shall cease to be called Prophets. I leave the judgment on readers. I shall merely list events and descriptions from scriptures for some of the Prophets.

Prophet Moses

Surate Kasas 14-15:

Then Moses punched him and killed him. Moses said that this act of mine is that of a Satan. Satan is the enemy that deviates. O God, I have tortured myself, so forgive me. So Allah forgave him!

Perhaps Bin Laden can also claim such Risalat!

Prophet Lot

Surat Safat 131-134:

Lot is a Prophet. When I freed him and his family, but an old lady, we destroyed everyone else.

For this Prophet Lot, it is mentioned in Bible Genesis 19.36 that Lot fathered children by having act with his two daughters.

Had Quran differed from Bible on this point, it should have clearly mentioned it in same way as it mentions in various places that Trinity concept of Jesus is wrong and even origin of Jesus as given i Bible is wrong.

Prophet Yusuf

Surate Yusuf details the story of Prophet Yusuf. We do not believe that detailing the entire story would be relevant here. But what is relevant is that he cheated his brothers and implicated one of the brothers on false charge of theft (Surate Yusuf Rakua 70-75).

Why would a Prophet do such a thing? If Allah has written everyone’s destiny in Lohe Mahfooz book, can’t he write a better method for at least the prophets to solve their problems (if any) in more honest manner than such rogue means?

Prophet Khizar

He is also described in Surate Kahf 74-80. He murdered an innocent child. Moses asked him why he did so. He replied that the parents of the child were honest believers. So Khizar was scared that the child may rebel  and deviate the believing parents. Hence he killed him.

Are we discussing prophets or psychopaths who justify killing children because they may turn bad people in future!

Prophet Muhammad

He is supposed to be the last and most perfect prophet. Let us evaluate some stories of his life as given in Quran and detailed by the most authoritative commentator of Quran – Jalalyn.

Surate Ahazav 37 narrates that Muhammad bought Zaid before he became Prophet and then freed him. He made him his foster-son. Though it is advised that one should not leave his wife and give her Talaq, but in heart Prophet had secret love with Zaid’s wife Zainab which only Allah knew and was about to announce. But Prophet was scared that people would ridicule him if he married his daughter-in-law. Then Zaid divorced Zainab and completed the period of Iddat. After that Muhammad married Zainab as per the secret affection. This was done so that Muslims could easily marry the wives of their adopted sons after divorce. Whatever Allah orders, necessarily happens.

O Muhammad, you are not father of any male. Hence Zainab is not Haram for you.(Surate Ahazav 40)

O Muhammad, I have made Halal for you your wives whom your paid Mehar and those women who are your slaves. (Surata Ahazav 50)

Muhammad can marry any woman who is Muslim and surrenders her life to Muhammad without any Mehar. But other Muslims should pay Mehar.

Interestingly, another Ayat in Surate Ahazav 53 negates the previous Ayat and states: O Muhammad, you should not marry any more women except whom you have already married (9 in number), neither should you replace any of them with another woman, even though you admire their beauty. But you can keep as many slave-girls as you want.

Some points to ponder:

a. Muhammad had feeling of lust for his daughter-in-law that only Allah knew.

b. Muhammad forced Zaid to divorce Zainab to fulfill the lust (The biography of Muhammad Al-Tabari states that once Muhammad had seen Zainab in nude and hence developed the attraction.

c. Allah had to prohibit Muhammad from further marriages. Why?

d. Muhammad had a weakness to admire beauty of other women from perspective of marriage. After death of his first wife Khadija, he could not remain monogamous.

e. The permission to have unlimited slave-girls continued.

Al-Tahreem 1 details more on the slave-girl aspect. Refer Tafseer-e-Jalalyan

Muhammad once went to spend night with his wife Hafsa (Muhammad used to spend night with one wife each night and had potency of 1000 men as per some Hadiths). Hafsa was not there. So Muhammad used Hafsa’s bed to have ??? with his servant Maria. Hafsa was upset to know about this. So Muhammad said that Maria is haram on him for future. Then Allah downloaded the Ayat that said that who is Muhammad to term Haram whatever Allah has made Halal for him. Since slave-girls are Halal, who is Muhammad to overrule it.

There are some more twists in the story. But ultimately Allah sent another Ayat which said that if wives of Muhammad objected to his slave-girls (or whatever is Halal to Muhammad), the Prophet shall divorce all his wives and shall be gifted with better wives who are believers, devoted, agreeable, virgin and beautiful.

Tafseer-e-Husaini states that widow of Firaun – Aasiya and mother of Jesus – Mary shall become wives of Muhammad in Heaven.

Do we need to state further to point that the modern version of Quran has denigrated the character of Muhammad like anything. The hallmark of perfection has become an object of ridicule for entire world. Wise Muslims would do justice to their existence if they reject all those verses of modern Quran which denigrate their prophets or set such cheap standards of religion.

Moses killed someone, Lot made his daughters pregnant, Muhammad lusted his daughter-in-law and kept silent only for fear of public and then revealed Ayat to fulfill his lust, legitimized adultery and keep of sex-slaves. Do these descriptions fit any divine text or great role models?

Great people would always set great examples of character. So reject those verses of modern Quran which denigrate the Allah and quality of his prophets. Further reject that book which claims to be final word of Allah and yet had scope for such stories and gossip. A true spiritual or divine text will not describe such stupid stories.

This amply shows that the current Quran is a human creation, adulterated, and denigrates Muhammad and other Prophets. Reject such texts and embrace Vedas which are free from such stories, are eternal, unchanged since inception and provide timeless knowledge.

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