Constitution of India is not Geeta and Indian Democracy is not a temple as foolishly claimed by some moron Drama masters.

Book that allows rape of Muslim women in name of polygamy and Halala can not be my Geeta.

It remains an ordinary book for me.

Someone who does not have guts to remove filthy rape laws of Sharia should not try to become reformer on Goraksha.

Implement UCC and 2 kids policy first.

First prove to a Kairana Hindu that next time his daughter steps out to go to school, Jihadi hooligans will not pull her Dupatta.

Prove to a Moradabad Hindu that no Jihadi goons will now come to remove loudspeakers from temples.

Prove to me that no Jihadi mob can lynch me in Ghaziabad (I was almost lynched in 2007) and law is above them.

Until you do that, hang your head in shame and introspect.

Is it right to criticise Hindu reactionary forces that came into existence after the slaughter/rape of a million innocent Hindu-Sikhs in partition and crores even before?

When you and your Charkha heroes fail(ed) to protect them, they had two options.

Either surrender to Jihadis or prepare to take them on.

I believe in latter being follower of Maharana Pratap.

When survival is at stake, you don’t play flutes of development.

You have to get real and rip monsters apart. Otherwise they will rip you.

A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow

Series: Discover Hinduism, Book 1
Genre: Religion

First ever book dispelling myths about beef and animal sacrifice in Hinduism! First book ever giving 94 ways to rip beef-lover apart. From Discover Hinduism series.

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Gorksha Agniveer

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