Q. What is your take on growing India’s hard power as exhibited today? Feeling proud?

A. On 15th Aug or 26th Jan, I used to sing Patriotic songs – Aao bachchon tumhe dikhaayen, Mera rang de basanti chola, chhoro kal ki baatin kal ki baat purani, insaaf ki dagar pe bachchon dikhaao chal ke, nanha munna rahi hoon and many more songs in full volume whole day on terrace until my throat choked or Amma (mother) scolded – “Ab to shaam ho gayi hai, ab to khana kha le (The day is about to end, atleast have some thing to eat now!)”.

I was the only one in my district to have remembered all these Deshbhakti songs. I was so passionate that until I was in school, nobody could lift first prize trophy in singing with their bollywood romantic songs. I always came first with Rang de basanti chola or aao bachchon tumhe dikhaayen. I had so much anger on British for looting my nation for 200 years. All my school friends, classmates, teachers, principals, MPs, CMs and PMs taught me how bad British were. And how we fought our war of independence. I would lead my school’s parade on 26th January every year. They would dress me like Subhash, some times Bhagat Singh.

Once they offered me to be Nehru. I said dress me like Maharana Pratap. Teacher laughed. Said- we only want freedom fighters. I asked wasn’t Pratap one? She laughingly said- oh! Did he fight British? But he fought Mughals, I asked. Fine but that was India’s internal matter- she replied. Hindus and Muslims are all equal Indians.

I was restless. So Pratap fought an Indian king! Akbar and Mughals were Indians! My common sense contradicted and I contested her. She kicked me out of parade that year.

That day I realised one thing. Abusing British was a patriotic thing to do. Asking origin of Muslims in India was blasphemy. And I got my answers. Might is right.

Then suddenly, all pictures of Chittor’s Jouhar of thousands of women, cut-head of Prithviraj Chouhan hanging from the gates of Ghori’s fort, ruins of Somnath demolished by Ghazni, 30,000 men, women and children butchered by Akbar in Chittor, demolition of my God’s Janmabhumi – Ram Mandir and a forced structure over its ruins were all dancing in front of my eyes.

So murderers of millions, rapists of lacs, enemies of our heroes are Indians. Only evil are British as they are no more here. From that day, I stopped being emotional on these two days. I was fighting a wrong enemy all along. Now I only get emotional on Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Gobin, Banda Vairagi, Hari Singh Nalwa, Ahom fighters and those who fought real and bigger enemies.

Now coming back to how I feel. Consider me a man who had to leave his home – Kairana few months back because now Government of India has no writ whatsoever in Kairana and because Kairana is a law and order issue and because law and order issue is a state subject. Population of certain Indians has crossed a threshold so now I had two options-

a. Leave
b. Get my wife abducted.

I chose first. And now today, I am happy that my India is secure under Agni and Prithvi.
Kairana is just a constituency.
Malda, Deganga, Murshidabad, Mallapuram, Dhulagarh are few constituencies.
Fringe cases. Not to be generalised. Delhi is safe. India is stronger. India can beat the shit out of any threat.

If you are infected with virus named ‘political correctness’, no Agni or Prithvi or Brahmos can save you. If you stop explosions from outside, you will implode from within. If you don’t shun political correctness.

Earlier we had ideology but not missiles. We were conquered from outside. Now we have missiles but not ideology. We can be conquered from within.

Prepare BrahMos of steel for outside. Prepare BrahMos of ideology for within. Only way to be invincible.

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