The first step to mastering anything is to commit 4 continuous hours to it. Just work, no research, no analysis. Do it mechanically even if you do not understand anything or feel any control. Avoid any distractions. No phone, no internet, no gossip. Nothing except sipping water or taking short bio-breaks. Just you and your subject.

Once these 4 hours are over, you have created the Sanskars to propel you ahead.

Early mornings are best time for this.

Literally any habit can be acquired or eliminated.
Follow the 4-20-10-60-100 rule.

First 4 hours of continuous uninterrupted focus on task.

Then commit 20 hours of time on task in least possible duration possible.

Then be in touch with task for next 10 days.

By this time, habit will have made its home in your mind.

Continue for 60 days and habit will become part of subconscious. Like driving a car – you need not think actively about it.

If you persist for 100 days, you will never forget it for life.

There are additional hacks to make it even more deeper and quicker. But this vanilla formula itself will do wonders.

(Derived from Vedic mantras and Yog Sutra (Vyasa Bhashya), corroborated by several researches)

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