Publish on Agniveer

Agniveer has started a pilot of encouraging community to publish on Agniveer. We offer two options to publish on Agniveer:

Guest Publisher

  • Anyone can publish her views on Agniveer by visiting Submit Article page and submitting the content.
  • The post will be reviewed by Editorial Team and published if found appropriate.
  • Your name would appear as author of the post.
  • It will be published in Guest category.
  • All posts from your name would be available in this format

Premium Author

A Premium Author has additional very powerful privileges:

  • She is provided a login and password to access the backend of Agniveer.
  • Publish posts without waiting for approval.
  • Add subtitle
  • Add Source and Source Url
  • Create different snippets for Google search engine
  • Get analysis on best recommendations for high search engine visibility
  • Get analysis on readability of post
  • Choose separate Facebook and Twitter description, title, image
  • Add Click To Tweet and Social Share buttons
  • Use advanced formatting
  • Create Reviews
  • Make smart lists
  • Edit Author Biography and link with different social networks
  • Add Author Image
  • Edit their posts in future
  • Have a dedicated page with all posts from the author displayed elegantly

To apply for Premium Author, please write to [email protected] with

Subject: Premium Author Application along with a few samples of your writings

Initially you will be provided rights to create posts but not publish it. Once you are comfortable with interface and Editorial team approves your quality, you will be made a full-fledged Premium Author. A Premium Author is chosen very carefully because it provides enormous privileges.

Publishing Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

  • Use simple language, easy to use words, avoid jargons. Write for everyone. Instead of trying to prove your intellect by sounding scholarly, be simple, genuine, and interesting.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Ninety percent language mistakes can be avoided if you write simple, short, and do not try to prove your expertise. Use a spell check or install Grammarly on your browser to help, if necessary. We hate spelling mistakes because they show you are not serious about your quality, in the era of spell-checkers.
  • Keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy (so many available online). But do not use new words just to impress everyone.
  • Use short titles and short excerpts. Making them long will make your post useless for search engines and readers. Google deletes everything after 65 characters in Title and 156 characters in description.
  • Use a rectangular image of high quality (but less than 1 MB) in the post. The main theme of image must be in middle, or they may be cropped in different settings. Height should be less than width.
  • Facebook has a weird problem of picking up old information about your post even after you have made changes. To avoid this, after you publish a post or make any changes, go to and paste the URL of post. Now Fetch new scrape information. You may have to do it 3-4 times to see correct information (Facebook provides a preview at bottom of page). This is an issue with Facebook and has no other solution.
  • Do not use complex formatting or useless HTML tags like <div>, <span>. Or else your article will not show properly on Google and Facebook Mobile. The safest way is to write simple, press enter for new paragraphs, not decorate the content too much to make it look like a Dance Bar. You can use italics, bolds, underline rarely. You can add images in between. You can provide links. But avoid colorings, short-codes etc.
  • Do not use tables or tags like <td>, <tr>.
  • Do not copy paste from Microsoft Word or any such editor. If you must copy your content from somewhere, first paste in Notepad (on Windows), or Textedit in plain text mode (on Mac) and then copy from there. Then add additional formatting manually. If you do not follow this guideline, your post will be rejected by Facebook, Google, and Agniveer.
  • Premium Authors MUST publish regularly. We track both quality and quantity of content for Premium Author privilege.
  • While we may monitor content for language and format, we DO NOT necessarily monitor content for its subject matter. We are NOT responsible for authenticity or appropriateness of any content. We are also not responsible for any misuse of copyrighted material or plagiarism. We have zero liability for these. If we get any legal order on this, we will remove the content with zero liability on us. All liabilities for content lies on author and not Agniveer. This is like in case of Facebook, Twitter, or Google. So before posting, keep this in mind.
  • Agniveer has right to remove any content it finds inappropriate, or modify it without providing explanations.
  • Agniveer has no financial obligation towards any author.
  • The copyright for content posted on Agniveer site is with Agniveer. You are not allowed to publish the same content on other sites. This is good for you as well because duplicate content can cause Google to penalize your content. You can however freely share the content on social network or through other forms apart from website posts.
  • In same vein, if you have already published a post on some other site, do not post on Agniveer unless you have adequately modified the content and have approval from original site owners. We respect originality. If there are copyright issues, we are not responsible. Liability is with the author alone.
  • Do not publish content to promote any third-party product or site.
  • We have right to modify the information on this page or incorporate additional/ modified clauses anytime.