Nirbhaya's parents protest against the release of juvenile delinquent in Nirbhaya Case, at India Gate in the Capital on Sunday-----The Statesman----Himanshu Sharma---------20--12--15

So the ‘juvenile’ Jihadi Mohammad Afroz, prime convict in Delhi Gang Rape case last year, will play games and watch TV in Delhi’s Juvenile Shelter Home (that has been called as jail to fool people) for next 3 years…sorry 2.4 years as he has already had fun for 8 months after his devil deed. And he will be kept in a separate cabin with Z class security. This is the punishment (?) our courts could offer to an animal who raped and killed a woman in most brutal manner. Kindly visit this for more details

So the recipe to enjoy TV, games, food etc in a separate room for 3 years absolutely free in India is to rape a woman first and use rod or any other tool to make sure that she dies the most painful death. Then prove in court using fake school certificate that you were a kid of 17 years and 11 months who did not know what he was doing. And once the courts agree that you are a kid based on that fake certificate and there is no need for bone test to certify age, you are done.

It is worth mentioning that worldwide
juvenile age is around 15-17 and that too changes with the nature and gravity of crime. From case to case and situations to situations, the juvenile age is decided in other civilized countries. In fact, for crimes like rape and murder, even 10 year olds in USA are tried in adult courts. But its really shameful to have such disgusting legal setup in our own India that calls the nation a mother! A blot on humanity that denies justice in the name of following irrational law. Its time to challenge this idiotic law and reopen the case. No man made law can supersede natural justice and reason.

Sorry Sister. You were born in the nation of idiots and cowards.

Sorry Sisters. Unless you become Durga, your nation openly refuses to provide you any protection of dignity.

Sorry Brothers. Unless you become Krishna, your nation openly incentivizes molestation of your sisters, mothers and daughters.

Sorry Indians. Unless you wake up, there will be no reason left to be proud to be Indian. Visit this for more details

Lets all unite so that natural justice prevails.

Here is what Damini asks me and every Indian every day…

कानों में यकायक उठी बेबस सी सिसकियां
मैंने पलट के देखा तो इक लड़की थी वहाँ
जब गौर से देखा तो आसमान फट गया
जो चल बसी वो मेरी बहन थी खड़ी वहाँ

देखा तो मुझे दर्द का सैलाब फट पड़ा
आँखों में उसके जुल्म का तूफान फट पड़ा
पूछा जब उसने भाई तू क्यों नहीं आया
गैरों ने देख क्या किया तू क्यों नहीं आया

वो चोट जिस्म पर लिए चुपचाप खड़ी थी
वहशत के निशाँ तन पे थे पर मौन खड़ी थी
छह मर्दों की नामर्दी से अकेली लड़ी थी
आखिर में उसे लेने को फिर मौत खड़ी थी

तन खून से लथपथ था आँचल गिरा लिया
सर उसने मेरी बाँह में अपना छिपा लिया
मंजर ये देख पत्थर दिल भी पिघल गए
सूरज ने भी ये देख खुद को छिपा लिया

वो बोली क्या राखी है बस धागे का एक नाम
क्या बहन की हिफाजत भाई का नहीं काम?
दुशासनों ने फिर से घसीटी है द्रौपदी
क्यों कृष्ण ने बचाया नहीं बहन का सम्मान?

राखी है नाम भाई का बहनों को बचाना
राखी है नाम मर्द का औरत को बचाना
राखी है नाम अजनबी को बहन बनाना
फिर बहन की रक्षा में जी जान लगाना

पर यहाँ तो दस्तूर हैं हैवानों के जारी
खुद अपने ही होते हैं कई बार शिकारी
हर एक की जुबां पे हैं माँ बहन की गाली
हर एक जबां गंदी है हर आँख है काली

हे भाई तू सब बहनों की रक्षा सदा करना
दुशासनों की दुनिया में श्रीकृष्ण तुम बनना
हर द्रौपदी के सर पे अपना हाथ बढ़ाना
मानवता क्या होती है ये दुनिया को दिखाना

इतना था कहना उसका कि वो मंद हो गई
इस भाई के हाथों में वो विलीन हो गयी
दुनिया के सफर को यहीं पे खत्म कर चली
भगवान की गोदी में कहीं दूर हो चली…

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.


  • Balatkari yoh tyaar ho rahe hai. Internet par porn dekhkar, tv par porn dekhkar. Or doosera jab india me aurate vaisya bane toh thik hai. Sex kare toh bhi thik hai. Live in relationship bhi thikk hai. Kam kapado me bahar jana bhi thik hai. Toh rape bhi thik hai.

  • Can you please tell me from where have you found out the name of the juvenile accused? It is important because I intend that there should be awareness on such matters and yet I have not been able to find his name anywhere nor of his family. It is a matter of importance therefore please assist.

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  • Chetan&vashi thanks and i am not complaining i am just asking agniveer to clarify the verses but is there any English translated verses from arya samaj ?

  • you didn’t provided me the original verses ….you gave a link of buying four vedas from agniveer so now if i have a major/minor doubt about vedas i have to purchase it for Rs 5000 just to clear few verses… can’t you just post the correct verses here that would really help me …i am a fan of this site but after seeing this irrational verses from vedas i was depressed …..remember this questions will spread like others fake verses that agniveers already exposed in this site but what about this verses …i will keep asking this questions until agniveer(sanjeev) don’t reply or any other expert in vedas

    • Please go through the woman section on this site for Vedic view of women and Agniveer’s take on that. Any Mantra should then be interpreted within this framework. And as you say you are an Agniveer fan, its your duty to find out answers and enlighten the world rather than complaining like a school kid. Find out from original sources whats the matter. Anyone willing to be Agniveer and help people should know how to help himself. Go through this link for online translations and analyse the verses. Dont wait for anyone to answer your questions. Dont wait for experts. Get the answers yourself and be an expert.


    • The explanation is given by RamSwarup (Living RISHI) hence, will not be wrong.
      you can put a question to him on his website, you will sure get the answer for the same. Once you get please post here, so that every one will know.

  • here is the source vedmandir(dot)com/content/duties-wife-and-husband
    and also in agniveerfan website in husband and wife duties sections
    and if this wrong translation then plz copy paste the correct mantras here from original source

    • None of the websites you referred to is managed by Agniveer. Link to better translations has been provided in my earlier comment. Check that if you are really interested. Thanks

  • agniveer sorry to say this but you said earlier in your article that show me a single verse in vedas that disrespect women and you shall quit Vedic Dharma. but you didn’t reply on this i posted earlier

    Atharvaveda mantra 3/25/6 – wife should discover so much love and affection in her husband’s house that she should not remember her parent’s house at all.( why she should not remember her parent’s house at all ?

    Atharvaveda mantra 4/38/1-main qualities of wife (a) Should have conquered sensuality ( conquered sensuality? why?)

    Atharvaveda mantra 6/8/1 – wife should be dependent on husband just as a creeper completely depends on the tree. (why wife should be dependent on husband?)

    Atharvaveda mantra 7/47/2- wife should remain healthy, possess expertise in household jobs, should be God fearing and remember God’s name and possessing divine qualities.(God fearing? why?)

    Atharvaveda mantra 7/37/1- husband should never think about females other than his wives and wife should dress up decently and sensibly covering all body parts.( covering all body parts?)

      • jawab to sahi tha par rape ko muslim se jorna gala tha mp mein sab se zyada rape hotey hai par kya rapist hindu ya cristian nahi hota . for ur information record check kar lo zyada rape hindu ne kiye hai .so plz don’t add religion nafrat se nafrat hi hoti hai .

      • shri sahir ji thik kaha hai aapne rep ke mamle hindu samudaay hi jyada doshi kaha jayega muslim ki sankya anupatik rup se bhi kam milega ! lekin islami atankvad islamik vicharo se kuran se jarur joda jayega jisase sari duniya pareshan hai .

    • I would like to know who did those translations. Some of the worst translations and people who are missionaries or collaborators with missionaries are wilson, max muller, and griffin. So which one is it? Don’t be a coward and please tell us the translator. And also tell us where we can buy a copy of that translation. Don’t be coward, be a man and show as not only the translator, but where we can get physical copies of those translations.

    • Rudra, The major issue in the meaning that you provided is, I think, there is an assumption of compulsion from man to woman but they are actually meant to signify man’s intention for intimacy.
      This is how I understood these mantras
      3/25/5&6- This mantra is part of Kambansukta. Man is intending to shower so much love to his wife that wife does not have to depend on love of her mother and father alone.
      4/38/1- The meaning given in Agniveer distributed vedas is “The up-shooting, all-conquering, successfully-playing Apsaras, that wins the winning in the pool (?) that Apsaras I call on here”. There is obviously some difficulty in understanding the intent behind the mantra as the game (playing) referred to is not known in the current time and the mantra is poetic. Apsaras here are likely to refer to the rays of the sun but will need more thought process.
      In any case, the meaning is not even close to the one that you found.
      6/8/1- Here again the intent is from man to improve in his love so that the man and wife are interdependent. The meaning is “As the creeper has completely embraced the tree, so do you embrace me- so you may be one loving me, that you may be one not going away from me”
      7/47/2- Did not find this mantra anywhere
      7/37/1&7/38/1- Sukta 37-39 are again regarding intention of man to come together to increase intimacy.
      7/37/1 is “The eyes of us two be of honey-aspect; our face be ointment; put me within your heart; may our mind verily be together” and 7/38/1 is “I bridle you with my Manu-born garment, that you may be wholly mine, may not make mention of other woman”
      Consistent pattern in the meaning you found is that they assume compulsion from man but are actually signifying man’s intent.
      Both Vedic and Vedantic traditions focus not on giving fish but telling you how to fish. So it is necessary to meditate on the meaning and arrive at the intent behind them.