21 Feb, 2013

Yes, I do get a bit distracted at times. And that seems to increase so much of burden and frustrations in life. Each distraction causes tonnes of dead weight on head. But then this realization comes again. And this time it has come more powerfully than it ever came before –

My goal is not to win the world outside on parameters decided by Avidya inspired cartels. (Avidya means to consider temporary as permanent, non-living as living, impure as pure, false as truth and vice versa)

My goal is to be a Yogi – and master the world within – inspired by the most Intelligent one = Param Pita Parameshwar.

I leave everything else to Him.

My goal is simply to improve upon my own sanskaars and move away from Avidya to Vidya.

This means  –

Ignore everything that leads to weakening of Sanskars.

Proactively seek everything that leads to strengthening of Vidya.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that after this life – I take no more births. I get Mukti to live closest with Him.

That means I have to act fast, time is short. I wasted a lot of time. No more.

Also it means that I need to be extra-sensitive about Health. I cannot silently kill myself through recklessness in matters of health every moment.

It further means that I have to perform special efforts and practices to master mind control.

I immediately need to reach the stature of Swami Dayanand in matters of mind-control, Brahmacharya, goal orientation.

This article is also available in Gujarati at http://agniveer.com/pursuit-vidya-gu/

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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[…] This translation in Gujarati has been contributed by Ronak and Kruti. Original post in English is available at http://agniveer.com/pursuit-vidya/ […]


Thank you Modi for international Yoga day. And over 170 countries officially recognize it via UN resolution. June 21st is now International Yoga day.

There is only one God and Yoga is God’s mericle!!!!!!!!!!!!


antiagni, are you from arabia, or r your forefathers Indian, consider the misery they under went under arabian rule, consider more than likely they were forcefully converted, so can you convert back to their faith: Hinduism, come back, make peace with the spirits of your foreparents.


“If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.”

– Karl Marx (1818-1883)


vedas :myth and reality there is a reference to rig veda 4.33.15 saying even god doesnot befriend who doesnot work hard …but i could not find this verse in rig veda supplied by you

Agniveer Agni
It is technically impossible to confront everyone. Agniveer movement is creating a lot of changes among those that these people typically target and hence they are bound to cook up some new allegation or other. Ethically, we tend to avoid arguments with anti-nationals and terrorist sympathizers. The site mentioned by… Read more »
Jay Arya
Thank you for replying to me agniveer please bring back the people who use to frequently come on this and you have responded one allegation made against agniveer but they have also made more allegations you they seem to hate you more than even Hinduism and Arya samaj and by… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
The path of Yog demands that we be indifferent to hate and love, praise and censure. We simply follow our inner voice. Satyagni was created from some very mature articles of Agniveer. We had given them right to suitably modify and use the content while we focus on other things.… Read more »

Salute _/\_ !

Jay Arya
I see but you could help in defending you by telling me weather or not what claims he has made against you I don’t need to defend you only Hinduism but I feel you are doing atleast some good work to defend Hinduism and india which most hindus are not… Read more »
Ashish B

@Agniveer Agni

Agreed, there is no point in discussing things with terrorists.

—-That is what ideal Varna Vyavastha is. So ball is in court of enlightened members of society.——
Is that why you removed the word “courage” from your motto?

Agniveer Agni
No, it is still there on https://www.facebook.com/agniveeragni/info. We keep changing motto lines from time to time but mission and essence remains the same. However courage does not mean enjoying false sense of bravery while others face the brunt. I publish something from my office in Chennai to collect some brownies… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
We have obtained copies of many articles of Satyagni. But whether we are able to make it online depends on whether society takes the responsibility for providing funds for security of people and server behind the site. As for allegations of fanatics, we are not liable to answer them. Ask… Read more »
Jay Arya
I understand so does that mean satya agni or its articles will not be rebooted? and finally I support agniveer in its honesty and the fantic has made claim that you deceived by putting a picture of the kaaba on facebook in the past saying ‘Like if there is no… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Thanks Nikhil. We no way mean that we do not have patrons. There are many who have helped us and we thank them for their support. Each of our patron is our asset and we value them a lot. It is time that people willing to see long-term change support… Read more »
what you are doing is incredible…. questions raised by my mind have got answers here…. i ,in my own way,am trying to spread knowledge about vedas , agniveer to my family and friends …. even i am trying to help this movement economically… i will try to do whatever is… Read more »

This Western site has some related facts that may be of interest to you.


This site has the key legal documents http://www.jammu-kashmir.com/documents/documents.html

Agniveer Agni

It may be a typo. Could you specify the page number?


in page 161 , in the topic THEORY OF ACTION , na va ashrantasya sakhyaya deva ;rig4.33.15…..

Jay Arya

can you help me in refuting them rest of the allegatins are against you which only you can reply


i found an article on hinduism islam .org stating that vedas sold by your site are impure …why dont your confront them with the truth

Dear Brother, That is a Stupid allegation made by islamhinduism . That mantra can be chanted in any place and it is similar to Om. Few people start few shlokas with Om in the beginning and few don’t .This doesn’t mean that the Shloka is manipulated. For Eg 0.1 and… Read more »

@aditya your agniveer delete all my comments then what will you say about it? you are right that satyamave jayate and you know that islam is true, your agnveer also know that islam is true. BTW watch this video http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/fromndtv/269646

@ Anti-Agniveer, Can you prove that Islam is true with logic and without abusing or blocking me? @ Agniveer, Salam. We certainly know what fanatic Khashmiri separatist groups and websites you’re talking about. Like what we say in French, n’ayez pas peur meaning don’t be afraid and please don’t let… Read more »
ndtv is the most idiotic channel , whatever channels like times now bring to the fore they just try to cover them… it either acts like congress agent or communist agent…and this journalist barkha dutt talks all crap , her name also came in 2g scam and with the help… Read more »
Such a weird thing to say – “you know Islam is true” Obviously everyone here does not believe Islam is true at all in any way, hence we are not Muslims. And yes that is even after learning about it. In fact my opinion of Islam became worse after learning… Read more »
Aditya have you seen Ali Sina’s challenge? It is here please read http://www.faithfreedom.org/challenge.htm Ali Sina through Islam’s own holy scriptures, their own scriptures shows Mohammed to be to quote Sina “… a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an… Read more »
Yes Arun! I have seen the challenge .Still no one has won Ali Sina. This just shows the truth of Islam. 1 guy v/s 1.2 billion people. It is not that that guy is strong, it is that Islam is weak. I have noted one thing in my many debates… Read more »
yes brother! you are absolutely true. I consider Mohammed as the smartest gangster the earth as seen. he got women ,money and fame for his entire lifetime. any logical person would just think, why din’t god get a better messenger? I even respect Jesus and Buddha, but never Mohammed. he… Read more »

And yes I learned it from academic sources using books by Muslims and others who were favorable or professionally neutral about Islam.

You have a good sense of Humor . Islam is the truth is A good Joke! LMAO. I can Prove Quran is Wrong with a 10th standard Science Book and when I proved it, muslims started saying “Allah Knows everything” . Willing to have a debate? Agniveer is being fair… Read more »
Jay Arya

anti agni you came back? i see your comments throughout agniveer website why didnt agniveer delete your comments then? if you hate agniveer so much please call your muslim preachers on this website

Jay Arya
they are against agniveer and hinduism they are trying to refute him as they dont want muslims to leave islam instead what hindus to convert to islam like other muslim organisatiions do most of his articles are not very good and they use to come on this website they then… Read more »
Darshan Sharma

It is never too late to follow Vedic way of life led by Sw Dayanand, Chanakaya,Rama, Krishna, Socrates, Jesus and others

Darshan Sharma

It is never too late to follow Vedic way of life ld by Sw Dayanand

soul is not bounded by time,after all we again have to come to material world from salvation period.so,enjoy ,gather knowledge and live peacefully by helping those who are in need,making friendiship with lots of people ,animals and everythig spiritual. aim of life should be like sri krishna…..willing to take again… Read more »

Dear Agniveerji, aap aise hi hamare liye gyaan ka source bane rahiye aut hame ishwar ki oor badne me sahayta karte rahiye!
Jai Shree Krishna