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Clarifying Confusion Regarding (so-called) Idol-Worship

Beware of Fanatics and 'Vedic Bookworms' claiming to be 'experts of Vedas'. Read and understand the futility of formless/ form debates.

We MUST Defeat the Caste System which is Defeating Us [Unite for Victory of...

If humanity has to survive, Hinduism has to survive & terror has to end. Unite & trash away the concept of birth-based caste-system. Right NOW!

People from Kashmir valley are clearing UPSC exams. Is it a good sign for...

UPSC being cleared by more Kashmiris- a welcome situation for India.

What is the official view of India towards Tibet? How does it differentiate Tibet...

Sanjeev NewarTibet was never integral part of India like Kashmir. It was a territory that became part of India due to a british...

Why do Indians want to keep Kashmir as part of their country?

Sanjeev NewarA similar question has been answered by me on Sanjeev Newar's answer to What might have happened if India had given up...

Martial arts form for stunts/ practical use

Martial Arts: Flamboyance vs substance.

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