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Answers to your questions. In Agniveer style - no nonsense, no jargon. Hitting the nail, straight, solution-oriented, honest.

Does Pakistan think india is a failed nation?

Sanjeev NewarHahaha. Pakistan thinks it has been created by Allah and all who created it will go to Heaven. seriously, its their belief...

Can I join martial arts in 16 years?

Sanjeev NewarDefinitely. Dont think. Go ahead and invest in skill of life time. To build confidence and rhythm. and guarantee safety of people...

We MUST Defeat the Caste System which is Defeating Us [Unite for Victory of...

If humanity has to survive, Hinduism has to survive & terror has to end. Unite & trash away the concept of birth-based caste-system. Right NOW!

What makes India so special?

What makes India so Special

No conversion agenda existed in Hinduism – Know why

Read to know why Hindusim never required to convert people into its fold.

Which country is safer to live in, India or Pakistan?

Sanjeev NewarCrime statistics clearly state the obvious. Even for a fanatic Pakistani who hates India, India is far more safer than Pakistan. But...

Can a girl be physically strong to defend herself?

Sanjeev NewarWhy not. What makes one think she cannot. Gender does not matter. Skill and attitude matter. read this Woman - Hallmark of...

Moulvis shown meaning of true freedom of speech by Agniveer

While debating fanatic Moulvis in a case of love Jihad, one of them laughingly asked, "If your God is omnipresent, does he live in...

Out of all religions, why does Islam have the maximum fanatics and terrorist?

Know why does Islam have the maximum fanatics and terrorist?

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