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Sex dreams of Kashmiri Jihadis that politicians don’t see

If India has to solve Kashmir issues, it needs to purge out sex-maniacs. Read for startling sex-angle of Kashmir issue.

People from Kashmir valley are clearing UPSC exams. Is it a good sign for...

UPSC being cleared by more Kashmiris- a welcome situation for India.

Only hope for Pakistan

Pakistan needs to learn how to win over their religious clerics and deradicalize their society. Only starting point for solution to India-Pakistan dispute.

“Dear infidel, please accept our True Religion”

Religion of Peace activists urging world to accept their True path. Incentives offered are of 'peace' here and limitless 'fun' hereafter.

Creation of Pakistan and Ghazwa-e-hind

Pakistan is just furthering its core agenda. This was what Pakistan was created for. Read to know.

What 5 Minutes of Bhagvad Gita Will Give You

Gita - message of a warrior to another. Workbook for a warrior. Formula for success.

View of India towards Tibet?

Q.What is the official view of India towards Tibet? How does it differentiate Tibet with Kashmir? A.Tibet was never integral part of India like Kashmir....

Truth of Zakir Naik

Read to know about terrorist mentor Zakir Naik

What is the best way for India to deal with the Kashmir issue?

Sanjeev NewarThe best way is the honest way. Any form of diplomacy works fine when we deal with human issues - economics, health,...

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