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How did India let Pakistan conquer the area in J&K which is now commonly...

If you elect dialogue-baaz, coward leaders, this is bound to happen.

China’s arrogance needs response

India increasingly becoming a society of non-confrontationists, surrounded by deadly enemies, & infested by fanatics who believe in killing for heaven.

Are there people in India who earn more than one crore who are not...

Sanjeev NewarSo many. Most rich people in India are not from IIT or IIM. IIT and IIM people are famed for their intellect,...
selective feminism to insult rama

“Ram left Sita, is this women empowerment?” – read Dr Vashi Sharma’s perfect reply

Q. Vashi Sir, someone has asked me that Ram left Sita. Is this women empowerment? How to respond to him?A. Depends upon who he...

Why there is less Hindu – Muslim violence in the South when compared to...

Sanjeev NewarThis is not true. From Moplah to current Kerala - things have been very fearsome. Of course, in north there is closer...

BEWARE Indians! National Security Can NEVER be Taken For Granted

Kejriwal is guilty of the crime of emboldening the terrorists to shout anti-India slogans in heart of capital city despite being CM of the city. The day some petty politicians made hero out of a traitor like Kanhaiya Kumar, the roadmap to Uri attack and Kashmir unrest was charted.

Martial arts form for stunts/ practical use

Martial Arts: Flamboyance vs substance.

What does it feel like to be a Bangladeshi Hindu?

Struggle of Bangladeshi Hindus for dignified living.

Creation of Pakistan and Ghazwa-e-hind

Pakistan is just furthering its core agenda. This was what Pakistan was created for. Read to know.

Sex dreams of Kashmiri Jihadis that politicians don’t see

If India has to solve Kashmir issues, it needs to purge out sex-maniacs. Read for startling sex-angle of Kashmir issue.

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