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India, Partition, Pakistan & Peace

Don’t judge a crocodile by kindness in his eyes. Judge him by strength of your skull, and his jaws.

What makes India so special?

Sanjeev NewarThe heritage of Vedas. Please check my answer on another question:Sanjeev Newar's answer to What are the big problems in India which...

Out of all religions, why does Islam have the maximum fanatics and terrorist?

Know why does Islam have the maximum fanatics and terrorist?

Clarifying Confusion Regarding (so-called) Idol-Worship [Created by ‘Vedic Bookworms’]

Beware of Fanatics and 'Vedic Bookworms' claiming to be 'experts of Vedas'. Read and understand the futility of formless/ form debates.

Why lsIamic terrorists attacked Medina?

Read to know why Zakir Naik brand of Peaceful people bombed away Profit's grave. What causes lsI*mic terror in even Medina?

God: Who created God?

Sanjeev NewarNo one. What exists always existed. What does not exist will never begin to exist. That is the law of eternal. Read...

Jihadis’ Time up! Now Time for Social awakening..

Only possible solutions to India Pak border issues

Role of Agniveer & Bollywood, Cricket for Dharma Raksha, Rashtra Nirman, Matru Seva

IF Dharma is greater than IPLs and Bollywood, it has to be more resourceful than them. Fundraising will be the prime focus of Agniveer while our work continues to change lives. More resources for more work and more reach.

What does it feel like to be a Bangladeshi Hindu?

Struggle of Bangladeshi Hindus for dignified living.

Why are Kashmiri Pandits more patriotic than Kashmiri Muslims?

Sanjeev NewarWe should not generalize. There are many Kashmiri Muslims who have given lives to fight terror. Many serve India through army and...

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