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Answers to your questions. In Agniveer style - no nonsense, no jargon. Hitting the nail, straight, solution-oriented, honest.

Solution to Kashmir – The only way…

Best solution to Kashmir issue.

FAQ on Padmavat

Comprehensive answer to all upset with Padmavat Protests. Today we are silencing you with arguments. Tomorrow it will be something else.

What martial art would be the most relevant in a dangerous situation?

Most relevant martial art in a dangerous situation.

Does Kashmir (POK) wants freedom from Pakistan?

In regions like Pakistan, need of hour is deradicalization and culture of taking religion with humor.

Can a girl be physically strong to defend herself?

Sanjeev NewarWhy not. What makes one think she cannot. Gender does not matter. Skill and attitude matter. read this Woman - Hallmark of...

Creation of Pakistan and Ghazwa-e-hind

Pakistan is just furthering its core agenda. This was what Pakistan was created for. Read to know.

In your honest opinion, is Pakistan excessively obsessed about Kashmir?

Sanjeev NewarNo. Pakistan is just furthering its core agenda. This was what pakistan was created for. To break away India as a religious...

Clarifying Confusion Regarding (so-called) Idol-Worship

Beware of Fanatics and 'Vedic Bookworms' claiming to be 'experts of Vedas'. Read and understand the futility of formless/ form debates.

What makes India so special?

Sanjeev NewarThe heritage of Vedas. Please check my answer on another question:Sanjeev Newar's answer to What are the big problems in India which...

Why lsIamic terrorists attacked Medina?

Read to know why Zakir Naik brand of Peaceful people bombed away Profit's grave. What causes lsI*mic terror in even Medina?

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