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Answers to your questions. In Agniveer style - no nonsense, no jargon. Hitting the nail, straight, solution-oriented, honest.

We MUST Defeat the Caste System which is Defeating Us [Unite for Victory of...

If humanity has to survive, Hinduism has to survive & terror has to end. Unite & trash away the concept of birth-based caste-system. Right NOW!

Does Kashmir (POK) wants freedom from Pakistan?

In regions like Pakistan, need of hour is deradicalization and culture of taking religion with humor.

Why there is less Hindu – Muslim violence in the South when compared to...

Sanjeev NewarThis is not true. From Moplah to current Kerala - things have been very fearsome. Of course, in north there is closer...

Solution to Kashmir – The only way…

Best solution to Kashmir issue.

If I write a book claiming that I am the messenger from God, would...

Depends upon how well you can market it and get initial critical mass of followers who are blind enough to screw the whole world...

Which country is safer to live in, India or Pakistan?

Default tolerance towards even fanatics. Something to be proud of?

Role of Agniveer & Bollywood, Cricket for Dharma Raksha, Rashtra Nirman, Matru Seva

IF Dharma is greater than IPLs and Bollywood, it has to be more resourceful than them. Fundraising will be the prime focus of Agniveer while our work continues to change lives. More resources for more work and more reach.

“Intends to make movie on Kashmiriyat” – says Agniveer

Agniveer hopes Anupam Kher may be interested.

God: Who created God?

Sanjeev NewarNo one. What exists always existed. What does not exist will never begin to exist. That is the law of eternal. Read...

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