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Answers to your questions. In Agniveer style - no nonsense, no jargon. Hitting the nail, straight, solution-oriented, honest.

Early Bollywood and social restrictions in M*slim Community

A person asks Why in 40s, 50s and early 60s Bollywood movies has lot of depiction about ... society, culture and art?

Does he love the woman or woman-laws more? – Ask him

Not a love jihadi? Let him prove he loves the woman more than any other Profit. Read to know how.

In your honest opinion, is Pakistan excessively obsessed about Kashmir?

Sanjeev NewarNo. Pakistan is just furthering its core agenda. This was what pakistan was created for. To break away India as a religious...

Bhagvad Gita – Does it really has solution to everything?

Is Bhagvad Gita really the best practical book for all the problems. Agniveer's view on one warrior's message to another.

Should we be Hindus first or Indians?

Q. Should we be Hindus first or Indians?A. For me, both are synonymous. This land is Hindustan - the place of Hindus. The culture...

If ISIS attacks India

Enough already with the cowardly escapism in name of tolerance! Get this Islamic State and related sh*t out of here!

Why Mehbooba Mufti is thought as a Hinduphobe by some Kashmiris?

Sanjeev Newar  Let us not target individuals and make a generic rule. Anybody who believes that a Hindu will eventually go to Hell because he...

We MUST Defeat the Caste System which is Defeating Us [Unite for Victory of...

If humanity has to survive, Hinduism has to survive & terror has to end. Unite & trash away the concept of birth-based caste-system. Right NOW!

Taking Kashmir back from Jihadis – NOW!

Perfect blueprint to kick out Jihadis from Kashmir - for India, Humanity and Dharma lovers

Is it true that Arvind Kejriwal turns into a film critic, watches and reviews...

Sanjeev NewarI have no problems with that. The problem is that all these films come together in his dream as a unique story,...

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