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Answers to your questions. In Agniveer style - no nonsense, no jargon. Hitting the nail, straight, solution-oriented, honest.

Has Indian Democracy Failed India? Find out..

The democracy can not cry for imperfections in people's act after demonstrating utter partiality, cowardice and imperfections in its own conduct.

Role of Agniveer & Bollywood, Cricket for Dharma Raksha, Rashtra Nirman, Matru Seva

IF Dharma is greater than IPLs and Bollywood, it has to be more resourceful than them. Fundraising will be the prime focus of Agniveer while our work continues to change lives. More resources for more work and more reach.

Yeh Mera India!

A curious case of present day India requiring our attention and waking-up! Problems and solutions.

Protection – Fighting – Courage

Combative mind development. Fighting for protection. Practicing courage. Defend against violence, aggression.

How did India let Pakistan conquer the area in J&K which is now commonly...

Q. How did India let Pakistan conquer the area in J&K which is now commonly known as POK?A. In the same way as India let...
Agniveer vs Kejriwal

Secret behind Kejriwal’s Tughlaqi innovations

Kejriwal's Delhi Darbar at mercy of his midnight movie mixture! Delhi people will gladly suffer the punishment, but as a lesson.

Martial arts form for stunts/ practical use

Martial Arts: Flamboyance vs substance.

When will Delhi get free wi-fi?

A curious Delhite asks when will there be free wi-fi in Delhi. But Kejriwal said conditions applied.

What true spirituality means to Agniveer

Spirituality to me means most worthwhile action at the given moment. If my mother is in ICU, doing Yoga Asans or Advaita debates in home won't be called as spirituality. That will be stupidity. Every other thing is Haram for me until my mother recovers and I get her back home safely.

People from Kashmir valley are clearing UPSC exams. Is it a good sign for...

UPSC being cleared by more Kashmiris- a welcome situation for India.

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