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Answers to your questions. In Agniveer style - no nonsense, no jargon. Hitting the nail, straight, solution-oriented, honest.

Solution to Kashmir – The only way…

Best solution to Kashmir issue.

Taking Kashmir back from Jihadis – NOW!

Perfect blueprint to kick out Jihadis from Kashmir - for India, Humanity and Dharma lovers

I recently visited Kashmir and some Kashmiri people called me Indian dog. What is...

They will keep hating unless someone teaches them that the translations they are reading are bullshit..

Myth of Urdu’s Greatness

Concept of Urdu is a fraud to legitimize Islamic invaders and nothing else. Culture of Urdu needs to be discouraged as it has only invasions & hate to offer.

Can India become a Hindu-Minority Nation?

India - A Hindu-majority Nation. Always.

Clarifying Confusion Regarding (so-called) Idol-Worship

Beware of Fanatics and 'Vedic Bookworms' claiming to be 'experts of Vedas'. Read and understand the futility of formless/ form debates.

Truth of Zakir Naik

Read to know about terrorist mentor Zakir Naik

Confusion over Self Control, Indulgence & Real Fun in Hindu Dharma : Now Clarified!

In Gita, Arjuna wanted to adopt path of renouncement. And Yogeshwar demanded he fight his most sincere battle, because renouncement shunning duties is sin.

How Islam grew so fast in its initial years?

Why is Islam fastest growing religion since inception?

If ISIS attacks India

Enough already with the cowardly escapism in name of tolerance! Get this Islamic State and related sh*t out of here!

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