They will not tell you this story in your history class. They will never mention this brave woman when they mention Great Women of India. Yet, she deserves to be the icon of every woman empowerment campaign. She must be the first chapter of every book of great Indians. She is Queen Naikidevi of Gujarat.


Sometime in 1178 AD


Somewhere near Mount Abu


Muhammad Ghori is known as the invader who defeated Prithviraj Chauhan and established rule of Jihad in India in 1192. What most people don’t know is that Muhammad Ghori had two great addictions – sex and blood. His sex addiction had made him impotent, or he was born impotent, or Naikidevi’s sword made him impotent – we don’t know. But we know that he would spare no man, woman, or child. Later he made heirs out of his sex-slaves. All his battles would be succeeded by en-masse rapes and butchering of old men and women. Young women and children would be made slaves.

India was a hot destination for Jihadis since the rule of first Caliph. This is because Hindus – being idol-worshippers – were termed the worst creatures of world by their religion. So they had divine rights to do anything with Hindu women, children, and men.

Muhammad Ghori had just conquered Multan (Punjab, now in Pakistan). Now he wanted to move further into India through Gujarat. He had heard a lot about the beautiful Queen Naikidevi who ruled Gujarat on behalf of her newborn child Bhimdev Solanki and the wealth of the kingdom.

He could not resist the call of doom. He marched towards Gujarat capital of Anhilwara with his massive army.

Queen Naikidevi tried in vain to unite all rulers including Prithviraj Chauhan. But just like we see today, the Hindu rulers said: “Why should I bother!”. Only the Rai of Narwhala helped her with a troop of elephants.

The Queen knew what was coming. She assembled whatever forces she had and marched ahead to intercept the army of rapist murderers as far away from the capital as possible. If they lose, at least the women would have time to either escape or die than be plundered by invaders.

The two armies met each other at Kayadara, forty miles from the capital city.


Ghori sends his messenger – “Hand over the Queen and her child to me. Give me all your women and gold. And I will spare you.”

The Queen is not disturbed by this. She smiles. Ties the baby king on her lap and gets on a horse. Asks the messenger to go back to Ghori and tell him that his demands are accepted. She would first like to pray to Dwarkadheesh (Lord Krishna).

Naikidevi closes her eyes and silently prays for some time. Then shouts, “Jai Dwarkadheesh”.

Meanwhile messenger reaches Ghori and shares the good news. Ghori is aroused at prospects of such an easy victory. He starts dreaming fetishes of his dirty experiments with a Hindu Queen and a cute baby few moments from now. He gazes in direction of the Solanki camp. Sees someone approaching his camp on a horse. As dust settles and the rider slowly comes closer, he can see – it is a beautiful women having a baby tied on her lap. His heart beats increase with every step of horse. He can feel sensations across his body pushing his mind towards blankness. Pants heavily and struggles to speak.

What happened next:

The queen stops. He is confused. Suddenly there is a noise that keeps increasing. Before he understands what is happening, he sees horses and elephants racing towards his camp from behind the queen. And then they spread around the desert terrain.

Before he could switch gears from lust to fight, the camp is surrounded from three sides. How can Hindus be so fast! What is this. Prophet told that one Muslim is more than ten kafir Hindus. I thought I deserve a woman more beautiful than the virgins in Paradise. He has no time to understand. Gets on a horse besides and runs towards back of the camp.

The brave Rajputs of Gujarat butcher one pig after another. They explain why theirs is a land of lions. Ghori can think of only one thing – Run for life!

And then:

The queen has a sword each in both hands and cuts several heads and hands as she races towards Ghori. Ghori catches a glimpse of her. She is now goddess of death. He races fast. The queen throws one sword and pulls the reins of horse to speed further. As she closes the distance with her stalker, she cuts through many more pigs.

Finally she is close enough. Strikes the sword with full might. But narrowly misses the mark as one kafir-hater has attacked her from behind. It turns out to be the most expensive miss in history of India.

Naikidevi’s sword dispatches the attacker to his Jannat (paradise). But Ghori is saved. Instead of ripping apart his head, the sword elongates the slit in his rear.
(A near repeat of this rear-splitting happened 125 years later when Gora faced Alauddin Khilji. Read

Before she could aim the next strike, more pigs surrounded her and Ghori was saved.


Ghori and his army of goons were thoroughly chased off and crushed. Ghori was so scared that he did not get down from the horse despite a bleeding rear until he reached Multan a few days later. He ordered his soldiers to keep the horse running even if he falls asleep or needs treatment. And shift him to another horse if this one cannot run. When he reached Multan completely soiled, he realized the damage to certain organs on front and rear were permanent.

Ghori never dared to think of attacking Gujarat. He did not even think of attacking India for next 13 years. Had Prithviraj Chauhan helped Naikidevi, we would have been reading a different history of India.

No terrorist dared to think of Gujarat for next 120 years.

Ghori was destroyed:

The libido of Ghori ended forever – mentally and physically. His damaged rear reminded him of Rajputani sword for rest of his life as he was no longer able to play darling to his male-partners in Sultani acts. The player was now turned as mere spectator. He became unfit for battles and had to rely on his slaves. He could not have children and had to divide his empire among his sex-slaves to save his own life.

The myth of Islamic rule:

The bravery of role models like Naikidevi guaranteed that there was never a stable Islamic rule in India. The historical maps of territories of invaders from Qasim to Aurangzeb are all hoax. There was always sufficient resistance to the invaders that ultimately led to complete destruction of Mughal rule.

And today, many Mughal royal sultans are seen selling Amrood on Barabanki Railway Station with historical paintings of their forefathers and a note that reads- Lal Quila (red fort) belongs to us.

What now:

Read this story to your kids. Read this story to your daughters. They will not become slaves of anyone. They will become brave Naikidevi. And will revive the era of Vande Mataram (respect for women and nation as mother) in every corner of country.

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  • Sir- Its a Bogus and Fake Story. Ghori and Prithiviraj ruled together after he ran from battlefield and captured on Hindon River. Prithiviraj accepted Ghori rule and ruled under him till his death, both issued coins and that’s why their Graves are next to each other. Have you seen anywhere Enemy Graves next to each other ?