Another myth being percolated is that Aryans used to call the natives Rakshas and killed them. Thus Rakshas is considered a synonym of Dasyu or Daas who suffered from Aryan loot. While it is not far from truth that Rakshas is quite close to Dasyu or Daas in meaning, nothing more could be more fanciful than considering Rakshas also to be a race or tribe. We have already debunked the myth of Daas or Dasyu being any race and have proved that Daas or Dasyu mean criminals with destructive tendencies. In this post, let us evaluate the meaning of Rakshas and see why Vedas call for killing of Rakshas even if she is a woman.

Rigveda 7.104.24

O warrior! You should destroy both the male Rakshas and female Rakshas who kills by deceit . May such Rakshas not see the light of dawn.

They are termed as Yatudhaan (those who attack human dwellings) and Kravyaad (those who eat raw flesh).

Rigveda 7.104.17

A female Rakshasi who like an owl ventures out to kill in night should be destroyed along with other Rakshas.

Rigveda 7.104.18

O Powerful Ones! You should stand up to protect the masses and capture the Rakshas who intend to kill and destroy peace in night.

Rigveda 7.104.21

The king should destroy those Rakshas who kill others and destroy peaceful activities.

Rigveda 7.104.22

Destroy the Rakshas who attack like an owl, hound, wolf , eagle or vulture.

It is clear that Rakshas refers to the most notorious terrorists and criminals who are danger to peaceful society. There should be no consideration of gender to destroy such people.

To make it more clear, refer the following mantras:

Rigveda 7.104.15

May I be killed today itself, if I become a Yatudhaan (one who attacks human dwellings) or reduce the life of any human. But if I am not so, those who falsely implicate me as being a Yaatudhaan be destroyed.

Rigveda 7.104.16

Those who call me Yaatudhan or Rakshas even though I am not, and those who claim to be innocent even though they are with Rakshas may both be destroyed. Thus even the silent supporters of Rakshas or terrorists should be destroyed.

And for such terrorists, there should be no mercy on any pretext.

Very clearly, Vedas do not specify any race or tribe, and instead call for destruction of terrorizing forces and their supporters. May these prayers of Vedas become reality and all the Rakshas of the world like Osama Bin Laden and their supporters be destroyed completely.

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  • Thanks for this great article.
    It’s really good that someone is working to bring the truth in front of everyone, otherwise most people these days are blinded by stupid-(pseudo)secularism.

  • Mr. Tauqeer or any of the islam lovers (some in the guise of hindu names) have not replied as to how sex with baby, animals and gay sex is permitted. Was allah one of those lovers. please clarify.

  • Question to all Muslims who comment on this site…If I were to replace every occurence of Allah in the Quran with the word (Christian)God and replace every occurence of Mohammed with Jesus, but leave the rest of the book unchanged, and I follow this book to the letter, will I go to heaven? I am thinking leaving all the stories in the Quran as they are, but merely changing the actors shouldnt change the underlying message, right? Or is the mere renaming of Mohammed as Jesus enough to condemn me to ever-lasting hell?




    • Dear Ktiyar see these news items

      Swati Deshpande, TNN, Sep 24, 2010, 12.43am IST

      MUMBAI: The city CID crime branch informed the Bombay high court on Thursday that it has registered a fresh FIR to investigate whether the death of a three-year-old girl in Borivli last year was a case of child sacrifice allegedly by a local priest. A forensic expert, suggested earlier that the girl’s death may not have been a plain case of murder but an act of “illegal sacrifice”. The head was “severed and left beside the body”. The fingers on her hands were also missing.

      Syed Rizwanullah, TNN, Mar 19, 2010, 04.18am IST

      AURANGABAD: A childless couple was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the death by poisoning of five children in Digras village of Hingoli district, about 300 km from here. The children were allegedly done to death between December last year and March.

      The Hingoli police believe it to be a case of “child sacrifice” and are searching for a godman who is said to have told the couple that they would get an offspring of their own if they “sacrificed” 11 children. The police are also seeking the remand of a murder convict who, while out on parole, allegedly assisted the Mokles in the crime.

      IANS, Aug 18, 2010, 01.01pm IST

      LUCKNOW: A poverty-stricken couple in an Uttar Pradesh village allegedly killed their four-year-old daughter after a self-proclaimed godman assured them that the act would attain them affluence, police said Wednesday.

      BBC correspondent in Bhopal Thursday, 27 March, 2003, 13:53 GMT

      The priest, Chandrabhan Singh Lodhi, is accused of sacrificing a low caste Hindu, or Dalit, to please the village goddess in Parsari village of Sagar district

      Deccan Herald – 11. 7. 2006
      PHULBAN1 (ORISSA),PTI: In a gruesome incident, a seven-year-old boy was sacri¬ficed by his own father before the village deity in Kandhamal district on last Saturday, police said on Monday.
      Kanhu Charan Pradhan, a tribal of Kadumaha village, who is believed to be a practitioner of sorcery, had killed his son Surath to propitiate the deity, superinten¬dent of Police Basanta Kumar Sahu said.
      Pradhan, who had been arrested and was being Interrogated, said he first sacri¬ficed a goat using a sword last Saturday in the presence of Surath, his third -son.
      After decapitating the goat, he turned his attention on the boy, killing him on the spot and the blood was offered before the deity.

      Deccan Herald – 11. 4. 2006
      A tantrik and his disciple were arrested In ]aunpur in UP on Monday for digging up the body of an 18 – month • old boy arid eating it to attain “supernatural powers, ” reports PT1.
      The two had admitted to exhuming the body and consuming it after cutting off the head in order to attain supernatural powers. The head of the child, who had died a week earlier due to some illness, was found lying near the grave.

      11 -year-old sacrificed
      Times of India- 1.11.2006
      An 11 -year-old boy was beheaded on the advice of an exorcist to propitiate the gods to cure an ailing infant in Masaurhi sub-division of Bihar’s Patna district. Golu, son of Upendra Kumar, was sacrificed allegedly by a villager Sitaram Mahto, on the sugges¬tion of a woman exorcist Kari Devi to propitiate the gods. The beheaded body was found in Mahto’s field.

      Child sacrificed for cure
      Deccan Herald – 1.11.2006 PATNA, PTI: An eleven year old boy was beheaded on the advise of an exorcist to propitiate the gods to cure an ailing infant, here, in Masaurhi sub-division, police sources said on Tuesday.
      Golu, son of Upendra Kumar, was sacrificed allegedly by a villager Sitaram Mahto, on the suggestion of a woman exorcist Kari Devi on October 23 to please the gods for the cure of his ailing-two-month-old grandson, police said.

      The Sunday Times March 3 2004
      AMAR JATAR had long suspected that his wife did not love him. Years of cajoling, words of tenderness and finally beatings failed to elicit any signs of affection.
      So he did what millions of Indian villagers do in times of anguish or illness: he turned to a tantric, a traditional witch doctor who calls on super-natural powers to help to heal those in need.
      He was expecting an amulet, perhaps some herbs and a few mantras to chant to ward off evil. He got the amulet, but when that failed to work the tantric offered him shocking advice. He told him that his elder son, four-year-old Lokendra, was not his and only by killing him could the curse on his marriage be lifted.
      Eight days later, Jatar carried out the tantric’s instructions, strangling his son as he played in the back yard and throwing his body down a well.

      By Alex Perry atapur Monday, Jul. 22, 2002

      In January, in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, a 24-year-old woman hacked her three-year-old son to death after a tantric sorcerer supposedly promised unlimited earthly riches. In February, two men in the eastern state of Tripura beheaded a woman on the instructions of a deity they said appeared in their dreams promising hidden treasures. Karmakar killed Manju in Atapur village in Jharkhand state in April. The following month, police dug up the remains of two sisters, aged 18 and 13, in Bihar, dismembered with a ceremonial sword and offered to Kali by their father. Last week on the outskirts of Bombay, maize seller Anil Lakshmikant Singh, 33, beheaded his neighbor’s nine-year-old son to save his marriage on the advice of a tantric. Said Singh: “He promised that a human sacrifice would end all my miseries.”

      TNN, Mar 26, 2009, 04.44am IST

      AMRITSAR: Emboldened by the recent news of a young girl from Mumbai who mustered the courage to drive her businessman father behind bars for allegedly raping her for nine long years, a 21-year-old from Ajnala town in Amritsar district has unmasked her dad, a senior BJP leader, with an acutely similar revolting tale. Only, in this, there are no tantriks to blame!

      A student of Guru Nanak Dev University, the battered girl had almost killed her soul, seeing no end to her unspeakable trauma, until the Mumbai incident made news. Pulling herself together, she approached her maternal relatives in Jallianwala Bagh, who then took her mother into confidence.

      Registering an FIR under Section 376, Gulshan Veer Singh, incharge of Ajnala police station said, “A complaint was lodged on Wednesday evening against the BJP leader for allegedly raping his daughter for over eight years.” The accused, also a businessman, is absconding.

      While the girl and her relatives retreated into a cocoon soon after filing the complaint, sources close to them said, “Unfortunately the mother, who often caught her husband eyeing their daughter lustfully, never in her wildest dreams thought him capable of violating her this way.” To make matters worse for the victim, the whole family including her younger brother slept in the same room. “Day in and day out the girl would have her rapist by her side,” added the sources

      • @Tauqeer

        The world is a messy place ..people have forgotten human principles. Ironically, the hindu born guys you hunted for in news would be condemned by all hindus .But when it comes to muslims , the mullahs and ummah justify such barbarities..that is a core difference between the attrocities.

        as for news bytes they are

        July 23rd, 2010 – 10:46 pm ICT by IANS
        Rape accused school director sent to jail
        Hyderabad, July 23 (IANS) A city court Friday sent the director an international school to judicial custody for 14 days on charges of raping a Class 11 student as another girl student filed a police complaint accusing him of sexually exploiting her.
        Salahuddin Ayub, director of Parkwood International School, was produced before a magistrate at Nampally Criminal Court complex, who remanded him in judicial custody till Aug 5.

        June 25th 2010
        School teacher arrested for student’s rape
        Navi Mumbai, June 25 (IANS) A teacher was arrested here Friday for allegedly raping a Class 3 student in a school toilet, police said Monday.
        “We have arrested 32-year-old Firoze Ibrahim on suspicion of rape.

        Indian Mullahs defend Muslim incest rapist dad

        DNA helps in catching rapist dad!
        Alka Rastogi
        Lucknow, November 10, 2005
        In a shocking case revealed, DNA reports have helped in nabbing a 60-year-old man who raped his 18-year-old daughter, who also happens to be the mother of his child!
        The prosecutors had a tough time in proving that Hashim had indulged in incest as the accused had maintained that her daughter levelled baseless allegations against him.
        Some Maulanas also came in defense of Hashim blaming his daughter for filing a forge case against him.
        But, his defense proved fragile when the DNA results proved that Hashim used to rape own daughter.

        Youth sodomised, blackmailed by six brothers for 2 years
        Vijay Upadhyay / Agra

        In a bizarre incident, six brothers invited a friend home, drugged and sodomised him and later blackmailed him for money for two years, showing him photographs of the act.
        Unable to cough up any more money and face further insinuations, the victim finally lodged an FIR with the Agra police on Wednesday, charging the brothers of sodomy and blackmail.
        Speaking to The Pioneer, Wasim, a resident of Shahganj, said he was invited by Shahnawaz to the Wazir Pura area of the town about two years ago. There he met Shahnawaz’s brothers, Bilal, Babbu, Bunty, Quadeem and Raheeso.

        Muslim call center manager rapes hindu employee
        24-yr-old raped in call centre car
        Express News Service
        New Delhi, October 27: A call centre employee and a driver have been arrested for allegedly raping a woman after giving her a lift near Dilshad Garden in east Delhi.
        Harish, who was driving the Gurgaon call centre’s Toyota Qualis, was arrested after a PCR vehicle chased the car on hearing the woman’s cries.Ali Zafar, who works as a customer care executive and got dropped off at his Pocket D, Dilshad Garden home after allegedly raping the victim, was arrested later.

        Friday, October 28, 2005
        Mumbai, 25 Oct. (AKI) – Wives for hire in Hyderabad, that’s the new frontier in India’s growing economy, where prosperity has resulted in young women from poor Muslim families becoming “temporary” brides – even just for one night – to tourists and buisnessmen from the Gulf countries.

        Kerala : Aeronautical Engineer girl attacked for not wearing burqa
        October 5, 2010

        Engineering student Rayana Khasi returned home to north Kerala from Chennai four months ago, charmed and unaware that she was carrying deadly arsenal in her baggage. She had just finished with a course in aeronautical engineering, and was considering a career in the civil services. From Chennai she brought a few of her favourite things. Dreams. Knickknacks. Jeans. In Kasargod, northern Kerala, where she lived, Rayana got the shock of her life. They hated her jeans. They called her at odd times, men she didn’t know, and told her what they would do with her if she didn’t dump the jeans and put on purdah. Each time Rayana stepped out, they stared and said horrible things.

        Then, four months later, she wrote to the Women’s Commission asking that she be allowed to wear what she likes. The state posted constables to protect Rayana so she could sport denim. Now, they stalked her. One day Rayana was returning after meeting her lawyer in Ernakulam, a town near the middle of Kerala. The constable got off midway. A group tried to block the car Rayana was in. She drove off. They chased the car and attacked her with stones. She had to drive to a town nearby, where the locals lent a touch of security. All this, because they didn’t like what she wore. Because they thought she was impious.

        In comparative religion study..your news bytes and mine are meaningless

      • Dear Indian Nostalgic
        Sorry to distort your name,You have done this to me many times.I am just returninig it to you considering the appropriateness of what you have sited above.It seems you have developed nostalgia seeing the news items on human sacrifice(child sacrifice).Nostalgia is so much that you completely forgot the topic. Let me remind you.The topic is CHILD SACRIFICE and not rape.Please stick to the topic and do not try to distract mind of others if you dont have suiatable reply.As for rape I can give you worst cases Like father raping her own daughter,gang rape in moving car,rape in police station,3 years old raped,sadhus raping dead woman,father in law raping daughter in law etc etc.

      • @Tau Queer

        it’s queer [ ;)] that you forgot the topic yourself 😉

        the topic is Rakshas and Vedas

        by the way, have you read about a muslim family few of whom died at ajmer last month starving themselves to death?

        you and i can keep on quoting individuals ..but it is all vain’s the scriptures that need to be scrutinized

      • Dear Ant Agony,
        I had answered to Katiar’s posting
        October 28, 2010 at 3:13 PM
        Now where on the earth I am out of topic can you explain. Please don’t try to misguide readers.

      • Tau Queer Sahaab

        you and tanveer bro are notorious for two logical fallacies : strawmans and appeal to authority.

        none of you have condemned zakir naik for his intolerant statements despite many appeals

        i suspect that you guys have been planted by IRF to divert the attention of serious debaters /seekers

        why haven’t you fulfilled the criteria to post on this site yet?

      • Dear Indian Agnostic,
        I fail to understand why you are using all types of tricks for deviating readers from my answer.My answer was to the boarder who had sited human sacrifice.Why you are not talking on the subject?And if you did not want to talk why did you jump into it?

      • Brother Tauqeer

        feel free to carry on with your discussion on particulars..i wanted to remind you that any number of news bytes can gathered against community a or community b’s an endless loop !

        by the way ..what stops you from first denouncing the likes of zakir naik that openly profess killing of apostates [which goes against your stand of r=freedom of religion] for terrorsist [which goes against your definition that islam means peace] and professes that no other religion should be prifessed apart from islam [which goes against whole humanity and peaceful religious co-existence.If non-muslims take a similar stand the whole world would become a violent that your idea of peace? ]

        In my heart and your heart , there may be a difference of opinion as to what is the truth..but there must not be any difference as far as violent absurdities are concerned ..we must both condemn them unequivocally.

        hope you do that asap


      • Dear Indian Agnostic,
        I gave about a dozen news item from authentic news papers on human sacrifice/child sacrifice when Katiyar cited 1 example(not from news paper but from some web site).You jumped in and started talking about rape to divert readers from human sacrifice/child sacrifice.When I posted news items on extremely henious rape cases committed by hindus you started talking about zakir naik again to divert mind of readers.

      • Dear @Tauqeer

        i gave you news byte for a news byte..i am no fan of logical fallacies as you are.

        you completely ignored my point that picking individuals from community a or community b is a catch 22 game’s an endless loop.

        here is VERBATIM what i said

        In comparative religion study..your news bytes and mine are meaningless”

        however hard you try to escape the fact that you would always side with a terrorist supporter are left wanting every time.

        don;t worry denying to condemn zakir naik you have already made your stand i am not asking you to do that again..we have your answer.

        thank you for proving that our point , though inadvertently 🙂



      • all caps ! well that explains your inner struggle and it’s a good sign.

        and don’t worry.. just wait a while…you’ll be able to meet ex-muslims who will teach you vedas a-z 🙂

        you also forget that we are not living in the 7th century ..the internet is a very powerful medium ..ofcourse nothing beats face-to-face ..but zakir bhai mbbs cannot discuss a serious thing like religion unless a circus crowd of 20000 + people is arranged for.

        he is a supporter of terrorists, and he has gullible minds like you instigated against kafirs and apostates …that is why any person believing in freedom of religion , peace and religious co-existence must condemn him siding with such a guy ..your position is clear to all

        you are free to keep your kafir , apostate hatred and love for terrorists’s people like you who the civil multicultural society should be made aware of …that is what agniveer has achieved ..that people like you are not imagination of right wing fundamentalists ..people like you are for real

        and the society must do something to tackle this real mindset


      • Tanveer india’s most brilliant muslim APJ Kalam has converted to Hinduism and Vedas and Gita are his favorite Scriptures. Zakir Naik’s ustaad Tariq has already been defeated by Pandit Mahendra pal.

        Tanveer ZAKIR NAIK quoted from Bhavishya puran so he has accepted Bhavishya puran as authentic (and he must have definitely read the whole book of Bhavishya Puran) so ZAKIR NAIK HIMSELF ACCEPTS MUSLIMS AS DEMON WORSHIPERS AND PROPHET MOHAMMAD AS DEMON TRIPURSUR.


      • @Sameer

        He has become brilliant after giving up mullachap ideology. Otherwise, we all know what would have been his fate.

      • Do u know what is the problem with you people? You think all are fools. You are talking about Mahindra pal arya. You yourself see the debate between him and Mr.Tariq and then judge. The audience themselves said mind your language to mahendra pal arya. You are not able to answer me and you are talking about Zakir Naik. I have seen the entire debate where mahendra pal arya has said nothing but lies. Anyway now we are used to it. One of the biggest lies which he uttered is nauzubilla that “God ne mother marry ke nichle hisse mei phook mari” which is nowhere mentioned in Quran. A debate can be held only with people who are not liars.
        Please don’t jump here and there and try to avoid my question.
        Leave alone Muslims and first try to explain the concept of Vedas to hindu brothers. Why don’t you hold a gathering of hindu brothers and tell them the truth? Please don’t discuss further until you call all your hindu brothers to the path of Vedas and encourage them to leave idol worship. Please post the links of the videos after you have done so and then we will discuss further.

      • @Tanveer

        first convince your muslim brothers to stop worshipping the biggest idol called the kaaba. As soon as muslims stop bowing towards the kaaba, only then we will tell everyone else to learn vedic worship.

      • Dear Tauqeer

        If you check the police record you will find that Father raping his daughter and daughter-in-law is done mostly by Muslims. If Muslims are caught doing this act they say they are following sunat like Mohammad who married his own daughter-in-law, and had oral sex with his real daughters as your shahi hadiths say. Even the BBC showed how a Muslim man married his own daughter and made her pregnant saying that Allah give him the divine permission and he was just following sunat. See the link below.



        Tauqeer the whole world knows that largest number of CHILD SACRIFICE IS DONE IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES how muslims give their child to jihadis so that they can be sacrificed for allah, these Jihadis quote how Abraham gave his child for sacrifice to allah so also you should give child sacrifice. CHILD SACRIFICE IS GIVEN IN KORAN. If you are pakistani muslim you know how in Lahore Small boys and girls are sold in market so that anyone can have sex with them.

        TAUQEER YOUR MULLAHS OPENLY SAY THAT THEY LOVE INFANT SEX, ANIMAL SEX AND UNNATURAL SEX that is why animal sex and child sex is not crime in Muslim countries see these quotes of Ayatollah Kohemini which will clear your doubts

        “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.”

        “The meat of horses, mules, or donkeys is not recommended. It is strictly forbidden if the animal was sodomized while alive by a man. In that case, the animal must be taken outside the city and sold.”

        “A man can have sex with animals such as sheeps, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village; however, selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.”
        From Khomeini’s book, “Tahrirolvasyleh”

        “It is forbidden to consume the excrement of animals or their nasal secretions. But if such are mixed in minute proportions into other foods their consumption is not forbidden.”



        And one Thumb points up to Allah sitting on his throne above 7th sky!

      • Dear Katiar I had replied to your posting

        October 28, 2010 at 3:13 PM
        I have quoted from authentic news papers atleast a dozen news item on child sacrifice .You not being capable to reply or atleast your friend Indian antagonist thinking so jumps in and starts posting news item on rape (from sources like Daniel Pipes, various blogs, Sulekha ,United News Room etc etc which are far from authentic ) and try to deviate from child sacrifice. Mean while, you working very hard find one news item on rape from authentic source and post it. Then your friend Purushottam jumps in with his finger and thumb theory. And you finding support in him exclaim Bulls eye. Dear, readers will not get deviated by this drama. Please find news item on child sacrifice/human sacrifice from authentic news paper and post. For 3 standing against 1 it may not be difficult. Still if all three of you show so much interest in rape then read these news items. By the way it was funny comment that most of the rape is committed by muslims.

        Times Of India

        The motley crowd squirms as Sampat Pal reveals a well concealed family secret: The veiled woman standing beside her refuses to stay in the marital home because of being repeatedly raped by her father-in-law.

        Indian Express Fri Mar 20 2009, 23:41 hrs
        A tantrik involved in an illicit affair wielded his influence not only over a woman but also over her husband, encouraging him to rape his daughter for nine years, according to police officers investigating the rape.
        PTI, Oct 6, 2010, 03.47pm IST

        NAGPUR: A 52-year-old man was booked for allegedly raping his minor daughter in Sitabuldi area here, police said on Wednesday Ajay Raghunandan Agarwal sexually abused the 15-year-old girl sometime in August when the two were alone at home, they said.

        Indian Express Sun Jul 18 2010, 04:53 hrs
        A teenage girl was raped by a father-son duo at a cattle shed in Dhodemajra village near Chandigarh last evening. While the victim was taken for medical examination at local civil hospital to establish the rape charge, the alleged rapists Didar Singh and his son Vikramjit Singh were still on the run.

        India Times October 30, 2010 at 03:37:53 PM Pune.
        In a case that could set new depths for human depravity and deviant behaviour,a teenaged,newly-married woman has alleged in her complaint to the police,that she has been subjected to rape by her father from the time she was studying in Class IX. .She has alleged that her father,Limbaraj Ghogare a resident of Osmanabad in Beed district had attempted to rape her while her husband was away from home. .To make matters worse,my father brought home another woman as his mistress to fulfil his sexual desires.
        He would force my mother and me to sit and watch him and his mistress having sex.If we refused,we would get beaten up.It was horrible.He would take me to the farm and rape me.He threatened to kill me if I ever complained against him.

        Hindustan Times Thane, March 21, 2009

        THE Juhu-based astrologer, Hasmukh Rathod (55), who was arrested on Wednesday, first raped the 21-year-old girl from Mira Road and subsequently told her to allow her father, Kishore Chauhan (49), to have sex with her, claiming that it would usher in prosperity to their family.

        Indian Express Fri Mar 27 2009, 00:32 hrs
        My father deserves a bullet in his head, said the emotionally shattered 20-year-old girl from the border town of Ajnala, a day after police booked her father Ashok Taneja for her rape. The medical examination on the university student at civil hospital also confirmed rape, said police.
        Taneja, a trader and local BJP leader, has denied the charges, saying his wife and daughter had framed him.

        PTI, Sep 18, 2010, 02.51pm IST

        Rourkela (Orissa): A man was arrested along with a friend today for allegedly attempting to rape his five-year-old daughter in a slum area on the outskirt of the steel city, police said.

        Bijay Champua and his friend Kishore Dhanuar, both aged around 30 years, allegedly tried to rape the former’s minor daughter in his house at Prem Nagar locality in an inebriated state late last night, they said.

        Express News Service Sat Jan 02 2010, 01:26 hrs

        A Kharar resident on Friday accused her brother-in-law and septuagenarian father-in-law of drugging and attempting to rape her. The week-old incident came to light today when the victim regained consciousness and reported the matter to the local police.
        Acting on the woman’s complaint, the police arrested Pritpal Singh

        TNN, Oct 3, 2010, 01.09am IST
        JAIPUR: In what could be a new low for police, a woman constable was raped and murdered by her colleagues on the premises of a police station in Kota. Her body was left to rot. Officers have arrested policeman Deshraj and cook Tulsi Ram in connection with the case

        Times of India, The, Sep 23, 2010 | by Nagarkoti, Rajinder
        PANCHKUA: In the Kalka rape case, Panchkula court on Tuesday awarded 10-year imprisonm ent to 13 accused. The court awarded punishment to Karan Sharma, Jaswant Singh, Saurabh Sharma alias Meenu, Sumit Kumar, Baldev Singh, Rajiv Sharma, Hemant Kumar, Yogesh Kumar alias Vicky, Sadman Khan, Pankaj Kumar alias Munna, Neeraj Sharma, Amit Kumar and Pankaj Kumar alias Rinku, residents of Kalka and Dharampur (Himachal Pradesh).|

        . Jatin Gandhi, Hindustan Times New Delhi, January 14, 2008
        Rape is the fastest growing crime in the country, shows government data, even as reports of sexual crimes, including those against foreign tourists, continue to pour in from across India. The latest crime statistics, pertaining to 2006, released by the Home Ministry’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show that every hour 18 women become victims of crime. The number of rapes a day has increased nearly 700 per cent since 1971.

        Hindustan Times Jaipur, January 20, 2008

        In the second such incident in Rajasthan in less than a month, a Swiss tourist was allegedly raped in the holy town of Pushkar by the owner of a hotel. The 37-year-old tourist has alleged she was raped by Nanu Rawat, owner of Nanu Garden Restaurant, in Pushkar in Ajmer district,

        Manveer Saini Times of India june 10, 2008
        Panchkula: Unable to bear the fact that the policemen who had raped her were not only roaming free but also threatening her to withdraw the complaint, a mother of two consumed poison at the Haryana police headquarters here on Monday. “Maine goli kha li hai (I have swallowed a tablet),’’ said Sarita to ADGP V B Singh while handing him a two-page letter about her plight. “Despite DSP Neeraj Setia’s probe had confirmed rape, neither were the policemen arrested nor did the investigating officers bother to get me medically-examined. And the accused issued threats after they failed to lure me with money,’’ she wrote. “I have tried my best to get justice but my voice has gone unheard and now I am committing suicide, and head constable Balraj and constable Silak Ram are responsible for my death,’’ the letter said.

        PTI, Oct 18, 2010, 07.43pm IST

        MUMBAI: A 26-year-old doctor of a private hospital in Navi Mumbai has been arrested for allegedly raping a 30-year-old married woman in a semi-conscious state of mind in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital. The accused, Vishal Vanne, a resident medical officer of Lotus Hospital in Vashi, was produced before a local court, which sent him to police custody till October 25.

        Times of India October 12, 2008 pg 7
        New Delhi: A 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by an Uttar Pradesh police sub-inspector at the Sahibabad police station in Ghaziabad, police said on Saturday.
        “The victim in the FIR has alleged that the accused, Shyam Pal, on Friday afternoon took her in a car from her house in Bhajan Pura to the Sahibabad police station. He then took her inside a room in the police station and raped her.

        Indian Express Wed Oct 06 2010, 13:00 hrs
        A court in Bangalore on Wednesday convicted cab driver Shiva Kumar of rape and cold blooded murder of 28-year-old BPO employee Pratibha Srikanthamurthy here five years ago

      • Ha Ha Ha Ha Tauqeer again with your takiya I already knew that you will behave as if you did not read my answers or comments I have already said that maximum number of child sacrifices is done in Islamic countries in the name of jihad. BY THE WAY YOU NEVER GAVE ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS you just showed some newspaper snippets if some individual is doing something that does mean that everybody is doing this if you still believe otherwise then by using your own circular logic every Muslim should be terrorist and every Muslim Father make pregnant their own daughters by Allah’s permission like this BBC article

        TAUQEER, according to UNESCO the maximum number of CHILD SACRIFICE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION is taking place in ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. The MADRASAS are breeding ground for CHILD SACRIFICE they are breed like chickens to be sacrificed for ALLAH.

      • CONGRATULATIONS TAUQEER, you just did hit wicket of your stumps I think you have not read your comments properly the examples you have given say these persons were caught by the police so you yourself have given proof that it is not accepted in the Hindu society, on other hand if these things are done in Saudi or any Islamic country, like father raping his daughter, the daughter will have to bring 4 witness and in maximum cases she will not be able to bring it and the incest and rape will go unpunished in Islamic countries. So yourself proved that incest and rape is crime in Hindu society.

      • Dear Katiyar,
        You have to give solid proof and sufficient proof from authentic sources like reputed news paper/news channel like I am giving. Repeatedly trying to divert topic, trying to laugh out by writing HA HA HA HA , exclaming that I hit my own wicket ,saying that the whole world knows muslims carry on more child sacrifice any where in the world, Trying to play around with language of the word child sacrifice, claming I have not answered you question when you have asked none, Saying- when you point one finger at others three fingers are pointed at you, bringing UNESCO in between to make your point look authentic does not prove any thing. You have to give solid proof that muslims also perform child sacrifice like Tantrics do. By the way you pointed finger at muslims that they perform human sacrifice. At that time you forgot your own theory of one finger tree finger, but when I showed you that look not only your finger but finger of media is also pointing at you ,you start preaching that I should not point fingers at you. You want to enjoy the right to finger others and dont want to give same right to others. Not your fault dear. It is the fault of the caste system in which you have been braught up which clearly tries to subjugate others.

      • TAUQEER you are playing games the link I have given you is from BBC if YOU dont believe BBC then then your examples are also not reliable. I have quoted from reliable sources like BBC and your big islamic religious leaders like Khomeini’s in his book, “Tahrirolvasyleh” he openly supports child sex and child sacrifice see comments below why are you silent on this

        “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.”

        Tauqeer You have said it right that these are heinous crimes in Hindu Society that is why media and police exposed them even if they are their own people unlike your Islamic shariat which gives permission of child sacrifice and child sex. If you think your religious leaders are not reliable sources then it is not my problem.



      • Now you have resorted to balant lies. Please dont misguide readers.You pointed out one incident of chid sacrifce by a muslim, and that to from unauthentic source.I pointed out dozen incident of child sacrifice committed by Tantrics and that to from very authentic sources like news papers and T V channels .Baffaled by this you are posting any thing and every thing but not about child sacrifice.Yes you have posted link from BBC but it has nothing to do with child sacrifice. If you have any guts please copy and paste from the link and let the readers decide weather it is about child sacrifice or some thing else. If you are unable to get incidents of human sacrifice done by muslims as done by Tantrics you can quit gracefully instead of trying to misguide readers. Please give solid and sufficient proof of child sacrifice performed by muslims. I have given dozens which is just a tip of ice berg .You can site at least few incidents

      • tauqeer, children also dies when you people bomb the trains, mosque, temples, markets…etc in the NAME OF ALLAH. How would you justifies that?

  • hi agniveer
    i highly appreciate the efforts you are taking to protect our hinduism . you are my idol. i am ready to volunteer for any help you need on this noble mission .
    my conclusions in the last years after closely watching the evil talks of zakir naik are as follows
    1. far apart from being the word of god the quran is the clever work of shaitan , he wants the entire world to follow him and hence he has hidden cleverly under the name of god , these are the tricks only satan can be expert at . he wants the people to acknowledge that the path of the quran is the only path , such intolerance can only be preached by an evil energy , one who intelligently analyses the other paths like hinduism ,christianity,buddhism etc , god knows that all paths lead to him ,so all humans can choose the path they want . it will ultimately lead to him . but the devil was smart, but underlying his smartness is also foolishness which gives him away .
    the evil energy is spreading amongst the young innocent minds who are fooled by the clever words of the shaitan /devil/rakshas .
    the good work done by you ,pandit sundarlal and others is dilluted till you form the hindu research foundation on a urgent note and set headquarters in all parts of india , and take people like me as volunteers.
    the number of rakshashas are growing . by def. they kill by deceit by making a deceitful explanation that hindus are on the wrong path because they are doing idol worship and will be subject to hell on the day of judgement the rakshashas are killing the faith and relegious belief of the followers who have no proper guidance (if there were hindu research foundations where such innocent ones can go for counselling and get to understand the very beauty of hinduism is this vast coexistence of form and no form from krishna and ram consciousness to the consciousness of the shiva , such fantastic way to connect to the divine )
    so by deceit killing not physically in the modern world with its established law and order , but so cleverly launching new campaign declaring the universal brotherhood in which the poor hindu brothers and others are on the wrong path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the vedas and all hindu gods are negated in clever discussions where advantage is taken of the rich vastness of the hinduism in which vedas talk of no form of god to the various embodied forms of god like shiva ,krishna , rama etc . to declare it as a religion which confuses to innocent minds .
    so agniveer consider me as your colleague and fan , i want to help in all possible ways

  • The brahmins and oother upper castes would be happy if they are made SC/STs in today’s India for getting reservation benefits. Even the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims want reservation benefits!!

  • Dear Agniveer,

    is it true that Ishwar gets angry at us, or looks or hears???? Does Ishwar even has a body?? I am asking this because I am reading the hindi translations of Vedas by Swami Dayanand which is found in, are these the correct translations? Please verify me on these verses below:

    Proof about Ishwar’s anger
    Atharva Veda kand 11; sukt 2; Mantra 20.

    “Injure us not, interpose for us, spare us, be not angry with us! Let us not contend with thee!”

    Proof about Ishwar hearing
    Rig Veda Mandal 1;Sukt 10; Mantra 9

    “Hear, thou whose ear is quick, my call; take to thee readily my songs
    O Ishwar, let this laud of mine come nearer even than thy friend.”

    Proof about Ishwar seeing
    Rig Veda Mandal 3; Sukt 62; Mantra 9

    “May Ishwar who sees all living things, sees them together at a glance be our protector and grant us intelligence”

    Proof about Ishwar not omnipresent and being in his heavenly house
    Rig Veda Mandal 8; Sukt 13; Mantra 2

    In his expansive heavenly mansion, is the location of Ishwar, he who brings success,
    Most glorious, prompt to save, who wins the water-floods.”

    The sanskrit word used for heavenly location is VYOMAN SADNAY and swamiji says that “Ishwar vyapak bhavan mein stith hokar”.Now I will give you individual meaning of the hindi words.

    व्यापक = expansive, broad, wide
    भवन = castle, mansion, premises, house, building
    स्थित = located, situated, set, placed

    Another reference
    Rig Veda mandal 10; sukt 129; mantra 9

    “He, the first origin of this creation, whether he formed it all or did not form it,
    Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven, he verily knows it, or perhaps he knows not.”

    • Shastri Ji, you are either too smart or too stupid to give Griffith’s translation in the name of Dayanand. Go and ask your Islamic masters about 7th heaven and flying donkey or Christian masters about Jesus without father. May be you can ask for the new prophet Zakir Naik to request Allah to send Buraq (flying donkey) to you so that you can go to 4th heaven to meet Griffith, who might be enjoying the paradise for spreading Christianity by defaming Vedas through his so called translations.

      • Dear Arya,

        I am not stupid, a muslim was arguing with me, and he showed me these verses from, the hindi translation. Unfortunately I do not know how to read hindi, so I told him Ishwar can never be angry, so he showed me these verses and told me these are the translations of Swami Dayanand, now I am not sure if he is right or wrong as I cannot read hindi.

        So that is why I am requesting u Arya brother, give me the proper meanings of these verses that he gave me in which they depict ishwar getting angry, I heard earlier from this site that Ishwar never gets angry so I hope that is true. Please clear my misconception if u can and give me the right interpretations of these verses as per swami dayanand.

      • @Shastri

        I apologize for my words, please consider those for whom, who cheated you by giving Griffith’s translation in the name of Swami Dayanand. Just thrash him for his lies and ask him to accept the defeat. Never continue debate with the one, who lies intentionally until he accepts defeat on this issue. If he wants to debate further, give him our link and ask him to write something on this website. Regarding omnipresence and other issues for your clarity, I give them here. This is not for that idiot.

        Please note that Swami Dayanand could translate Yajurved and up to 6 Mandals of Rigved only. He could not translate Sam and Atharva Ved as he was poisoned before that. So take caution while reading the translation from any site or book. Please consider only those translations authentic which are from Rishis. I would request you to read Satyarth Prakash and Rigvedaadi Bhashya Bhumika by Swami Dayanand before reading any translation of Vedas so that even if you read anyone’s translation, you can judge it based on Vedic principles, which are given clearly in the above books.

        1. Regarding seeing and hearing of Eeshvar, yes He sees and hears everything but He does not need any eyes or ears for that. He is omnipresent and thus present in our hearts and minds too. He even knows the thoughts inside our mind. Think logically, if someone is omnipresent, He cant possess any organs.

        2. Regarding His anger, Eeshvar never changes His nature, but His just causes punishment to the wrong doers and reward for righteous people. So, in Mantra, we promise Eeshvar that we will not commit sins so that we dont get punished later. Eeshvar’s just, because of which, a sinner gets punishment, has been equated to Eeshvar’s anger in the sinner’s frame of reference.

      • @sastri
        Regarding the above one answer from swami chidanadpuri i seems logical.the words i caught below
        “thier is fire i go near the fire and put the hands into.i felt slightly this the anger or revenge of fire or reaction to my actiopn?
        “i feel cold in winter i go near the same fire to warm up self.its help me .here also the same action help me in other way
        so the anger /revenge/good fortune anything is not gods habit or nature.its our own action reaction benefits


  • @Ghauri

    brother, please stop believing in a false prophet (muhummad) from a false book (Quran) of a false relgiion (islam), the deeds of ur prophet are quite evident. Telling muslims they are allowed to keep sex slaves and do polygamy, and kill kafirs, and moreover enjoy virgins in paradise is enough to show the noble character of ur prophet. Brother, read this webpage, ironically it is written by a respectful muslim sister,

    Brother, how about all ur other prophets like Lot who had sex with his own daughters, and Khaiser who killed an innocent child, brother, what train of prophets do u follow, which are full of mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles, perverts, etc, u call these prophets of GOD???????????

    This is sick, and sad to see you people follow these so called prophets. Brother, Quran is a handi work of humans, nothing more.

  • (your answer 4) Your prophet is the only way to obey allah and he was the best man without lies or decit!!

    Well thank you for the joke but it aint funny at all

    Muhammad himself didn't obey Allah ..forget about you guyz following muhammad to follow allah.

    After Allah helped muhammad marry his own daughter in law (zainab bint jahsh) ..he told Muhammad not to marry any more wives

    BUT MUHAMMAD DID NOT STOP …he kept on taking captive women as wives even after that command from allah (Juwahria and Saffiya ) are an example

    muhammad allowed his followers to killing his critics by lie and deceit ( the killing of Kab is an example)

    for you , a man who killed the brothers,husband and father of a 17 year old woman (Safiya , Khaiber0 and slept with the helpless widow the same night may be the best man for a ghauri ..but never to any HUMAN BEING

    i am sorry …my message was factual and hence harsh ..could not avoid it

    • Dear Katiyar ,
      This shows your castiest mentality . You people want to subjugate one and all by what ever fair and foul means available . You will stoop to any low level available on the earth to prove your false allegations to achieve you ends . You allege others of doing things which you are repeatedly doing your self and that too knowingly .You are yourself mum on human sacrifice by sadhus , sadhus having sex with dead women , sadhus drinking blood , sadhus eating human flesh . I have posted dozens of news item on above from authentic sources against your one incident from unauthentic source and asked you to give me at least few news items from authentic sources to prove your point, but 4 of you are mum on this even after 12 postings and counter posting in last 2 weeks and shamelessly accuse me of keeping mum . About your quotation from Koran . First of all you are telling lies that you have quoted from Koran . You have not quoted at all . You had said this .
      Againt your one unauthentic quote , I quoted in dozens misdeeds of sadhus mentioned above .
      If you would have quoted from Koran which does not propogate human sacrifice then definitely I may have quoted about Purushamedha in Vedas depending upon how much you have distorted and misrepresented the verse of Koran . I say I may have quoted because I prefer not to make comment on any religious book unless it is absolutely necessary . So dear I am not mum but it is 4 of you who are mum . In fact it is not mum . You have become numb and dumb after seeing misdeeds of sadhus in name of Shiva . Before we proceed to discuss Purushamedha , Narbali , please make it clear how many books / chapters / kandas are there in Atharwa ved 10 or more than 10 . I am asking for clarification to escape your modus operandi of deviating / dodging / trying to create confusion etc etc like we follow only Vedas and no other scriptures (even though your site it self is full of other scriptures and gods not mentioned in Vedas ) , We follow only this translation and not that one when you your self quote from any where you like , and finally finding no way to escape exclaim !! YOU ARE TRAPPED!! Knowing fully in your heart that you yourselves are trapped . Remember- making a loud appeal in high pitch voice on face of umpire and making a gesture as if your fingers would pierce umpiers eyes does not move umpire a bit to give a batsman out .With third umpire now in place it has become even more difficult ( read advanced technology ) . Sorry but in your case you people assume role of all at a same time i.e bowler , batman, wicketkeeper , fielders of all positions , umpire , leg umpire ,commentrator , expert commentrator , spectator , pitch curator , grounds man . You do not want to leave any thing for any one else . You want to subjugate one and all . Using this Chanakyaneety you have wiped out Buddhism from its very birth place . You have forced millions of lower cast hindus to live life of misery for thousands of years and you have guts to accuse others of same short comings which you practice knowingly . You kill thousands of girls ( Foeticide / Infanticide ) , You kill / burn/ torture/ drive to suicide thousands of girls for dowry , Sadhus directly or indirectly slaughter hundreds in human sacrifice and you have guts to say that Koran teaches human sacrifice and muslims perform human sacrifice . You have to just go through archives of authentic news papers / news channel to conclude who is much ahead in all these shameless activities . It is you people or muslims ?
      Corollary—People follow what is there in THEIR OWN RELIGION . People who are rarely involved in such heinous crimes, their religion forbids them from such activities . REFER—archives of authentic news papers / news channels for conclusion .

    • Dear Indian Agnostic
      Now the reply link is appearing but when I tried to answer to your posting above this posting it is just disappearing .Please do the needful so That I can reply . I have not pasted any link so I dont think it should go for moderation ,

      • Brother Tauqeer

        I am just a member like you can;t help on this one bro.

        but just try to reload the page and post again you can see i am able to post there must be some problem at your end only.

        why dont you close your browser and reload again

        best regards

      • @Tauqeer bro

        are you saying that you don;t see a ‘reply’ button in some of the posts?

        bro you can see the replies are nested ..and there’s a maximum level upto which replies can be nested…when that level is reached , you wont see any reply button on the the last nested post.

        if you want to respond to this post, go one level up and click on the reply button ..that way your reply will appear at the same level (but after) the last post.

        hope that resolves your issue

      • Dear Tauqeer brother, Hats off to you for your replies with such wisdom, proofs, logical and above all facts and truth that you have handled courageously with several of agniveer people. You are the true veer and let me tell you this veerta has come in you bcoz you speak the truth and Allah is with those who are truthful. I am really flattened by your replies and you proved literally that Agniveer is nothing but running the show by taking contents, news from unauthentic sources thinking that muslims & non-muslims would never go and check what they are quoting is true or false & hundred times if they repeat the same lies again and again, that would become truth. They failed to realize that even out of the few who visits their site, there are visitors who are knowledgeable like you and Abdullah that can make their mouths shut and bring their falsehood to surface. May Allah bless you with more knowledge and give you patience and courage to bring falsehood to surface. I really enjoyed and i was more than satisfied, not only me, even the other readers will be well convinced to read & accept your replies as most authentic and truthful. With my warmest regards to you brother Tauqeer.

      • @Wellsaid, you said “Allah is with those who are truthful” , You mean “The Pimp” , Arab Ass Lickers, Read , you will know who is the PIMP and who is PEDO , It was written by “Anwar Sheikh” , He was a devoted Muslim than you people .( He killed two people for ALLA) – Have you killed any one for ALLA ?

      • Dear SSS Faith Feedom dot org ji
        Your’s is a perfect case of seeing negatively and saying glass is half empty . You should say positively that glass is half full. By the way you are wrong anwar shaikh killed 3 not 2 sikhs.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Mohammad Anwar Shaikh was a Punjabi-born Pakistani author residing in Cardiff. He was born into an Islamic Sunni family . His mother could recite a large part of the Quran from memory. During the violent days of the Partition of India in 1947 he killed on one day two Sikhs a father and his son. In his youth, Shaikh was a young ardent believer. He later killed another Sikh. But when he reached the age of 25, he began doubting Islam and later became its ardent critic . and memories of his crime have haunted him ever since.

        I suggest let us examine the above article
        Why Ishwar the almighty drive out Anwar shaikh out of Islam ? Why did he not drive out a single one out of their faith who killed 2000 Sikhs in 1984 roits ? Is God partial ? Is he biased ? does Allah follow dual policy ? Answer is big NO . Then what is the logic behind driving out one who killed 3 Sikhs and sparing those who killed 2000.I pray to Ishwar that he makes you understand what I want to say . Answer is very simple . Anwar Shaikh did not follow Koran and killed 3 innocent Sikhs ( you have represented as if Sikhs did not kill a single muslim , but forget it for the moment ) . How did he not follow Koran ? The answer is below .
        5-32 al-Ma’idah

        Arberry Therefore We prescribed for the Children of Israel that whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether; and whoso gives life to a soul, shall be as if he has given life to mankind altogether
        Palmer For this cause have we prescribed to the children of Israel that whoso kills a soul, unless it be for another soul or for violence in the land, it is as though he had killed men altogether; but whoso saves one, it is as though he saved men altogether..
        Rodwell For this cause have we ordained to the children of Israel that he who slayeth any one, unless it be a person guilty of manslaughter, or of spreading disorders in the land, shall be as though he had slain all mankind; but that he who saveth a life, shall be as though he had saved all mankind alive.
        Sale Wherefore we commanded the children of Israel, that he who slayeth a soul, without [adding thereto the murder of another] soul, or [without] committing wickedness in the earth, [shall be] as if he had slain all mankind: But he who saveth [a soul] alive, [shall be] as if he had saved the lives of all mankind.
        6-151 Al-Anam
        Arberry and that you slay not the soul God has forbidden, except by right. That then He has charged you with; haply you will understand.
        Palmer and kill not the soul, which God hath forbidden save by right; that is what God ordains you, haply ye may understand.’
        Rodwell and that ye slay not anyone whom God hath forbidden you, unless for a just cause. This hath he enjoined on you, to the intent that ye may understand.
        Sale and slay not the soul which God hath forbidden [you to slay], unless for a just cause. This hath he injoined you that ye may understand.

        017 -33 al-Isra’

        Pickthall And slay not the life which Allah hath forbidden save with right. Whoso is slain wrongfully, We have given power unto his heir, but let him not commit excess in slaying. Lo! he will be helped.
        Yusuf Ali Nor take life – which God has made sacred – except for just cause. And if anyone is slain wrongfully, we have given his heir authority (to demand qisas or to forgive): but let him not exceed bounds in the matter of taking life; for he is helped (by the Law).

        Sher Ali And slay not the soul, the slaying of which ALLAH has forbidden, save for a just cause. And whoso is slain wrongfully, WE have surely given his heir authority to demand retribution but let him not exceed the prescribed bounds in slaying; for therein he will be supported by law.

        Sale Neither slay the soul which God hath forbidden [you to slay], unless for a just cause; and whosoever shall be slain unjustly, we have given his heir power [to demand satisfaction]; but let him not exceed the bounds [of moderation] in putting to death [the murderer in too cruel a manner, or by revenging his friend’s blood on any other than the person who killed him]; since he is assisted [by this law].

        Khan And do not kill anyone which Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause. And whoever is killed (intentionally with hostility and oppression and not by mistake), We have given his heir the authority [(to demand Qisas, Law of Equality in punishment or to forgive, or to take Diya (blood money)]. But let him not exceed limits in the matter of taking life (i.e he should not kill except the killer only). Verily, he is helped (by the Islamic law).
        From Agniveer˗˗˗˗ He (Anwar Sheikh ) was cremated instead of burying as per his wish to die as Vedic follower .
        Now see Agniveer itself has testified that Anwar Shaikh burned in this world . I say he will bur n in hell also as he ignored Koran and killed 3 innocent Sikhs . Will the fate of terrorists be different ? The answer is big NO .
        Now waiting for similar number of translations of Vedas from various authors including non Vedic followers and similar condemnation for Naxalites and and other terrorists from your side .Please understand that killing of innocents should be condemned right across religious affiliations .Taking sides like you people do only emboldens these rascals . We have to be united against this inhuman act and not take sides like you people do .

  • (your answer 3):Allah does not punish untill he sends a messenger

    1.this argument falls flat by the inconsiderate and inhuman claims of Muhammad himself

    Muhammad's mother died BEFORE He claimed prophethood..still he categorically told every body that his mother and father are burning in HELL !!!!!!!

    A person who could curse his own parents to hell can be a role model only to a mind of corrupt and degraded morals also, unfortunately bring out the cunningness of Allah

    This allah gets very angry if anybody associates another person with Him ..but he quickly pardons a murderer,rapist or bandit !!!

    is that what god is supposed to be like ?

    and once again ..your Allah contradicts himself!! cannot become a muslim untill you name his partner (Muhammad) along with Him

    can anyone become a muslim just by saying : "there is no god but Allah" ? NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to name his partner to become a muslims ( "and muhammad is his messenger")

    Also , Allah clearly talks about his partner in no uncertain business terms ! ..Allah says that 1/5th of the war booty goes to allah and his messenger

    this allah is very happy taking 1/5th of war booty along with his partner muhammad ..but gets very angry when anybody tries to associate 'another' partner with him

    where is your morality dear ghauri?

    • Dear indian Agnostic / Katiyar

      Female Foeticide and Infanticide in India: An Analysis of
      Crimes against Girl Children
      Sneh Lata Tandon1 and Renu Sharma2
      University of Delhi, Delhi, India
      Sex selective abortions and increase in the number of female infanticide cases
      have become a significant social phenomenon in several parts of India. It
      transcends all castes, class and communities and even the North South dichotomy.
      The girl children become target of attack even before they are born. Numerous
      scholars have observed that the latest advances in modern medical sciences – the
      tests like Amniocentesis and Ultra-sonography which were originally designed for
      detection of congenital abnormalities of the foetus, are being misused for knowing
      the sex of the foetus with the intention of aborting it if it happens to be that of a
      female. The worst situation is when these abortions are carried out well beyond
      the safe period of 12 weeks endangering the women’s life. This paper theoretically
      analyses the magnitude of the incidence of female foeticide and infanticide in

      • Brother Tauqeer

        you didn’t read your own content or what ?

        it says : It transcends all castes, class and communities and even the North South dichotomy.

        it means all Indians are responsible irrespective of community .It is a menace and the Givernment has done a commendable job in crushing this malpractice.

        now..let’s start improving the lives of those Indian Muslimahs who are put behind head rags and not allowed to study or work and are used up by rich old sheikhs even before reaching puberty

        are you ready to join hands with me?

      • Dear Indian Agnostic / Katiyar ,
        So You have vowed to keep mum on sadhus performing human sacrifice . I understand your predicament on not finding cases of human sacrifice from authentic sources performed by muslims even though you have alleged that it is rampant amongst muslims .You are trying every thing to deflect me from the topic by every time jumping to new topic and exclaiming at the end ! ! WE HAVE TRAPPED YOU ! ! Alas ! you are trapping yourself more and more .Now you have jumped to two new topics at a time . I had appreciated your guts to accuse others of doing same thing even if he rarely does it and when it happens you blow it out of proportion to hide your misdeeds . I never expected that my stand will be vindicated so soon . You think you are very clever to use word USE for child marriage knowing fully that it is much more prominent among your community .But unfortunately picture on this front is more gory than misdeeds of sadhus and much more alarming than you perceive . I appreciate your zeal to work for muslim girls . But after reading the below reports , instead of shooting unsolicited advice at me you will pack up your bag ( if you were serious about working for girls married off before marriageable age) and leave for concerned areas mentioned below . Just inform me and I will join you . And one more thing don’t try the trick of putting words in my mouth and misguide readers . I have not said that social problems of same type cut across all the communities . I have categorically said that there are stray incidents among muslims , leave aside me revered Shankaracharya has said this .Now coming to the point of child marriage ,UNICIF report says that India tops in child marriage . 40% of the child marriages take place in India .
        Specialists in public health from India and the US looked at data for 22,807 women aged 20-24, selected from a geographical and social cross-section of Indian society, who took part in a survey in 2005 and 2006.
        A total of 44.5% of the women had been wed by the time they were 18, set as the legal age for marriage since 1978. Of these, 22.6% had been married before the age of 16 and 2.6% before the age of 13.
        A survey conducted in 1998-1999 estimated that 50% of Indian women aged 20-24 were married as children, which means that the phenomenon has retreated by just a fraction.
        ndtv | January 15, 2009
        More than 40 per cent of the world’s child marriages take place in India, even though the legal age for wedding is 18. A report by UNICEF highlights India’s high rate of child marriage as a major reason for the large number of maternal and infant deaths.
        (Reuters) – A large proportion of women in India were married when they were still children, a study has found, and researchers warned that such unions carried higher risks of unwanted pregnancies and female sterilization. Researchers analyzed data from a national family health survey that was conducted from 2005 to 2006 in India. The survey involved 22,807 Indian women who were aged between 20 and 24 at the time of the survey.
        Of these, 22.6 percent were married before they were 16, 44.5 percent were married when they were between 16 and 17, and 2.6 percent were married before they turned 13.

        Photo of a Child Marriage in India
        Hansa and Sitaram, a bride and groom in a recent wedding ceremony in Rajasthan State, are 4 and 12 respectively. Marriages of young children are far from unusual in much of north India .
        Anupam Srivastava and Jyoti Rao
        As Shanti emerges out of her mud-plastered hut, her child-like form looks quite odd wrapped in a sari – an adult garment. She moves about listlessly, trying to hide her protruding belly with the drape of her oversized sari.
        Married at 13, Shanti got pregnant immediately afterwards and subsequently lost her underweight, prematurely delivered baby. She is pregnant again. “This time, we hope she pulls it off,” says her mother-in-law. Shanti is one amongst millions of girls who are married off before they attain the age of 18.
        The study conducted by Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad was taken through out six Indian states (Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu) between 2006 and 2008. Information was gathered from nearly 58,000 participants ages 15-29. Azad’s work deemed Bihar the most impacted state with 77 percent of woman married before reaching 18-years-old .
        Marriage before the age of 18 is a reality for many young women. According to UNICEF’s estimates, over 64 million women aged 20–24 years were married or in union before the age of 18.
        Child marriage continues to be rampant in India with nearly one-fifth of Indian women being married off before turning 15 and around 50 per cent before reaching the legal marriageable age, a study has found.
        Times Of India
        JAIPUR: Several child marriages have reportedly been solemnized in the Ajmer region and many more are planned in the next few days.

        Exposing government agencies’ much-hyped campaign against such marriages, a family on Friday took a ”newly-wed” child couple to Chamunda temple at Foysagar, near Ajmer, The deep-rooted tradition continues unabated in several parts of Rajasthan . Last year, at Bataru village of Barmer, a mass wedding of 48 children took place amidst celebrations, but no action was taken against the organisers. Official figures say that in Rajasthan, close to 68% girls are married off by the age of 18.
        Times of India, The, Jun 2, 2009
        GHAZIABAD: The police in Sahibabad on Sunday night swooped down on a marriage party and arrested 19 people for allegedly facilitating child marriage. According to the police, the 13-year-old daughter of Guddu Pande was being married to a 20-year-old Vijay Sharma at a function in a school complex in Shahidnagar when they reached the site and made the arrests.
        Times of India,
        bridegroom P Balagangadhara Tilak (57), minor girls mother and two others have been arrested under child marriage act. The 17 year old girl was forcibly married near a temple at Rajahmundry on June 17. There are two more arrests to be done in this case.

      • @tauqeer
        You are just going on quoting from newspapers. First,read the agniveer post completely. It clearly states that anyone performing wrong deeds must be punished-it applies to EVERYONE irrespective of which religion he belongs to.You can’t say that the persons in the above cases are following Vedas,because Vedas clearly condemn such acts. They are not followers of Vedas.The (agniveer)post doesn’t support such acts.Instead,it condemns them. If you had asked anything related to Vedas,it would have been a relevant post.Instead, you are asking about the people who think they are following Vedas. Now, prove the divinity of your Quran by answering the questions related to it (I need not ask new ones-already others have asked many questions). If you have any questions regarding Vedas, we are ready to answer(if not me,experts like agniveer can answer)

      • Dear Katiyar ,
        In a cricket match the team which bats first has to do fielding after batting is over . You are behaving like a small kid playing cricket match in a gully by insisting you will go on batting even after your batting is over . You accused muslims of performing human sacrifice from unauthentic source with just 1 news item . I replied by giving a dozen news item ON MISDEEDS OFSADHUS from very authentic sources and questioned you to give me at least few news items from authentic source to prove your claim . It is almost a month and you have failed miserably by not being able to answer by giving a single news item and you have guts to ask question to me without giving answer . Be clear that it is your turn to answer and then only we can move further on discussing about your next allegation that Koran sanctions human sacrifice . Please don’t go on insisting like a small child that you will only go on asking questions , without answering my questions . You are just trying to deflect me from misdeeds of sadhus . I know your trick . As soon as I start discussing on your allegation of Koran sanctioning human sacrifice the topic will get deflected from misdeeds of sadhus to sanction of human sacrifice in Koran and Vedas and you will get chance to escape shouting loudly ! ! I HAVE TRAPPED YOU ! ! . You may take a month or two more on finding news item from authentic source on muslims performing human sacrifice and once you are successful in doing this I assure you that I will discuss sanction of human sacrifice in Koran and Vedas . Alternatively if you are interested in immediately leaving behind the mess of sadhus and start discussing on sanction of human sacrifice in Koran and Vedas please let me know the following .
        1) How many chapters / skandas are there in each veda .
        2) How many verses are there in each chapter .
        3) Which translations ( at least give 3 to 4 ) and in which language will be acceptable to you ?
        Now don’t say that Vedas don’t sanction human sacrifice so there is no need to answer above questions and you answer to my allegations of sanction of human sacrifice in Vedas . Remember , these are alternative to misdeeds of sadhus which you are not able to answer for about a month . It is just like multiple choice question paper either you answer on misdeeds of sadhus or answer above questions . Choice is yours . You just cannot go on making more allegations without proving the previous one . The reason for asking above clarification is that I don’t want to give another chance to you people of saying” we don’t follow this translation we follow that one ” , ” You are wrong , there are these many chapters and not thatmany “etc etc . You people don’t hesitate to disown your own scriptures at the end when your case is lost . So it is better we know before hand . It will prevent my precious time from getting lost .

      • Tauqeer you have forgot I have answered your question you said to show Human sacrifice in Islam I quoted from Muslim’s most authentic book Koran ALLAH ask Ibrahim human sacrifice of his child.

        It is you who is using funny tactics I gave example from Koran and biggest muslim scholars like Ayatollah Khomeini Fatwas where he has given Muslim permission to have Child Sacrifice, Animal Sex, Infant sex you are behaving as if you have not read comments.
        You asked me to prove it I have proved directly from KORAN AND MUSLIM SCHOLARS LIKE AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI.

      • Dear Katiyar
        I have not forgotten what I have but you are telling lies again and again repeatedly posting after posting to prove your point . I challange you to cut and paste where I have asked you to show human sacrifice in Islam . I have asked you to prove your allegation that muslims perform human sacrifice like sadhus do , and not asked you to show sanction of human sacrifice in Islam . You made wild allegation that muslims perform human sacrifice and when I asked you to prove by giving authentic press reports , you are unable to find a single press report for last one month and miserably failing to do so you are trying to divert readers mind by first postings on rape ,then postings on terrorism ,then postings on zakir naik ,then saying you have trapped me and now saying that I have forgotten that I asked you to show human sacrifice in Islam etc etc . First you prove your wild allegation that muslims perform human sacrifice by giving solid and sufficient proof from press reports then only I will discuss about your next wild allegation that koran sanctions human sacrifice . Don’t prove your castiest mentality by repeating again and again your wild allegations .You people may have succeeded in subjugating buddhists and lower caste hindus by using this SAM NEETY(of sam ,dam , dand ,bhed ) which says go on telling lies , go on making wild allegations , go on making false propoganda till some of your own people start believing it and then using their testimony move ahead with proving your point . Dear , In olden days with very few people ( brahamns ) educated and with very slow means of getting information you people could succeed .Now a days people are educated and this is an era of information technology . There is no chance of your success . You will find no takers for repeated wild allegations . You have to back your arguments ( in your case wild allegations ) with sufficient and solid proof like I have proved that human sacrifice is a big social problem amongst you people . It starts with sex determination test . Extreme desire of you people to have baby boy results in killing of girls in womb itself , even if girl is born some of you kill / or throw them in dust bin / swap them with baby boy , Sadhus perform human sacrifice in name of Shiva and promt others to do so , thousand of innocent girls are put to death by greedy dowry seekers . I have proved what I have said by giving authentic press reports and can give more press reports . As per revered Shankaracharya these problems are negligible among muslims . You think you are more learned than him ?? May be you are but more learned in art of telling lies . I will be waiting for you to cut paste from my posting where I have asked you to show human sacrifice in Islam and now please don’t come up with a new set of lies and waste my time

      • By using these stupid techniques you have proved that you have no answer to my questions I quoted from Koran and Islamic Scholar Ayatollah Khomeini’s quotes, which are already given above comments

        Tauqeer I quoted from Koran where Allah asks Ibrahim of human sacrifice of his child, by saying that I am lying you have insulted PROPHET IBRAHIM by saying that Allah never asked for Human sacrifice from Ibrahim . If still you have not convinced then I give you the MOST INFAMOUS EXAMPLE OF HUMAN SACRIFICE THAT IS OF DANIEL PEARL WHO WAS SACRIFICED ON BAKRI ID BY MUSLIM FANATIC IT IS GIVEN IN CNN, BBC, TIMES OF INDIA, DAWN ETC ETC NAME ANY PAPER IT IS THERE NOW DON’T TELL THAT THIS IS A TERRORIST ACT IF THIS IS A TERRORIST ACT WHY IS HE KILLED ON BAKR ID WITH HIS THROAT CUT LIKE THE SACRIFICIAL LAMB HE CAN BE KILLED WITH BULLETS ALSO.



      • Dear Katiyar ,

        By each passing day and by every next posting volume of your lies is swelling and now it has reached crescendo . I am left with no other alternative but to copy and paste each of your lies in your above posting followed by my proof that you are telling lies . If I don’t do this then readers loose the sequence of our postings and taking advantage of this you come up with another set of lies because the site is not able to maintain sequence .
        YOUR LIES NO 1 _ By using these stupid techniques you have proved that you have no answer to my questions .
        PROOF OF YOUR LIES _ I have proved beyond doubt that your allegation on muslims performing human sacrifice is totally wrong . I have proved by copying and pasting innumerable news items from authentic news papers that it is sadhus who perform human sacrifice and incite desperate common people to perform human sacrifice in order to solve their problems . I asked you to prove in similar manner that muslims perform human sacrifice . You have miserably failed in doing so and not finding single news item on muslims performing human sacrifice you are just telling one lies after another postings after postings scince last one month . Now you are calling my technique of copying and pasting news item from news paper stupid .
        YOUR LIES NO 2__ Tauqeer I quoted from Koran where Allah asks Ibrahim of human sacrifice of his child .
        PROOF OF YOUR LIES__ I have already said in my previous posting that you have not quoted from Koran . You have just made allegation that in Koran God asks Abraham to sacrifice his child . If you have quoted then why you are unable to copy and paste from your own posting the said quote of Koran .

        PROOF OF YOUR LIES_ Daniel Pearl was killed on February 1 and his death was confirmed on February 21 . BOTH THESE DAYS WERE NOT BAKRI ID IN THE YEAR 2002 . I can copy and paste list and date of festivals in year 2002 from any part of the world . I wonder how some one can tell lies so shamelessly without fear of being caught ? You people are doing this repeatedly on this website . I under stand you practicing SAM ( of sam , dam , dand , bhed ) which says go on telling lies till some people start believing you . This is how you people have wiped out Buddhism from its birth place .But should you tell lies to the extend of saying that today is 28/11/2010 and it is not Sunday but it is Wednesday . As for the date of Daniel Pearl’s death proof is given below by using my favorite technique (according to you stupid technique ) of copying and pasting from authentic sources . And no where it is mentioned that it was ritual of human sacrifice .
        Times Of India ,
        Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002) was an American journalist who was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan .

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002)

        Daniel:. Daniel’s death at the age of 38 was confirmed on February 21, 2002 by the U.S. State Department. Daniel had been kidnapped on January 23, 2002 in Karachi and later murdered.

        The Wall Street Journal
        U.S. government officials confirmed on February 21 that Pearl, kidnapped South Asia correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, had been killed by his captors.

        News papers and channels report human sacrifice in this way
        BBC News, Calcutta
        The severed head and torso of a man has been found in a temple in the Indian state of West Bengal in what the police say is a case of “human sacrifice”.

        Press Trust Of India October 17, 2010 00:05 IST
        Mumbai: In a suspected case of human sacrifice, two children were strangulated and beaten to death in Nalasopara here by their aunt and six others on the pretext of driving out evil spirits, police said.
        Times Of India ,
        Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002) was an American journalist who was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan .
        Your cooked up human sacrifice of Daniel Pearl has failed miserably .
        Awaiting for next set of your lies OR alternately as I have already offered you that you may quit gracefully and move on to any other of the many topics which you had inserted in between our debate on human sacrifice to divert readers mind albeit condition that you will have to first spell out which of your religious text? / which of the translation ? / translation in which langauge ? / I should follow and how many chapters and verses these texts contains ? so that there is real debate and my precious time is not wasted in proving every time that you are telling lies .
        I SAY __ In this website itself you people have claimed that hindus were wiped out from Afghanistan and Hindukush mountain in Afghanistan means hindu slaughter .Now you claim that Buddhists were wiped out by Muslims from Afghanistan . If Buddhists were wiped out then Hindukush mountain should have been named as Budhkush and not Hindukush as per your skewed logic . If you want to quit the topic of human sacrifice by sadhus and start discussion on how Buddhists were wiped out from India and Afghanistan ? you are most welcome . It can be easily proved by connecting memoirs of Chinese travelers and claims of prominent Hindu organization websites as to what happened to Buddhists .
        YOU SAY__ Tauqeer you have no sense of history because you have learned history from Madrassa schools .
        I SAY__ Another of your wild allegation / wild claim . How do you know this when we have never met ? . For your information I have studied in a very reputed English medium school and scored 86 % marks in SSC in history ( certificates can be furnished) . During my early child hood I have attended Madrassa also . It was here that I haven been taught to argue in most graceful manner backed by authentic proof . It is because of this that I restrain myself and don’t try to offend otherwise who stops me if I say _ I presume from your childish behavior that you have failed even to clear play school or you have studied up to class afternoon ( you were send to school first day in your life at morning and they send you back home in the afternoon ) etc etc . These tactics are often adopted by you people when you start loosing ground . Why don’t you understand that others are also capable of answering you back in the same coin . It is just that they restrain themselves . Sorry, it was not to hurt you but to make you understand that you should debate in a graceful manner backed by authentic proof and not make wild allegations .

      • Tauqeer Brother at least you have accepted that you are a madrassa trained guy.

        Tauqeer till now you are not able to answer my first question how is that photo which I have given you is a lie if it is a photographic trick prove it and then we will have debate.

        Did not your madrassa taught you that Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) is the day when Ibrahim was ready to give Human Sacrifice or Narbali of his Son to Allah I think they were busy teaching you to make bombs and how to kill non muslims that is why you do not know that Allah asked for Human sacrifice and by the are you pakistani or some other country muslim please state that it will be great help in answering your question.

      • Dear Katiyar ,
        You love being caught red handed telling lies in each of your posting .You show a photo graph from the source Faith freedom international and want me to belive that it is a your authentic source like BBC , Newyork Times , Times Of India , Indian Express ,etc . Using this one photograph from unauthentic source you have made wild allegation that muslims are biggest human sacrificers in the world . I challenged you to give news article from such authentic sources mentioned above to prove that muslims perform human sacrifice . Till date you have not been able to give a single . Contrary to that I I have given you tons of news items from such authentic sources on you people performing human sacrifice . Coming back to photograph I challenge you to copy and paste the sentence below the photograph which says human sacrifice is being performed . Till date you have not come clean on your lies that BBC , CNN etc have said that Daniel Pearl was killed as part of ritual sacrifice .You still have not come clean on your lies that 1st Feb 2002 the day on which Daniel Pearl was killed was Bakri Id . I challenge you to prove that 1st Feb 2002 was Bakri Id . You have no remorse for lies you tell and you want to discuss on Koran and allege that it sanctions human sacrifice . What makes you think that readers will believe a liar like you . If you still want to discuss scriptures I put an open challenge . create a level playing field by spelling out which of your scriptures with how many chapters and verses etc and which translation shall we follow in debate ? It is necessary so that after wards we don’t leave the topic aside and start discussion on which scripture to follow and which not to follow ?which is correct translation which is not etc etc ( modus oprandi by you people to distract readers when you people are caught telling lies Let us create level playing field by agreeing to
        1)Scripture to be quoted from e.g Vedas and Koran .
        2) Three English translations of Vedas of your choice and Three English translations of Koran of my choice .
        3)Two Hindi Translation of Vedas of your choice and two Hindi translations of Koran of my choice .
        4)One translation in mutually agreed language and of mutually agreed translator .
        5)No of chapters , verses etc to be pre decided .
        Let us create a healthy atmosphere for debate then we will dicuss about Ismail’s PBUH sacrifice ,Purushamedha , narbali etc . You people cannot insist, for example_ that come on we will have a cricket match where in only I myself will bowl ,bat , field , keep wickets , do umpiring , give commentary , prepare pitch etc and you will only listen to commentary on radio and if you try to do any other thing like bowling , batting etc except listing to commentary on radio you will be declared as loser .
        I know you don’t have guts to accept my challenge . liars don’t have guts . Prove me wrong by giving three English, two Hindi and one vernacular translation of Vedas and start discussion on scriptures right away . And don’t come back to me without translations of Vedas and saying such and such and such ting is written in Koran . Please don’t waste my time . If you are serious about discussing scriptures please give 3 English , two Hindi and one vernacular translation complete Vedas .
        OK YOU SAY˗˗˗˗I think they were busy teaching you to make bombs and how to kill non muslims that is why you do not know that Allah asked for Human sacrifice and by the are you pakistani or some other country muslim please state that it will be great help in answering your question .
        I SAY˗˗˗ I think they were very busy in gurukul teaching you to perform human sacrifice so that you can find some treasure or your enemy could be defeated ,ward away evil etc etc . By the way are you a Nepali . You cant be from any where else because you people don’t have any other . I think in Nepal they have not taught you to debate in a graceful manner because they were busy giving you Naxalite training to kill our security forces in mass ,blow up railway stations ,blow up trains ,blow up buses ,blow up bridges ,blow up banks ,blow up schools and colleges ,blow up hospitals, uproot railway tracks to cause derailment and kill our people in mass ,massacre civilians including children ,gang raping woman comrades , demand ransom , kill by slashing throat , ambush CRPF convoy and mercilessly shower bullets on our jawans from all four sides , to decamp with weapons of CRPF and use these weapons against CRPF . lay land mines to kill in mass , over throw our Indian government by 2050 and establish Naxalite rule etc etc the list is end less . Wake up Mr Katiyar and others like you before it is too late . We muslims do not wish that you people pass through the same fate as we muslims are passing . It is too painful when you loose trust of others for the crime which you your self bitterly oppose .

      • Tauqeer Okay good to know your an Indian it will more easy to give examples because I have some true Hindi sources Muslim Tantrics Human sacrifice

        If you want to have real example of Muslim Human Sacrifice I will definitely give you which came in Hindi news channel like Aaj Tak, IBN7, Zee news etc

        In UP Suar Rampur District Police caught a Muslim Tantric named Mustaqim who sacrificed his son and dog to get rid of Shaitani Saya in his house and took blood of his son and dog in cup and placed it near the masjid (you can get the detail report of this in Hindi Monthly Magazine Manohar Kahiyan November Edition)

        Another great link of Islamic Human sacrifice quoted from sites like BBC Guardian and CNN with graphic examples and Videos is given below.


      • @tauqeer : well that was not my intent, i am here to defend veda and veda only

        N.B. Purushmeda/ Anteshti(its the last of the 16 samskars of the vedic life system) its also called kriya karm in contemporary times.

        narbali ?! its not in the veda

      • @Tauqeer : well. now lets see ;do you contend the fact that it was on Allah’s order (in dream state) that Hazrat Ibrahim intended to sacrifice his son?

        if yes,you do contend, can you shed some light on the relevance of Bakr id?

        waiting for your respond.

        @katyar and Tauqeer : bro lets stick the scripture.There is no point citing individual examples and getting personal, we are just being lead away from the purpose of the discussion and debate.

      • Dear आर्यव्रतस्थ
        Your advice to discuss only scriptures and not get personal is at best biased , dual policy & double standard or at worst it is a cheap trick to save you liar friend Mr. Katiyar who has been caught red handed telling lies .
        Your friend Katiyar said — INNOCENT HINDU SACRIFICED IN BANGLADESHI MASJID TO PLEASE ALLAH . SEE THE PHOTO BELOW . and based on this one photograph( not from any authentic source) he says —- Tauqeer the whole world knows that largest number of CHILD SACRIFICE IS DONE IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES . Is this from scriptures? Where were you then when he said this ? Why did you not advice him at that time to stick to scriptures ? I posted dozens of news items from authentic news papers/news channels showing that Sadhus are performing human sacrifice and under guidance of astrologers people are performing human sacrifice to solve problems in their lives and challenged him to give me at least few new items to prove that muslims perform human sacrifice .Your friend Katiyar could not find a single in 2 weeks . Baffled by this your friend in order to divert attention started posting news item on rape performed by muslims . When I did the same and proved there were more news item on people from your community on rape , he got more annoyed and started talking about terrorism , atrocities on women by muslims , zakir naik etc . When I again challenged him to prove that muslims perform human sacrifice by giving few new items from authentic source , he comes up with this big lies . TAUQEER, according to UNESCO the maximum number of CHILD SACRIFICE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION is taking place in ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. The MADRASAS are breeding ground for CHILD SACRIFICE they are breed like chickens to be sacrificed for ALLAH . Till date ( since 7 weeks) he has not been able to prove this . When I again challenged him to prove his point by giving solid proof and not just throwing allegations in air he came out with his biggest lies . He said— MOST INFAMOUS EXAMPLE OF HUMAN SACRIFICE THAT IS OF DANIEL PEARL WHO WAS SACRIFICED ON BAKRI ID BY MUSLIM FANATIC IT IS GIVEN IN CNN, BBC, TIMES OF INDIA, DAWN ETC . I have proved that the day when Daniel Pearl was killed was not Bakri Id and none of the news paper / news channel mentioned above has said that it was the case of ritualistic human sacrifice . This guy is always caught red handed telling lies but the habitual liar does not mend his ways and you want to rescue him by advising both of us to stick to scriptures . Clever trick indeed to divert me from catching hold of his lies . And as regards getting personal where were you all these days when your friend Katiyar was getting personal that you are advising me not to get personal when I haven’t ? ? Why this double standard?? Why this bais ?? Why this dual policy?? Or is it castiest mind set of you people which never considers all human equal , wants to suppress all ,want to keep all privileges for your self ,does not want to give level playing field to anybody . You people tell lies and when caught red handed you advice to discuss on scriptures . When we discuss on scriptures and you find yourself on sticky wicket you say we follow only this scripture and none other than this .When we discuss on scripture of your choice you people say we follow this translation and that your translation is rubbish . Like you, three more Katiyar’s friend had come to his rescue and advised on lines similar to your ‘s . I said fine , create a level playing field by spelling out which of your scriptures with how many chapters and verses etc and which translation shall we follow in debate ? It is necessary so that after wards we don’t leave the topic aside and start discussion on as I said above on which scripture to follow and which not to follow ?which is correct translation which is not etc etc . Katiyar’s friend who had come to his rescue just disappeared and not traceable till date .Now if you want to discuss about human sacrifice from scriptures let us create level playing field by agreeing to
        1)Scripture to be quoted from e.g Vedas and Koran .
        2) Three English translations of Vedas of your choice and Three English translations of Koran of my choice .
        3)Two Hindi Translation of Vedas of your choice and two Hindi translations of Koran of my choice .
        4)One translation in mutually agreed language and of mutually agreed translator .
        5)No of chapters , verses etc to be pre decided .
        Let us create a healthy atmosphere for debate then we will dicuss about Ismail’s PBUH sacrifice ,Purushamedha , narbali etc . You people cannot insist, for example_ that come on we will have a cricket match where in only I myself will bowl ,bat , field , keep wickets , do umpiring , give commentary , prepare pitch etc and you will only listen to commentary on radio and if you try to do any other thing like bowling , batting etc except listening to commentary on radio you will be declared as loser .


  • Dear Ghauri

    Look at your answers ..they are either fallacious or millitate against your own arguments

    (your ans.1,2) :
    1. You claim that allah progressively explains things as they change ….but with that claim it must be necessary that Allah should not have stopped in the 7th century itself !!

    If you have got a chance to to be in the 21st century'd understand that much has changed since the 7th century ..but Quran is still stuck up in the 7th century!! wont change as per the muslims and allah WHY HAS ALLAH STOPPED EXPLaining THINGS NOW??

    do you want to say that allah's creation stopped changing after the 7th century??

    2.You wrongly intrepet verse 3:7 of the quran (allegorical verses)…Allah says that muslims should follow the literal verses of the quran and the allegoprical verses cannot be understood by any muslim(like alif laam meem etc.

    so when Allah asks you to slay the infidels when the sacred months have passed must follow him …BUT when allah says alif laam meem or ra shouldn't troubloe your 'slave' mind too much



    • Abortion, Female Infanticide, Foeticide, Son preference in India.

      According to a recent report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) up to 50 million girls and women are missing from India’ s population as a result of systematic gender discrimination in India. In most countries in the world, there are approximately 105 female births for every 100 males.
      In India, there are less than 93 women for every 100 men in the population. The accepted reason for such a disparity is the practice of female infanticide in India, prompted by the existence of a dowry system which requires the family to pay out a great deal of money when a female child is married. For a poor family, the birth of a girl child can signal the beginning of financial ruin and extreme hardship.
      However this anti-female bias is by no means limited to poor families. Much of the discrimination is to do with cultural beliefs and social norms. These norms themselves must be challenged if this practice is to stop.
      Diagnostic teams with ultrasound scanners which detect the sex of a child advertise with catchlines such as spend 600 rupees now and save 50,000 rupees later.
      The implication is that by avoiding a girl, a family will avoid paying a large dowry on the marriage of her daughter. According to UNICEF, the problem is getting worse as scientific methods of detecting the sex of a baby and of performing abortions are improving.
      These methods are becoming increasing available in rural areas of India, fuelling fears that the trend towards the abortion of female foetuses is on the increase

  • I'm sorry to say that you guys dont study by yourself rather you beleive in what the biased media says. another problem is that some make propaganda and then make themselves believe in that. I hope you guys are not among those.

    All the things mentioned above have nothing to do with Qur'aan. You only know that so many Jews were killed in one day as mentioned in Qur'aan. Yes, that's true but have study the context, if yes then you would have found that those jews were killed due to the crimes they committed and that verdict was issued by the Jewish tribal chief in accordance with the teachings of their Torah!

    I know you are very goods friends of Jews but don't believe everything they or their media tell you, be careful and try to find the truth by yourself. Truth always prevail.

    You are right my friends that Qur'aan could have been revealed in the beginning only and promised to be preserved. As we all know that human mind is subject to evolution in the course of time and the do's and dont's were told according to human's maturity level, so there were different revelations at different times till the human mind got matured. Maturity means the maturity of its thought. Human had thought as much as it could or in other words the philosophies (whether Greek or Hindu) came about to an end. At this point, there was a need of some instructions or principles, in black & white to which human could adhere to these principles to find their way in this world. It was not just the words given, but a perfect human being was raised among its fellow men to show them the revealed path by actually following it. A just society based on those principles came into reality and the world witnessed that. Muhammad (PBUH) was not only for those who believed Him but His call is for everyone on this earth. I request you all to go through what was revealed to Muhammad (PBUH) with (Qur''an) or at least you guys study what Mohandas Gandhi, M.N. Roy, H.G. Wells, Michele H. Hart, Jeorge Bernard Shaw and so many others felt about Muhammad (PBUH). Thanks

    • @Ghauri
      1. Their only crime was that they refused to convert to islam and accept muhammad's prophecy of violence & sex. Otherwise why were others left, who chose to to convert to islam? Such a humane and compassionate aspect of allah's apostle !

      2. You chose not to respond about Rahyana, about how she was raped the same night after her family was beheaded. Gud !

      3. All the instructions and principles shown by the prophet was limited to sex & voilence. Otherwise tell me wat was new in islam which was not there in earlier texts.

      • Brother, you are not interested in having a dialogue. Please use clean words so that we could continue. thanks and best regards

      • Brother Ghauri,
        Kindly tell me your idea of clean words coz' watever i wrote was nothing but conclusion to watever is written in quran & hadiths.if u want me to give u the verses then i will do that. Also, tell me which part did u find objectionable

      • @Ghauri
        Brother, did not Muhammad rape Rehana of Banu Qureza? Did not he keep many concubines? Did not he behead all males of Banu Qureza and then abducted their wives, daughters? Did not Muhammad allow to do sex with slaves? Does not Quran talk about lusty heaven and violent Jihad? If you want clean words from us, first make yourself clean by rejecting these "unclean" verses from Quran and hadith.

    • @Ghauri
      1. Brother, Has human mind stopped evolving now? If no, then why is not Allah sending new list of do's and dont's in the form of new book? We asked similar question to a muslim brother earlier and he replied- because Quran says so! Hope you will give logical reply and not resemble with that guy.
      2. Mohandas Gandhi can be ideal for you, but he is not ideal for us. But anyway, he did many other things too. He praised Gita very much and was a devotee of it. Will you start following Gita now? Moreover, many people like Anwar Shaikh, Ghulam Jelani Barq, Nyaaj Fatehpuri, Syed Ahmad Khan, Ghalib (All muslims), and many more have openly criticized Muhammad, Quran, Hadith, concept of Satan, imaginary heaven and hell. Will you read their works too?

      • Dear Brother Arya, the principles narrated in Qur'aan are eternal and reflection of very human nature. I am sure you wouldn't like them to be changed.

        Society based on Islamic principles gives you spirituality, security and prosperity. You have to care for your family, your relatives, neighbors, the poor and the needy whether Muslims or non-Muslims. Islam wants strong family system based on mutual respect and trust between wife and husband. You can't expect this in a society where "living" without marriage is thought to be modernism!

        Islam requires its believers to build their economic system free from usury. If so followed, money wouldn't be used to generate more and more money but invested to create more jobs. We all have seen the "fruits" of interest based economy in the form of financial crisis that storms the world from time to time. That's why in Qur'aan, taking interest is like waging a war against Allah and His Apostle.

        I do have respect for Mohandas Gandhi. His policy of Ahinsa is similar to Prophets life at Mecca based on non-violence and conveying Message of Allah to the people. We do have respect for Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and his fellows and do pray for them but their profess y is not binding on us. Islam can't allow personnel to make their own interpretations that are inconsistent with the teachings of Qur'aan and the Prophet. Mohandas Gandhi or Sir Syed are not my ideals. My ideal is Muhammad (PBUH) and that's enough for me.

      • @Ghauri

        In your last email, you told me that ur not a girl but a man, but still I feel uncomfortable addressing u as a man with the name Ghauri. Perhaps u must be a Govinda fan, since in some movies his name was Gauri Shankar. Anyways, tell me one thing, why should I consider the Quran to be the word of GOD? Do you have any divine proof? Why should I consider mohommad some agent of GOD? U know very well, that mohammad was a pedophile, lustful, and the one who authenticated sex slavery for his followers, now how can someone possessing these qualities be a GOD agent type? I am not saying everything above, its your hadiths that have portrayed the true picture of mohammad. As far as revelations are concerned, muslims do not even know what was the first revelation of islam? Quran is claimed to be the last, but what was the first?

        brother, if mohammad was a prophet of GOD, according to that logic, we are all prophets of GOD, brother please think before you speak. Besides, mohammad's life was full of violence

      • @Ghauri
        1. The principles narrated in quran are not eternal coz' it has simply not stood the test of time. eg. Keeping women as sex-slaves would classify to be a disgusting act in every era, which muhammad did! Also, the act of polygamy is nothing but a disgusting deed done by sex perverts.
        How can you call it eternal? So, every sensible person would like to change it.

        2.Society based on Islamic principles gives insecurity coz' the non-muslims are never treated at par wid muslims and they are either killed or converted or forced to pay jaziya, as is advocated in quran!

        3. How can u say that Islam wants strong family syatem & trust b/w husband & wife when quran openly advocates men to indulge in polygamy and also keep concubines and sex-slaves if they are not satisfied wid one wife!

        4. By any stretch of imagination Gandhiji & Muhammad were not comparable! Ask your conscience, if muhammad indeed followed non-violence! He beheaded 600 people in bani qurayza and u call it non-violence !!

        you didn't reply to my query regarding Rayhana!

      • @Ghauri
        Brother namaste,
        1. You did not answer my question that if new revelation is required due to evolution of humans, why is not any book coming from Allah now? Have humans stopped evolving now?
        2. You wrote-"principles of Quran are eternal".
        what do you have to say about the canceled verses of "eternal" Quran?
        3. Will Mohandas go to heaven? Will Syed Ahmad go to heaven after denying the existence of Satan?
        4. Why do you blindly follow Muhammad? What proofs do you have that he was not lying?

      • Good afternoon Brother,

        Ans 1,2
        In Q2, you are probably referring to the verses 106 & 107 of Chapter 2 of the Qur'aan. The verses are:

        2-106: Whatever communications We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?

        2-107: Do you not know that Allah's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and that besides Allah you have no guardian or helper?

        The word that was translated by the word "communications" is 'Ayat'(in Arabic). It is not only used for verses of the Qur'aan, but in a general sense for Allah's revelations. The same word is used for other signs of Allah in history, nature and miracles. It has even been used for human signs and tokens of wonder, as, for examples, monuments or landmarks built by the ancient people of 'Ad'. What is the meaning here? If we take it in a general sense, it means that Allah's Message from age to age is always the same but its form may differ according to the needs and exigencies of the time. That form was different as given to Moses and then to Jesus and then to Muhammad (Peace be upon them). Some of verses of the Qur'aan are clear (and of established meaning), and others are not entirely clear, and it is mischievous to treat the verses that are not entirely clear and to follow them (literally).

        There may be express abrogation, or there may be "causing or permitting to forget". How many good and wise institutions gradually become obsolete by afflux of time? Then there is a gradual process of disuse or forgetting in evolution. This does not mean that eternal principles change. It is only a sign of Allah's infinite Power that His creation should take so many forms and shapes not only in the material world but in the worlds of man's thought and expression.

        Ans 3
        (1) There are some peoples who have not been reached by the message of the Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) that we must worship the One God alone, associating nothing else with Him. Such people are innocent, and will not be punished no matter what they do. Allah says in Qur'aan:

        "We do not punish until We send a Messenger" (17:15)

        These include, for example, Christians and others who lived in the period after the spread of the myth of Jesus godhood, until the time of the prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), who renewed the call to pure monotheism.

        The great Muslim scholar, Imam Ghazali, includes in this category those who have only been reached with a distorted picture of the Messenger of Islam (Peace be upon him), presumably including many people in the West today who know nothing about Allah's religion but newspaper stories about Ayatollahs and mad Muslim bombers. Is it within such people's capacity to believe? In Ghazali's view, such people are excused until after they have had an opportunity to learn the undistorted truth about Islam. This of course does not alter our own obligation as Muslims to call them unto Allah.

        (2) A second group of people consists of those who turn away from God's divine message of Islam, rejecting the command to make their worship God's alone; whether because of blindly imitating the religion of their ancestors, or for some other reason. These are people to whom God has sent a prophetic messenger and reached with His message, and to whom He has given hearing and an intellect with which to grasp it but after all this, persist in associating others with Allah, either by actually worshiping another, or by rejecting the laws brought by His messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace), which associates their own customs with His prerogative to be worshiped as He directs. Such people have violated God's rights, and have accepted to go to hell, which is precisely what His messengers have warned them of, so they have no excuse:

        "Truly, Allah does not forgive that any be associated with Him; but He forgives what is less than that to whomever He wills" (Qur'aan 4:48).

        In either case, Allah's mercy exists, though for non-Muslims unreached by the message, it is a question of divine amnesty for their ignorance, not a confirmation of their religions validity. It is worth knowing the difference between these two things, for one's eternal fate depends on it.

        Ans 4
        We obey our Prophet because that is the only way to obey our Allah. Our hearts endorse every thing He said and Prophets are free from any sort of errors or lies.

      • @Ghauri
        Namaste brother,
        1. First of all I will tell you that we are not atheists. Most of the muslim brothers and sisters start giving lectures/suggestions regarding Allah and the book. They think that they alone have the divine book. Brother, we believe Vedas as one and only true knowledge given by Eeshvar to humans. So, first have a look at the articles on Vedas and Eeshvar on following links

        After reading this much, please compare the concept of God in Quran and Vedas yourself. Prove Quran true logically and not by giving proofs from Quran itself. Brother, we have questioned very basics of Islam here. You should write in a manner of dialogue/debate and not as a teacher lecturing his students.

        2. Can you tell me, which new thing Islam has given to the world, which was not there in previous books?

        3. Why does not Allah send same message to all humans? Why is Allah dependent on people called messengers to convey His message? Why should I believe in Muhammad and angels besides Allah? If I believe in one God, and do right deeds, but do not consider Muhammad as prophet, why cant I go to heaven? And then is it not Shirk to believe in Muhammad along with Allah?

        4. What about the deeds like keeping sex slaves, multiple wives, allowing abduction of women in war, beating wife etc? And what about the verse in which Allah says to Muhammad that I forgive your sins, which you have done in past and which you will do in future? And if Muhammad is free from any sort of errors, is it not Shirk to give same attribute to Muhammad as Allah?

  • इन चर्चा में खींचें नहीं पाकिस्तान करें. मैं कई पाकिस्तानियों जो इंसान हैं और चाहते हैं कि किसी को नुकसान नहीं पता है. गौरी किसी भी शरीर का प्रतिनिधित्व नहीं करते. वह केवल एक brainwashed मूर्ख जो 1000 टुकड़ों में भी स्वर्ग के लिए जा रहा है ताकि वह 72 कुंवारी के साथ यौन संबंध का आनंद सकता है में विश्वास रखता है.

  • Please do not drag Pakistan into these discussion. I know many Pakistanis who are humans and do not want to harm anybody.
    Ghauri do not represent any body. He is only a brainwashed fool who believes in going to paradise even in 1000 pieces so that he can enjoy sex with the 72 virgins.

  • Prshanth, आपकी टिप्पणी के लिए राम गोपाल वर्मा की फिल्म के लिए एक स्क्रिप्ट की तरह लगता है.

  • @ गौरी कैसे के बारे में हर बलात्कारी और जन कातिल के साथ मुहम्मद कार्टून होने का विचार, 'coz यह ठीक है कि वह क्या रेहाना और अपने युग के कई अन्य महिलाओं के लिए किया था. ह्यूग Hefner (प्लेबॉय प्रसिद्धि) के साथ या फिर अगर आप कहते हैं कि, यह consentual सेक्स था कि अल्लाह की dictat पर था, जो इतना उन सभी में रुचि थी सामान अश्लील था, तो हम अभी भी कर सकते हैं मुहम्मद कार्टून. मुझे यकीन है कि हेफनर ने पैसे के लिए एक रन दे जाएगा मुहम्मद हूँ! कहना क्या u है?

  • @Ghauri

    How about the idea of having muhammad's cartoon with every rapist and mass-murderer, coz' this is precisely what he did to rehana and numerous other women of his era.

    Or else if you say that, it was consentual sex that was was on the dictat of allah, who was so interested in all those porn stuff, then we can still have muhammad's cartoon with Hugh Hefner (of playboy fame). I am sure muhammad would give a run for money to hefner!

    What do u say?

  • @ गौरी गौरी, किसी भी मानव, चाहे hes एक मुस्लिम या हिंदू जो निर्दोष लोगों, यहां तक कि मासूम जानवरों को मारता है वेदों के अनुसार एक कब्र पापी है. लेकिन मुस्लिम आतंकवादियों कुरान उनकी हत्या को प्रमाणित करने के लिए, उदाहरण के लिए, क्या कभी भगवान के नाम पर एक ईसाई आतंकवादी मारे गए है, या एक आतंकवादी हिन्दू कह "भगवान् या ईश्वर" जबकि हत्या देखना यू का उपयोग करें? लेकिन अल्लाहो अकबर बाहर हर मुस्लिम आतंकवादी मंत्र और कुछ भी बाहर kalima, जो प्रमाणित करता है कि वे कुरान से प्रेरित हैं कहते हैं. अब, अपनी हमारा कर्तव्य शब्द के हर कोने से कुरान रद्दी में है और हम पहले से ही अपने विनाश के लिए बुलाया है. कुरान एक किताब है कि निश्चित रूप से Rakshas, बेहतर तो इसके नीचे इस तरह एक किताब जलाने के लिए पैदा होगा

    • प्रिय विक, हम न Qur'aan के बारे में चिंता है. Qur'aan के दाता एक है जो पिछले 1400 वर्षों के लिए यह ध्यान रखा गया है. कितने तुम जला चाहते हैं? लोगों के दिलों में इसकी. Qur'aan कहते हैं, अगर आप एक व्यक्ति कि पूरी मानवता की हत्या के रूप में ही है मार …..! अगर कोई निर्दोष लोगों को मारता है, कोई बात नहीं वह Allaho अकबर, कॉल अपने बस इराकियों अफगानी, या पाकिस्तानियों की हत्या अमेरिकियों की तरह निंदा की. यह आतंकवाद पैदा करने पर रखना जब तक हम कश्मीर, फिलिस्तीन और दूसरी जगहों की तरह वास्तविक समस्याओं को सुलझाना होगा. जो लोग गुजरात में हत्या या Babari मस्जिद दाल / आरएसएस लोग Bajarag थे के रूप में हर कोई जानता है, कोई रहस्य नहीं ध्वस्त कर दिया. मुझे बताओ, इन कट्टरपंथी हिंदुओं नहीं लोग थे?

  • @Gauri

    Gauri, any human, regardless hes a muslim or hindu who kills innocent people, even innocent animals is a grave sinner as per Vedas. But muslim terrorists use the Quran to authenticate their killing, for example, did u ever see a christian terrorist killing in the name of GOD, or a hindu terrorist saying "Bhagwaan or Ishwar" while killing? But every muslim terrorist chants out allahu akbar and some even say out the kalima, which authenticates they are inspired by the Quran. Now, its our duty to trash the Quran from every corner of the word and we have already called for its destruction. Quran is a book that will surely create rakshas, so its better to burn down a book like that

    • Dear Vik, We dont have to worry about Qur'aan. The Giver of Qur'aan is the One who Has taken care of it for the last 1400 years. How many would you burn? Its in the hearts of people. Qur'aan syas if you kill one person that is same as killing the whole mankind…..! If somebody kills innocent people, no matter he calls Allaho Akbar, its condemned just like americans killing Iraqis, afghanis or pakistanis. It will keep on generating terrorism till we sort out the real problems like in Kashmir, Palestine and elsewhere. The people who massacred in Gujarat or demolished the Babari Mosque were Bajarag dal / RSS people as every one knows, no secret. Tell me, were these people not the fanatic hindus?

      • "Qur'aan syas if you kill one person that is same as killing the whole mankind….." Taqiya ….

        DO you Know Mohammed killed 900 innocent people (Jews) in one day ?

      • @Ghauri

        Why did the giver of the Quran didnt give this Quran at the beginning of the human civilization??? If the giver sent other books, and he sent Quran because the earlier revelations were corrupted, then WHY did ur giver choose to preserve Quran???? If ur giver wanted, he could have preserved the first revelation till now, but why did he choose this one??

        Vedas dont authenticate killing any innocent person or race, but Quran contains verses that orders muslims to kill kafirs, what have u got to say about that??? How about apostates? If they leave islam and propagate their religion why are they ordered to be killed? Does Allah feel insecure about them? Is he not all powerfull?

      • perhaps my freinds have not read his own scriptures which orders the killing of all vidharmis and Mlekshas… and as per the book is concerned no book was present at beginning of civilisation.. its all human creation with God’s intutions..

      • @arya: we shall not accept anything written in any book untill its logical..i respect vedas.. but the scriptures have been much altered by brahmins during middle ages.. so dont only read.. try to logically judge it..

      • @ambrish
        Any proofs of adulteration in Vedas?

        “we shall not accept anything written in any book untill its logical”

        I have read in your another comment that Quran is as holy as Vedas. How can you say that unless you have read both?

      • @ARYA




        Incest : The Father Commits Incest With His DaughterThis is a concept of creation which appears in Rig-Veda and remains through later Hindu mythology. It contains an idea of primeval Incest. Explicitly there is no single hymn which tells this story, but references are scattered around to give a summary of the incestuous event. This story never actually tells the name of the father and the daughter .Let’s read the Rid-Vedic hymns about this incest act of creation.
        From the Rig-Veda 10.61.5-7, 1.71.5 , 1.71.8 , 1.164.33
        When you will look for the Verses 5-7 in Rig-Veda book 10 hymn 61 present online-to hide reality , but truth cannot be hidden as we will be providing you with the translated verses.
        Rig-Veda 10.61.5-7, 1.71.5 , 1.71.8 , 1.164.33
        As his penis was stretched out in eagerness for the act of a man, the manly one pulled back. He drew back again from the maiden, his daughter, that tireless phallus which had been thrust in. As they were in the midst of the very act of union, when the father was satisfying his desire for the younger girl, the two of them left a little of the out-flowing seed shed upon the back of the earth in the womb of good deeds. When the father shed his seed in his own daughter, he split his seed on the earth as he united with her. The benevolent gods created sacred speech and fashioned Rudra Vastospati, the protector of sacred rites….. As Agni made the seed for the great father, heaven , he entered into the womb, having noticed that she was inclined to him. The hunter shot an arrow at him boldly. The god satisfied his lust in his own daughter….As the heat of passion came to the king for his enjoyment, heaven laid aside on the ground the seed that had been spilt. Agni caused to be born the blameless benevolent group of youth and made them great…. Heaven is my father, the engenderer, the navel here. My mother is this wide earth , my close kin , Between these two outstretched bowls is the womb (it is translated as womb literally Vagina-yoni ) in it the father placed his daughter’s embryo. [Translated by Wendy Doniger in her Book Hindu Myths on page 26 )
        Rig Veda 1.116.19 The Ashvisns married Surya and Savitri who is their sister
        Rig Veda 1.91.7 Agni is the son of his father and his sister
        “After the animal is purified by the priest, the principal wife sleeps near the horse and says: ‘O Horse, i extract the semen worth conception and you release the semen worth conception’” – Yajur Veda 23/20.
        The horse and principal wife spread two legs each. Then the Ardhvaryu(priest) orders to cover the oblation place, raise canopy etc. After this, the principal wife of the host pulls penis of the horse and puts it in her vagina and says: “This horse may release semen in me.” -Yajur Veda 23/20.

      • truefriend of zakir naik

        Scientific errors, vulgarity, and incest in Quran:

        Quran [2:1] says that Allah is not one!
        Quran [13:1] says that Muhammad is not the final Rasul!
        Quran [29:1] says that Quran is the work of Satan and not Allah!
        Quran [10:1] says dont follow Muhammad.
        Quran [10:2] says that all Muslims will go to hell.
        Quran [10:3] says that Muhammad will be the first man to enter the hell.
        Quran [10:4] says that Allah put seal in the heart of Muhammad so that he could not understand the truth and Allah made him illiterate.
        Quran [10:5] says that non Muslims should kill Muslims wherever they find them.
        Quran [20:3] says that their daughters, wives, and sisters can be taken away.
        Quran [29:5] says that their women can be kept as sex slaves.
        Quran [33:11] says that their women can be sold in markets.
        Quran [49:4] says that every Muslim male should be a gay.
        Quran [55:5] says that every Muslimah should be a lesbian.
        Quran [61:6] says that Muslims can play with their daughters like Muhammad used to play with Aisha’s private parts.
        Quran [67:3] says that Muhammad raped his daughter Fatima.
        Quran [80:4] says that Muhammad was a gay.
        Quran [88:5] says that Muhammad had sex with the dead body of his aunt.


        Incest in Islam:

        Adam and Eve was a single pair. They fathered many children and those children, who were brothers and sisters mutually, married each other! So all Muslims are the result of incest!



      • but do u know the history behind the babri masjid, how the ram temple was destroyed by mir baqi and a mosque was erected at that site, do you know that the muslim invaders destroyed over 30,000 temples, the prominent being the ram temple in ayodhya (the babri masjid), vishwanath temple, somnath temple, bhojsala in dhar, in fact, the qutub minar was formerly known as vishnudhwaj and u can also visit quwwat-ul-islam near qutub minar, and u understand the pain that the hindus went through at the hands of peace-loving people, so please do not talk about palestine, kashmir, etc. here.

      • Moreover, look at the hypocracy of these kashmiris, they are protesting for the rights of palestine and have themselves thrown the pandits out of their homeland. Announcements were made on loudspeakers of mosques that pandits leave kashmir. And these idiots talk about peace !! Islam is the biggest epidemic

      • 🙂 really people like you will burn the whole world.. you my dear idiot freinds before writing anything just read the quran, the ramayan, the bible once… without having clear concepts u should not write anything, else it will augment hatred only..

      • @ambrish
        And instead of giving suggestions to others, first read your own books Vedas as you claimed yourself to be a Hindu.

      • Namaste brother.

        Vedas are the only shruti texts and the ultimate authority. The Bhagavad Gita has had many alterations over the years and only teachings which comply with Vedas should be accepted, and the rest rejected.

        Vedas contain the complete and ultimate Truth.

      • @ambrish

        Calling us idiots is no argument at all ..argumentum ad hominem

        and we don’t even feel the need to elaborate on the plight of kashmiri pandits who live as refugees in their own country

        as far as hatred is considered ..HATING HATRED IS A MORAL OBLIGATION

        The Quranic commands read out from loud speakers in 1990s lead devout muslims to kill their pandit neighbors, rape their wives and destrot their properties …If can’t hate all this are on my hate list ..and i care a hoot about vermin like that

      • sorry! if my use of “idiot” hurt anyone, i did not mean it for everyone. it was only for the person who 1st used it, proud to be a kaafir.
        i have sympathy with kashmiri pandits. what i meant to say is due to dids of a group of people you should not condemn islam or quran. they are holy as hindutva and vedas. i repeat no book is here from begning of universe, they are all written by men with god’s intution and with an objective of betterment of mankind.
        other thing people are suggesting me to read vedas, i think correct interpretation is more important than simply reading and memorising a book. i am reading vedas as far as my time permits, i m a student, have to cope with busy shcedules, but still i m sure i m not a fool..

      • @Ambrish

        the point you raise against BOOKS of God not being eternal sounds very rational to me….i hold the same opinion.

        You are also right in saying that the revelations in a religious book MAY be for the betterment of mankind ..BUT THIS ASPECT IS NOT TO BE BLINDLY BELIEVED IN…BUT RATIONALLY EVALUATED BY ANYBODY WHO HAS BRAINS

        It’s under this scope that ‘books’ must be tested against logic and reason for human emancipation -both secular as well as spiritual

        The more you get to know about the teachings of the Quran and Hadits ..the further you drift away from peaceful co-existence and progress

        the more you read the vedas …the more you drift towards the thought of human unity, upliftment and emancipation

        while the Quran says only muslims will be rewarded and unequivocally states that non-muslims will burn in hell ….Vedas says that may every human being be happy and realize his true self

        vedas are neither region specific nor religion specific fact vedas means knowledge and Islam means submission/surrender

        Even a kindergarten brain would not be as naive to put both these books on the same pedestal ..what say bro?

      • Namaste brother.

        When it’s said that Vedas are eternal, it does not mean that it is eternal in it’s physical form, what is eternal is the knowledge Vedas contain. The knowledge contained is applicable to any time period, any situation, person, etc.

        That my friend, is true eternal nature.

      • Namaste brother

        I agree with you.

        gravity existed before it was written about.

        if a book about gravity is thrown into the ocean won’t succeed in throwing gravity in the ocean along with the book 🙂

        Though i would say that any written scripture must be scrutinized and not blidly believed to be true.Thankfully Vedas neither command nor beg it’s readers to blindly believe in them.

        If you find them rational and benign accept them .if you don’t, leave them ..simple as that!

        the NEW QURAN AND HADIT are in a different league altogether ..they demand blind belief , violence , hatred , immorality and what not!

        the real quran and real muhammad have vanished forever ..had they been preserved , we could have something nice to say about them

      • @ambrish

        When you know so much about Quran, why are you not answering the questions which are asked by Agniveer and others in this website? Don’t come and lecture us on ‘Spreading Hatred’, especially without knowing the purpose of this forum.

        Baseless allegations will help none of us.

      • Dear Roger

        Very clever trick . At least that is what you people think . I will sum up for you . Katiyar sites one incident of human sacrifice from unauthentic source. I quote a dozen from authentic sources like news papers/T V channels showing sadhus performing and instigating common people to perform human sacrifice . Katiyar got baffeled . starts posting news items on cases of rape by muslims and claimed that most of the rape is done by muslims . I ask him to post news items on muslims performing human sacrifice and not deviate from topic . He does not find any such news item . 2nd person_ Indian Agnostic Jumps in and posts more cases of rape by muslims . I repeat and call both of them to post news item from news paper / channel on human sacrifice as performed by sadhus or performed due to instigation of sadhus or astrologers, and to negate the claim of Katiyar that most of the rape is committed by muslims I post news item on rape of more heinous nature committed by hindus from authentic news paper / TV channel . Katiyar advises me not to point finger at others when muslims are also committing rape knowing fully well that it was he who pointed finger at muslims first . 3rd person _ Purushottam jumps in and again advises not to point fingers at others when muslims themselves commit rape . I ask all three to give me solid and sufficient proof of human sacrifice performed by muslims . Indian agnostic tries to link act of terrorism ( which I have already condemned many times and clearly stated that all terrorists and their supporters are hell bound) and try to explain that children killed in terrorist attack is as good as human sacrifice and advises me not to discuss case by case basis but discuss on topic even though fully aware that case to case basis was started by Katiyar and he himself . I ask all three for the third time to post at least few cases from news paper / channel of human sacrifice performed by muslims which they are not able to do. Now the REPLY LINK below the last replies of all these three debators disappear . 4th person Mr Rogers now jumps in, again trying to explain that act of terrorism is same as human sacrifice as performed by sadhus or committed under guidance of sadhus and the REPLY LINK below his posting does not appear . Now the trick of one person jumping in after the other and REPLY LINK disappearing is that momentorly it confuses the person who wants to answer and secondly the debate gets scattered all over the section loosing the link of one posting with the other confusing the readers on concluding that you people are big liars . I again , for the fifth time call all 4 of you to post from authentic news paper / channel cases of human sacrifice committed by muslims ( as Katiyar has claimed muslims are performing human sacrifice to please god) in the same way as sadhus are doing . If all 4 of you cannot find even few cases against dozen of cases (which is just a tip of ice berg ) as posted by me please do not try tricks to misguide the readers .

      • @Tauqeer

        i told you i don’t want to play this silly game.But since you are pressing me too much

        take one news byte from me

        Mumbai Woman Dies After Muslim Tantrik Brands Her With Hot Iron
        Mumbai police has arrested a Muslim tantrik Chand Khan for tying a married woman Salma and then branding her with a hot iron rod in order to make her conceive, according to Mumbai Mirror.

        The woman could have been saved had it not been for the tantrik preventing her family from taking to a hospital for at least 12 hours, as the woman was taking her last breath.

        Salma’s husband Salim Khan has also been arrested along with the tantrik for abetment to murder.

        happy? haven’t you heard of muslim tantrinks ..kaala jaadu, baba bangali ? ..all those are muslims as well as hindus

        it’s a social despicable bind-belief malaise and must be condemned by all.period.

      • Dear Tauqeer I quoted from KORAN how allah asks CHILD SACRIFICE from Abraham why are you ducking that question, is koran unauthentic source.

      • @ambrish

        if you agree with that statement then REJECT the fake quran and hadit that is in circulation thanks to the uthmans and umars who corrupted both your books (the quran and the hadit) for political and worldy gains..Not only that ..if you read the sahih (??) hadits , they paint Muhammad in such a bad light that even hiter appears a saint when compared to him.

        It’s time you do away with the hate verses of the quran and the jihad inciting & immoral accounts of the hadits you have realized that ‘Hating hatred is a moral obligation’ ..i hope you will fulfill this obligation ASAP


      • Dear Indian Agnostic,
        CONGRATULATIONS, CONRATULATIONS all 4 of You have hit the bulls eye . For last ten days you people were talking about rape ,one finger three finger theory , terrorism , zakir naik etc etc and trying to deviate from tantriks committing human sacrifice mean while all 4 of you were working very hard to get at least one news item on muslim tantriks. I was knowing you will do this that is why I had already asked repeatedly to please provide AUTHENTIC & SUFFICIENT proof like I have provided i.e from Times of India , Indian Express , Hindustan Times ,BBC , Deccan Herald and sufficient proof like I have provided i.e more than a dozen ( which is just a tip of ice berg ) . Stray and rare case may take place amongst muslims I do not deny but tantrics sacrificing child , drinking blood , eating human flesh , having sex with dead female , and such other gory practices in name of Shiva is very comman and you can read couple of cases every month . Agreed that certain evil practices like tantric practice , girl child infanticide / foeticide etc has crept amongst muslims but it is rarest of rare and not a big social problem as in your community .

      • Brother Tauqeer

        I had said already that blaming community a or community b is a useless game.

        You were hell bent on asking for news v=bytes , that’s why i gave you one despite my relectance to get involved in this wasteful exercise.

        Now you also admit and know that individuals from both hindus and muslims can get involved in these disgusting’s a social evil and has got NOTHING to do with Vedas or Vedantins

        But Islam believes in these things , it glorifies the killing of ones own kid

        so as per the doctrines Islam takes you to the darkness of hell -fire jinns and black magic …Vedas take you out of these silly notions

        so what are you complaining about ?

      • TAUQEER I quoted from Koran itself that Allah is asking for Child Sacrifice from Abraham why are you always silent on this thing is Koran unauthentic source.

      • @Katiyar bro

        you are right..i picked up that argument from you only

        and you correctly state that from a theological perspective , Islam justifies child sacrifice wheras Vedas do not

        @Tauqeer bro are trapped in your own argument 🙁 ..why don’t you resolve @Katiyar bros query ?

      • Dear Indian agnostic / katiyar

        From Website of a temple

        Adavi at Kurampala Devi Temple is performed once in five years. Finally the devotee rolled in cane will be lifted and removed from the ‘Kalam’. Cane covering his body will be cut removed. The blood from the wounds is supposed to have offered to kaali. This ancient way of worship resembles ‘Narabali’ (human sacrifice) in its spirit.

        Times Of India
        Oct 12, 2009, 11.40am IST
        BHOPAL: Two senior scientists of the Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) in Gwalior, who allegedly tried to kill their junior colleague in a human sacrifice bid, will be interrogated as soon they return from leave, police said on Monday .

        South Asia News . Apr 16, 2010, 9:02 GMT .
        New Delhi – The beheaded body of a middle-aged man was found near the wooden sacrificial block of a temple in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, raising suspicion of a human sacrifice, news reports said Friday .

        Headline India reported today that a seven year old girl was found in Motihari district of Bihar, “The girl’s throat was silt, her legs chopped off, her head was tonsured and there was a red mark on it. It looks like a clear cut case of human sacrifice,” a police officer said . Two people, including a witch doctor, have been arrested. The family alleges that the girl was sacrificed to appease a Hindu god . The family alleges that the girl was sacrificed to appease a Hindu god .
        BBC News, Calcutta
        The severed head and torso of a man has been found in a temple in the Indian state of West Bengal in what the police say is a case of “human sacrifice”. The head and the body were found at the local temple to the goddess Kali near Chotomakdampur village in the western district of Birbhum .

        APR 20, 2010

        Police in Eastern India have arrested three men in connection to a beheading that is thought to be part of a human sacrifice to the goddess Kali.
        The nude, decapitated body of a male factory worker was found in a section of a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali in West Bengal, India. His head was smeared with red vermilion and had flowers and incense sticks surrounding it.
        “Three men, all in their late 30s, have been arrested in connection with the beheading, District police chief Rabindranath Mukherjee told .
        Press Trust of India, Updated: October 17, 2010 00:05 IST

        Mumbai: In a suspected case of human sacrifice, two children were strangulated and beaten to death in Nalasopara here by their aunt and six others on the pretext of driving out evil spirits, police said.

        “Om Jaiswal (5) and his sister Ritika (2) were done to death by their aunt Hemanshu and other family members, believing that they were under the influence of some evil spirit,” Thane (rural) SP Vishwas Nagare Patil said.

        According to Patil, Hemanshu yesterday claimed that she could “see an evil spirit hovering over the children”, while they were sleeping and could “exorcise” them.

      • @ Ghauri
        What is the difference between demolition of the temple of Goddess Mannat by the criminal Muhammad and the Babri demolition? Please clarify. At least, Advaniji has more followings than Muhammad ever had in his lifetime. In 1947, Hindus constituted 17% of the population of the then West Pakistan. Now they are only 2%. What have you done to them? We are not killing Muslims. Conversely , we are just breeding these blood-sucking mosquitos called Muslims. Gujarat was just a thrashing to such mosquitos. We will give Kashmir to you on a platter, provided, all minority population of both countries are exchanged. Otherwise, please wait till the minority population of your country rises to the level of 1947. Remember, you are descendants of nincompoops who were forcibly converted by bandits from central Asia. We are least bothered about your enmity.

  • @ गौरी अब मुझे पता है कि आप कर रहे हैं एक और मस्तिष्क पाकिस्तान से जिहादी खातून धोया. मैं आप से पूछना, तुम क्यों अपने हत्यारा, आक्रमणकारी मुहम्मद गौरी के समान नाम लिखा? तुम अपने आप को Aisha, जो मुहम्मद के एक बच्चे पत्नी थी के रूप में क्यों नहीं लिखा?

    • कोई मेरे प्रिय, मैं एक आदमी हूँ और मैं न करने के लिए अपने आप को छिपा. मेरा नाम गौरी है, तो क्या? त्रिशूल या Pirthvi के रूप में नाम लोग नहीं हैं? मेरे प्रिय श्री आर्य अगर आप खिचड़ी भाषा मेरे प्रश्न का उत्तर और है कि यह बेहतर बताने से काफी बल्कि रखने के लिए. तुम लोग नहीं कर सकते कि "मस्तिष्क धोया" या फिर बस से दूर हो जाओ. आप इस समस्या से निपटने के लिए की तरह पुरुषों करना है.

      • @ गौरी तुम लोगों brainwashed किया गया है, अन्यथा wouldnt निम्नलिखित यू हो अब तक आँख बंद करके कुरान, यू कभी कुरान पर किसी भी शोध न करने के लिए इसकी कीमत निम्नलिखित या नहीं पता? कुरान में कई छंद है कि आसानी से घृणा की ओर जिम्मेदार ठहराया जा सकता शामिल हैं. उदाहरण के लिए, kafirs हत्या, apostates की हत्या, यौन गुलामों, महिलाओं को कुत्तों की तुलना में, आदि? हो रही है?? इस बारे में मिल गया है यू क्या कहना है??

  • @Ghauri
    Now I know that you are another brain washed jihadi khatoon from Pakistan. I ask you, why did you write your name similar to the killer, invader Muhammad Gauri? Why did not you write yourself as Aisha, who was a child wife of Muhammad?

    • No my dear, I am a man and I dont have to hide myself . My name is ghauri, so what ? Aren't people named as Trishul or Pirthvi? My dear Mr. Arya if you cant reply to my query better keep quite rather than telling this and that. You guys cant get away just by saying "brain washed" or else. You have to deal with the problem like men do.

      • @Ghauri

        You people have been brainwashed, otherwise u wouldnt be following the Quran blindly till now, have u ever dont any research on the Quran to find out whether its worth following or not?? Quran contains many verses that can easily be attributed towards hatred. For example, killing kafirs, killing apostates, having sex slaves, women compared to dogs, etc???? What have u got to say about this???

      • @vik: and how about killing rakshasas? dont blame others, 1st get ur concepts cleared.. u r trained to be against holy Quran and Islam at ur home perhaps..kafir just means people who do not follow religion and those who are involved in immorale activities… i m a hindu and i support quran… i appeal to all people to read the quran once atleast and bring the correct interpretation of the holy book into light… and as per brainwashing it shows ur inability to prove ur own point when u use such words, and for all people to know i m a hindu , hv read bible, Quran, The Ramayan, and Gita as well…

      • Dear Vik,
        What you are telling about Quran is what has been meant by Taliban. The meaning of kaffir is ADHARMI not PARDHARMI. Geeta also says Adharm ka nash karo ( as like Quran). Vedas also didnot say anything about humiliating Shudras but still in our religion fanatics are doing that since thousands of years that is also terrorism. Such cruel, selfish people knows how to take bad from the good things as per the need. The language of all fanatics is one i.e. HATRED.

  • चलें देखने का एक और बात से लगता है. चलो rakshasas एक देशी जंगलों, शिकार में रहने वाले जनजाति, खाने कच्चे flesh.This कठबोली गलत करार दिया है क्योंकि यह living.Now के उनके रास्ते आर्यों जंगल लिए आते हैं और स्थापित एक बस्ती यज्ञों कर रही है, और चिल्ला रही हो. इस कारण जंगली जानवरों के कुछ अन्य जगह पर शिफ्ट करने के लिए और इस तरह rakshasas.So के लिए भोजन का अभाव इस कारण वे चाहते हैं आर्यों वापस अपने इलाके से जाने के लिए और वे आर्यों हमला है. तो अब जो एक अच्छा लड़का है और जो एक बुरा आदमी है. यह दृश्य दिखाता है पक्षपाती कैसे वेद हो सकता है.

    • 1. वहाँ किसी भी साबित होता है कि Rakshas ऐसे मूल जनजाति का मतलब है कोई साक्ष्य है? 2. मंत्र भी स्पष्ट रूप से Rakshas की अन्य विशेषताओं विस्तार – वे छल से मार वे मनुष्य हमला,, रात छापे में हमला, शांतिपूर्ण गतिविधियों को नष्ट कर. कल, शायद आप आज की खबरें भी है कि आतंकवादियों देशी बम के साथ खेलने के आसपास जनजातियों थे देख लोगों का तर्क हो सकता है. नहीं कर सकते कि गलत करार दिया है क्योंकि यह जीने के अपने तरीका है. अब अन्य शहरों के लिए मनुष्य आते हैं और एक कॉलोनी विभिन्न activies कर रही है और चिल्ला स्थापना. इस कारण आतंकवादियों को किसी अन्य स्थान और जगह की कमी इस प्रकार करने के लिए शिफ्ट करने के लिए बम विस्फोट rakshasas के लिए है. तो यही कारण है कि वे सभ्य इंसानों वापस सुनसान स्थानों पर जाने के लिए चाहते हैं और वे उन पर हमला. तो अब जो एक अच्छा लड़का है और जो है एक बुरा खरीद – ओसामा, अजमल कसाब, आत्मघाती हमलावरों या शांतिपूर्ण लोग हैं जो अपने हमलों में मर जाते हैं. यह दृश्य दिखाता है कि दुनिया के सबसे पक्षपाती नागरिक हैं! प्रिय मित्र, अपने तर्क पुनरावर्ती है – आप वेदों पहुंचाना चाहते हैं और इसलिए कहानियाँ जो कोई आधार नहीं तो पैदा कर रहे हैं. न तो आप कर रहे हैं यज्ञों का अर्थ के बारे में पता है, न तो आप को सही कैसे आप निष्कर्ष निकाला है कि आर्यों चिल्लाया कर सकते हैं, न ही आप किसी भी तरह से है कि आर्य एक गोत्रा अर्थ में साबित कर सकते हैं. के रूप में दूर सही और गलत के रूप में संबंध है, मांस खाने वास्तव में गलत है, जो करता है और कई कैसे करना है की परवाह किए बिना. मांस मनुष्य द्वारा खाने के मानसिक और शारीरिक स्वास्थ्य ही नहीं, बल्कि पर्यावरण और अर्थव्यवस्था पर प्रतिकूल परिणाम है. वही शराब और धूम्रपान करने के लिए सच है. जब आप तर्क दे सकते हैं कि इन outrightly कारण जो भी हो, के लिए प्रतिबंधित नहीं किया जाना चाहिए कहना है कि यह कर रहे हैं गलत नहीं 'एक अनुभवहीन बयान किया जाएगा.

      • Namaste Nand Lal Ji

        Us Navy seals killed Osama by deceit. Still everyone (except terrorists like Zakir Naik and his followers) is pleased with those brave warriors. Actually someone like Bali or Duryodhan or Jarasandh or Osama, who is a threat to others needs to be eliminated at any cost. These monsters are in continuous war with the innocents. So no harm in cleaning them up wherever they are found. And nothing wrong in using strategies (Vyooh/Neeti/deceit) while dealing with them to avoid unnecessary casualties and bloodshed.

      • Namaste Nand Lal Patel

        I concur with Brother Vajra’s dharma argument on this

        Rama’s action was necessary to root out Bali who had taken his own brother sugreeva’s wife and his kingdom by force.The reaction was that in Rama’s next brith as Krishna , he himself died in a similar fashion.That’s the karma part of it

      • Respected Brother Indian Agnostic

        I humbly disagree with your explanation of its Karma part though

        In my opinion a painful death can never be the result (Phal) of Karma of performing duty/Dharma. We have no reason to believe Ram and Krishna as same souls. And even if we assume so, establishing cause effect relationship b/w killing Bali (thereby defending humanity) and getting painful death does not look me fair.

      • Dearest Brother Vajra

        I was giving an account from the histories for THOSE who believe in the histories. And the histories explain it thus. It;s not my personal viewpoint ( you know my viewpoint on the same)

        But to assume that we may escape the results of our actions (if one believes in the theory of karma) is wrong in my humble opinion. If the history is believed to be true, the principle of war in those times DID NOT allow for a third person to intervene in a duel.

        But in hindsight i do agree that Balis case can be treated as a case of vishesha dharma and not samanya dharma.

        I personally take this as Rama’s decision of upholding Dharma at the cost of Karma.

      • BALI had the vardaan..whosoever comes in front of him….half his power would be transferred to bali… dats why he was killed from behind ..n by the way he kidnapped and had bad things with his bhabhi….dats sugrivs wife …dats y god killed him..hope u got ur answer sir!!

  • Lets think from another point of view. Let the rakshasas be a native tribe living in jungles, hunting ,eating raw flesh.This cant be termed wrong because it is thier way of living.Now the aryans come to the jungle and establish a colony doing yagnas, and screaming. This causes the wild animals to shift to some other place and thus a scarcity of food for the rakshasas.So this is the reason they want the aryans to go back from thier area and they attack the aryans.
    So now who is a good guy and who is a bad guy . This view shows how biased the vedas might be .

    • 1. Is there any evidence to prove that Rakshas means such a native tribe?
      2. The mantras also clearly detail other attributes of Rakshas – they kill by deceit, they attack human beings, attack in night raids, destroy peaceful activities.

      Tomorrow, perhaps you may argue looking at today's news reports that even the terrorists were native tribes playing around with bombs. That cant be termed wrong because it is their way of living. Now other humans come to the cities and establish a colony doing various activies and screaming. This causes terrorists to shift to some other place and thus scarcity of place for the rakshasas to explode bombs. So this is the reason they want the civilized humans to go back to deserted places and they attack them. So now who is a good guy and who is a bad buy – Osama, Ajmal Kasab, suicide bombers or peaceful people who die in their attacks. This view shows how biased most citizens of world are!!

      Dear friend, your logic is recursive – you want to demean Vedas and hence are creating stories which have no basis otherwise. Neither are you aware of meaning of Yagnas, neither can you justify how you concluded that Aryans screamed, nor can you prove in any way that Arya means a tribe.

      As far as right and wrong is concerned, eating flesh is indeed wrong, regardless of who does and how many do. Meat-eating by humans has adverse consequence on not only mental and physical health but also environment and economy. Same is true for alcohol and smoking. While you may argue that these should not be outrightly banned for whatever reasons, to say that this are 'not wrong' would be a naive statement.

    • Don’t give your own meanings or criticize the vedas. Those are oracles from God. You as a soul dwelling presently in a human body should blindly follow God’s words, live as per HIS directions and try to reach HIM after your earthly sojourn. GOD knows very well that Rakshas live in jungles but they don’t terrorize any other being.

      • Reaching him without knowing him makes no sense. Yes that is very true unnecessarily No Rakshas will terrorize or hurt any being on earth. A Rakshas does not live in jungle.

    • freinds i believe it may be the case, however it is not about good or bad, the good and bad are relative terms… in the struggle for existence all living beings try to develop there own community and its not wrong.. another thing i would like to state that the rakshasas could have been an underdeveloped community of people, the peninsular india didn’t had a developed civilisation at the time when aryans came to india.. so they did kill or made the under civilised inhabitants there slaves, this could have made the original inhabitants against the aryans,they tried fighting but civilised and powerful aryans pushed them back, this community on being suppresed started building its own strength under people like Ravana..vedas being arya scriptures would certainly speak against them similarly as our nws papers always potray terrorists as inborn criminals..we never think why they went that way…. Somewhere we can relate the story to modern day maoists…

      • Ravan is a great bhaktha of lord shiva.Your idea that ravan is a nomad tribe who doesnt has culture is wrong.If you read ramayan carefully you can easily find out he is a brahman who has sided with rakshas. Better correct your green eyes before commenting without any knowledge.

      • According to Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a Brahmin scholar, Aryans were invaders and they came from Iran. Read his book THE SAGA OF ARYANS so Ambarish might be right. Agniveer is to much predetermined to believe in Vedas written by Aryans themselves (that’s why this web sight men for) although he agrees that they are adulterated. We will also think of believing it, once adulterated potion is omitted from Vedas. How can one expect that invaders will write good about native Indians just like Muslims of Afghanistan about Buddhism.

      • Avinash
        Bal Gangadhar Tilak is never accepted as Vedic scholar or even scholar. Being patriot and scholar are altogether different things. And stop lying! Where did Agniveer write that Vedas have adulterations? Come out of fool’s paradise and live in reality. Dont believe in what Brithishers and their puppets wrote! Try to read some scholarly works like of Swami Dayanand who is considered among best of Vedic preachers of this era.

        No Indian Rishi ever agreed that Aryans came from outside. This Aryan Invasion Theory was created by imperialists whose only motive was to enslave this whole world under their rule. So try to search for the truth, dont let your brain affected by so called intellectuals like Bal Gangadhar, who accepted in one of the interviews that he has merely produced what “Gora Sahab” presented in their books.

      • Nand Lal

        That is why history should be analyzed but not to be taken as benchmark. BTW history many a times exposes truth also. As in case of Islamic Ghazis who invaded India. All of them have proudly acclaimed that they converted whole populations of western India (now Afgan and Pak) from Hindu to Muslims. Babur, Taimur and other butchers, in their own diaries, accept that they made pillars of cut heads of thousands of Kafirs of Kafiristan and as a result whole population of those places became Muslim. Massacre of 30000 innocent Hindus (civilians not soldiers) during Chittor conquest by Akbar has been portrayed by Muslim historians as bravery of Akbar and his superiority over Kafir Hindus.

        Anyway please be specific as to which winner you are alleging of writing false history here? And please remember that Aryan Invasion Theory which you may have in your mind for this discussion is NOWHERE FOUND in the history of Aryans. It was coined by Britishers who wanted to justify their occupation in India.