selective feminism to insult rama
selective feminism to insult rama

Q. Vashi Sir, someone has asked me that Ram left Sita. Is this women empowerment? How to respond to him?

A. Depends upon who he is. If he is a

– Jihadi then ask him why Prophets raped Kafir women. There was a Jewish girl Rehana who was raped by Prophet the same day he killed her father and family mercilessly. Ask Jihadi to condemn prophet first. Ask him to leave prophet’s cult if he needs answer on Ram. If he refuses, kick his a$$ for insulting Ram. Case closed.

– Laal Chaddi JNU Azadi lover, repeat same as above. Also ask┬áthem, when are they observing night in the name of child bride of Prophet and her women rights?

– an intellectual liberal, ask him to question faiths in priority order. The more dangerous the faith, the more should be the criticism. Ask him if he has finished or criticised all faiths that want to wipe him out just for his different faith/views? If yes, he is lying. Because Jihadis are still alive and dominating half of the world. If no, he should shut the mouth on things which have no role in terror and focus on questioning terror cults first.

– a person, a genuine truth seeker of good intent, tell him that Shri Ram did not leave Sita Mata. Authentic Ramayan ends with Shri Ram’s arrival at Ayodhya after killing Ravan. All the objectionable portion of Agni Pariksha or leaving Mata Sita was compiled as Uttar Ramayan which no serious scholars believe to be the part of Maharishi Valimki’s original Ramayan. Hinduism gives us full freedom to choose path based on our conscience. We don’t have to believe in something that our heart can not accept. Nobody is there to kill us in name of blasphemy. Big Brother Sanjeev Newar has already clarified everything related to it on Agniveer.

Note : Last response is strictly for pure hearted truth-seekers, never to be used with Jihadi pigs or Laal Chaddi rats.

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