“An ounce of practise is worth more than a ton of theory” ~K.B. Hegdewar

This line sums up the recent fiasco that took place in the aftermath of the statement of our Prime Minister about “Gaurakshaks”. Such an indifference towards the cause of Hindus is nothing new doing by the BJP after coming into power.

It is really astonishing as to how and when did the BJP get branded as the party of the Hindus. A closer scrutiny at the affairs of BJP reveals that it is nothing more than a B-team of Congress.

Flowery slogans like “Babri nahi Barabari” ,”Kashmiri youth wants laptops instead of stones” show how distant the party is from the ground reality. The promptness with which a single statement from a Maulvi in support of Narendra Modi is celebrated by his followers is a proof of the fact that how keen it is to look attested by Muslims.

The branding of the leaders as “Hindu Hriday Samrat” look like serendipitous wherein it was fortunate for its leaders to be available on the spot when certain acts that marked Hindu rebuttal were carried out by frenzied mobs.
Be it Advani or Modi, everyone came out of the police, CBI and judicial enquiries with flying colours. It removes every doubt that its leaders were ever interested in forwarding the cause of Hindus.

None of the political opposition of BJP sheds its socio-culture agenda as quickly as the BJP. The plank of “Development” was forwarded so smartly that it has overtaken the sentimental issues of Ram Mandir and has smartly changed to Ram Mandir Vs Development. The supporters of BJP also fail to understand that the legal suit awaiting the court decision is not between Ram Mandir Versus Development but between Ram Mandir Vs Babri Masjid.

The incumbent government can atleast fast track the hearing of the case in the court through its attorney general. It can free up the non-disputed land from the ambit of the Land Acquisition Act when the High Court Allahabad in 1989 had refused to interfere in it.

Talking of waiting to solve the most complex problems like Ram Mandir, UCC, removal of article 370 by developing a consensus amongst the Indian Muslims is another such fancied talk. Without infusing nationalism, Bhartiyata amongst the Muslims through the curriculum, it remains to be seen how a common opinion sympathetic to the cause of Hindus is another tomfoolery.

The school curriculum is redundant and full of stories that glorify invaders and attackers. Apologetically, they color their loot, rape and iconoclasm by useless explanations. Those who grow up by reading such useless literature are expected to form an opinion sympathetic to the cause of Hindus and that too based on genuine causes.

Solving these core problems without striking at their root cause will remain just a lip-service and another “jumla”.

What is far more disheartening is the impunity with which the defenders of Modi resorted to name calling. Something similar was done by them when the best Right Wing thinker cum intellectual Shri Arun Shourie was trolled online just because he presented a fair criticism of the PM. Even his mentally challenged son was not spared who had to bear the barbs and name calling.

Those who call names forget that they are not even one tenth of the knowledge, acumen and vision that Shourie possesses. He had brought down the A.R. Antuley government despite all the odds and exposed VP Singh’s debauchery on Ram Mandir when BJP, VHP and others were caught napping. Is this how merit respected?

Has this mob ever read the vision document of BJP and can it cite even a single difference as to how is it different from that of Congress, TMC or any other non Dravidian party?
It is replete with terms like ” Socialism “,” secularism “,”Liberalism” which is a bit strange because these words originated in the 17th century Europe and BJP supposedly is a ” Nationalist” party focused on taking the agenda of ” Bhartiyata ” or ” Indianness” forward. The only saving grace is the mentioning of the concept of Integral Humanism coined by
Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay in the goals and objectives of the party.

BJP should get its priorities correct. Nationalism without intellectualism serves no need. It will promote jingoism while the real problems go unattended.
Cow smuggling and slaughter continues unabated but what has this condemning done is to shift the call of prohibition on Gaurakshaks from prohibition on cow slaughter.
The priorities should be set aright otherwise it would be 2004 deja’vu for BJP.

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