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The Indian intelligentsia is such that it believes that the belief of the Hindus is mutually exclusive with historical facts. If viewed from the microscope of history, any innocuous belief cannot withstand any scrutiny for any long. Ayodhya hence becomes a dogma as it is very difficult to believe that it is the birthplace of Lord Ram of the Hindus. Lord Ram itself becomes very difficult to believe in.

Since, the Hindus are the most tolerant of all, no one cannot question the Al-Aqsa mosque at Jerusalem being the site where Prophet Mohammed of Muslims landed on his winged horse. Courts can adjudicate a case on its face value and material value but they cannot decide on a matter of faith that has been in contention when the Anglo-Saxon law system was yet to be born. What weakens the stance of Hindus in the court is not the facts but the fact that most of the Hindus are oblivious of the facts that how this matter should not last more than 2 hearings in the court of law and how the matter has been kept in a systematic abeyance by the parties involved.

Unless until the pressure is not exercised on the supposedly ‘Hinduwaadi’ government of the day, there is hardly any chance that a Temple will be built on the site even if the Hindus get the desired verdict. The supposed Hinduwaadis hide behind the veil of the matter being in the Supreme Court but has the Hinduwaadi government ever asked the court to fast track the case . All it needs to do is to file an affidavit to this effect in the Supreme Court stating that it has no objection on this matter.

We would try to clear the air around the Ram Temple and how a central government if it wants can built a temple very easily on the site if it has the will to do so. The arguments presented here would be a synopsis of the arguments of both the sides in the courts as well as it would highlight what can be done now to built the temple. The entire Muslim case is based on the fact of evidence of one Mr. Hashim Kidwayi who said that he has offered prayers at the site twice in between 1936 to 1949 when the idol of Lord Ram appeared in a mysterious manner. Even if the memoirs of late Hashim Kidwayi can be assumed true, praying at a place doesn’t make it a mosque. We have seen Muslims offering Namaz on streets, trains and other several public places. So, does that make all of them a mosque ? The disputed structure lacked even the basic features of a mosque, i.e. the Minarets.

The Masjid-e-Janmsthan as it was known before it got listed as Babri Masjid Sunni Waqf Board report of 10th December 1949 , should ideally be a Shia property as Mir Baqi was a Shia Muslim . It means that Sunni Waqf Board does not stand as a party in the dispute. It is a gross irony that Sunni Waqf Board is party to the case but Shia Waqf Board is not !! Moving ahead the court proceedings established beyond doubt that the temple premises was not a functional mosque between 1936 to 1949 and the story of the idols of Ram Lala Viraajmaan being installed by nefarious elements is a cooked up lie. The temple got sealed in 1949 by the Faizabad District Collector only to be reopened at the orders of the court in 1986. Amidst all the tensions, the High Court refused to put a stay over the Rath Yatra of Advani as well as to check the Kar Seva announced at Ayodhya citing freedom of religion. The Shilanyas was done for the Ram Temple in the non disputed area on November 9 th,1989 when out of nowhere VHP stalled its work to give the new PM,VP Singh a time of 4 months to solve the issue. The time elapsed and in the meanwhile V P Singh dealt a mortal blow to the Ram Temple movement by approving the recommendations of the Mandal commission and gave the OBC castes a reservation of 27% in state jobs. The BJP and VHP had let itself to be taken for a ride by an anti Hindu fool. Then came the solution to the problem which was to refer the entire matter to the Supreme Court. VP Singh had promised to BJP and VHP that it would only refer to the SC about the status of the disputed area and not the undisputed area. He changed his decision in a single meeting with the Muslim leaders and overnight the decision was changed to acquire the entire land which shall be referred to the SC. BJP, RSS and VHP had been fooled again. This made the issue complex and made the non disputed area at par with the status of the disputed area . The Government acquired the land under the Land Acquisition Act. The BJP surprisingly was supporting the government of V P Singh from outside and did not withdraw the support even at this treachery. It was only when the Rath Yatra was stalled in Bihar by Lalu Prasad Yadav and Advani was arrested that BJP withdrew the support to the worst PM ever in the country.

As usual, the Supreme Court backed out of the case at the last minute to save its skin. In 1994, it refused to give any opinion or advise the government on the issue. So what is the point in having the matter lingering again and again in various courts when the Supreme Court had once explicitly expressed its inability to give any advise to anyone in 1994. Still we hope that Supreme Court will solve the matter. The matter has no legal or judicial solution. It only has a political solution. The sooner this thing gets in our head the better it is. We need to outline our priorities and step up the ante. Lets us all pressurize the Central Government which has a lot to answer to the Hindus on this account.

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