Why (Dalit) Muslim/ Christian reservation is dangerous?

While we do expect the above announcements (on points listed in previous part) very soon, we did receive a letter of clarification from Sri Ramdevji when we raised our concerns about his stand on (Dalit) Muslims reservation for being anti-national. In this letter, he very clearly rejected the very concept of reservation based on caste or religion and stated that he believes only in reservation on basis of economic status. We reproduce the letter here: Sri Ramdevji on Article 341

Here are the reasons why we consider inclusion of Muslims and Christians under purview of Article 341 defining Scheduled Castes (also called Dalits wrongly due to political reasons) a very dangerous demand and appeal to all nationalist forces to vehemently oppose it.

Insult of Islam and Christianity

1. The biggest positive that Muslims and Christians showcase about their great religions is that all Muslims are equal or all Christians are equal. Any discrimination among fellow Muslims is anti-Islamic and any discrimination among fellow Christians is anti-Christianity. This is what we are made to understand through all official and religious channels of communication. So inclusion of selective people in Article 341 on basis of birth would break the very foundation of these religions. No Imam or Father would ever acknowledge that one can remain a Muslim or Christian and yet be classified as separate from other Muslims or Christians.

Inclusion of these minority groups as lower castes in Article 341 directly insults these great religions and hence completely illegal. To ensure respect for all religions, and specially minority faiths like Islam and Christianity, is first and foremost legal and constitutional obligation for all of us and the government.

The other alternative that remains then is to include all Muslims and Christians into Article 341. That would indeed be welcome, but then why spare rest of Hindus? Include everyone into Article 341 and let each of us benefit from Article 341. After all who apart from Netas and Abhinetas (Political leaders and actors) is not a deprived class in India today?

And if it be admitted that Islam and Christianity also endorse inequality, then why single-out Hinduism as casteist in texts of schools and colleges? Instead of teaching that caste-inequality as emerging from historical Hindu practices, then all texts should be improved to term casteism as an evil afflicting all religions. There should be chapters on Muslim movements against Islamic caste-system and not merely chapters on Amdebkar and Phule. There should be ample references to Christian and Muslim evil practices and not merely so-called Hindu dogmas.

Ask any proud Muslim or Christian why he or she considers their religion to be better than Hinduism. And the first reason he would proudly assert is absence of inequality on basis of caste. Is this not double-standard then?

If the argument be that Christianity and Islam adopted the evil of casteism from Hinduism, then it should be clearly mentioned that Hinduism is the common generic foundation of Islam and Christianity – whether good or bad. Is it not dishonesty to blame Hinduism for everything bad and showcase every goodness as non-Hindu? We can prove that almost everything in Islam or Christianity is derived from or originally belongs to Hinduism . (For example, Islamic Music, story of Christ (Krishna), Islamic idol-constructions, Islamic architecture….) Thus, this anti-Hindu dishonesty in education system where you blame Hinduism for everything evil but shy away from hailing it as foundation for goodness across religions and regions, is the root cause of whatever religious misunderstandings we have today.

Any short-sighted move of including (Dalit) Muslims in SC/ST quota would be anti-Muslim, anti-Christianity, anti-Hindu and anti-India.


Double benefits for few, none for others

2. Minority groups already get several advantages by virtue of being minorities. They get special minority rights, concessions, preferences and aids across various sectors under Minority Development Programs. Including them under Article 341 would give them duplicated benefits and hence be double-injustice to unreserved poor from majority religion.  So very clear points should be first laid out to make sure that one does not get benefit as a Muslim and as an SC/ST both.


Remove backwardness from source

3.  The whole concept of Article 341 was to be a stop-gap arrangement while the country evolves to a casteless society based on equality. It is the vote-bank politics that ensures its continuity today. Countries like USA have been able to tackle apartheid through more effective affirmative actions than a flawed tool of granting reservations. So instead of adding more and more groups into it and shrinking the playing ground for merit, the effort should be on replacing reservation based social justice with models of financial and educational inclusion as practiced in countries which have demonstrated significant improvements in quality of life of deprived sections.

Certain societies are backward not because they are debarred from achieving any position in country, but because they do not have right resources to reach the level of competencies to achieve those positions. Societies can never improve through reservation for chosen few, but only by providing right resources and facilities to make them more competent and achieve any position.

Has not Dr APJ become a top-scientist and then President due to his competence? Did he require any caste-certificate or minority-certificate to achieve it? We need to create more APJs.


Danger of unethical conversions

4. Inclusion of Muslims and Christians in Article 341 would potentially wipe-off an entire Hindu population of the country and push Hindus towards a minority status in their own nation. This is an open fact that Christianity and Islam are proselytizing religions. There are many influential groups owing allegiance to these religions who have a clear goal of making entire world Christian or Muslim and for whom converting someone as Christian or Muslim is considered an essential criteria to achieve Heaven in these Semitic religions. Thus you would find dedicated and well-funded conversion groups belonging to these religions that use every hook and crook to justify their end goal – conversion of vulnerable Hindus.

Billions of dollars from Europe and Middle-East are pumped in to the nation through official and unofficial channels for the single goal of Hindu conversion.

Accordingly, they focus actively on evangelization or Dawah. Go to any Church or Mosque and tell them that you are keen to convert. And they would immediately do the needful with all legal and ritualistic work. Now go to any temple. The priest there would be confused and in most cases ask you to go to any lawyer than a temple. This is because Hinduism does not have a goal of conversion. Whatever little conversions you may hear about in recent times is as a defense mechanism against ploys of evangelists and Dawah agents. Hinduism essentially believes in freedom of belief and does not condemn anyone to Hell simply because he is non-believer in a particular deity.

Now Article 341 acts as a natural deterrent to designs of conversion agents of Islam and Christianity to decimate Hindu population. Today, India is the only attractive destination for conversion activists because Hindus are the only people susceptible to conversion due to their openness with regards to religion. A reduction of Hindu population will impact not only Hindus but entire world owing to strategic position of India and its people. Apart from Hindus, rest of the population west to India is already split into Muslim and Christian. How they converted through might of sword is amply clear by even a cursory glance on Medieval History of Europe and Asia.

Christian missionaries are extremely active in tribal and less-developed areas and have done massive conversions over last few decades. However Article 341 benefits drives these neo-Christians to still claim themselves to be Hindus in legal matters. Thus official Christian population figures remain low.

Muslim conversion agents believe in superstitious Ghazwa-e-Hind prophecy which claims that they will go to Heaven and Jesus will be born again after India becomes a Muslim majority nation. So they would use every ploy to make a dent in Hindu demographics. However, dawah agents being much more fanatic, cannot accept someone being a Muslim but officially showing himself as a Hindu in legal matters. That would be haram as per Sharia experts. Thus, the population growth in Muslims in India (highest for any religious group) is only through biological means. Once, they get included in Article 341, there would be no stopping these fanatic dawah agents from converting vulnerable deprived Hindus through force, deceit or greed.

Remember that we are talking of not 1 or 2%  but 25% of our population that comes under SC/ST category.

For example, just think of how Muslims and Christians happen to be 35% of the population of subcontinent today? Was Islam and Christianity spread in ethical ways in medieval ages by saints like Ghori, Ghazni and Babur? Is it not that for 1000 years, we were forced to allow ‘unethical’ damages to happen, and now suddenly we should call for a full-stop in name of ‘ethics’ without allowing opportunity to even reverse the damage done? Is ‘ethics’ something that only hurts the peaceful majority of this nation?

One cannot allow tinkering with legal provisions and bring slightest threat to demographics of the majority population of the country. Unless a detailed and thoroughly convincing mitigation plan be brought forth to public, even a generic suggestion towards such dangerous policies would be anti-national. 

Just imagine, tomorrow there may be foolish demands even for religious reservations in Indian military!

Huge population at risk

5. The estimates for so-called Christian Dalits demanding inclusion under Article 341 is hardly 0.75% of Indian population. And so-called Muslim Dalits are only 1% of entire Muslim population or 0.13% of Indian population. (based on NSSO and Census Reports by Govt of India).

Thus the dangerous move of providing benefits to less than 1% of our population would threaten to impact 25% of our population that comprise SC/ST.

The concerns of such negligible minorities can be well-addressed by alternative affirmative action programs that are proven to be more effective worldwide than reservations. And if such minority groups be given reservations, why not so many other other less-minor but socially and economically backward groups? For examples poor Brahmins and Rajputs who find no state protection for their traditional occupations of rituals and warfare.

On contrary allowing this suicidal demand would lead to an anti-Hindu wave that threatens to damage our foundations like never before in history. In fact, even the Congress government – considered anti-Hindu by many –  which has ruled India the most also did not ever tinker with provisions of 341. Of course, now things are changing for worse with desperation to woo minority vote-bank in wake of corruption scandals that get exposed and threaten the kursi. But if someone supports inclusion of (Dalit) Muslims in SC/ST, in our opinion he or she is no way different from the political party hating whom is so fashionable today!


‘Dalit’ is insulting. Poor is in every caste

6. Often people confuse between Dalit and poor while making such sweeping statements and thrive more on emotional hyperbole. Further, Dalit is in fact a derogatory term having no mention in constitution as well. Now caste and poverty need not be synonymous. There are affluent people from so-called lower castes and people dying from hunger from so-called upper castes. If at all the domain of reservation must be expanded for unavoidable reasons, it should be on economic ground rather than adding yet another element of religion. 

Muslim backwardness is global. We should address the roots.

7. Vast majority of Muslims already get reservations under OBC category. Still they are most backward community and unable to compete even within OBC category, as per various research findings including Sachar Committee report. And that is not the case in India alone. Worldwide, Muslims remain the most educationally-deprived and economically unproductive community, even in Muslim majority nations. The cases of human rights violations are greatest in these nations. Thus, the root causes of Muslim backwardness are much deeper and fundamental than lack of opportunities in job sector.

This is true that all Muslims are not terrorists. This is also true that there have been many patriots from among Muslims who make us all feel proud and inspired. For example, Ashfaqullah Khan, Hakim Suri, Abdul Hamid, APJ etc. But this is also a bitter truth that 99% of dreaded terrorists in world today are those claiming to fight for Islam.

Those sincere about emancipation of (Dalit) Muslims should be daring enough to understand and address these core issues than be swayed by myopic vote-bank inspired gimmicks. Because such gimmicks only strengthen the powerful forces that have already hijacked Islam and keep rest of the population busy enjoying their lollypops while they plan yet another nuisance.

In next part, we shall review what actually needs to be done for those concerned about promoting social equality.

This is Part 2 of the series. For Part 1, please visit here. For Hindi version, visit here.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • this whole system of reservation is infact killing this country..

    from the beginning of vedic period we can see clearly people were seen as per there intellectual than their caste..

    brahmana was for fighting war against darkness
    kshtariya for unlawfullness
    vyaishya was for scarsity
    shudra for alasya

    now this current caste system framed by our political parities for thier selfish gains has no meaning at all …

    where are we now in india or in patala desh..

    our mentality has gone down foot..

    this reservation act is making a less qualified person to handle most prominent positions favouring only their chamchass

    as equal to an L-board driver driving a public transport vehicle risking lives of his and others on bus and off buss

  • good work…

    i dont understand this policies of political leaders vote banking till when they would support non hindus themselves being one.. then finally one day they are left alone sorrounded by other caste ready to cut his throat and non to save him.. wake up all u vote eaters

    money.. fame.. land any desires other than swa dharma is
    waste of life .. like a movie actor you may be don.. minster.. any thing in a movie but really you know what u are..

    atleast now you wake up no god can save more than this

    why no movements in south india

  • Raghunath Ji

    I could not see anywhere that Shri Ramdev Ji took back his words regarding Article 341. Which reply are you talking about? Someone can write anything in comments section claiming to be representative of BST/PYPT. PYPT officials need not come in Agniveer’s comment section. They can simply write to Agniveer with official id, what is their response. And it seems there is none till now.

    Anyway I could not find any argument in reply of Mr/Ms Dev. I found it to be full of blatant lies and personal attacks.

  • Agniveer Ji

    Seems to be good reply from PYPT,we cannot doubt Swami Ji.Any sensible person will take off this Article.After going through these replies ,it looks as if you are spreading falsehood.


  • Sanjeev,

    Excellent write ups pal. The two articles of yours must be posted on the websites and social media pages of not only Ramdev ji but also of the CON party, Akilesh Yadav, Clown Prince, Ms Mayavati, the commies, and most importantly the Dravidian parties.

    As always, good job team Agniveer.

  • Muslims and Christians must first define what are Dalit muslim and dalit christian. These religions do not have any caste system as they are imported religions. The condition of Muslims can never improve unless they study in the same educational institutions as the other Indians. Most of the women do not study at all while the males go to Madarsas which are not preparing them for board examinations or college. Their own community is responsible for their poor condition. Also they do not go in for family planning as they cite religious reasons. I am a doctor and have seen many young muslim women die due to complications of repeated pregnancies. Nobody really cares for them. Their husbands simply marry again.

  • I have read this with great interest…. I am of the same views most of the time as I feel there is no equality in India and the minorities are the real castists rather than the majority and adopt a victim role to gain benefits from the government. My explanation of caste system throws the whole world off its rocker because it is a very simple system, misunderstood and misrepresented by all including hindus because of the onslaught of christianity and islam over so many centuries.

    But my most important observation here is about APJ KALAM. What are you talking about him being such a great man? When you know everything is wrong in the caste system and in reservations etc., how can you then accept the President of the country siding with such facts as reservations and minority benefits? In fact, when he was president he has supported the muslim community which is against his position as President and violates the Constitution of India. In fact, if he is such an intelligent man, as all you indians think, how come he never pointed out the violation to the Constitution? He is the authority to have noticed it and changed it. But he supported the muslim community and the minorities. So why do you think he is such a great man? I think he is a human rights violator and am accusing him of having violated the Constitution whilst in office. How can you ever make the situation right if you wish for another APJ?

    • Reservation and minority appeasement by a person in office or one ambitious of grabbing power is nothing new. We are yet to find one single prominent office-holder not being into this. So it would be unjust to singularly condemn a particular person for this.

      We are referring to competence of APJ in matters of rising up to being planner of India’s nuclear program, Raju-Kalam stent for low-cost angioplasty and other contributions he has made. We should admire good things in any person without being impacted by his common negatives, if any.

      As for Agniveer, we clearly believe in pure merit-based system and providing ample resources and opportunities for disadvantaged sections – irrespective of religion or caste – to improve their merit.

  • Don’t know if he changed his stand after your letter, Subramaniam swamy on twitter said that he has spoken to baba ji and he will see if baba ji repeats the same statement.

    Swamy’s stand is clear, he oppose reservations to so called dalit abrahamics.