“Dalit is dalit – be it from any religion…. All dalits deserve quota benefits…..If justice is denied, there would be blood on the street.” These are excerpts from a recent speech by Sri Ramdevji – leader of Bharat Swabhiman Trust (BST) while he was addressing a group of Muslims demanding inclusion of minority religions in SC/ ST quota.

The vocal resolve of the hathayoga celebrity in this speech to offer a more sincere and intense leadership to Muslims than what even the Maulanas cant offer on this issue has put many a groups of his fans and even his detractors in a very tight spot, especially due to ‘blood on the street‘ reference. The demand is in same lines as the recent flop move by Congress to provide sub-quota to Muslims in OBC quota to woo voters before UP polls.

Currently, only Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists can avail SC/ST benefits under Article 341 of the Constitution. While we respect the sentiments of those who are deeply concerned with plight of so-called Dalit Muslims, we believe that any direct or indirect attempt to extend SC/ST status to Muslims and Christians would be a grossly anti-national, anti-Islamic, anti-Christianity and anti-Hindu move that could surpass the collective damages done in a thousand years of attacks by invaders before independence. 

Please note that almost 50% of Indian Muslims already get reservation benefits through OBC quota. It was found by Sachar Committee that despite this ‘OBC Muslims’ could not compete with ‘non-Muslim OBC’ counterparts. So a special sub-quota of 4.5% specially for Muslims has already been created by Central Government, which would gradually be extended up to 15%. And in several states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka and Bihar, Muslims enjoy much higher reservations and for a larger proportion of Muslims. This is separate from benefits they obtain through minority status. But as elsewhere in world, Muslim community remains backward (though Indian Muslims excel significantly compared to their brothers and sisters in Muslim majority nations).

Thus for those who are really sincere about plight of Dalit Muslims, first we propose some truly effective strategies that can be implemented immediately and must be moral obligation for all who are concerned about them. And then we will dwell into the reasons why SC/ST reservation under Article 341 should not be extended to Muslims and Christians.

How Sri Ramdevji can help Muslims and specially Dalit Muslims

This section applies not only to Sri Ramdevji but all those who are concerned about plight of Muslims and specially Dalit Muslims despite so much of reservation and minority benefits that they already receive. Please note that there are 2 fundamental principles that we all should understand on this issue.

One, the needs of distressed (Dalit) Muslims are not merely monetary. It is more about trust, equality and respect from rest of the society. So any strategy to support them, if their plight indeed touches a saintly soul, should focus on first setting right standards in these areas.

Second, powerful people and organizations like BST, Patanjal Yogpeeth, Sri Ramdevji, Sri Mulayam Singh Yadavji, Sri Rahul Gandhiji etc have a golden opportunity and moral obligation to first set the ideal examples themselves that rest of the world can inspire from. For example, these are the steps that Sri Ramdevji and his allied organizations can immediately take up. And Agniveer promises to support these steps through efforts, heart and money in whatever way it can.

1. Sri Ramdevji must commit that at least 75% of entire expenditure of his group of companies and trusts would be only for development, employment and nurture of Dalit regions of the country. And especially areas dwelt by Dalit Muslims.

2. A significant proportion of senior executives, top leadership and core think-tank group of BST, Patanjal Yog Peeth and his other organizations must be filled with Dalits and especially Muslims.

3. All his communications and magazines must be edited and managed only by (Dalit) Muslims to prove that they can carry out sensitive responsibilities in most loyal and competent manner.

4. The entire kitchen, canteen, mess and food management in his organizations be fully managed by Dalit Muslims. This will eradicate false notions of untouchability.

5. Sri Ramdevji lamented that people claim all terrorists to be Muslims. To counter this allegation which he considers completely baseless and demeaning to Muslims, he should first and foremost have all his security personnel exclusively from Muslims who perform 5 times Namaz and appear devout Muslims by having beard, namaz mark on forehead etc. This would immediately start creating a correct impression among people without even saying a word. In fact all leaders and opinion makers of India who are deeply concerned with association of terrorism with Islam MUST take this step first and foremost.

Rest of the communities can manage other defense activities. But personal security for these leaders and influential people should be exclusively managed by conservative Muslims who clearly come out as conservative Muslims in front of camera.

Just imagine, if all leaders of the nation who care about Muslims start having their personal Z Class security from only conservative Muslims, who can then dare associate Islam with terrorism!

(Even Sikhs were adversely associated with terrorism in eighties due to misdeeds of a few. But because Sikhs are predominantly found everywhere in defense and security, that could not tarnish their image as loyal brave patriots we all feel proud of.)

It is unfortunate that even in Pakistan, leaders are refusing to have any security personnel who has a beard with no moustache and offers 5 Namaz. Thus, Indian leaders, and especially Sri Ramdevji, should use this golden opportunity to win trust of Muslims by having ALL his security guards exclusively from such Muslims. It pains to see so many political and social leaders giving empty talks on zero correlation between Muslims and Most Wanted Terrorists, but not daring enough to accept such security personnels. We sincerely urge Sri Ramdevji to change this trend proactively and immediately. 

Further, given that the entire foundation of the movement for inclusion of Dalit Muslims in SC/ST quota is based on the fact that a huge number of them sincerely need employment, it would be very easy to fill all these vacancies (for the above listed points of action) within a few days.

Agniveer sincerely awaits Sri Ramdevji and others deeply concerned with plight of (Dalit) Muslims to make immediate announcements towards the above 5 points and Agniveer promises to support them in all possible ways (tan-man-dhan). 

In next part, we will review why any reference to reservation for Muslims and Christians is so dangerous for nation and demeaning for all religions.


This post is also available in Hindi at http://agniveer.com/6796/ramdev-reservation-dalit-muslim-hi/


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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • I came across this article and was surprised to find Dalit Muslims in Yemen. The story is a sad one of a young boy from that community who was killed.

    “…Mohammed Rashid, a local member of the marginalized community, called the crime heinous and unforgivable.

    “The marginalized people are untouchable in this country,” he said. “But we will not be silent anymore and we will defend our rights to stop others from degrading us.”

    In recent years dozens killings, rapes and assaults of marginalized people have been reported.

    Fuad Alawi, the head of Sawa’a Organization for Anti-Discrimination, said it is not the first time children from vulnerable groups like the Akhdam have been subject to inhumane treatment….”

  • India and free world need to learn fast all about Islam soon as Islam has a full proof system to kill its enemy without sending arms and army.
    Send Mullahs so called religious leaders to convert our poor , uneducated and people in jail criminals to Islam once they are Muslims use them to fight with govt laws and people around them fro new laws and privileges to defend Islam using our people our resources and our food and money we are going to be defeated
    . Do we have a solution once convert to Islam this Muslim is now for all future generation loyal to Saudis Arabs and Allah not to USA or country he/she is born in.
    We are all now doomed sooner or later.
    Only way to save locals from the convert is asking convert to reconvert to local heritage or take away the rights to vote and govt funds as they will never be loyal to country they live.
    THese converts will be pain to local laws and system.
    Get rid of them
    Alien culture has no place once islamic rule and british rule is over.
    Pak and Bangla desh was formed for them , ship them to pak.

  • @raghunath , agniveer is not jaichand dear….Its shame to call jaichand to someone who is tremendously propagating Vedic knowledge…Agniveer is right on his stand and what swamiji has done is political thing..I dont know what he will do in future but still he is not fraud like some people like Ved Arya calling him…….Swami’s working basics and idea is different than Agniveer..

  • Agniveer Ji

    Ramdev has cured crores in India and Globally,it is very shamefull act.Are you comparing with Ramdev….don’t you think your ego is above on your head.
    Have you been beaten by police..I don’t think so with Ramdev one vocie crores come and of all religion.With agniveer nothing…I am great fan of your book but seeing your reply and response it looks you are one of the Jai chand now.

    • Raghunath Ji

      “”don’t you think your ego is above on your head.””

      You are too small to ask this to Agniveer. Let us know your credentials so as to know whether we can take you seriously here or not.

      “”Have you been beaten by police..I don’t think so””

      You thought right 🙂 And getting beaten by Police is no criterion of being great! Tomorrow you will ask whether Agniveer has ever dressed like Mothers and Sisters? 😉 If no then he is not great!

    • @Raghunath

      —–Ramdev has cured crores in India and Globally,——-
      But himself got sick in that process. He says ‘dalit is a dalit’ if we keep shouting like that, discriminate the people acc. to their caste and keep reminding them their so called dalit status, then how we suppose to bring social equality, self-respect in thier minds? Agniveer is doing hard work to remove that social evil but ramdev baba wants to intorduce in the other religions as well?

      Baba ji made a huge mistake, let’s be honest here.

      • Whenever Agniveer uses the word ‘Dalit’, it does so with a heavy heart because the word is so demeaning. Its usage should be totally banned to maintain dignity of our brothers and sisters. And to call someone ‘Dalit’ by birth can be greatest abuse for anyone. We are compelled to use the word at times only because it is widely used and when we reply in this context, we are forced to use language of the original person. Indeed those are the real Dalits – mentally trampled – who call others Dalit by birth and attempt to create political mileage out of it. For Agniveer, entire humanity is one single family.

  • Agniveer जी , आपका सकारात्मक reply पाकर बहुत अच्छा लगा, बस बात सिर्फ इतनी सी ही है की इस समय हम सबका लक्ष्य होना चाहिए हिंदू विरोधी और देश विरोधी इस कोंग्रेस पार्टी को हटाना ,बाकी तो मुझे आपके द्वारा किये गए कार्यों में कोई शक नहीं है ,आप बहुत अच्छा कार्य कर रहे हैं और सभी देशभक्त आपके और स्वामी रामदेव जी के साथ हैं ……………..धन्यवाद

  • Dear Friends

    Agniveer cannot do anything,Swami Ramdev has already united all against corruption.Such Articles are not good but can be good for agniveeer for marketing its own blog.
    This is poretty funny stuff and divisive stuff.Today I got one e-mail from some acharya and agniveer has been exposed.I will past here but sure that agniveer will delete it.

    • Dev jee,

      I appreciate what Ramdev jee has done for the nation and the Hindus. I believe you are also associated with hi in this noble cause and admire you for that. However, Agniveer is also doing something which is adorable and is critical for the well being of the humanity in general and for Bharat/Hindus in particular. How will you respond to Maxmuller and his elk ? Your sole source of knowledge about Agniveer is the Acharyaji who himself may not be aware in toto of what Agniveer is doing. Eshwar can get the work done by even bricks and stones, what to talk about Agniveer. So, I mean to say is please don’t castigate Agniveer but try to have a synergical/symbiotic relationship with Agniveer. Ego is the greatest impediment in the Hindu rennaissance. Please put all your effort to bring all the sattvic forces together to reach the mission. I am sure, a wise and Hindu rakshak person like you will pay attention to my humble request in the greater interest of Hindus.


  • स्वामी जी का साथ ना देने का मतलब होगा हिंदुओं का सर्वनाश कर रही इस कोंग्रेस पार्टी को और सशक्त करना ,इसलिए भाइयों स्वामी जी का साथ दो ,स्वामी जी थोडा बड़बोलेपन में ज्यादा बोल जाते हैं लेकिन उनकी देशभक्ति पर कोई प्रश्नचिह्न नहीं लगा सकता ,हम जैसे लोग कमरे में बैठकर फेसबुक पर बड़ी-२ बातें करते हैं लेकिन असली मैदान में तो स्वामी जी लड़ रहे हैं इन गुंडों के खिलाफ अपनी जान को खतरे में डालकर

    • We are not opposed to Ramdevji’s fight against corruption. But we must ensure that no-one gets into same corruption gradually. Because corruption in India starts with appeasement. As for patriotism, even those opposing minority reservations are equally or more patriotic. Do you know, Agniveer team has brought back thousands to Vedic Dharma and have faced more threats than one can imagine, including being held at gun-point by hoodlums. And all this happened away from Media limelight. We hope Ramdevji and BST realizes the gravity of the work we are doing and would support and strengthen us. It is mark of greatness to accept one’s mistake and improve upon it. We expect Ramdevji to do the same and increase his stature. We are fully with him in this.

  • We earnestly request all to keep the discussions polite and impersonal. Yes, we have written against reservation for minorities and disagree with Sri Ramdevji on this. We have already written to him and Dr Subramaniam Swamy on this and Dr Swamy has even met Ramdevji on this issue. But we would refrain from making personal remarks on anyone. And we would be more than keen to have support of BST and Ramdevji if they join our mission of propagation of Vedic Dharma. We are sure they would consider this to be the most noble nationalistic mission.

    • Agniveer Jee,
      Bingo. This is the course of action that can help us in achieving the mission. It’s the Agniveer team’s responsibility to keep the flock together and not let the Hindu energy dissipitated in in self destroying squabbles. In my opinion, this issue is extremely important. And the foremeost tool is restrained comments and presenting one’s views in an effectve but polite way. We have to see everybody/organization in its holistic approach, not just stray activities. Of course, stray activities should be addressed as a means of damage control. BST and Ramdevjee has a potentiality of accelerating the Vedic movement to its new heights. So, let’s see them as Brothers. It may require just a little patience and educating them in a way they can understand. Agniveer team will have only to discover/invent the modus operandi that will bring the BST brothers for a greater cause. Subramanian Swami jee can play a crucial role. Next step could be mobilising other big Muths, Ashrams and Temples with resources without direction. So, Agniveer should harness these resources for achieving its Mission. I don’t know if Agniveer team has P.R.O.’s contacting the Muths/Mandirs/Swamis. It’s also the need of the hour. This is what Shankaracharya jee had adopted as part of his strategy in his own time. We can do it now.

      I am with you.

  • Swami Ramdev must reply to the very pertinent points raised. By the way Swami Ramdev seems to have stopped teaching Yoga. He in more interested in Politics. But his discourses are contradictory.

  • Shravak Brother ,
    I would say,Lets take the religion out(I mean Ved,Quran,Gita,Bible)…..
    and ponder was RMDVji right ???

    Definitely no,
    I think Ramdev has a very big weak point,that he gets too excited…

    • Bro Vidhwanshak
      Believe or not religion has major role to play in minority politics in India atleast. So it should be dealt in that manner.
      Its the religious mindset of muslims which lead the politican to propose such demands.
      I don’t know brother what was the intention of ramdev behind this absurd stand. But people who first voiced for Dalit muslims reservations were definitely had political goals.

      One after the another, every politician wants to be an apple of minorities eyes for votes.

  • Abrahmics always says that they are chosen people of god. How come chosen people of god desparately need so many facilities? Time to introspect for Muslim and christians, they can’t go far by using crutches.

  • Agniveer ,

    Ha ha ha
    I m just loling to see how easily & gracefully u caught Ramdevji naked in front of the world….
    Did you write these 5 pointers to Ramdevji ????
    Plz let me know..

  • Dear all,

    This might not be directly relevant to the OP thread. Apologies for this derail [if it turns out to be a derail] but I wanted to talk about caste in Quran.

    Quran 43:32 says:

    It is We who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [of rank] that they may make use of one another for service.

    On what basis Allah + others (note the “We” in the verse above) raise some in rank and others below in rank?

    What do you guys think? Is this caste system? We Hindus/Agniveer patrons seem to be against birth-based caste system. We talk about Karma, gunas and this leads to tendencies in people.

    But looks like Allah + others (note the “We” in the verse above) themselves assign people to Islamic castes randomly. I thought in Islam everyone was equal. But Allah + others (note the “We” in the verse above) applies favouritism ramdomly.

    Will we be able to remove this caste system in Islam? Or are Indian Mohammedans always going to be Mawali in the eyes of the original Saudi Arabian Mohammedan?

  • Having been the beneficiary of yoga exercises taught by baba Ramdeo, I had great respect for him which was increased by his stand on bringing back the black money,eradication of corruption and change of system of governance. But his joining the Maulanas in demanding reservation for Dalit Muslims has caused all that respect to evaporate and the yoga guru has exposed himself as another aspirant to power seeking Muslim Votes. That the creator of Bharat Swabhiman should indulge in such plainly anti national activities,calculated to divide the nation has come as a great shock. Does he have any advisors or does he not take any advice on matters which he obviously does not understand?

  • Text of the email shared with Sri Ramdevji and BST authorities. We shall keep our patrons updated as and when we get reply:

    Namaste Sri Ramdevji and BST Leadership,

    We hope every one of you would be in best of your health.

    We are appending our views on issue of reservation for (Dalit) Muslims in light of recent speech by Sri Ramdevji and then a press release sent to us on same issue. You can review the same here: http://agniveer.com/6717/ramdev-reservation-dalit-muslim

    As leaders of the largest Hindu website and social network on internet and promoters of Vedic dharma, we are duty-bound to announce our stand on this critical issue and safeguard interests of all nationalist forces.

    Purpose of our post is to raise concerns of crores of patriots and intellectuals that have concluded through valid arguments and facts that any amendment in Article 341 to include Dalit Muslims is destructive and suicidal for Nation. Agniveer believes in building a peaceful, strong and caste-free Bharat. We request Shri Ramdevji and you all to join hands with us in Nation Building.

    We also propose a 5 point agenda for Sri Ramdevji and his associated organizations to genuinely work for cause of emancipation of Muslims and Dalit Muslims through ways which are much more powerful than demand of reservation for them. And specially to counter allegations of terrorism on Muslims that hurt him so much.

    We work towards making Brahmins out of Dalit Muslims and Christians. We have opened gates of Vedic Dharma for every human irrespective of religion or color. We have brought back around 10,000 people from different faiths in Vedic Dharma in one year. Command of ‘Krinvanto Vishvamaaryam- ‘Make the World Noble’ of Vedas is our vision. We are sure that Shri Ramdevji and you all will support us in this noble cause of bringing back our lost Brothers and Sisters of blood who were forced to leave us at sword’s point in past.

    We are hopeful that our post will be taken in its true spirit that is to unite all likeminded sons and daughters of Bharat Mata. We are keen to work hand-in-hand with BST for common nationalistic causes as reiterated in the article.

    We hope to receive your comprehensive response that we can share with our lakhs of patrons. And also how do we take steps for joint concrete actions for propagation of Vedic Dharma. Nanye Panthah Vidyate Anyaya (There is no other way!)

    Vande Mataram


    PS: Here is link of the article: http://agniveer.com/6717/ramdev-reservation-dalit-muslim

  • Excellent article. We are very thankful to sanjeev ji as he raised such an important issue on this platform. Ramdev is leading hindu’s towards the path of destruction, we arya’s are free thinkers….Where is the rationality of arya’s?. When it comes of Babas?
    This article need to be share as much as possible. I hope soon a voluteer will come and translate this article in hindi so that maximum people on ground level can understand how dangerous so called dalit muslim & christian reservation is….
    Arya pls think over the article instead of being a blind follower of baba….
    Ponder over it…..
    “Or perhaps some deeper conspiracies may be going on where even the prominent noble people are merely ignorant puppets whose strings have more devious controls.”

  • There is always some hope associated with dispair. Even in this article, mostly giving an idea of a seemingly Hindu stalwartit’s diverging ways from his erstwhile path, it’s exhilarating to know that 10,000 paople have come out of ‘restricting dogmas of only books and prophets with no scope of applying one’s intellect/logic’ and embraced all embracing Vedic path.

    I am with you in this noble work of humanity.

  • when will ppl of India and politicians understand, problem wid muslims is not economical its their ideology and belief, which is responsible, 100% reservation for next 100 years will also not solve their problems.

  • Good Article Agniveer Ji,
    I think RamdevJi should add passing monogamy law for ALL Indian Muslims in his agenda as well.
    This will automatically reduce number of so called Dalit Muslims being produced. Half of the work will be done.

  • “75% of fund allocation of associated organizations only in Dalit and Muslim areas to elevate status from ground level”
    Not at all agreeable. Why the money earned through Hindus should be spent on issues not connected with them?

    • Vasudev Raoji,

      What we wrote was on behalf of those who genuinely believe in (Dalit) Muslim emancipation and want to do something beyond empty rhetorics.

      As for Agniveer, we consider entire humanity as equal, and hence refuse to believe in any unnatural and anti-Vedic concept of caste, dalit, Muslim, Christian etc. We believe purely on meritocracy and equal opportunities for all to become meritorious without artificial distinctions.

  • I agree with you what you have stated and hope Ramdevjee will understand the issue with its ramifications and impact on the society. At the same time I request the Agniveer team to educate the BST and Patanjal Peeth by working closely with Ramdevjee and make its Shuddhi movement stronger rather than taking a perceived confrontanist stand. In general the so called national figures are haughty and may feel offended, even though only the truth has been spoken out. I see a loss of resources (in the form of Money and manpower)cocntributed by the peace loving Hindus. In my opinion, it’s judicious to open the channels of communications with these groups and try to align their course of action, as much as possible, with that of Agniveer to accelerate the results of spreading the Vedic religion.

    My expections are more with Agniveer than Ramdevjee and am quite sure Agniveer will take my views in consideration as they are humbler as they are Gyanis (Vidya dadati Vinayam). In fact, I request the Agniveer team to utilize the resources of Hindu temples to achieve its goal as all of them belong to them, they being the saviours in this modern era.


    • Satyen ji

      We are vowed to unite with anyone in common agenda of nation-building. Sri Ramdevji has iterated several times that he is opposed to the concept of changing anyone’s religion. We sincerely hope that he does not include Vedic Dharma in this definition of religion. We are keen to work with PYP, BST and all nationalist forces to not only create awareness but work hand-in-hand for common noble causes. That is why we made it amply clear even in the article – that we shall support with tan-man-dhan. We have already written to BST officials. We hope they take the article in right perspective and not construe it as an ego-battle. For Agniveer, the first thing we did before starting the mission was to dump our petty ego in trash-bin. So we are confident BST will approach us for joint concrete and larger scale positive actions.

  • there has to be some basic knowledge on the subject of reservations for converts and unfortunately there is absolute lack of that
    firstly scheduled tribes irrespective of religion get reservation under ST.sangma to sayeed get elected from tribal constituencies reserved for tribals.kashmiri muslim tribals the vangujjars,bakerwals etc come under ST for education/job etc
    secondly sikhism and buddhism too are anticaste but the dalit converts to those religions get reservation.
    OBC and ST converts to christianity and muslim get reservation. its just those converted from scheduled castes who are denied that. how can you explain this
    the congress and constitutional assembly was loaded with hindu fanatics and ambedkar had to compromise a lot when it came to reservation for converts.thats the only reason for the absence of reservation for SC converts and anticonversion laws in some states.

    • Although Sikhism and Buddhism are anti-caste yet the dalits belonging to these religions were given reservation benefits for the reasons that these religions were offshoots of Hinduism and therefore carried the virus of casteism in them also. of course on rational basis reservation to Dalit sikhs and Dalit Buddhists is not justified. But Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims belong to totally different category for the reason that these religions are totally alien to Hinduism besides being the equality as their core concepts. Hence, reservation to these sections is totally unjustified. Or else let the leaders of these religions admit caste system among them and stop converting poor dalit Hindus on being victim to caste apartheid.

    • Ganesh, you are only partially right. Only selected Muslim and Christian STs get reservation benefits in specific parts of country where they are in majority – like Lakshwadeep, North-East etc. But for rest of the nation, if anyone converts from Hinduism, he or she loses SC/ST benefits. That is why even those many who follow Christianity actually pretend as Hindus in legal matters. Or else, given the investments by Missionaries, their numbers would have been way above 3% today. History is testimony that Islam and Christianity have spread predominantly through unethical and even bloody means in last 1000 years. And even today billions of dollars are pumped for this. So there should be complete rejection of SC/ST status for any convert who leaves Hinduism. On contrary, if a Christian or Muslim SC/ST converts to Hinduism, that should not affect his or her SC/ST status. And then gradually we should phase out reservations totally to nurture pure merit based employment and promotions.

  • Namaste Agniveer Ji! Really appreciate for these valuable points!

    Baba Ram Dev Ji, Please and urgently respond to the Agniveer’s Point, and Please don’t break hearts of Billions of People those Trust you and have put you as the Leader for this movement against corruption.

    No Reservation and No Discrimination; One Set of Rules for All.

    Reservation and Discrimination divides the people and the society further to a level where People gain the nasty psychology to do anything and everything either to obtain the special benefits or Converting people to their community to gain so called “Majority” status, even though they are the “Majority” community in all over the World.

    Our Culture and Values are the Subtle (Soul) thread that ties us together as “BHARATIYA”, and hence the great Bharatiyata, the very Vedic Culture. Reservation and Discrimination brakes this tie and creates a barrier of Greed, Agitation, Hatred, and Competition around every group of people that the Love or Peace can’t penetrate and Unite them together.

    Reservation and Discrimination can’t bring Harmony in this society, so can we achieve National Integration?

    Reservation and Discrimination are the Weapons of the Dirty Politics in the name of Secularism.

    If people don’t have basic facility like food, shelter, education, healthcare etc. then provide them the facilities, create the environment so that they can be benefited. But, Why through Reservation?

    Genocide of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir or the Brutal Assassination of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati and four of his disciples in Kandhamal District, Orissa where mass conversion is going on to the Christianity are just the spilled of Blood Bath that is going around all over; that don’t teach us any Lessons???

    It has already Broken our BackBone so does the Bharatiyata! Please let’s Not Spoil it Further!

    Jai Maa Bharati!

  • Exactly We must ban the use of word Dalit in India.
    Calling someone anything less than Human is totally not acceptable.
    Reservation should be on the basis of Economic Conditions,Physical condition i.e. for physically disabled people and for Army men’s Family.
    Great Agniveer this is exactly what we expect from you.

  • Now we have Swami Ramdev to espouse the cause of Muslims and Christians. We thought One Swami Agnivesh is doing this job and now he is joined by another Aryasanyasi. In fact I never had any high opinion about this swami who while having Dayanand as model indulges in all sort of Undayanand activities. It is really sad that of all people men drawn initially from Aryasamaj are indulging in this patently anti-India activities. If Swami Ramdev were to be honest let him implement what Agniveer has suggested.

  • I really appreciate the effort is being taken by Agniveer for exposing the “Social Activist” for his hypocracy.
    Ishwar Aapko Ess Punya Karya Ke Liye Sambal Pradan Karta Rahe.

    • This is stupidity , the word “Dalit” symbolises Shudra . When you practically know the SC Quota is only for Dalits .i.e. lower Caste……….. There are no DALIT muslims…..because muslims has no Caste systems.

      There are no SHUDRA (DALIT) in Muslims..
      It is illogical to give them Quota.

      • @ratan
        I agree with you brother we have no DALITS because all muslims are equal.
        & we need no extra QUOTA.
        because it only show inequalities and nothing else.