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Agniveer expresses its appreciation to the clarification of Sri Ramdevji on the very sensitive and controversial issue of reservations for Dalit Muslims under Article 341 as demanded by Sri Ramdevji on 12th May, 2012 while addressing a kind of gathering of a particular sect of Islam organized for reservation for Dalit Muslims under Article 341. (Click here for video). In his speech on that fateful day, out of emotional outburst coupled with ignorance of implications of Dalit Muslim getting benefit of reservations under Article 341, Sri Ramdevji announced his plans to initiate an agitation for Dalit Muslims even if Maulanas do not support them.

For reasons best known to him, Sri Ramdevji did not rest there but he thought it necessary and obligatory to openly shower praise and gratitude upon several people who, due to active financial and field support from Islamic fundamentalists and Christians, under the guise of spearheading the cause of Dalit Reservations have had in the past led several “conversion drives” of so-called Dalit Hindus to Islam and Christianity.

One such “HERO” and “IDOL” of Sri Ramdevji, who was also present at that selective gathering was Dr. Udit Raj who has dedicated his life to the mission for conversion of so-called Dalit Hindus in Islam and Christianity. In fact, for Dr Udit Raj (Narayan), Sri Ramdevji specially mentioned that he is one person “who has fought for Dalits on basis of truth and nothing else”.

Ironically, Dr Udit Raj rose to fame because of his belief that “so-called Dalit Hindus should adopt any religion except Hinduism” and the abuses he hurled on Maryadapurushottam Shri Ram – the role model of every nationalist.

Sri Ramdevji’s such admiration for a well- known and proclaimed Hindu hater and a speech in this special conference that clearly stated Muslim reservations in Article 341 as one of the main agenda (refer the large poster just behind Sri Ramdevji in the video) was indeed shocking not only for a large section of his followers and office bearers of Bharat Swabhiman Trust (BST) & Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust (PYPT) but for all those people of this great country who have love in their hearts for this motherland. All were equally aghast to hear this stand of Sri Ramdevji.

Despite our appreciation for many works done by him including his efforts in making Hathyoga popular as a household thing and that we have no personal issues of any nature with Sri Ramdevji, we could not ignore demand and request from millions of nationalistic souls requesting us to take this issue on behalf of “sons-daughters of motherland”. Thus representing the popular sentiments and emotions of a patriot and awakened common man, Agniveer was constrained to write a series of articles questioning the passionate demand of Sri Ramdevji of Muslim reservations in Article 341. A copy of these articles was sent by e-mail to Sri Ramdevji and officials of Bharat Swabhiman Trust.


It was analyzed and logically demonstrated to millions of rational and patriots of “Bharatmata” in India and abroad through those articles as to how this dangerous step and demand of reservations for Muslims and Christians in SC/ST category (wrongly called Dalits), if implemented, could bring more dangers for majority community than what they faced in last 1000 years of plunder first by fanatic Islamic invaders and then under British Imperial Rule put together. And overnight Hindus will be in minority in their own and only country.

Patriots took a sigh of relief when due to the unprecedented pressures from all walks of the society including those disgruntled in the BST & PYPT, in the interim, a Press Release came from Sri Ramdevji (whose copy was sent to us as well) that vaguely indicated that he was and is unaware of the provisions of Article 341 and implication of his demand. The press release further indicated that it was simply a mistake and that otherwise Sri Ramdevji is against any misuse of Article 341.

However in the recent interview Sri Ramdevji very clearly indicated that he only favors economic reservations. There are still some unanswered questions relating to his special praise of Dr Udit – who proudly asserts that all Hindus should become Muslims, Christians or Buddhists but never remain Hindus. Also, why did he choose to speak in favor of a sensitive and serious issue like Article 341 without due study in a selective and targeted gathering which very clearly listed Article 341 amendments as its main agenda in very bold fonts and was led by all prominent leaders of Muslim Reservation movement.

But we appreciate the concern of Sri Ramdevji and other responsible office bearers of BST & PYPT that since Sri Ramdevji is now in political arena, coming out very clear on these issues may not be a politically wise step and difficult and we wish to say no more at present on this issue.

However we appreciate the fact that Sri Ramdevji has realized his mistake before it could turn into a blunder and thereafter plunder this great Nation.

We don’t wish to hold back our appreciation for Sri Ramdevji for his categorically statement that he is opposed to Muslim or Christian reservations under Article 341. To best of what we understand, Sri Ramdevji implies that (and Sri Ramdevji or officials from his organizations may correct us if we are wrong):

1. He is opposed to any demands for minority reservations on the basis of religion.

2. He supports reservations ONLY on basis of economic lines irrespective of caste or religion.

3. He admits that he, at the time of his speech supporting Muslim reservations, was completely unaware of Article 341. But now he is extremely keen to work towards making a “reservation free” Nation.

We assume that it also means that unless there is a revised reservation policy only on the basis of poverty, he is completely opposed to any change in Article 341 provisions.

We welcome this statement and we support this revised stand of Sri Ramdevji which toes the line of Agniveer. We also welcome the recent judgment of Andhra Pradesh High Court that struck down the attempts of Center to create a 4.5% sub-quota for Muslims in OBC quota.

As per Agniveer, there should be no reservations for minority religions. And all economically and socially backward societies and individuals of the nation should be supported by affirmative programs that encourage them to improve upon their competitiveness and be meritorious. So that everyone of us can proudly claim whatever he or she deserves purely on basis of merit. In this evaluation of merit, there should be no place for any discrimination on basis of caste or religion. Special efforts should be made to drive our society towards a completely casteless society.

However, in the interim, as we evolve towards a complete merit-based system and existing system is phased out, reservations should be restricted only for Hindus and allied religions. This would justify the claim of Islam and Christianity of being casteless religions. And also ensure that there are no unethical conversions into Islam and Christianity – the top 2 religions of the world that clearly encourage conversion as a means to achieve Heaven, as per many schools of respective religions.

We congratulate Sri Ramdevji for coming a step closer to our dream of a meritocratic India. And we affirm our commitment to support him or any nationalist person in all means – tan, man, dhan – in coming even closer on common noble objectives.

Sri Ramdevji’s pain with inequality that caused him to give that speech can be subdued if he raises a movement in favor of Uniform Civil Code to remove all inequalities in the country. Let all Indians have one nation, one law.

Agniveer wishes Sri Ramdevji all the best for his upcoming movement against corruption and black money. We hope he will also raise voice against discriminatory Laws against Minorities and demand Uniform Civil Code for all. After all inequality and appeasement breed corruption.

Additionally, we also urge Sri Ramdevji and all patriotic forces of the country to work towards consolidation of votes of entire cultural and nationalist population of the nation. We should ensure that our votes do not split up because democracy demands unity of all noble forces.

May we soon realize the dream of a corruption-free “Akhand Bharat” where we have one nation, one family, one law for all of us.

Vande Mataram

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • the one cut in neck to stop this would be to cut funding – in the guise of NGOs, millions of fanatic right wing dollars are being sent to the United States – which are being used to convert dharmic brothers enmasse.

    at the same time, westerners are starting to realize what f*ckery is up and are leaving christianity by the droves.

    but that doesnt solve our problem…

    Im starting a non-profit here in the usa – along dharmic lines. Let me know please if you have an NGO that would like to help us by helping with our dharmic work in Bharat initially and everywhere else in the end.

    Jai Lakshman Raghurai

  • There are some points where AGNIVEER need to be tactfull.

    If you want AGNIVEER voice at every doorstep of each indian as well of other south asian countries, follow these points:

    1) First raise electronic channel and print media channel to get enmass support and huge donations. What you need to do is simple, contact the passout journalists, passed out mass communication students. Buy them, atleast but a major english english newspaper like THE HINDU/ TIMES OF INDIA/ STATESMAN/ DECCAN CHORONICLE. If this not possible, make a job recuiters in major colleges in mumbai, delhi, bangalore who will absorb fresh applicants of passed out journalists/ mass communication ex-students. Target major universities in india. Here you keep your agenda and work reached to the masses

    2)Float regional parties and work together with other social groups like HMK ( Hindu Makkal Kacchi) in Tamil Nadu, Sri Ram Sena in Bangaluru, Hindu Munani, . Floar in every state different regional parties in thier language version, so that politically you can reach them.

    3) Approach to best passed out lawyers from law school, so that we can change Indian Laws like Special Marriage Act, where hindu if married to non-hindu, then hindu spouse must convert to hinduism and thier kids must be raised as hindus, or marriage considered as void or illegal.
    Anti-Conversion bill, leaving hinduism by any means, will be awarded as death penalty or extradition from India. In Hindu Marriage Act, allow hindu man to marry 3 times, as according to manu samhita, hindu brahmana can have 3 wives, but all wives must be converted to hinduism before prior marriage. Hindu women cannot marry non-hindu man, unless the non hindu man convert to hinduism unconditionally, and thier siblings must be raised as hindus. These laws must need to be ammended if we can put the passed out lawyers practicing in court as well as student political leader and joining politics.

    4) We need to approach to entertainment channels, where some bollywood actors make films like this :

    a) Make films, where muslim girls because of dowry (meher) as declared by imam fatwa, elope with hindu men. Muslim girls uneducated, deprived and taught to hatred. Muslim girls used as sex object by imams, when they cannot produce kids. Imams not helping general muslims for higher education, and use thier money and become rich. If these films are made more……………muslims will slowly hate imams, and get de-islamise. Make films where muslim girls or boys question whether Mohammad ever existed. Mohammad married jewish lady khadijah, then why not a muslim girl marry non-muslim, questioned by the girl.

    b) films where muslim girl with life threat leave islam, as given fatwa by sex loving imam. show Imam telling everybody kafir, but himself do sex with animals.

    5) Consult 4 Sankaracharyas , and make a central autonomous committee that control all hindu temples, conduct marriages, conduct professional pujaris ( who learnt vedas, upanishads, bhagawat gita ) in temple, and teach young kids about religions. Force all ICSE and CBSE schools to teach hinduism and sanskrit for class1 to class 10 with chapters of mahabharata, upanishads, vedas, ramayana, puranas and sanskrit as compulsory.

    6) Consult Police force, district magistrate that supports Hindus, and make only those young talents that are commited to save hindus from all type of love jehad, rape. Make police unions in all states of india with your agenda of Hindutva, supporting people to learn hinduism, convert to hinduism, supporting hindu efforts, Also make Unions within Indian Army, Indian Navy and also intervene RAW, the indian intelligence, that are commited to decrease muslim population, save hindus within india, pakistan, bangladesh. Tell the Indian Army and Black Commandos to train you , so that you can make private group to save hindus from muslim hands.

  • kya agniveer bhi secular ho gaye hai …. aapke najar m pauranik aur islam dono barabar ho gaye …… are dono doshi hai , par islam hamesha ki tarah daga karega

  • mai pehli baar agniveer se sehmat nahi hu …… kya aap logo ka dimag kharab ho gaya …. itne widwan hote hue bhi aese baat

  • (—-contd from prev. comment)
    (2)Thus, if Hindus support unity with muslims, then Hindu must allow muslims to become PM, head of Army, Navy, Airforce, BSF, CBI, etc and gradually take full control of India’s administration due to aggressive, deceptive and supremacist nature of islam and muslims. Thus Hindus should remain under islamic administration in their own country India. Muslims want to convert India a darul-sialm (the land governed by the rules of Sharia, Kuran, muhammad, allah, etc).

    (3) Under the foolishness of Hindu-muslim unity, Hindus silently or openly support conversion to islam. So many so called dalit convert to islam in mass. Many upper class Hindu also occasionally convert to islam. Some convert to marry a muslim girl. Sometimes, a married Hindu guy converts to islam to take the benefit of multiple marriage and multiple wives simultaneously under sharia rule. Their children become 100% muslims (supporter of muahammad, Kuran, sharia, and other satanic rules).

    So, Hindu-muslim unity is nothing but, foolish, one sided, endless and self-suicidal sacrifice by Hindus in favor of muslims—that is, preparing grounds to live under slavery of muslims.

    Most Hinuds are highly ignorant. This is why majority of them support muslim reservation, marriage of Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh girls to muslims, raising muslims to the posts of CM of state, PM of India, Head of Army, Navy, BSF, etc.

    However, I thank to Agniveer who is successful (at least for the time being) in making RamdevJi not to support muslim reservation. It is highly sad and shocking that, most of Hindu religious baba, mahant, Swami, Shankarachraya, Mata, etc are as ignorant and gullible as RamdevJi is on the issue of islam and muslims.

    May god give some wisdom to Hindus to protect their freedom, culture, honor, self-respect, glory, and vital resources from being usurped/grabbed by muslims under the deception of Hindu-muslim unity.

  • Many many thanks to Agniveer Team for convincing RamdevJi against muslim reservation. RamdevJi is ignorant on many issues, especially, he is a total ignorant in understanding muslims and islam. Similarly, majority of Hindu swami, Shankaracharya, intellectual class people such as professors, engineers, doctors, teachers, Govt and corporate officers, businessmen, authors, film directors, media people, etc are very much ignorant about islam and they keep saying that all religion are one—Ram and Allah are same. They fail to understand the deceptive and supremacist nature of islam and support Hindu-muslim unity. Please note that Hindu-Muslim unity would ruin and devastate Hindus.

    If Hindus become more friendly (due to unity) to muslims then
    (1) Hindus allow their girls and ladies come in contact and become friendly and emotional with muslim guys at schools, colleges, places of job, film & TV studio, sports-grounds, social functions, etc and they get the victim of love-trap of muslims–Then Hindus parents and other intellectuals/media support such Hindu girls to marry their muslim lover and convert to islam under the illusion and misconception that Ram and Allah are the same. Such converted Hindu girls reduce the population of Hindus and increase the population of muslims. Further, their children become 100% muslims. How shocking and painful is the fact that hidnu girls produce muslim children who , in future, would do their best to tyrannize, subjugate and cheat hindu community and would become supporters of the deceptive, barbaric and satanic rules of Allah, Muhammad, kuran, sharia, etc.

    (2) If you support Hindu-muslim unity, then muslims start becoming over demanding-such as reservation in every sector pretending that they are undeveloped, exploited, deprived and so on. They start saying that in order to make muslims feel India as their country, there should be muslim PM, muslim head of Army, Navy, Air-force, BSF, CBI, etc. Thus, if Hindus support unity with muslims, they Hindu must allow muslims to…

  • Agniveer ,I am from kerala where secularism has nearly destroyed hinduism .And there is a guy called rahul easwar who is grandson of sabarimala temple roaming around masjids and attending functions and prasing muhammad at one end and he is attending functions of vhp in other end . he is having some knowledge but with less intelligence . I will give u his mail id , u may send a mail to affirm ur status on hinduism and current status in our country . In kerala 6129 females have become victims of love jihad from 2006 to 2012 due to lack of knowledge and pride of our dharma .

  • @ Agniveer

    There is going to be a very promising meeting of Hindu organizations with a goal to establish Hindu Rashtra. As per the reposrts, 175 representatives of 50 pro Hindu organizations are participating at the venue from June 10th to June 14th. The organizer is Hindujagruti. I am not aware if Agniveer will be represented over there. In case, Agniveer team has not contemplated to participate in that meeting, I request them to consider this seriously as it’s a great opportunity to enlarge the Agniveer network. Obviously there is going to be people of various ideology, but the root theme to see the commonality i.e. to weed out the Hindu enemies or the inmical ideology of the Humanity and strengthening the Vedic inspired ideologies.

    For details, see the following link:

    Once again I request to consider the above point.

    Jayantu Aaryaah.

  • Jai Sree Jagannath!

    Thanks Agniveer and Baba RamdevJi for reaching at a common point. Hopefully we’ll can work together towards achieving “Akhand Bharat”.
    I support from the bottom of my heart and wish all the very best for the Great Movement Against Corruption.

    Jai Maa Bharati!