In this article, we shall quickly discuss some of the foundations of dominant Islam and present a ready toolkit to critically test the authenticity and credibility of Islamic claim of being the final and most perfect message of the Supreme. It is a compulsory reading for everyone keen to
– know about Islam
– understand why so many terrorists claim allegiance to Islam
– understand why progressive Muslims are tormented by conservative Mullahs
– understand how to effectively deal with evangelist rage in Islam
– discuss with their Muslim friends and help them become more rational and objective.

Nature of Allah – a giant amoeba

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Before Islam attracted global attention in last century or so for obvious reasons, Allah was a shapeless, timeless, omnipresent entity. Now the properties of Allah have changed because many Ayats inQuran say many things about Allah. The best fit that has emerged is that Allah is a Giant Amoeba.

Following is a summary of Allah’s properties:
a. He created skies and earth in 6 days.

b. He created a green colored stone in beginning and saw it with anger. Then it burst and became water. After that he created air and put water over air. Then he made his throne over the water. (Tafseer-e-Husaini Surate Hud 7)

c. Eight people having face of mountain goats shall lift Allah’s throne on some day.

d. On left side of Allah’s throne is Hell and on right side is Heaven.

e. Allah talked to Muhammad through two curtains made of pearl and jewels.

f. Some verses of Quran also say that Allah is shapeless.

So only option is that Allah is a Giant Amoeba.

Vedic Ishwar

The concept of Ishwar in Vedas is different

a. Ishwar is timeless, ageless, omnipresent, omnipotent etc etc.

b. He creates, maintains and destroys the universe as per His unchangeable laws.

c. Since He is omnipresent, there is no concept of throne.

d. There is no separate Heaven or Hell. Good actions are Heaven and ill ones are Hell.

e. Ishwar does not send messengers. He inspires everyone every moment. The noble ones are able to follow that due to their noble actions.

Destiny (Must read to know the foundation of Islam)

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(I strongly urge to read this article regardless of you being a Muslim or non-Muslim. A true eye-opener for all and basis for all other articles.)

a. Allah has already written everyone’s destiny in a book called Lohe Mahfooz that is kept under His throne.

b. Allah had already decided that some people will be Kafir because He was angry with them. (refer Surate Fatih Tafseer-e-Husaini)

c. Allah has put seal on hearts and ears of Kafirs and curtain over their eyes and they will be punished. (Surate Bakar 7) Thus it is written in their destiny that they would be Kafir.

d. Allah makes Kafirs and Muslims fight and kill each other. If He wanted, he could have avoided this.

e. Basically, Allah has pre-decided the destiny of everyone, and its only a fixed game that is being played.

f. Islam does not believe in rebirth. So Allah has liberty to give birth in noble places or in Kafir’s home.

g. Allah even misguides and confuses whom He wants to.

Vedic destiny

a. In Vedas, there is no concept of destiny fixed by Ishwar. Basically Ishwar merely gives fruits of whatever actions we perform. He does so uniformly and justly.

b. Since Vedas believe in continuous cycle of birth and death, the situations of this birth are results of actions of previous births.

c. The situations are also designed to help us get rid of ignorance and achieve ultimate bliss.

d. Nothing is pre-decided. Humans have free-will to decide and alter their fate. Its a complete meritocracy.

Creation in Islam

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In summary,

a. Islam believes that Allah created universe in 6 days.

b. To create Allah has to say “Kun” and it happens. Doubts remain whether Allah kept uttering Kun for 6 days to create or said Kun once and it took 6 days. Also why even this ‘Kun’ is necessary.

c. Allah creates slowly so takes 6 days. Satan hurries. Again doubt remains whether 6 days is laziness or patience for Allah who could have done creation in only one split second!

d. The evil nature of humans has been created by Allah as per Surate Ibrahim 27. So Allah is to be blamed for all evil things.

e. Allah created Adam with both His hands with mud and then he puffed His soul into Adam. How children and future generations of Adam were created is another story that only Allah knows!

f. Satan was created by Allah out of Fire. Satan duped Adam to go close to some tree. Thus he was expelled from Heaven. Then Allah and Satan agreed that Satan would be permitted to dupe humans till end of creation! So Satan and Allah work as per their agreement.

g. Satan refused to bow down to Adam because he used to bow only to Allah. So he was punished.

h. After this life, Allah will have a Judgment Day when dead would rise from their graves (not clear on what would happen to those who were cremated or died in bomb blasts) and their limbs will give evidence. Then they would be sent to Heaven or Hell as per their deeds forever.

i. For going to Heaven, it will be compulsory to believe in Allah, Muhammad, Quran, Angels, Judgment Day, Heaven and Hell. All apart from those who believe blindly in these will burn in Hell forever.

j. There shall be no more creation, no more birth, no more chance. So this life is the only chance to secure a place in Heaven.

k. Allah has already decided to fill the Hell, so Kafirs are helpless. Their fate is already sealed in Lohe Mahfooz the book of fate.

Prophets of Islam

Belief in Prophethood is necessary to be a Muslim and have seat in Heaven. One simply has to believe blindly in Quran and orders of Muhammad without interference of brain.

The Prophets of Islam include among others:

Moses – who murdered, admitted that it was a Satanic act and yet forgiven by Allah.

Lot – who had act with his daughters and made them pregnant.

Yusuf – who falsely implicated his brother on charge of theft.

Khizar – who killed a kid because he was scared that after growing up the child may turn rebel.

Muhammad – who married his daughter-in-law after having her divorced because he developed lust for her and had sex with his slave girl because Allah permitted him to have sexual relations with slaves.

Thus character of the Prophets is no parameter to judge whether someone is fit to be called a Prophet or even a saintly person in first place. One simply has to believe in these, if one has to seek a seat in Heaven

In Vedic ideology, personal character of a person is the first parameter to judge his or her spirituality. Thus a murderer, lecher, cheater etc cannot be termed spiritual.

People do allege vulgar stories for many of the Vedic role models, but none of them are reliable. They come from spurious sources and Vedas are very clear on this.

For example, people may allege that Krishna had weak character. But nowhere in Mahabharat can such stories be found, even though the modern Mahabharat is adulterated. These stories derive from Purans which are not reliable texts and have been subject to significant alterations and interpolations.

For more on Islam, browse through other articles on this site. Also review faithfreedom, islamwatch and

To know this version of Islam, I recommend to go straight into Islamic texts from Islamic Mullahs themselves and make an informed unbiased opinion.

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