When it is a fashion to glorify homosexuality, why are Bhansali and Ranveer reluctant to picturize the real love story of Khilji – between Khilji and his male sex-slave Malik Kafur?

The story has all elements of love, sex, dhokha, envy and will go a long way to decriminalize homosexuality – especially among Muslim population. Will serve a social cause that all celebrities love to promote. Is based on more authentic sources of history. And has more masala than the boring Darr brand love triangles that is too cliche.

And yes, Ranveer and Arjun make a great pair in reel and real life!


Yes Khilji had a love story. A story that relates with Padmavati. No historian can deny it. Here it is:

Khilji loved his sex-slave whom he had abducted as a young boy. His name was Malik Kafur. He grew up to become general of Khilji’s army.

Whenever Khilji would seek another woman, Kafur would get jealous. Also he had grudge against Khilji for castrating him.

When Khilji attacked Chittor to abduct Padmavati and other women, no one expected the Rajput fightback. Khilji was injured in vital places such that he could not enjoy a woman any more.

Now there was a role reversal in intimate love between Malik Kafur and Khilji. Khilji also became incapable to participate in any military campaign. Fate made lion a goat in every aspect of life.

Now Kafur literally controlled the empire. Khilji could not tolerate this and gradually became insane in depression. Within eight years of Chittor seige, Khilji was totally mad, not having even sense of wearing clothes, and having only one happiness that kept him alive – getting so*omized by Malik Kafur. During one such intimate act, Kafur killed Khilji. Or perhaps, Khilji could not tolerate the virility of Kafur and died.

The love story of hate, jealousy, and so*omy between Khilji and Kafur ended.

Want to see if Ranveer has guts to portray this real story, Bhansali has aukaat to direct it, and who performs the role of Malik Kafur? Arjun Kapoor?

Who will choreograph the dream sequence between Ranveer and Arjun..sorry Khilji and Kafur?

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  • This Agniveer and his rabid Hindu dogs keep on spreading whatever lie they have in their mind. This so-called “love” is only claimed by Ziauddin Barani who hated Alauddin. However, no where he claims that their “love” was homosexual. Love between men is not necessarily homosexual. Clean your minds of bias and gobar.