People read history to pass exams.

Then enroll in PhD programs.

PhD demands you take reference from older PhD theses.

And you create another thesis.

You do not have time to do original research if you want to complete PhD in time period for which you get stipend.

Also, you fear that if you create something too original, the portion of “Literature Review” will be too short and it may
offend some evaluator during defense. Hence you play safe.

Also, typically as a student of history, you never had chance to hone your scientific reasoning and mental aptitude skills.

Thus, the same junk that was started in British era to belittle Hinduism and encourage Evangelists continues with some variations.

Soon, thousands of PhDs, researches and analyses flood the history libraries. And fake conclusions based on most ridiculous and baseless assumptions become gospel truths.

Then, even traditional Hindus are forced to adopt the junk to some extent. After all, how else will someone pass exams. I cannot become an IAS officer if I write that Harappan Civilization was no different from Vedic civilization. And there is no history in Vedas.

The cartel has spread deep and wide and continues to make us impotent by telling us in thousand different ways that source of our culture is some junk that need not be taken seriously beyond entertainment and fun.

We relent, and face what we face – lack of conviction, terror, poverty, and being bullied by every other tom, dick, or harry.

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