The reason many dedicated people quit learning Sanskrit is that the course seems to be very long. You spent several days and after initial enthusiasm, do not seem to proceed much beyond basic sentences.

You try learning conversational Sanskrit but end up mugging lots of sentences that you do not properly understand. Shabdrup, Dhaturup seem to be infinite and you end up dropping the plans just like the cat who would run on sight of milk because someone offered boiling milk to her once.

Samskrita Bharti has some excellent courses for those who want content that they grasp in next 2 years. Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan has similar course which is good but too slow.

What about making a course that offers nuts and bolts to grasp in next 20 – 50 hours? And then you can spend rest of lifetime enriching your knowledge further. My IIM Calcutta friends would recall the Stats tutorial in first trimester. The courses in IIMs were already 1-2 year content compressed in a trimester. The tutorials would compress them further to 1-2 weeks. They were torture, but you ended up utilizing valuable time learning something else in rest of the the trimester.

I hope the course I bring will provide this compressed capsule without getting into complexities or trying to preserve fictional purity of language. (Will talk about this fictional purity and how it led to Sanskrit getting obsolete later).
– Shri Sanjeev Newar

Learn Sanskrit in simple┬ámanner –
1. Video Tutorial – Youtube Playlist
2. Lessons in Hindi, English

Spend few minutes daily on one of these and you will be able to learn basics of conversational Sanskrit in simple manner.

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