Q. I recently visited Kashmir and some Kashmiri people called me Indian dog. What is Kashmiri’s opinion?

A. They hate India because India is land of Hindus. As per their translations of Quran, Hindus are worst creatures of world because they worship idols. Check quran.com.

Refer Quran 98.6. 48.29 says show no mercy on non Muslims. 47.4 asks to slaughter non Muslims in battle and capture their property/women. Similarly 9.123 – Dont show mercy on Hindus.

9.111 – Paradise for those who fight to establish Islamic rule.

9.73 – Be harsh with non Muslims else Allah will punish you

9.28 – Hindus are most filthy people

8.12 – Behead Hindus

5.33 – Cut hands and feet of those who fight against Muslims.

That is why they cut body parts of Indian soldiers.

There are many such quotes.

Some say these translations are misinterpreted. Problem is that these are the translations that fanatics read to hate Hindus. And non Muslims dont read Quran. So it does not matter what actual translation is. what matters is what fanatics believe and kill for.

And hence, they will hate Indians unless Indians convert to Islam. For years they ruled in Kashmir and killed, raped freely. Then during Sikh rule, they had to get disciplined. So their is hatred plus urge to bring back era of dominance.

They will keep hating you unless someone teaches them that the translations they are reading are bullshit.

Sanjeev Newar’s answer to I recently visited Kashmir and some Kashmiri people called me Indian dog. What is Kashmiri’s opinion?

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